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Sulfur Springs Cemetery

.65 miles west of entrance to Sulfur Springs Church African American Cemetery

Recorded on March 24, 2007 by James Ethan Yell

Cemetery rows north to south, starting on first row east:

Earnest O. Payne------1893 to 1919 (died in General Hospital, Denver, Colorado.)
Brooksy L. Payne-----1894 to 1911 -----Brooksy's Death Certificate
Estill Payne------------May 11, 1898 to April 8, 1937
Nina B. Payne--------1864 to 1947
Jesse Payne-----------1874 to 1955
B. S. Payne----------June 23, 1891 to June 25, 1911 (Handmade stone notation at bottom?)
Edmond Jennings-----death March 10, 1901
Fanny Jennings -----death February 3, 1899
Rebecka R. Payne---? (Unsure if this read right, as very hard to make out.)

Second Row, north to south:

Herman Ray------1880 to 1954
Two stones, illegible.
Two fragments

Third Row, north to south:

Blanche Ferguson-----1893 to 1966
George W. Stapleton----April 8, 1896 to December 22, 1941 -----Click here for George's WWI Record.
George F. Stapleton-----1931
Maggie Stapleton-------1934

Fourth Row, north to south:

Edgar Thornton------1876 to 1942
Ada Thornton--------1884---? (Located directly West of Edgar’s stone.)
Charles Edward Jennings-----August 1819 to June 26, 1938
Andy Jennings-------1846 to 1927
Jane Jennings--------died November 20, 1920; age 65 years -----Click here for Jane's death certificate.
Minnie Robinson-----1874 to 1912 Wife of James A. Robinson.
Nizzie Tolson--------died August 1, 1921---aged 80 years
Slab of stone in 3 parts Looks like pieces of a stone table top.
Margaret Bell Hitt---1924 to 1957---Bentley Family
Alfred Bentley----1911 to 1995 Just to east of Margaret Hitt’s stone. Metal marker.
Two rusted metal markers. No information.
Howard Jennings---August 20 1894 to February 1983
Stella Mae Jennings---May 18, 1894 to February 20 1984 Wife of Howard Jennings.

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