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Biographical Appendix



G. W. Phillips was born and reared near Nashville, Ill., and there spent his boyhood days.  Having advantages for an education, he applied himself vigorously to his task and acquired and education, if not of the highest grade, one that will be useful in his life.  About ten years ago his health failed, and thinking that a change of climate would benefit him, he moved to Belleview Valley, Iron Co., Mo., where he located on a farm of 260 acres, lying on a perfect square about two and a half miles northwest of Belleview.  He now has 240 acres under cultivation, and a more beautiful place is not to be found.  He has excellent buildings, good water supplies, a spring being in every field excepting one, and that is convenient for watering.  A peculiar thing about the land is that the entire front is broadened by a general ridge, but his farming land is clear of all rocks.  Immediately in front of the barn is a spring about three feet wide, gushing from beneath a huge bluff of solid rock, making a watering place the entire year, and being almost as cold as ice water.  Taking all things into consideration, Mr. Phillips farm is as fine and is as conveniently arranged as any in the State.