Some of our members have volunteered to do lookups in the books and subscriptions they own. Feel free to request a look-up, when requesting a lookup follow the below rules.


There is a limit of one name per request and one request per day per volunteer. Remember the member doing the look-up may get many requests in a day. (Any request for multiple names or years will be ignored.) Please be patient if you do not get an answer right away.

When emailing a request include in the subject line "Iron County Lookup", this will help keep your email from being over looked. In the body of your email please include, as much information about that person to aide the volunteer be specific as possible.

Please don't forget to thank your volunteer for his or her time.

1910 and 1920 transcribed Iron County Census Books.
Will do lookups for the following Census years in Iron County, Missouri 1860-1870-1880-1900.
Iron County Marriages Volume 1 thru 9, covering the years of 1857 thru 1922
Iron County Newspaper Obits between the years of 1945 thru 1964 and 1974 thru 2001.