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Rules to Send Names To Be Posted

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Instructions for submissions to the list of cemeteries on the Dunklin Co site page."

#-1- Only one cemetery per email
#-2- In the Subject line: Name of Cemetery & County

#-3- SURNAMES all Capital letters
#-4- List all surnames in ALPHABETICALLY order
#-5- If you are listed on the Poster Page.
Please send me your Poster #

    -A-(The poster page is help control of spam email.)
    -B- (If You Change your Email Address)
    -C-(It you don`t have A Poster #, I will send you one when the information is posted.)
    -D- (More information About why a Poster Page.)

~~~~~~~~~Sample email below~~~~~~~~~

    Subject: Cemetery Name & County Name

    Base of The Email:

    HOLT, John K. b-Feb 19, 1833 d-Sept 23, 1865
    ROGERS John R. b-Feb 19, 1800 d-Sept 23, 1853
    ROGERS, Martha Ellen (Thomas) b-July 5, 1801 d-June 6, 1856
    wife of John R. Rodgers
    WRIGHT, Ruby L. b-Feb 19, 1900 d-Sept 23, 1953

    Your Name:(Your Name that I am to post)
    Your Email Address: (I am to post)
    Your Poster # -?- (It you have one)
~~~~~~~~ End of Sample Email Above~~~~~~~~
MO-AHGP Iron Co Webmaster.

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Iron County Cemeteries

Iron County Missouri
Cemetery Site Index

Cemetery Name Latitude Longuitude USGS Map
Abbott Cemetery
374237N 0910201W Viburnum East
Abbott Cemetery


Allen Cemetery

Allgier Cemetery 373145N 0903421W Lake Killarney
Annapolis Cemetery


Arcadia Valley Cemetery


Arcadia Valley Cemetery 373537N 0903708W Lake Killarney
Blanton Cemetery 373247N 0903319W Lake Killarney
Baptist (Viburnum Church Cemetery


Belleview Cemetery


Big Creek United Bapt. Church Cemetery


Bixby Cemetery


Blanton Cemetery


Bone Cemetery


Bray Cemetery


Brewington Cemetery


Brown Cemetery 373602N 0903256W Lake Killarney
Chandler Cemetery 374052N 0910607W Viburnum East
Childers Cemetery

MO-AHGP site
Chilton Cemetery 371655N 0903548W Brunot
Collins Cemetery 372240N 0903539W Des Arc NE
Lower Carver Creek Bapt. Church Cemetery


Catholic Church Cemetery


Cove Cemetery
373437N 0903506W Lake Killarney
Crocker Cemetery 374132N 0910207W Viburnum East
"Sam"Crocker Cemetery

Edison Cemetery 374159N 0904324W Graniteville
Emilys Chapel Cemetery 372557N 0904343W Glover
Funk Cemetery 371847N 0904421W Des Arc
Goggins Cemetery 373627N 0905814W Edgehill
Hasty Cemetery 373453N 0905118W Johnson Shut-ins
Hedrick Cemetery 374050N 0910845W Viburnum West
Huff Cemetery 372739N 0904123W Glover
Hurst Cemetery 372549N 0903744W Glover
Lewis Cemetery 372135N 0904047W Des Arc
Link Cemetery 373733N 0904235W Graniteville
Lucy Cemetery 371819N 0903301W Brunot
Meadows Cemetery 372009N 0903516W Brunot
Mountain View Cemetery 371704N 0903734W Des Arc
Neals Creek Cemetery 373859N 0910444W Viburnum East
Nelson Cemetery 374202N 0904930W Banner
Pilot Knob Cemetery 373827N 0903836W Graniteville
Pilot Knob Cemetery 373744N 0903714W Iron Mountain Lake
Reagan Cemetery

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Rebel Cemetery 373152N 0903330W Lake Killarney
Rencehausen Cemetery 374001N 0905358W Johnson Mountain
Richards Cemetery 374037N 0910816W Viburnum West
Richardson Cemetery 374101N 0904733W Banner
Ruble Cemetery 371806N 0904105W Des Arc
Ruhl Cemetery

MO-AHGP site
Russell Cemetery 373526N 0903703W Lake Killarney
Schwab Cemetery 373652N 0903937W Ironton
Sisk Cemetery 371744N 0903847W Des Arc
Stricklin Cemetery 373716N 0910139W Oates
Sutton Cemetery 371932N 0904025W Des Arc
Sutton Cemetery 373040N 0903607W Lake Killarney
Taum Sauk Cemetery 373050N 0904829W Johnson Shut-ins
Terry Cemetery 373818N 0905803W Johnson Mountain
Thomas Cemetery 373946N 0904230W Graniteville
Thompson Cemetery 373801N 0910154W Viburnum East
Turner Cemetery 373843N 0910237W Viburnum East
Wallace Cemetery 371744N 0903736W Des Arc
White Cemetery 372426N 0903535W Des Arc NE

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