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History of Iron County, Missouri

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  • IRON Co. was organized Febuary 17, 1857 from Madison, Reynolds, St. Francois, Washington and Wayne counties, and named for abundant Iron Ore.
  • County Seat: Ironton 63650.
  • Recorder of Deeds:
  • Index to deeds, 1815-1887;
    Deed Records, 1814-1896;
    marriage records and index, 1857-1922

 Clerk of the County court:

  • Register of Births and Stillbirths, 1883-1887;
    Permanent record of births, 1883-1896;
    Register of deaths, 1883-1887


 Clerk of the Circuit court:

  • Index to circuit court records, no dates;
    circuit court records, 1857-1891

 Clerk of the Probate court:

  • Probate records and index, 1857-1887;
    administrator's/executors letters bonds and records, 1864-1889;
    Inventories Appraisments and Sale Bills, 1880-1890
    Will records and index, 1857-1943.


Iron County Missouri - Europeans had been drawn to the early "Upper Louisiana" territory in the 1730s due to the prospect of mining lead. Close by, the area which later became Iron County, was inhabited by Native Americans who used it as their hunting ground. Known as "Lost Cove" by the Delaware Indians, William and Joseph Reed were the first settlers to arrive in 1798. Ephraim Stout built a log house in the valley (as early as 1805-1807) along the creek which still bears his name. It was not until 1836 that the vast iron ore resources of Iron County were discovered. Mining jobs brought many settlers to the region and in 1857 Iron County became a county in Missouri with its county seat in Ironton. It was also in 1857 that the St. Louis and Iron Mountain Railroad was completed all the way to Pilot Knob, foreshadowing a series of events that led to one of the most important battles of the Civil War in Missouri - The Battle of Pilot Knob at Fort Davidson. Today, the hallowed ground of Fort Davidson State Historic Site honors the brave Union and Confederate soldiers who fought and died in battle. These Arcadia Valley Region communities became a popular nineteenth century summer resort for wealthy families from St. Louis. Visit the historic towns and villages of Iron County Missouri where history is preserved and graceful antebellum homes, historic churches and mercantile buildings are a reminder of days gone by. Visit Whistle Junction Visitors Center and Iron County Historical Society Museum while on your Missouri Vacation to our region.

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If you have any family stories that include information on the history of Iron County, Missouri, we would love to include it on this page.

Send your stories/photos to  by email & we will get them put onto the site as time permits.  Items added here may be moved as the site grows.  We want to add a reunion page (for both recent & past family reunions of Iron County families.

If you need photos scanned, Marge Campbell can do that for you.  Contact her (email above) for mailing address and information on the process.  Your photos are not harmed, and will be returned promptly.  You will need to include return postage.


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