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Jackson County History

Jackson County was named in honor of Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States.

Andrew Jackson was born in North Carolina March 5, 1767, and died near Nashville, Tenn., June 8, 1845. The distinguishing features and prominent events in this great man's life are too well known by all to need further reference here, but it is no wonder the future greatness of this county was presaged by our fathers with his great name.

Jackson County is located on the extreme western border of Missouri, 160 miles from the south line, and 112 miles from the north line of the State. It is bound on the north by Clay and Ray counties, separated by the Missouri River, on the east by Lafayette and Johnson, on the south by Cass County and west by Johnson County, Kansas. The area is exactly 385,404 acres or 602 1/2 square miles.

The capitol is Jefferson City. It became a territory in 1812 and the 24th state in 1821.



When Jackson county was first divided up into townships it contained three, two of which; Fort Osage and Blue, were each larger than the present county. The following are the townships now: Fort Osage Township, Blue Township and Kaw Township.


Jackson County's 175-Year History in a Nutshell


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