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Dunham's Webb City Directory

1915 - 1916

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City Government

J.E. Locke, Mayor. J.P. McGaw, Marshal.
A.H. Redding, City Attorney. James Cummings, Police Judge.
Frank W. Bair, Collector. R.L. Morton, Jr., Treasurer.
C.P. Gallienne, Assessor. L.O. Walker, City Clerk.
L.E. Briggs, City Engineer. G.C. Wilson, Fire Chief.

City Council.
First Ward. - E.E. Adams, P.W. Jacobs.
Second Ward. - Claude Raymond, Emmet Pulver.
Third Ward. - W.M. Brewer, Ed James.
Fourth Ward. - Frank Williams, C.M. Westerman.
Fifth Ward. - Geo. C. Crocker, E.E. Fugitt.
Sixth Ward. - O.L. Bradford, B.D. Reynolds.

Webb City Library Board.
Geo. J. Kusterer, President. Dr. C.L. Chenoweth, Vice-President.
Mrs. C.M. Manker, Secretary. Mrs. J.B. Arbuthnot.
Mrs. Claude W. Ball. T.J. Roney.
Geo. W. Haysler. Walter Lagle.
W.F. Gill. Emily Byrd Smith, Librarian.

Webb City Board of Education.
C.T. Orr, President. E.T. Webb, Vice-President.
E.E. Spracklen. Dr. C.H. Craig.
Geo. R. Moseley. R.S. Nichols.
A.G. Young, Secretary. C.M. Manker, Treasurer.

Webb City District Road Commission.
Geo. W. Ball.          R.F. Stewart.          A.D. Hatten.

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Street Directory

      The main streets are Allen (running north and south) and Daugherty (running east and west).
      First street is the dividing line of houses numbered north and south, while Allen divides the east and west numbers.
      First street is the second street south of Daugherty, followed by Second, Third, etc., to Seventeenth street, which is the south city limits.
      Other streets are as follows:

Arch 4th n of Daugherty Liberty 2d w of Allen
Ash 3d w of Madison McClelland 2d s of 4th from Ellis
Austin 1st n of Daugherty nw of       west
      city Madison 9th w of Allen
Aylor 6th n of Daugherty Main 1st s of Daugherty from Webb
Ball 4th w of Allen       St east
Campbell 2d w of Madison nw of Mineral 4th n of Daugherty nw of
      city       city
Cedar 1st w of Madison Nelson 2d n of Daugherty nw of
Centennial 6th e of Allen       city
Central 8th n of Daugherty Noble same as 8th from Hall east
Church 2d s of Daugherty from Oak 2d w of Madison
      Webb St east Oakland 1st w of Madison from 3d
College 5th w of Madison       to 4th
Connor Lands Oronogo 6th w of Allen
Cook 7th n of Daugherty ne of city Pennsylvania 3d w of Allen
County Line 9th n of Daugherty Prospect 1st w of Madison nw of
Crow 3d n of Daugherty nw of city       city
Dermot same as 4th from Madison Prosperity Road se part of city
      west Roane 5th w of Allen
Devon 4th e of Allen Rose 4th w of Madison
East 7th e of Allen Shenandoah 3d w of Madison from
Edna same as 3d from Madison west       3d to 4th
Elliott 5th e of Allen Sigler 1st w Frisco tracks sw of
Ellis 2d w of Madison from 4th       city from 4th south
      south Snyder 1st w of Sigler
Forest 2d w of Madison from 3d Stewart continuation of n College
      to 4th Tom 1st e of Allen
Galena 2d n of Daugherty Tracy 1st s of 4th from Liberty
Garrison same as e 6th fro Hall       east
      east Vine 5th n of Daugherty
Hall 2d e of Allen Viola 6th w of Madison
Harrison 1st s of 7th from Sigler Walker 3d e f Allen
      west Ware same as 9th from Hall east
Home 1st s of 5th from Liberty east Washington 7th w of Allen
Jefferson 8th w of Allen Webb 1st w of Allen
John 1st n of Daugherty Wilson 4th w of Madison nw of city
Joplin 1st s of Daugherty Wood 3d n of Daugherty
Juanita 1st w of Rose nw of city Zeller 1st s of 4th from Ellis west

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