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Surname Year of Interest Town or Township Researcher
OGDEN 1865 - ?? Marion Twp. Linda Martinson
OGLE   Jasper Co. Karen Hull Jordan
OGLE Jasper Co. Jackie Couch
ONSTOTT 1750 - present Jasper Co. Celeste Mckelvey
ORR 1880+ Carthage Larry Lee
OSBORN ?? - 1941 Joplin/Webb City Denise Moore
OSBORN 1898 - 1945 Jasper County Donna Egbert
OVERSTREET ?? Jasper County Nancy Cook
OWEN 1870 - present Joplin/Sarcoxie/Webb John Morrison
OWEN Late 1800s Joplin Patricia Kirks
OWNBY 1850s - ?? Jasper Co. Nancy Sicotte


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