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Family Histories - Jefferson County, Missouri

  • Index to Family Histories at History Center, Jefferson College
  • Bruns Family History
  • Buckner Family History
  • James Buxton Family Files: Bechler, Buxton, Crull, Drennan, McFry, Miller
  • Detweiler Family History: Submitted by Howard Jones
  • Pierre Clerc and History of the Hillsboro Poultry Farms
  • Downing/Washburn letters: Two letters from Malinda C. Downing, Jefferson Co., MO to family members; 1850 & 1859
  • George Hale - George Hale emigrated to America in 1836. This is a series of letters to/from American from 1825-1886. (DeSoto, Vineland, Blackwell history)
  • Jefferson County Missouri Baseball  (Photos) Names:  Ogle, Hensley, Donnell, Marsden, Whitehead, Crossman, Stroup, Pipkin
  • Longley Family Tree
  • Taylor Tribute to the Black Lead Miners
  • Jane Taylor - author of “If A Rose Could Cry"
  • J. J. Wilson Family and Home Site Survey
  • Jaclyn Morgan's Blog "Long Ago and Far Away" This contains many of the families from Big River including Long, Reiter, Graham, Maupin, Williams, Brown, Tyrey, Reed, and Glanville
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