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The Jefferson County Historical Society is pleased to offer these historical publications for sale. To place an order, please fill out the Publications Order Form below and mail it to us, along with your check or money order, including $4.00 for the first book, and $2.00 for each additional book to cover shipping and handling charges. At this time, we cannot accept credit card orders or email orders.

Item #AuthorTitle/DescriptionCostQuan.Total
001 Howard Litton History of Jefferson Co. Missouri & Festus & Crystal City
This historic book contains 302 pages plus an index, and is full of history, pictures, newspaper articles and advertisements compiled by the author. Second Edition 1987
Spiral Binding.
$ 20.00

002Lisa K. Thompson GendronJefferson County, Missouri, 1876 Atlas
This atlas contains 51 pages of maps, biographical sketches of citizens, history of townships, engravings of county scenes, and list of patrons.
Reprint, Spiral Bound.
$ 16.00

003Dave HallemannHallemannís Interpretation of the 1876 Historic Atlas
This book contains about 300 pages and 5,000 names of persons who owned land in Jefferson County as of 1876 with the original history, patrons, township range and section, churches, schools, cemeteries and much more. This is the perfect companion book to the 1876 Atlas-this is its index. You will want both books! Spiral Binding
$ 16.00

004Becky GagnonJefferson County, Missouri 1898 Atlas
The second Jefferson County, Missouri Atlas from 1898. You'll want to add this great reference to your collection. The nterpretation of this atlas is listed below. Reprint, Spiral Bound
$ 16.00

005Dave HallemannHallemannís Interpretation of the 1898 Standard Atlas
Book is in the same format as above, but for the 1898 Standard Atlas - about 320 pages. Spiral Binding
$ 16.00

006 1907 Jefferson County Directory
This fascinating book lists most of the residents of Jefferson County in 1907, along with their occupation, post office at which they received their mail, a town business directory, and useful hints of the period. A must for the Jefferson County genealogist! About 500 pages, indexed. Reprint, Spiral Bound.
$ 11.00

007 1897 Directory of DeSoto, Missouri
Contains the names, occupation, and addresses of citizens and business men over 18 years of age. This rare book, containing 100 pages, was reprinted to give researchers a glimpse of this time period where no census information is available Reprint, Spiral Bound
$ 8.00

008 1936 Directory of DeSoto, Missouri
Contains the names and address of all citizens and their telephone numbers, also a Classified Business Directory and a Street Directory of all Streets; a history of De Soto and its activities from the beginning until the present. This rare book contains over 100 pages. Reprint, Spiral Bound
$ 8.00

009Dave HallemannHistorical Photos on CD
A rare find, these images were rescued from the negatives and glass negatives of Ed Emme Jr. These priceless photographs represent some of the most historic sites in Jefferson County. Also on the CD are images from glass negatives in the collection of Howard Litton and additional photos by Dave Hallemann. CD-Rom
$ 5.00

010 John Hollingsworth Battle of Blackwell
The first and only book detailing the sole Civil War battle in Blackwell, Missouri. 78 pages and includes maps, photos and illustrations, from original diaries and journals.
$ 10.00

011  Readin,' 'Ritin' and Reorganization
From 1940 through1960, individual Jefferson County Missouri rural schools were consolidated and then reorganized into larger school districts. Learn what it was like to teach and learn in a one-room school. Experience the reorganization from the point of view of students, teachers, and administrators. Witness the first steps in the journey from segregated to integrated public education. Several residents share their personal experiences which took place in one and two room school houses throughout the county.  DVD
$ 15.00   
012 Walter L. Eschbach and Malcolm C. Drummond

Historic Sites of Jefferson County, Missouri

1975 Second Edition

$ 15.00   
013 Compiled by Jerry McKee

History of Hematite, Missouri

A collection of historical articles, stories and photographs. 106 pages with index. Comb bound softcover.

$ 15.00
014 Frank Magre & Jean O'Brien
Historic Map
11" X 14"  Suitable for framing, printed on heavy cream paper. Shows old towns, roads, rivers & creeks, etc...
$3.00 includes shipping

015Joe Johnston

The Mack Marsden Murder Mystery: Vigilantism or Justice?


Published by the Missouri History Museum. An interesting account of frontier justice is portrayed in this mystery based around actual happenings in Jefferson County, MO.  Paperback


Pittsburgh Plate Glass - Glass Rays 1937-1940

12 Issues of the Glass Rays are now available, plus two index books. (14 books total)  Each book contains several issues of the newsletter. These outstanding books chronicle the lives of the employees of Pittsburgh Plate Glass, located in Crystal City. They include such items  as obituaries, birthdays, local news, and family photos. An incredible look into the daily happenings of small town life. These can be purchased individually or as a set. Each book is $15. All fourteen books for $200. Please call for shipping information if purchasing the whole set, or to schedule a pick up date and time.

Reprint, comb bound

$15.00 each or $200.00 set   



$4.00 + 2.00 each additional book


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