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Jefferson County Photo Album

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Alexander, Thomas   Alexander.jpg   Alexanderobit.jpg
This newspaper clipping of Thomas Alexander was found in the scrapbook of the contributor's mother; a cousin to Thomas.   Thomas's parents were Thomas M. Alexander (a Greek) and Isabel CANNON.  Contributed by Julie Chitwood   [posted 14 Aug. 2005]

Belleville, Joseph & Effie and Family   belleville1.jpg   belleville2.jpg   belleville3.jpg
Louisa J BELLEVILLE-KNORPP was my Great Grandmother and her parents: Joseph B Belleville & Effie Sinclair (MCMULLIN) were my Great Great Grandparents.  Photo 1, Back row L to R: Alfred Belleville, Homer Belleville, Howard Belleville, Rudolph Riley Belleville.  Middle Row left to right: Louisa J Belleville- Knorpp, Laura Belleville-HUSKEY, Florence Belleville-GIBBONS, Nora Belleville-VOGELPOHL.  Front row left to right: William E Belleville, Joseph Bailey Belleville (father), Effie Sinclair (McMullin) Belleville (Mother), Charles Belleville.  Photo 2 is of Louise J Belleville Knorpp.  Photo 3, L to R: Florence Olive McMullin (his daughter), Samuel McMullin, Louise Belleville (I think).  Contributed by Tammy Beckemeyer-Houston.  [posted 24 July 2007]

Blackwell, Gus and Carrie   blackwell_guscarrie.jpg
Photo of Carrie Blakcwell and her uncle, Gus Blackwell, of DeSoto, Missouri.  Carrie's grandparents/Gus's parents were James S. & Eliza (METTS/METZ) Blackwell of DeSoto.   Gus was brother of Carrie's mother, Rhoda Blackwell.  Contributed by Carrie's granddaughter Bettye (Jones) Warner.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Blackwell , Carrie and Jones, Grover  jones_carriegrover.jpg
photo of Carrie Blackwell and Grover Lawrence JONES, believed taken at their wedding on May 5, 1915 at DeSoto.  Carrie, daughter of Rhoda Blackwell, was raised in the home of her grandparents, James S. Blackwell & Eliza (METTS/METZ) Blackwell of DeSoto.  Grover L. Jones, born in born in Richwood, Missouri (Washington County) was son of Daniel Jones and Emma (PIERCE) Jones.  Contributed by granddaughter Bettye (Jones) Warner.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Blackwell (family), Gus and Bertha   blackwell_family.jpg
Photo of Gus Blackwell and wife, Bertha (nee MANWARRING) Blackwell and sons Stanley & Norman Blackwell. Gus & Bertha were long-time residents of DeSoto, Missouri.   Gus was son of James S. & Eliza (METTS/METZ) Blackwell. James was grandson of Jeremiah Blackwell.  Gus and Bertha were married June 7, 1914.  Contributed by great grandniece Bettye (Jones) Warner.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Bond, Mary (nee Martin)    bond_mary.jpg
Photo of Mary Martin from Festus.  Mary, her brother Joseph, and their parents emigrated from Baden, Germany and lived in Festus sometime after 1881.  Mary left Festus in 1902 to marry William Fred Bond, who had been working in Hematite, and they moved to St. Louis to start their family.  Contributed by Liz Bond.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Boyer, Edward and Nellie Gray (Walker)   boyer_edwardnellie.jpg
Portraits of Edward Boyer and his wife, Nellie Gray (nee Walker) Boyer, great-grandparents of contributor. Edward Boyer was born March 25, 1873 in Washington Co., Missouri, and died March 01, 1943, in De Soto, Jefferson Co., Missouri.  He was the son of Francois Elias "Eli" Boyer and Mary BOURISAW.  Nellie was born January 11, 1878, in De Soto, Jefferson Co., Missouri, and died June 20, 1936, in De Soto, Jefferson Co., Missouri.  She was the daughter of William Henry Walker and Margaret Adeline McMULLIN. They were married June 27, 1905, in St. Louis, Missouri.  Contributed by Lynn Boyer Fischer.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Bradshaw Family Picnic   bradshawpicnic.jpg  bradshawpicnicnotes.txt
Photo of my G-Grandmother Louisa C Bradshaw "Lucy" nee DAVIS, ACHTER married William D Bradshaw Jul 18, 1885, Pevely at guardian Henry D. Achter's residence).  She is holding my grandmother Caroline Myrtle "Pinky" or "Carrie", b. Jan 14, 1890 Pevely.  Sitting on ground, Louisa Anna "Lulu" b. Oct 13, 1868 Pevely.  Standing, Henrietta Virginia "Etta" b. Jan 24, 1886 Pevely.  Sitting at back of table, John William "Shorty" b. Oct 5, 1887 Pevely.  Can anyone identify the others?   Contributed by Linda Wallace.  [posted 14 Aug. 2005]

Bruhn, Bertha nee Tegtmeier   berthategtmeier.jpg
Picture of Bertha Bruhn nee Tegtmeier. She was married to Peter Bruhn. Peter and Bertha were the parents of my grandfather, Otto Bruhn. They lived first in Kimmswick, then in Pevely. Peter owned and operated a mill in Kimmswick. He had a farm and a mill in Pevely. Peter was from Heide, Holstein, Germany. Bertha was the daughter of Henry Tegtmeier, a farmer and carpenter in Jefferson County. Bertha was born in Hanover, Germany.  Contributed by Barbara (Bruhn) McLean.  [posted 14 Aug. 2005]

Clerc, Anna and daughters   umhoferclerc.jpg   annauclerc.jpg
First photo of Anna (UMHOEFER) Clerc, wife of Pierre L. Clerc circa early 1900ís. Second photo of Anna Clerc and her daughters: Marian Clerc SMITH, Anna Umhoefer Clerc, Dollie Clerc MANESS, Pauline Clerc HUSCKEY TODD, and Rosa Clerc HUBELI.   Contributed by Kay Clerc Fakhar  [posted 14 Aug. 2005]

Davis, Charlotte (Adams)   charlotteadavis.jpg
Charlotte was my grandmother b. 1858, d. 1939.   Her father was August Adams of Joachim township.  She married William L.Davis in 1877.  They lived in Big River township, Dry Creek, on the Toliver and Virginia DAVIS homestead in S23, T40, R3. Toliver and Virginia are buried there.   Contributed by James Davis  [posted 14 Aug. 2005]

DeGonia, James's Children   degonia_children.jpg
Pictured above are the children of James DeGonia (grandchildren of Thomas J. DeGonia, owner of a blacksmith shop in Morse Mill): Billy, Lyone, Maude and Alice DeGonia.  Contributed by Becky Millinger.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

DeGonia-Conway Wedding   degoniaconway.jpg
Samuel Joseph DeGonia and Estelle Conway wedding picture May 27,1906   Contributed by Elaine Madsen DeGonia  [posted 14 Aug. 2005]

Dodson, James Riley   bevisdodson.jpg
My 3G-Grandparents, James Riley Dodson Sr. b. 1823 Alabama, d. 1904, Jefferson County and his wife Mary E. M. BEVIS b. May 1827, d. 05 May 1902, Jefferson County.  Mary was the daughter of Thomas Bevis the founder of the town of Victoria.  If interested I have the story of Thomas Bevis,and his wife Prudence, who was called "Queen Bevers" in Jefferson County and was known as a witch.   Contributed by Tina Dodson Evans  [posted 14 Aug. 2005]

Donnell, Oscar Hart and Martha Izella   oscarhdonnell.jpg   marthaijarvis.jpg
These are photos of Oscar Hart Donnell and his wife Martha Izella JARVIS.   Contributed by Pippa Reynolds  [posted 14 Aug. 2005]

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Haverstick and Family, Jacob   haverstick_jacob.jpg
Pictured above are Jacob Haverstick (Lea's great-grandfather), his son William Peter (Lea's grandfather), and daughters (left to right) Anna (HENROID), Elizabeth (DAVIS), Nancy (BURNS) and Susan (WATT). They lived in the Desoto, area.  Contributed by Lea Willis.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Haverstick and Family, Jacob   haverstick_family.jpg
Photo of Jacob Haverstick and his family who lived in the Desoto area, ancestors of the contributor.   The photo was taken in about 1909 and pictured are:  Front Row- George NUSSBAUMER, Gus HENROID (holding Hazel), Ed Henroid, Bill WATT, Jess Watt (standing at back between Ed and Bill), Marvin Watt, Jacob Haverstick (with his walking cane over his knee and sitting in rocking chair - the canes were all hand-carved in those days), Orville Haverstick, George Haverstick, Arthur BURNS, Henry HAMMACK, William BUTLER (holding Esther with Earl in front).  Middle Row- Fannie Henroid (holding Mamie), Lillie Henroid, Bertha Watt, Pearl Henroid, Florence Butler (in front of Pearl), Rosa Butler (holding Chester), (?), Esther Watt, (?), (?), Iva Henroid, (?), Myrtle Henroid, Eugene Haverstick, man in back holding baby (partially hidden) possibly Clark DAVIS, Elvin Burns, Ella Hammack, George Hammack (holding Orville).  Back Row - Emery Watt, (?), Susan Watt (holding Orville), Nancy Burns, Elizabeth DAVIS, Edna Haverstick, William Haverstick, Anna Henroid, Louis Henroid, Nelson Burns, Emmett Henroid.  Contributed by Lea Willis.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Haverstick, George & Mahalia   haverstick_gm.jpg   haverstick_gm_1.jpg
Portraits of George Washington DeShields Haverstick and Mahalia Catherine Haverstick, great-great grandparents of the contributor.   These photos were taken in about 1869.  Contributed by Lea Willis.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Honey, Emma O. (Jayne)   honey_emma.jpg
Photo of Emma Ophelia (nee JAYNE) Honey, wife of Elias Fiveash Honey, great-grandmother of contributor.  Contributed by Ellen McMullin MacKenzie.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Honey, Emma Ophelia (Daughter of above) Emma  honey_emmao.jpg
Portrait of Emma Ophelia Honey, daughter of Emma Ophelia (nee JAYNE) and Elias Fiveash Honey.    She is the sister of Mary Ellen Honey McMullin.   Emma never married.Photo contributed by Ellen McMullin MacKenzie  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Honey and McMullin  honey_clarence.jpg
Photo of Clarence Honey (brother of Ellen's grandmother, Mary Ellen Honey McMullin) holding Ellen.   Ellen's brother, Richard, is standing beside them.  Contributed by Ellen MacKenzie.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

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Kullmann, August and Margaret nee Kauffmann
matildavkaufman.jpg    augustkullman.jpg
On my mother's side, Margaret Kullmann, first photo of my Grandmother Matilda Veronica Kauffmann b.1873, d. 1970 who married Peter Kullmann b. 1871, d.1940.  Second photo of my G-Grandfather August Kullmann b. abt. 1815, d. abt. 1907.  He was one of three brothers that came to the county in the 1850s.  Contributed by Ron Flatt  [posted 14 Aug. 2005]

Leonard Family  leonard_family.jpg
Photo was taken c. 1914 in Jefferson County, either in Kimmswick, where her grandmother, Johanna ROLF grew up, or in Goldman on her great-grandparents' farm. 1st row:  Elvin, last name unknown, age 5; Johanna Rolf, her grandmother, age 15; Pauline (Leonard) (Rolf) GEITZ, her great-grandmother, age 39; Sophie Rolf, her great-aunt, age 19; Clara Geitz, Johanna and Sophie's half-sister, age 7.  2nd row:  Tillie (Leonard) JOHNSON, age 25; Rose {Leonard) BRYAN, age 28; Martha Leonard HAHN, aka Mamie, age 20; George Rolf, brother of Sophie and Johanna, age 14.  The older women are all sisters, daughters of Lawrence and Paulina Leonard, who first moved to Goldman in the late 1890's.   They also had a number of sons, and I believe one of the sons (possibly Jake Leonard) took over the farm.  Contributed by Maureen Corley.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Maness, Wm. Riley and Family   char1-2007.jpg
Wm. Riley MANESS and his family. S/O Elijah Maness, Jr. and Mary Ann MURRELL, who married Katherine "Kate" LANNEN.  Photo was taken between ca. 1897 and before 1901 and taken on Farm near Richwoods, Mo.  Pictured L to R: Paul, George, Bill, Wm. Rile, and Lucy, Blanche, Kate and Fannie, and Albert.  If I remember correctly, in the house approximately directly behind Wm. Riley and "downstairs" is a cell with bars on the windows.  Elijah, Jr., f/o Wm. Riley was a constable at one time, I am thinking that the "Old Man, Elijah" could have lived in this house.   To the left of the picture, not in the picture, is a barn structure, when I visited the place several years ago, the then present owner of the place had put the "barn structure" under a protective building.  The original barn structure was so old that it was put together with dowels instead of nails.   The first time I visited the area I had a chance to visit with an old man, Muggs JOHNSON, who had known this Wm. Riley.  Mr. Johnson said that Wm. Riley had a long red beard which we all can see in this picture.  This Wm. Riley was an uncle of my Grandfather Wm. Riley Maness.  Contributed by Charlotte Maness  [posted 24 July 2007]

McCormack-McMullin Reunion  mccormackmcmullin_family.jpg
Pictured are some of the folks at a McCORMACK-McMULLIN family reunion that took place in the 1890s near Plattin Creek.   Front row, L to R:  unknown girl, Catherine McCormack West, George Moody McCormack, Uncle Mitch McCormack, William S. McCormack.     Back row, L to R:   Peter McCormack, James Irvin McCormack, Reed McCormack, Jane C. McCormack Cressey (Mrs. John).  Contributed by Ellen MacKenzie  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

McCormack-McMullin Reunion  mccormackmcmullin_reunion.jpg
Another photo of the McCormack-McMullin family reunion.   Bottom row, L to R:   leaving out the children:   DeWitt Clinton "Clint" McCormack [first man]; Lawrence Young McCormack; Laura Lee (McCormack) MEDLEY; William "Willie" McCMullin; James Irvin "Jim Irv." McCormack; William S. "Willie" McCormack; Mitchell "Mitch" McCormack [first full white beard]; Reed McCormack; William "W.R." McCormack, Pastor & Presiding Elder of Methodist Episcopal Church; Eugene Elmer "Connie" McCormack.  2d Row, L to R:  go all the way into first gentlemen: George Washington "George Batch" McCormack; Catherine (Mrs William WEST, M.D.) McCormack - m/1 (Mrs. T.A. CHARLES); Sarah A. (McMullin) (Mrs. HARDY) McCormack; Hardy McCormack [with hat on]; Mary D. "Mollie" (McCormack) (Mrs. John) GAINES; Susan C. "Sue" (McCARTY) (Mrs. Mitchell) McCormack, m/2 - Mrs. McCarty; Josephine (SKAGGS) Mrs William S. "Willie" McCormack [short or pulled back hair?].  Top row, L to R:   Mary S. (Partin) (Mrs. Lilburn KENNETT) McCormack; [skip youngster]; Lilburn Kennett McCormack; Emma C. (McCormack) (Mrs. James A. Williams; Lucy (McCormack) Mrs. [Frederick G]_____________Hamel; Jane C. (Mccormack) (Mrs. John A.) Creasy; George Moody McCormack; Mary E. (Ackley) (Mrs. George Moody) McCormack; Lulu (McCormack) (Mrs. Edgar) VINEYARD; Hester Ann McCormack, d/o Peter Alexander McCormack; Emma HENDRIX; Margaret Elizabeth (Allred) (Mrs. Peter Alexander) McCormack; Peter Alexander McCormack, father of William R McCormack, M.G.; Mary Catherine (PINSON) (Mrs.Thomas LILBURN) McCormack; Thomas Lilburn McCormack.  Contributed by Ellen MacKenzie  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

McGee, John and Ida and family    idamcgee.jpg    jaawkids.jpg    jhmcgee.jpg
The first picture is of Ida L. MCMULLIN Mcgee, daughter of Elijah J. McMullin, Valle, Mo. and Nancy Adeline CAPE. Ida b. Nov. 23, 1892 Desoto; their youngest child.  She married John Alexander Mcgee of Desoto abt. 1908; d. Aug 1, 1929.    The second photo is her husband John A. Mcgee, b. Feb. 12, 1887, Desoto; d. Mar. 2, 1964, St. Louis; and their two sons Lloyd b. 1910, Desoto and John b. 1912, Desoto with their pet circa 1922.   Their first born son Joseph b. abt. 1909, died young.   John A. was the son of Jasper Nathaniel Mcgee and Sara[r] Rachael Bucher.   The 3rd photo is Ida' s son John Howard Mcgee b. 1912 Jefferson Co.   Contributed by Sue Mcgee  [posted 14 Aug. 2005]

McMullin, Ellen Joanna   ejmcmullin.jpg
Picture of contributer who was born in her Grandfather Richard Watson McMullin's home in Hillsboro to his son Morris Leonard and Sarah Eliza BAKER.  Contributed by Ellen McMullin MacKenzie  [posted 14 Aug. 2005]

McMullin, Mary Ellen Honey   honey_mary.jpg
Mary Ellen HONEY McMullin, wife of Richard Watson McMullin. She was the daughter of Elias Fiveash Honey and Emma Ophelia JAYNE.  Contributed by granddaughter Ellen McMullin MacKenzie.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

McMullin, Morris Leonard   mcmullin_morris.jpg
Pictured above is Morris Leonard McMullin, son of Richard Watson McMullin and Mary Ellen Honey. He was born in 1884 in Hillsboro and is the father of Ellen McMullin MacKENZIE.  Contributed by Ellen McMullin MacKenzie.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

McMullin, Richard Morris   mcmullin_richard.jpg
Photo of Richard Morris McMullin, the son of Morris and Sarah McMullin, who lived in Hillsboro as an infant and young boy.  Contributed by sister Ellen McMullin MacKenzie.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

McMullin Siblings  mcmullin_siblings.jpg
Pictured are one of Jefferson County's McMullin families in 1904, year of the World's Fair in St. Louis.   This is the family of Robert McMullin and Rebecca McMullin McMullin (Rebecca's maiden name was, indeed, McMullin - she and Robert were first cousins).   Only three of these people can be identified at this timeTop Row:  man on left is Eli J. McMullin (September 15, 1850 - August 16, 1915).  Bottom Row:   woman in middle is Eliza Ann McMullin Williams (July 17, 1848 - March 21, 1930) and woman on right is Margaret Adeline McMullin WALKER (January 03, 1839 - January 10, 1912) (her GG-grandmother).  The sons of Robert and Rebecca McMullin who were known to still be alive in 1904 are as follows: John T. McMullin (December 08, 1828 - August 07, 1918); William Buren McMullin (February 18, 1837 - June 15, 1924); Robert Whitehead McMullin (December 13, 1840 - April 03, 1916); George W. McMullin (May 29, 1843 - January 06, 1915); Richard J. McMullin (1844 - after 1870); Benjamin Watson McMullin (March 1846 - February 1933).  Contributed by Lynn Boyer Fischer.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

McMullin Sisters  mcmullin_sisters.jpg
Pictured above are sisters of Morris Leonard McMullin and daughters of Richard WATSON and Mary Ellen McMullin.   From left to right Laura HONEY married WINER, Mary Florence married LYNCH, Emma Medora who taught in the Hillsboro school, and Edna Lois who was an attorney in St.Louis.   They were all born in Hillsboro.   The date of the photo is unknown.  Contributed by Ellen McMullin MacKenzie.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

McMullin, Vida Grace    vgmcmullin.jpg
Vida Grace was the youngest child of R. W., who married W. W. Bohmie.  Contributed by Ellen McMullin MacKenzie  [posted 14 Aug. 2005]

Parke (family), Philip   parke_family.jpg
Picture of Philip Parke (great-grandfather of Gary) and his family on the family farm by Maxville, Missouri.  Contributed by Gary Parke.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Prentiss, Abbie Louisa Prentiss  prentiss_abbie.jpg
Pictured above is Abbie Louisa (nee PRENTISS) COX, daughter of Samuel PRENTISS and Sarah MANESS.   She was born on August 15, 1859, in De Soto, Jefferson Co., Missouri, and was the great-great-grandmother of Patty Frazer.   Abbie married Thomas Edward COX on December 23, 1885, in De Soto. Unfortunately, Edward COX died at the young age of 40 on April 6, 1897 (just before the 1900 census, of course!).   All that is known about him is that he was born in Ohio. Still looking for his parents/siblings.   Abbie, on the other hand, lived to the ripe old age of 91; she died May 10, 1951 in University City.  Contributed by Patty Frazer.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Prentiss, Samuel   prentiss_sam.jpg
This is the only known photo of Samuel PRENTISS, ggg-grandfather of Patty Frazer.   Samuel was married to Sarah MANESS on June 15, 1854.   They had six children and lived in De Soto.  Contributed by Patty Frazer.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

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Ries Family, Jacob    buese_ries.jpg
Photo of the Ries family: Jacob, Laura, and Della (child). Jacob Ries was born in Indiana and moved to Jefferson County sometime before 1880.    His wife Laura MEDLEY was the daughter of Samuel and Mary Medley, longtime Jefferson County residents.    Their daughter, Della RIES (later GERBER), is on the 1880 census as a daughter of Samuel and Mary Medley also, but was raised as Jacob and Laura's daughter.   Contributed by Lisa Buese.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Self, Henry Sheridan and Family   Self1.jpg  Self1.jpg
Here are two photos of Henry Sheridan Self and his family.  He was born in Washington County, but lived and died in De Soto and buried in De Soto City Cemetery.  His children are Arthur E., Viola, and Oscar Self; all born in De Soto.  Arthur is also buried in De Soto City Cemetery.  The photos are circa 1894.  His wife left them in 1893 and he remarried in 1894.   Contributed by Christina Murat   [posted 14 Aug. 2005]

Sheible, Lovey Lucinda   grandmasheible.jpg
Picture of Lovey Lucinda Sheible, nee Jackson.  She was married to Frederick J. Sheible, who worked as an editor of the Jefferson Democrat in 1890s.   They were the parents of my grandmother Ethel (Sheible) Bruhn.   Lovey Lucinda was born in Ohio, and came with her parents to Missouri in the 1860s.  Contributed by Barbara (Bruhn) McLean  [posted 14 Aug. 2005]

Stroup, George Washington    stroup_george.jpg
George Washington Stroup, b. December 10, 1853, son of James Andrew and Martha Jane JACKSON Stroup, married Sarah Elizabeth MARTIN, October 12, 1876, Jefferson County, Missouri.  Contributed by great granddaughter Glatha Mae  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Stroup, Martha Jane Jackson    stroupjacksonbw.jpg
I believe this is my great-great grandmother Martha Jane Jackson Stroup, b. July 26, 1828 TN., daughter of Benjamin Jackson, wife of James "Andrew" Stroup, married November 16, 1852, Jefferson Co. I am not sure that she is Martha Jane Jackson Stroup, but the picture was in her daughter Adeline Catherine Stroup GATEWOOD HUDSON's old trunk.  Contributed by Glatha Mae.  [posted 14 Aug. 2005]

Stroup, Sarah Elizabeth Martin   martin_sarah.jpg
Sarah Elizabeth Martin StrupP, born December 10, 1853 in Illinois, daughter of James Monroe Martin and Elizabeth A. CHAPMAN, wife of George Washington Stroup.  Contributed by great granddaughter Glatha Mae  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Tooloose, John and Rose   tooloose_johnrose.jpg
Photo of John Thomas "Tom" Tooloose and Rose Amanda ELDERS, taken about 1934 at their home on Plattin Creek. He was born in Plattin to Theophilis and Charlotte Tooloose and she was born in Hematite to Dr. G.W.N. Elders and Amanda NULL.  Contributed by granddaughter, Jody Tooloose and greatgranddaughter, Rita Tooloose  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

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Walker, William Henry (family)  walker_family.jpg
Members of the William Henry Walker family in front of their home near De Soto, Missouri. Pictured are:Top Row, L to R: Cora Alva (nee Walker) CAPE (Dec 20 1859 - Mar 14 1944); William Henry Walker (Jan 09 1839 - Oct 18 1921) (her GG-grandfather); Margaret Adeline (nee McMULLIN) Walker (Jan 03 1839 - Jan 10 1912) (her GG-grandmother); John Goff Walker (Aug 31 1880 - Mar 11 1975); Luella Ann (nee Walker) HULS (Jan 28 1864 - Dec 31 1912); Mary Zoritha (nee Walker) CUMMINS (Jun 20 1868 - Feb 17 1963); Georgia Elizabetha (nee Walker) AMES (Apr 05 1872 - Mar 04 1965).Bottom Row, L to R: Nellie Gray (nee Walker) BOYER (Jan 11 1878 - Jun 20 1936) (her G-grandmother); William Berkley Walker (Jan 11 1875 - Jun 04 1955); Eliza Catherine (nee Walker) HYATT (Jun 16 1870 - Feb 26 1965).This couple had three additional children who were deceased at the time of the photo. They were: Robert G. Walker (Feb 07 1861 - 1861/1870); Franklin S. Walker (Mar 01 1862 - 1862/1870); Harriet R. (nee Walker) EICHELBERGER (Feb 08 1866 - Jan 25 1890).  Contributed by Lynn Boyer Fischer.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Walker, William and Margaret   walker_williammargaret.jpg
Pictured are William Henry Walker and his wife, Margaret Adeline McMULLIN Walker.  William was born January 09, 1839, in Valle Twp., Jefferson Co., Missouri, and died October 18, 1921, in De Soto, Jefferson Co., Missouri.  He was the son of William Green Walker and his first wife, Elizabeth (nee NULL) Walker.   Margaret was born January 03, 1839, near De Soto, Jefferson Co., Missouri, and died January 10, 1912, in De Soto, Jefferson Co., Missouri.  She was the daughter of Robert McMullin and Rebecca (nee McMullin) McMullin (her maiden name AND her married name - she was Robert's first cousin). William and Margaret were married November 03, 1858, in De Soto, Jefferson Co., Missouri.   They are Lynn's GG-grandparents through their daughter, Nellie Gray (nee Walker) BOYER.  Contributed by Lynn Boyer Fischer.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Walther, Theodore   theodorewalther.jpg
This is a picture of my husbands great grandfather Theodore Walther who was born and raised in DeSoto.  Contributed by Janet Addis   [posted 14 Aug. 2005]

Washburn, Jessie (original)  washburn_jessie.jpg (retouched) washburn_jessie_1.jpg
Contributed by Stephanie. Retouched by Patty Frazer.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Wilkson Brothers  wilkson_brothers.jpg
From left to right, three sons of James Michael Wilkson: James Monroe (1862-1920, John (1848-1936), and Joseph Franklin (1857-1937). The James Michael Wilkson farm was located about eight miles south of De Soto, Jefferson Co. Missouri.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Wilkson, James M.   wilkson_jamesm.jpg
James Michael Wilison, born 12 Apr 1817, married Emily (nee GOZA) Wilkson on 15 Nov 1843 and died in 1894. He is buried in the Wilkson Cemetery on the Wilkson Farm eight miles south of DeSoto. He was the father of eight Children: Sara, Charles, John, William, Ferdinand, Mary Jane, James Monroe, and Joseph Franklin.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Wilkson, Joseph and Sarah   wilkson_sarahjoseph.jpg
Joseph Franklin Wilkson with wife Sarah, Sarah's son by a previous marriage, Bert KOELLER (born 1 Nov 1875, died 28 Oct 1910), daughter Emily Victoria Wilkson born 13 Jul 1879, daughter Effie Clementine Wilkson, and daughter Clarissa Wilkson.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Wilkson, Sarah Ann   wilkson_sarahann.jpg
Sarah Ann (nee OGLE) Wilkson, born 2 Nov 1858, died 1894, first wife of Joseph Franklin Wilkson of DeSoto, Jefferson County, Missouri.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Wilkson, Joseph and Julie   wilkson_josephjulie.jpg
Joseph Franklin Wilkson and his second wife, Julia Ellen (nee OGLE) Wilkson. Julia was born 23 Dec 1873 and died 1897 in El Campo, Texas, and is buried in DeSoto City Cemetery. Joseph and Julia were married on married 22 Sep 1895.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Wilkson, Joseph and Lillie   wilkson_josephlillie.jpg
Lillie (nee RICHARDSON) Wilkson was Joseph Franklin Wilkson's third wife and she was born in Hemitite, Jefferson County, Missouri, in Dec 1872. They married 18 Oct 1899 in Jefferson County. She died in El Campo, Warton Co. Texas.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Wilson, Sue and Johnson, Margaret  wilson_sue_johnson_margaret.jpg
80 y/o lady is Margaret Ellen (FERRELL) JOHNSON (b March 10, 1839, d Jan 23,1931; daughter of Allen and Mary Ferre;;), married William W. Johnson, Jan 1, 1860 in Jefferson County, MO. She is buried at Mammoth Cemetery. 57 y/o lady is Margaret's daughter Susan Ellen (Johnson) Wilson (b Jan 1862, d Sept 17, 1955), who married Samuel T. Wilson Feb. 14, 1886 in DeSoto,Jefferson County, MO. Susan is buried at DeSoto City Cemetery. Susan was always known as Aunt Sue, although she was actually a 2nd cousin to my grandfather, Calvin King Johnson. Samuel and Susan did reside on Boyd St. in DeSoto, and I have been told, next door to her brother 'Gus' George Augustus and Rosa (POUCHER) Johnson.Contributed by cousin Sandy Mackley.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Winer and McMullin  honey_laura.jpg
Photo of James H. Winer and his wife, Laura Honey McMullin.  Contributed by Ellen MacKenzie.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]

Wise, John   wise_john.jpg
Photo of John Wise, son of Jacob Wise & Frances Jones. John Wise was born in Jefferson Co., MO in 1835 and died in Washington Co., Arkansas in 1909. His father, Jacob Wise, was the son of Jacob Wise & Anna Rice. The elder Jacob was an early settler of Jefferson County, coming from Jefferson Co., KY and originally from Maryland. Contributed by Mike Freels.  [posted prior to Mar. 2005]


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