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Post Offices of Jefferson County, Missouri in 1876 and 1898
Information provided by Lynn McKay and Mona Houser and Dave Hallemann
Page Compiled by John W. Pierce
A reprint of the 1876 Atlas book is available for sale through the Jefferson County Historical Society. Dave Hallemann's Index to the 1876 Atlas and his index to the 1898 Atlas are also available for purchase.

Ms. McKay supplied the post office names from the indices of land ownership atlases for 1876 and 1898 (© 1999-2001, Dave Halleman) and are available from the Jefferson County Historical Society via the De Soto Public Library as stated above. Ms. Houser supplied the geographical locations using the 1995 Jefferson County Plat Book, Wunnenberg's Guide for Jefferson County, Historic Sites of Jefferson County, and other sources.

To forestall one obvious question, with respect to the designations city and town in the 1896 data, Ms McKay wrote:
"... I do not know what constitutes a city and a town. There is no definition in the atlas that I can find."
Under Location, the notation, e.g., "S21 T42N R5E", means "Section 21, Township 42 North, Range 5 East."

Jefferson County, Missouri Post Offices - 1876

Name Location Other Information
Antonia S21 T42N R5E Still a town, not incorporated
Avoca   6 miles south-east of De Soto on Joachim Creek
Belew's Creek S10 T41N R4E  
Bushberg T41N R6E Along the Mississippi River, probably section 8 or 17
Byrnesville S12 T42N R3E On Big River about 3 miles north of Cedar Hill
Crystal City   Along the Mississippi River, still exists
De Soto   South central part of the county, still exists
Dittmer's Store 34 T42N R3E Unincorporated, new post office
Frumet S33 T40N R3E About 7 miles west of DeSoto
Hanover S2 T40N R5E Probable location; was a RR station.
Hematite S16 T40N R5E Still exists
High Ridge S14 T43N R4E Unincorporated, but heavily populated
Hillsboro S3 T40N R4E Still exists
Horine Station S24 T41N R5E Unincorporated, no post office
House's Spring S4 T42N R4E Now called House Springs
Kimmswick S21 T42N R6E A "historic" town. Historic houses from other places have been moved here for preservation and display.
Maxwell (Maxville)   Now part of Arnold
Morse's Mill S23 T41N R3E Unincorporated
Old Ditch ??  
Pevely S18 T41N R6E Still exists
Plattin S6 T39N R6E  
Rush Tower S31 T40N R7E  
Sulphur Springs Landing S29 T42N R6E Along the Mississippi
Victoria Station S24 T40N R4E Had a RR station, unincorporated town
Vineland S20 T39N R4E  

Jefferson County Post Offices - 1898

Name Location Other Information
Antonia See above  
Avoca See above 6 miles south-east of De Soto on Joachim Creek
Belews Creek See above  
Byrnesville See above  
Crystal City (city) See above  
Demaree or House Springs (city) See above  
De Soto (city) See above  
Dittmer's Store (town) See above  
Festus   Still exists, big town, find it on a map
Fletcher S30 T40N R3E
Flucom ?? East of DeSoto, exact location unknown
Frijmet   Probably Frumet - see above
Goldman S12 T41N R4E In an 1888 history book, this was called Sandy or Sandy Bridge.
Grubville S13 T41N R2E Near Franklin Co border
Hanover (town) See above  
Hematite (town) See above  
Herculaneum (city) S29 T41N R6E Still exists. The 1888 history book says that it had been washed off the map, and didn't exist at that time.
High Ridge (town) See above  
Hillsboro (town) See above  
Horine (town) See above  
Jewetts Subdivision (town)   Probably near Crystal City. Mr. Jewett is credited with "discovering" near Crystal City the good quality sand (silica) used for glass.
Kimmswick (city) See above  
Knorpp   Probably south of DeSoto (there's a Knorpp Rd there)
Ludwig (town) ??  
Maxville (town) See above  
McCormick ??  
Montesano Springs (town) ??  
Morse Mill See above  
Murphy S5 T43N R5E  
Oermann S7 T41N R3E  
Pevely (town) See above  
Rock Creek S30 T43N R5E  
Rush Tower See above  
Scheve ??  
Seckman S2 T42N R5E  
Silica City (city) S35 T41N R5E West side of Festus, has been absorbed by the city of Festus.
Sulphur Springs Landing (town) See above  
Valle Mines S5 T38N R5E  
Victoria (town) See above  
Vineland (town) See above  
Ware S11 T40N R3E  
Windsor Harbor (town) S20 T42N R6E Just across the bridge from Kimmswick. Paul Harvey's home is here.


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