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Unidentified, Lost & Found Photos

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New! Ward Family Record  Page 1  Page 2  Page 3

These pages are from the family Bible of Joel M. Ward, who married Sarah Augusta Crisman and were presented to the DeSoto, MO library.  (posted March 2012)


New! From the collection of Lealie Keller Wilson  unknown young man.jpg

Henderlite Studio, Festus, MO.  If you have any information on who this young man may be, please contact Martha Richards. (posted March 2012)


Can you help identify if these are all Dietrich family members?   dietrichfamily.jpg
Taken likely around the 1930's, only two people are identified in this photo...the contributor's grandmother Rose Axtetter North nee Dietrich (sitting on the steps holding the baby) and his mother Theresa AXTETTER sitting on the other side of the steps wearing a white scarf around her neck.   This picture was taken at Rose's home on Gamel Cemetery Road in Festus.  Please contact Larry Hale. (posted 29 August 2005)

Boy by fence   boybyfence.jpg
This photo belonged to the contributer's Grandmother Rose AXTETTER NORTH nee DIETRICH.   She lived on Gamel Cemetery Road in Festus.   No one in the family has been able to identify this young man.  Please contact Larry Hale. (posted 26 August 2005)

Joe and Rose Axtetter and unknown couple   axtetter_joesephrose.jpg
The couple on the left are Joseph and Rose Axtetter (nee Dietrich), grandparents of Larry Hale. Can anyone identify the other couple?   Please contact Larry Hale. (posted prior to March 2005)

Rose Dietrich and unidentified young man   dietrich_rose.jpg
Rose Dietrich, grandmother of Larry Hale. Can anyone identify the young man?   Contact Larry Hale. (posted prior to March 2005)

Unidentified young man   unknown_hale_pic.jpg
Picture was with the possessions of Rose (nee DIETRICH) AXTETTER, grandmother of Larry Hale. Can anyone identify this Jefferson County man?   Reply to Larry Hale. (posted prior to March 2005)

Hopson-Sparks marriage family portrait   hopsonsparks.jpg
Charles E. Hopson of De Soto, Missouri and Mary Augustus Sparks of De Soto, Missouri, married December 22, 1880. J.F. Wohlfarth, pastor M.E. Church, in De Soto. Witness are Charles Boyne, Jennie Hopson, John Hopson Jr. and Jennie Wright. This picture is in an old frame 17 X 22 inches, given to the library on May 30, 1985, by Hattie Woods Hopson, wife of Howard H. Hopson (son of Charles & Mary), who lived at 322 South Forth (NW corner of Fourth and Pratt Streets) for many years. Howard's sister was Estelle Skinner.   Reply to Mary at the De Soto Public Library. (posted prior to March 2005)

Is this your family?   mcmullin_siblings.jpg
The photo with matting is about 10 x 14 inches, and was taken by Hinchey, De Soto Mo 1900. On the back of the photo is written: "Uncle Bat McMullin on left front, My Grandfather John in the middle, Aunt Ann Williams, Aunt Addie Walker, back row Uncle Bill, Uncle Eli Mc, Uncle Walt."   Reply to Mary at the De Soto Public Library. (posted prior to March 2005)

Can You Identify Him?   manwithbible.jpg
Who is this man? Recently Joan Mullen inherited some photos of residents of Jefferson County. The man pictured here also appears in a group photo. She believes this is a Bible he holds. Joan's grandmother was Elba May Ashcraft, daughter of Lucien Deshay Ashcraft and Jemima Elizabeth Lee. Jemima was the daughter of William Archelaus Lee and Rebecca Null. Maybe someone will be able to identify this distinguished gentleman.   Please get in touch with Joan Mullen if you can identify this man. (posted prior to March 2005)

Who Is She?   library1.jpg
Who is this woman? Is she your grandmother or great-grandmother? The only clue is the photo studio. Please get in touch with Mary at the De Soto Public Library to identify and/or claim. (posted prior to March 2005)

Identified as Laura Lee McCORMACK MEDLEY   medl_laura_claimed.jpg
This woman has now been identified as Laura Lee McCORMACK MEDLEY, wife of Millard MEDLEY, and the photo has been claimed by Lee Callender, a descendant of Laura Lee's sister. Laura Lee was the sister of her grandmother (her mother was named for Laura) and she is very happy to have the photo. Congratulations go out to Lee Callendar for being reunited with this family treasure. (posted prior to March 2005)

Who Is Cordillia?   library3.jpg
Who is this young lady? On the back of the photo is "Dec 2 Mrs Sim C Smith, Lonedell _____ Box 36_____oval monotone_____ ground on the head of Boller branch of Indian Creek 1/4 mile west Prosperity." Please get in touch with Mary at the De Soto Public Library to identify and/or claim. (posted prior to March 2005)

Update Jan. 2012 - This lady has now been identified as Cordelia Adeline Pressley.  Daughter of James Riley Pressley and Mercenia Studdard.  Her sister, Mary Ann Pressley was married to William Calvin (Sim) Smith.  They lived near the old Prospect Church in Franklin County.  (info from Steve Claggett)

De Soto Businessman - CLAIMED Oct. 2002.   turner01ac.jpg
This photo is of a couple and their three children. It is 9 1/2 by 10 inches. On the front is the writing "Can you recognize one of DeSoto's Business men of today?", on the back is "Dad Turner & Mother Jim & Eph taken in Texas 1896." This photo had been torn and been taped back together. Wilma Hill, from De Soto, claimed the picture. The little boy sitting on the woman's lap was her dad - the man and woman in the picture were her grandparents. Congratulations, Wilma!

Swink Family Photo - REUNITED! swink01a.jpg
The new owner is Rick Waggoner and the John Swink mentioned on the back of the photo was his great uncle.

Uncle Jim & The HORRIGAN Family   library4.jpg
On the back of the photo is "Uncle Jim & the Horrigan family - Aunt Julia's child" Please get in touch with Mary at the De Soto Public Library to identify and/or claim. (posted prior to March 2005)

Brown School Days 1925-26   brwnscldays.html
Please visit Joann Miller's web page to see if any of the children from her Brown School photo that dates to 1925-1926 are part of your family. Some of the surnames mentioned: BRINLEY, LONG, OGLE, POUNDS, VALLE and more. Her father, Wayne Varney PIERCE, was one of the teachers. (posted prior to March 2005)

Can You Identify These Men?   herky.jpg
Coleman Family Members from Herculaneum? This photograph was found in the home of James and Annie (COLEMAN) JULIETTE in Herculaneum. Might be brothers or some other relatives of the Coleman family. One maybe grandfather James Juliette when he was younger.  Contributed by Tanit Langley. (posted prior to March 2005)

SIMPSON'S FOOTBALL CLUB, 1908-1909.   brooks1.jpg
This photo was found in the attic of a house a lady bought on Athena School Road. It is 17" x14" in size. The front of the photo has the following information embossed on it:


  • H. EVANS; B. Evans(Vice-captain); A. DARBY (Captain); B. HULBERT; C. BROWN

  • F. JACKSON; W. EMERY; H. ADAMS; H. Hulbert; A. MILEFANTI (Hon. Sec.)

  • In the lower right hand corner is the address 110 Southwark Park Road and 40 Walworth Rd. S. E.

  • In the lower left hand corner is what'S believed to be the studio name ANGLE

  • On the back of the photo is the name BROOKS which is written in pencil.

  • P

    Please get in touch with Mary at the De Soto Public Library. (posted prior to March 2005)

    Was this product made in Cedar Hill?

    Cedar Hill Syrup Can

    This 5 pound can that held Cedar Hill Syrup was found at an antique mall. The owner of this wonderful can is looking for some history behind the Cedar Hill Syrup brand. The can says that it was distributed by "Hassendeubel Grocery Co.- Distributors St. Louis, Mo." If you have information on this product, please contact Mary Ellen at (posted prior to March 2005)

    McCormack-McMullin Family Reunion   mccormackmcmullin_reunion.jpg
    Photo of a McCORMACK-McMULLIN family reunion that took place near Plattin Creek sometime in the 1890s. Can you identify any of the attendees? Please contact Ellen McMullin MacKenzie. (posted prior to March 2005)

    Graduation Photo   graduation1.jpg
    Photo of a graduation ... looks like it may be high school ... but there are no identifying marks at all on the photo as to the identity of the school or subjects in the photo. If you can identify any of the people or the school or date of this photo, please notify Mary at the De Soto Public Library. (posted prior to March 2005)

    Unidentified Clippings in The Bible of Lucresca Alice (Null) Eoff   Null Bible
    Transcription of clippings found in the Bible of Lucresca Alice Null Eoff, who died in 1939 in E. St. Louis, IL. Born in Hematite on 25 October 1872, Jefferson Co., MO, Lucresca was the daughter of George W. Null and Elizabeth PORTER. She married Henry Martin Eoff. Unfortunately none of the clippings had either dates or newspapers listed. Would love to know the connections of these people to great-grandmother. Surnames mentioned: GAMEL, Ryan, FOARD, CRAIG, HOWE, GAMACHE, SCHAFER, CROUCH, STEEL, GASCHE, BRUNS, SCHNEIDER, DAVIS, PORTER, WRIGHT.  Please contact Jerri Eoff Sudderth   (posted prior to March 2005)

    Entry in the Journal of Joseph W. NORTH   Contributor has journal of G-G-Grandfather, Joseph W. North.  Sunday, August 1 [1875 in Kimmswick, Jefferson County, Missouri]   "This morning after breakfast I went up and Mr. TOISSEL[?] and myself dug a grave for Mr. PRESTER. His child died yesterday at noon. We had a fearful time digging the grave as the water ran in as fast as we could take it out."  It is possible there is a family cemetery on the property of Mr. Priester that someone may be looking for.   Please contact C. Edy.  (posted prior to March 2005)

    DeSoto High School 1913 Junior and Senior Reception   jrsrrec1913.jpg
    Contributed by Bettye Warner.   (posted 12 Aug 2005)

    Schleht Family Photo   schlehtfam.jpg
    Need to identify all individuals in group photo. Known individuals: Front row sitting on right is Elizabeth Schlecht; Row 2 from right is possibly Cecelia Schlecht; Row 3 from right is Pauline Schlecht; Back row standing on right is Louis SCHLECHT; Row 5 from right is Louis Schlecht (son of Lewis).  Contact Larry Heyn or Jim St. John.  (posted 12 Aug 2005)

    Herculaneum School Pictures   herkykb1.jpg    herkykb2.jpg   herkykb3.jpg  
    Can you help identify the individuals in this group photo taken in Herculaneum in the 1930's; based on the age of the boys I can identify in 1934-1936?   I believe they went to Catholic grade school before they moved on to the public school, and there are no nuns in the photos.  (photo 1)  Back Row, third from left Harold D. BUCKNER; (photo 2)  Front Row, third from right Willis B. Buckner; (photo 3)  Top row (by window) second from left, Harold D. Buckner.   Contact Katie Black  (posted 11 Nov 2006)

    Maness-Handcock Family Photo   manesshandcock1.jpg
    I can only confirm the following people in this DeSoto, Mo. ca. 1910 photo: second row 4th, John Maness; second row 5th, Amel Landuyt; 1st row 5th, Harriet Handcock Maness. Can you identify anyone else in the photo? Contact Harriet Maness (posted 24 July 2007)

    DeSoto Unknown Ladies   desotoladies.jpg
    Recently found are two old photographs of women at a garage sale in Benton, Saline Co., Arkansas.  It has "Barnes" and "Opp. Post Office De Soto, MO" on each front.  Nothing written on the backs.  I would like to find the families that these women belong to and reunite the photos to the rightful owners.  If you know who these ladies are, please claim them by contacting Loretta Stehle  (posted 24 July 2007).


    Photos will be added as time and space allows.  Identified photos will be moved to the Photo Album.
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