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Johnson County

Missouri Biographies

This is an index to the biographies contained in The History of Johnson County Missouri published in 1881 by the Kansas City
Historical Company and some others supplied by researchers.  As they are transcribed I will add an link to each one.
Please be patient as this page contains alot of names and might take a while to load.  If you have a biography of someone who
lived in Johnson County, Missouri and the name is not posted here, please email me the name and the address of where it
can be found (or email me the transcription, I will post it.)

Additional biographies are available and located on the Johnson County Biography page
of the MO USGen Web Archives.

*NOTE: Several of the biographies listed on this page (links with ftp:// addresses) are located
in the MO USGen Web Archives which is currently being revised.
As the revisions are being made, from time to time, some of the links on the page will become out of date
and be unavailable.  I am aware of this situation and will update the links on this page as time permits.
 Thank you for your patients and cooperation.


Adams, Daniel Judge
Adams, John A.
Adcock, M. F.
Albin, Joseph
Allen, John
Allison, Thomas J.
Ames, Wm. B.
Anderson, F. H.
Anderson, R. M.
Anderson, William H.
Andruss, O. R.
Ashby, J. L.


Baker, Joseph C.
Baker, Peter S.
Baker, W. P.
Baker, W. T.
Baldwin, Charles H.
Bales, Elijah R.
Barnett, O. S.
Barr, A. L. Rev.
Beard, A. G.
Bell, John
Bell, Richard
Berthoud, Louis
Black, Benjamin P.
Blake, Samuel D.
Bobbitt, J. A.
Boisseau, Charles D.
Bolton, R. L.
Bondurant, C. Capt.
Boston, D. L. W.
Bothwell, C. H.
Bowen, W. R.
Bowman, John ,  -  Additional info (this one includes a picture)
Boxmeyer, H.W.
Boyd, Thomas H.
Boyes, James P.
Bozarth, A. J.
Bradley, Benj. A.
Bradley, F. M.
Bradley, James H.
Bradley, N. P.
Brant, Henry
Bridges, A. C.
Briggs, Isaac N. Jr.
Brim, George
Brinker, William H.
Bryson, Charles S.
Brough, John D.
Brown, James
Brown, John
Brown, John W.
Brown, Wm. R.
Brownlee, Wm. T.
Bruce, William
Burford, William H.
Burk, E. J.
Burris, Lewis


Caldwell, Joseph W.
Caldwell, Thomas J.
Calhoun, Wm. Dr.
Callicotte, Enoch
Campbell, John V.
Campbell, John W.
Carney, Washington
Carpenter, Adam
Carpenter, George D.
Carpenter, Henry P.
Carpenter, J. L.
Carpenter, J. R.
Carpenter, M.B.
Carpenter, T. N.
Carpenter, William D.
Carpenter, W. H.
Carrington, W. P.
Carter, Charles
Carter, C. L.
Case, Alonzo
Case, Z. Dr.
Cass, H. M.
Catlin, S. A.
Chester, W. E.
Christian, W. L.
Christopher, J. C.
Christopher, J. H.
Clark, William R.
Cleaveland, John W.
Cleland, J. L.
Clement, M. T.
Cobb, Edward W.
Cobb, C.
Cobb, Charles Denison
Cockrell, Francis M. Hon.
Cockrell, John J.
Cockrell, A. M. Rev.
Coffey, A. M.
Cole, Benjamin M.
Coleman, Henry B.
Coleman, T. E.
Collins, John A.
Colvin, A. J.
Connell, Mauris
Conner, Joseph F.
Conner, Henry C.
Conrad, Thomas A.
Conway, E. B.
Cooper, Daniel
Cooper, Henry
Cooper, Isaac M.
Cope, John G.
Corson, Henry
Coventry, W. M.
Coffman, Lott
Craig, J. P.
Crane, Henry B.
Cress, H. A.
Crisp, M. Polk
Crissey, William E.
Cronhardt, Fritz
Cruce, Lafayette
Culley, W. R.
Culp, Frederick


Daggett, Nealy
Danielson, Samuel
Davidson, N. B.
Davis, Holt
Davis, John
Davis, John B.
Davis, Michael
Dawson, E. W. Capt.
Day, Samuel Dr.
DeArman, D. H.
DeGarmo, Edward L.
DeLaney, John
DeLaney, W. R.
DeMasters, Amos M.
DesCombes, Charles L.
Doak, John A.
Dodds, John E.
Donnell, R.C.
Dorman, James M.
Douglas, JamesAdditional Bio
Douglass, (Family)
Dow, Wm.
Draper, William
Duff, Matthew
Dunham, A. J.
Dunkley, B. F. Dr.
Dutcher, C. H. Prof.
Dyer, James D.


Elbert, John F.
Embree, P. P.
Engel, Wm. H.
Everhart, L.D.
Ewing, Lee D. MD


Faircloth, Moses V.
Farnsworth, B. J.
Farnsworth, C. L.
Farr, Samuel K.
Feagans, S. G.
Ferguson, Jasper N.
Fewel, Henry E.
Fickas, Adam
Fike, Henry C. Capt.
Fisher, Manuel P.
Fisher, Nathan
Fitch, James M.
Fitzgerald, J. J.
Forsythe, H. E.
Foster, Martin Parmer
Foster, Robert A.
Foster, Thomas S.
French, A. G.    - Additional Bio
Fryer, Robert T. Hon.
Fueller, Charles Rev.
Fulkerson, James M. MD


Gallaher, George T.
Gallaher, John A.
Garrett, J. W.
Garrett, Powhatan G.
Gates, Chesley
Gaty, John U.
Geery, J. C.
Gibbs, George
Gibson, William T.
Giffin, Daniel
Gillum, J. T.
Goin, James
Goodwin, B. F. Elder
Gough, W. T.
Gowans, Andrew
Graham, John H.
Graham, R. B.
Graham, Samuel C.
Graves, John  S.
Gray, M. S.
Greenlee, John W. Capt.
Greer, Alexander
Greer, Jerome B.
Greer, William A.
Griffith, Geo. E.
Griggs, A. C. Dr.
Grinstead, Abner
Gross, Philip
Grover, Benj. W. Hon.
Gum, Wm. R.
Gunter, J. D.


Haberling, Jacob
Hall, Sylvester
Hall, W.W.
Hamilton, William M.
Hammond, Mark
Hampton, R. A.
Hank, J. B.
Hanna, Isaiah
Hardy, Gordon
Harfield, Thomas
Harmon, J. P.
Harper, Josiah
Harrison, George W.
Harrison, Harvey Judge
Harrison, Jno. W.
Harvey, William
Harwood, O. B.
Harwood, R. B
Hatton, W. H. D. Rev.
Hathway, John J.
Haymaker, Geo.
Hedges, W. L. Dr.
Henderson, Joseph W.
Henshaw, John F.
Herd, Andrew J.
Heberling, Fred
Heberling, W. H.
Higgins, J. T.
Hill, J. C.
Hill, Pleasant B.
Hill, William
Hobbs, Josephus
Hocker, Larkin
Hogan, Wm.
Holder, D. W.
Holmes, Robert H.
Hopper, William
Hornbuckle, W. L. Judge
Houts, G. Will
Houts, T.W.
Houx, James H. Rev.
Houx, Mathias
Howard, Jas.
Howerton, R. H. Dr.
Hudson, Lucy A. Mrs.
Huff, Tipton T.
Hughes, John
Hughes, J. P.
Hughes, J. T.
Hughes, Valorous
Huggins, T. R.
Hull, R. C.
Hyatt, W. C.
Hyer, J.


Ingram, G. W. P.
Isley, Philip


Jackson, Joshua Burton
Jackson, R. L.
Jacoby, Elias
James, Wiley F.
Johnson, John
Johnson, Martin V.
Johnston, Joel P.
Jones, Sandy E.


Katherman, E. S.
Kelley, John R.
Kelley, Edward
Kelly, S. G.
Kendrick, J. M.
Kennedy, George F.
Kennedy, Thomas D.
Kidwell, Elbert
Kilbourne, Perley W.
King, Rufus
King, Russell
King, S. Finis Rev.
King, Thomas
King, Wm. C.
King, Wm. G.
Kinsley, Martin C.
Kinsel, J. H.
Kinyoun, John H.
Knapp, W. E.
Knaus, Jacob
Koontz, Wm. W.


Land, Nathan
Land, Garrett C.
Larkin, Charles
Laupheimer Bros.
Lay, John
Lazenby, Wm.
Lea, J. L. MD
Lee, John J.
Lee, W. H.
Liddle, W. H.
Linch, John
Link, Peter C.
Littlefield, C.B.
Littrell, J. Cal Rev.
Lively, W. H.
Lobban, G.A.
Loebenstein, Bernhard
Long, Hardin
Long, John E.
Lowe, William
Lutz, Geo. W.


Maddex, Wiley
Maddox, T.H.
Mahin, James T.
Mann, W. J.
Markey, Amos
Marshall, G. W.
Marshall, James T.
Maupin, Charles
Maxwell, A. G.
Maxwell, Robert M.
Mayes, F. L.
Mayes, John B., Judge
Mayes, William J.
McClelan, Thomas S.
McClure, J. C.
McElfresh, Robert
McElvain, S. H. Rev.
McFerrin, B. L.
McKeehan, James
McMullin, Thomas L.
McNeel, Paul
Metzler, B. F.
Miller, John
Miller, L. C.
Miller, Oll
Miller, W. T.
Mock, G. L. MD
Mohler, S. S.
Moody, Melville  P
Moore, John E. MD
Morrow, C. C.
Morrow, W. K.
Mullins, Moses G.
Murray, L. B.


Neff, Jacob L.
Neill, Henry Major
Nelson, J. R.
Newton, Jasper E.
Newton, John


O'Bryan,  J.  A.
Oglesby,  C.  G.
Oglesby,  C.  R. Dr.
Ogelsby,  C.  T.
Ogelsby,  J.  M.  Dr.
Oglesby,  J.  T.
Ogan,  James M.
Orr,  J.  P.
Owings, Albert
Ozias, J.P.


Park, John
Paul, Pleasant W.
Pemberton, L. W.
Pemberton, William
Pennington, E. T.
Perry, Mary A. Mrs.
Perry, Nathan W.
Pfautz, Jacob
Phillips, Wiley W.
Pickle, Anton
Pinkerton, John
Plowman, Cyrus
Pollock, Wm. A.
Potter, Joseph
Poage, James S. Rev.
Price, John J. Judge


Quick, D. C.
Quick, Maurice


Ragner, John M.
Raker, J. F.
Rand, C. N.
Randall, I. P.
Rankin, James E.
Ray, Alfonzo
Reece, W. R.
Reece, E. B.
Reece, J. M.
Reece, C. B.
Reed, John C.
Reese, S. R. Rev.
Reese, A. W. MD
Reiter, George
Repp, E. B.
Rice, John M.
Rice, Merideth
Rice, Pleasant
Rice, Samuel
Roberson, Milton T.
Roberts, T. J.
Roberts, W. T.
Robertson, Richard M.
Roberts, John L.
Robinson, Jehu
Robinson, John E.
Rosenbrough, John
Ross, Daniel
Rothwell, James C.
Rowland, A. N.
Rowland, Wm. C.
Russell, Coleman
Russell, Frank
Russell, Henry
Russell, John
Russell, Thomas


Sack, G. H.
Sams, Walter
Schreiner, Edward MD
Scott, John H. L.
Scott, Valintine
Seamands, William E.
Shainholtze, Peter
Sharp, Robert
Sherrard, J. A. Rev.
Shoemaker, F. A.
Shoemaker, Jacob
Shoemaker, John A.
Shoup, John L.
Shryack, M.
Shumaker, S. H.
Shumate, Martin
Simpson, James
Slack, Joseph
Smith, Charles C.
Smith, Eliza S. Mrs.
Smith, Ira B.
Smith, Jehu H.
Smith, John H.
Smith, Wm. C.
Smithson, H. D.
Snow, Charles
Souther, Simon W.
Sparks, Andrew J.
Sparks, John C.
Sparks, Samuel P.
Sparr, John H.
Speir, Alexander
Sperling, William
Spiess, Adolph
Spillman, Robert
Stacy, Fountain
Starkey, A. W.
Starkey, Ingham
Stearns, Daniel
Steele, John C. Rev. Dr.
Steele, William
Stevens, James H.
Stewart, D. L.
Stitt, H. A.
Stone, John W.
Stoner, Abraham
Strange, Jesse C.
Sutton, William
Swope, Elias
Swope, Milton


Taggart, Salathiel H.
Tanner, I. F.
Talbott, J. E.
Taylor, Benton P.
Taylor, John M.
Taylor, J. W.
Tedder, T. J.
Tevis, Charles C. Hon.
Tharrington, R.
Thompson, James E.
Thompson, Josiah Rev.
Thompson, R. G. Rev.
Thompson, Waddy Gen.
Thornton, William
Thornton, William G.
Torbot, Thomas E.
Townsley, N. U.
Tyler, James K.
Tyler, R. Seaton Dr.
Tylor, Milton W.


Urie, David


Van Matre, Abner
Vernaz, Pierre
Violett, Henry C.


Wadell, A. J. V.
Waldon, James R.
Walker, J. M.
Wall, A. M.
Wall, B. F.
Wall, James M.
Wall, R. Z. R. Dr.
Wall, S. E.
Wallis, D. B.
Ward, Andrew
Ward, J. M. Dr.
Warnick, E. N.
Warnick, James Maj.
Warnick, R. N.
Warren, J. H.
Washington. Geo. Hon.
Watkins, George W.
Welch, Aikman Hon.
Wells, J. H.
Wert, Charles H.
Wert, Peter
Whaley, Abraham B.
Wharton, John J.
Wheatley, A. W.
Wherry, Samuel D.
White, Thomas E.
White, William
Whitsett, Gilbert P.
Whitsett, T. Jep.
Williams, C. E.
Williams, Oliver D.
Williams, James
Williams, Selden P.
Williams, T. Eugene
Williamson, B. F. Col.
Wilpers, Herman
Windsor, L. M.
Winfrey, John
Wingfield, Mary A. Mrs.
Witherspoon, H.S.
Witherspoon, C. S.
Wood, Richard H.
Wood, W. L.
Wood, William W.
Woodford, Julius
Woods, James A.
Worden, J.B.
Workman, Samuel
Wortham, Charles G.
Wright, John W.    -   Additional Bio
Wyrick, D. M.


Young, George S.
Youngs, Marcus


Zimmerman, W. J.
Zink, Theodore E.
Zion, William H.

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