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Laclede County, Missouri 2000 Queries



Looking for any information on the children of Jasper N. and Susannah Robertson. They are buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Laclede co. One of the sons name was Lafayette Robertson, he was married to M. Jane Metcalf
Submitter: (Brenda Huntley ) Date: 17 Dec 2000


HOWELL, WORKMAN, I am searching for information on my great grandparents, Benjamin Howell and Josephine Workman, married 7 Aug. 1881, Laclede, Mo. I know they had 1 son and possibly a daughter.They moved from Laclede to Newton and or Jasper Counties.
Submitter: (Cathy Caswell) Date: 19 Dec 2000


HOWELL, WORKMAN, I am searching for information on my great grandparents, Benjamin Howell and Josephine Workman, married 7 Aug. 1881, Laclede, Mo. I know they had 1 son and possibly a daughter.They moved from Laclede to Newton and or Jasper Counties.
Submitter: (Cathy Caswell) Date: 19 Dec 2000


Seeking information on James W OWENS and wife, Sarah Ann, who arrived in Auglaize Township, Leclede County in the late 1840s. James and Sara were both born in Kentucky and had nine children: Joseph W., Newton J., Thomas W., Mary C., James F., George W., John W., Rebecca A., and infant born in 1860. Son Joseph W. OWENS married Elizabeth W. ENOCH, daughter of David ENOCH and Nancy of Laclede County, in 1858. Joseph and Elizabeth OWENS had eight children: Elisha, William, Thomas, David, Samuel, Benjamin, Barney and Edward. All were born in Auglaize Township, Laclede County, from 1860 to 1878. Any information on the OWENS and ENOCH families in Laclede County would be greatly appreciated.
Submitter: (John Reed) Date: 17 Dec 2000


Need date and place of divorce for Lawrence Willard BEGHTOL( b.McDonogh Co. IL d. Laclede Co. MO 24 Sept.1978. f. Geo. Washington BEGHTOL m. Sara Ann HEATON) He married Bertha E. Anderson (daughter of John Andrew ANDERSON and Nancy Ann MCINTURFF 30 Dec 1922 in Washington, Ia. Need to confirm this is the same Lawrence Beghtol.
Submitter: (mmclachlan ) Date: 16 Dec 2000


WILSON / TOWNSEND Does anyone have ANY information on a C A WILSON that married a Manerva J TOWNSEND August 27, 1904 in Laclede County, MO? Any help would be appreciated.
Submitter: (Kay Claxton Wilson) Date: 17 Nov 2000


Searching for individual information, siblings and parents of Emmanuel Potter and wife Sarah Enoch, parents of William Potter, Malissa Potter (married R. Addison Urie, a blacksmith), and Melsena Potter (married second time to Eli Rustin). Also searching for Noah Rustin who married Polly Prewitt 1842 in Lebanon, Laclede Co. and their parents. (Note: there are 3 Noah Rustins in this area.)
Submitter: (JFBlood) Date: 26 Nov 2000


I am looking for Thomas Stearns b-1789 in NC and possibly lived with his parents around mecklenburg co KY and died sometime after 1860 accourding to the Cencus of Casey Co KY. His wife Mary Susan (unknown) was from Virgina. I was told this was the german line of Starnes/Stearns. They had 11 children that i know of accourding to the cencus and the book "of them that left the name behind". Here is the list. Most of his children moved to Oakland, and Laclede county, unsure if he made the trip with them. Fredrick b-1813 married to Lockey Jane Powers they had five Children John b-1816 Malinda-1822 m John Goode Elias-1827 m amada Kidd Gideon-1830 m Margaret Benjamine-1831 Isiah-1823 m Margaret Emerline-1837 Josiah-1839 m margaret Hill Silas-1841 m Melissa Elizabeth-1842 This is about all the information I have on Thomas i have lots on Fredrick and some of his brothers. I know Fredrick was Buried here, where I live in the Oakland Community, Oakland Cemetary with his wife and Several of my family.
Submitter: (Christy ) Date: 14 Dec 2000


Looking for my grandfather's side of the family. According to his death certificate he was born in Lebanon, MO. His name--John Oscar Crumpler, born 14 Aug 1874. Married Stella Schooling of CA in 1890 and they had three CA born children, one of who was my father who died in 1968. Any information of any links on John O.'s family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Carla
Submitter: (Carla (Crumpler) Date: 18 Nov 2000


THOMAS, PARISH, SMITH Looking for other descendants of my Thomas family who lived on the Laclede-Camden border. My great-grandfather Edwin Thomas (1856-1927) mar Tillie Parish (1858-1941); his sister Selina(1859- ? ) mar William Smith(1861- ?) and lived in Laclede county before moving to Kansas City; sister Jennie mar a Wheeler?; brother William mar Bessie ? and lived in Laclede, Camden, Kansas City and Colorado; brother James lived in Cole & Pettis.
Submitter: (Fran Bumann) Date: 13 Nov 2000


Does anyone have ancestor information on the family of Preston Bud Sumner (d. 1925) and Sarah Celestine (Lewis) Sumner (d. 1925?) who lived in Abo? They are buried in Davis Cemetery near Abo. Preston was son William Bryant Sumner, and Sarah was daughter of William Lewis and Mary Brandon. I'm a grandson trying to trace family roots. Thanks very much for any information.
Submitter: (P. Sumner) Date: 10 Nov 2000


Would like futher contact's or information on my ancestors , GOURLEY.
Submitter: (Eddie L. Gourley) Date: 31 Oct 2000


Researching the families of William C. Smothers (b 1825 TN) and wife Martha Robinson (b 1832 TN); Charles Edward Windsor (b 1866 MO) and wife Margaret Emaline Harris Smothers (b 1864 IL); Jones T. Taliaferro (b 1796 KY) and wife Elizabeth Cooper Townsley (b 1799 KY); Johnson Furr (b 1822 KY) and wife Martha Taliaferro (b 1822 OH); and Elijah Vaughn (b 1848 TN) and wife Julia Ann Sutherland (b 1853 IN). All lived in Laclede Co., MO, circa 1860-1930, and all are related to each other. Bill Smothers Delaware
Submitter: (Bill Smothers) Date: 27 Oct 2000

NEED INFORMATION ON Aaron Span(n)and family. Would like to know the other names of his children and their descents if possible. Here is what I know at present. 1816 Aaron Span came to the lower Niaungra basin (area now part of Leclede, Wright, Dallas and Webster counties)to mine Salt petre for the Military for the indian wars that had erupted after the Osage rejected the 1808 treaty, and these wars lasted until 1829 when the Indians were defeated. Aaron Span came with several others, all were related by blood and/or marriage: Jesse Beulieu (also spelled Blue, Ballew, Bellew etc), Henry Cook Andersson (married to one of Jesse's daughters) William Montgomery and some of his brothers (William married Jesse Ballew's daughter Nancy), John Cullen (who married a daughter of John Taggart or Tygert), John Taggart and his son Josiah (Josiah married one of Aaron's daughters named Nancy), John Campbell (married to a sister of Joseph & Daniel Miller), Joseph Miller(who settled in Kickapoo prairie and then to the little sac river) Daniel Miller brother to Joseph that died at Kickapoo married into the Anderson Family, Thompson (married Jesse's daughter that was widowed of Henry Cook Anderson) Jones (married into the Ballew family), Gilseby, William Jordan (sibling to Pharaby Aaron's wife and married to Aaron's sister Fannie Span), John Span (brother to Aaron and married into the Jesse Ballew family) and others about 20 heads of ho! usehold in all. Later a brother to Joseph and Daniel would come to Dallas Co and live near Aaron, and this brother's (George Washington Miller) two children would marry two of Aaron's children......John Miller to Elizabeth Span (Spohn) 1 Sep 1841 Niangua Co this is recorded in Benton Co in their marriage regester as a delayed recording when John died 1862 in the home guards) and Carolyn Miller who married William Jordan Span. George is buried in the Timber Ridge Cemetery established as Union Cemetery in 1842 in Webster Co, Mo Aaron SPAN (N) was married in Warren Co, KY in 2 Dec 1809 to Pharaby Jordan and with them came their living children: Nancy born Aug 1810 in Warren Co, KY, a child born 1812 in Shelby Co, Illinois while Aaron was in the War of 1812, a child born 1814, Benjamin Franklin Span born 1815. Joseph M. Span was born here 1817 in the lower Niangua River Basin when it was under I believe Washington Co, Mo (1813 to 1818) In 1818 when this area was then the annexed lands (of -old-Pulaski Co.) Franklin and Pulaski were created the same day 1818 and Pulaski was to house all the Indian lands in dispute. Pulaski had no government so it was annexed to Franklin. Pulaski at this time housed all the lands that extended below the Missouri river all the way to the lower boarder of what is now Arkansas. Pulaski had no government and Franklin did so 1819, Franklin signed for Pulaski to be split and 1/2 went to what would later become Missouri State and 1/2 went to what later became Arkansas. Then in Franklin 1819 signed for (the Missouri) Pulaski to be divided and annexed to Cooper Co, and Wayne Co. So from 1818 to 1820 the lower Niangua river Basin (old Pulaski) was annexed to Wayne. Then in 1820 Gasconade was created and all of the (OLD) Pulaski Co still governmentless was annexed to Gasconade. In 1829 the indians lost their wars and then (old) Pulaski was deposed and ceded to Gasconade. Th! is same year Gasconade carved out Crawford and included in it were the -old- Pulaski (and the lower Niangua River Basin lands.) During this time: Joseph M. Span was born 1817 - was this birth if regestered in Washington? William Jordan Span born 1819 was this regestered in Wayne? 1820 Thomas Span was born was this regestered in either Wayne or Gasconade? 1822 a child that died, 1824 Elizabeth Span was born. 1825 Rufus Span was born, 1827 Isreal Span was born in (Old Pulaski annexed to Gasconade) and I found Isreal Span's birth statistic in Gasconade. 1829 Pharaby, Aaron's wife, died in child birth. The child lived as it is a "Number" on the 1830 census but Pharaby died. Is this in Crawford? I found that Aaron was a justice of the Peace in Gasconade Co as he had married several persons during 1820 to 1829. 1831 to 1833 Aaron remarried to Anne ___ a woman much younger than he. By 1833 he divorced her in Crawford Co for adultry, this was the first divorce granted in Crawford. 1833 Crawford carved off Greene and (new) Pulaski Counties . Aaron was then in Pulaski as he was appointed the first Coroner. but was defeated in the next election 1834. And then in 1834 Greene and (New) Pulaski carved off the lands of the whole of the Niangua River Basin to become WYATT TERRITORY. Wyatt was stopped from becoming a county when the NORTORIOUS BANK OF NIANGUA was exposed for conterfieting money. About 30 were indited but only three were brought to trial. From 1835 to 1837 the State of Missouri was in a quandry about what to do over WYATT TERRITORY. The first step was to seize the lands under marshal law. Then it was ceded to Greene, and a commotion arose that this action by Missouri was illegal, so Greene hastily carved Polk and ceded these WYATT lands to Polk, By 1837 the situation was resolved and old Wyatt was deposed legally, In the mean while Polk had treated it like her own lands and assigned Townships to her. Polk maintained these lands as 1st land division and 2nd land division, (for some reason unexplained there were still two divisions on the 1840 Census, although the lands were formally Polk's in 1837), Aaron was STILL in the same place .... in the lower Niangua River Basin area, but now the area was now Washington Township, Polk. Before the finial decision regarding "old Marshal law Wyatt", Aaron was arrested and arained in Polk court 1836, for drinking and passing the flask around for a contribution to the cost AT THE PLEASANT VIEW CHURCH established 1804 (now in Webster Co) and assaulting a peace officer when the sherrif tryed to manicale him. Aaron was in his 50s and the sherrif was a relatively young man. Aaron flattened him much to the Sherrif's embarasment. Both cases were dismissed, but Aaron was also stripped of his Justice of the Peace title. Then Polk cut off Ninagua in 1841 and Niangua was renamed Dallas in 1844, later in 1849 Dallas cut off a part that became part of Wright, then in 1855 Wright gave the old part of Dallas to Webster. Aaron died in 1845, in Dallas Co, (now Webster Co)this documentation is in one of his daughter's bibles (Elizabeth Spohn or Span Miller), and is also in the 20 Dec 1845 issue of the Springfield newspaper which was a notice to settle his estate. Does anyone have any information regarding where Aaron and Pharaby lived between 1814 and 1816?, his brother John Span was in the Bayous of what is now Arkansas, as he had his land petition refused there in 1818. 1818 Aaron and Pharaby were back in Warren Co, Ky as this is where the wagon train for the Lower Niangua River Basin grouped up. Does anyone have any information regarding the "missing names of his children?" Does anyone know the location of the orginial PLEASANT VIEW BAPTIST CHURCH (was in Dallas and is now in Webster Co southwest of Elkland). It was established 1804, and the church house was moved to the present location on 38 I believe..... I am hoping that Aaron is buried there and Pharaby his first wife. I have the descents of Benjamin 1815, Joseph M. 1817, Willimam Jordan Span 1819, Thomas 1820, Elizabeth (my ancestor) 1824. Would appreciate any information .....
Submitter: Jo ( Date: 25 Oct 2000


I am searching for ancestry information on the families of Isaac WHITSON (b: Circa 1805, d: 21 May 1877), owned land SE of Lebanon near Oakland,MO in Laclede Co. where the Whitson Cemetery is located now. He was married to Cynthia ODELL and Julianna BROYLES, plus maybe a few others. Also on the families of James Isaac MASSEY (or Massie?)(B: circa 1851 d: unkown), buried at Whitson Cemetery. Married to Nancy BOWMAN. I have a few generations back on ODELL and BROYLES. Need to find prior generations of WHITSON, MASSEY, and BOWMAN. I have hit a brick wall with these three so far. Any help would be appreciated! Please e-mail me. Willing to share information I do have so far. Thank you.
Submitter: (Stacy Willhoit ) Date: 24 Oct 2000


Searching for Descendants of Xavier Conrad Durbin in Conway area, I have information and Pics to share on your/our ancestors, other Durbins in the area early 1900's are Christopher,Earl,Charles T. George B.,William E., Phillip, Samuel, Hiram,. If your not sure about your line, contact me and I will search my archives, I like to find new cousins, other names related to the Durbins, McAVOY, SHOCKLEY, SMITH, HARDMAN, HENDRIX/HENDRICKS, REED
Submitter: (Mike Durbin) Date: 22 Oct 2000


My two daughters are great grandchildren of John Lakerquis Randolph (b.7/24/1854 in LaClede County, Missouri) who was a son of Gilbert Russell and Nancy Elizabeth (Christian) Randolph from Warren County, Tennessee... John L. Randolph married Louisa Jane Morehouse (b. 2/4/1856 in Grovesprings, Missouri, d. 1/25/1937 in Laclede County, Mo.), John and Louisa had six daughters of which Susan Safrona Randolph (b. 2/2/1879 Grovespringsm Mo.) was my girls great grandmother... Daughter Susan S. Randolph married 10/17/1897 in Lebanon, Mo. John Francis Simpson (b. 1//6/1872 Lebanon, Mo., d. 2/2/1963 Wendall, Idaho). Would like to visit with you, if you are from these Randolph, Simpson, Morehouse or Christian lines....... Bill and Paula Bailey, Antioch, Ca., 94509
Submitter: (Bill Bailey ) Date: 20 Oct 2000

Surnames: JONES

I am looking for the names of the parents of Fred Columbus Jones, born March 18, 1884 in Laclede Co., MO. If you have any information, please contact me at
Submitter: (Sabra Jones Jeffress) Date: 16 Oct 2000

Surnames: ROBERTS

I am working on finding the obits for the 17 children of Ben and Phoebe roberts. These are ones that I wondered if it would ever be possible to get ones for. If not then I will quit looking for those. John Henry Roberts 1867-1888. He is buried in the Roberts ceme. which I have been told no one can find now. George william roberts 1861- He was alive in 1885- and dead in 1890 when his Mother's will was probated. Charles david Robertsl 1875- Dead by 1890. The twind Austin Oscar who died the next day 1877. So if no obits could be found for these , I will give up on these. Thank You.
Submitter: (Virginia Borkowski) Date: 19 Oct 2000

Surnames: ROBERTS

I am looking for the obit of James B. Roberts died 1930. He is buried at New Home.
Submitter: (virginia borkowski) Date: 07 Oct 2000


Searching for information on Oliver P. CLARK b:1819 in ILL. d:aft 1880 in Laclede County. Wife Julia Etta RIGGS(RIGG) b:1823 in Ohio d:aft 1880 in Laclede County. Have traced them from Wayne Co., ILL. (1870 Census)to Laclede County, Mo.(1880 Census E.D.79,page 4, Dwelling #8 Laclede Co.). The census shows only two children left at home Edwin J. 34 and Augusta 20. I have heard that Augusta married Alfred E. Younger and moved to Okla. Other children are Reacheal A., Florance, Oscar T., Nascissa L., Adalade, and Marsella. Oscar T. married Malinda Jane DOLLAR Dec. 25, 1879 in Laclede Co. Malinda Jane was a granddaughter of Joab Scott, a pioneer of Laclede Co. Any information at all on any of these people will greatly appreciated. Thank-you
Submitter: (Ron Clark) Date: 08 Oct 2000


i AM LOOKING FOR INFORMATION ON Sarah Jane Roberts born 1862. In 1910 still alive and in Laclede Co. She was married 3 times. I believe last names were, Hayes, Phillips, Collins. What I need most is obit, I am trying to collect as many obits as exist of the 17 children of Benjamin and Phoebe Roberts.
Submitter: (Virginia Borkowski) Date: 02 Oct 2000


Have just discovered g-grandfather was Henry Olan KNIGHT, born Conway, Laclede County June 24, 1885, died Richland Washington, Sept. 11, 1968. During early 1900's he moved to Oklahoma, where my grandfather, Karl Ian KNIGHT was born. My gg-grandfather was Franklin Pierce KNIGHT born New Hampshire July 1854. Don't know when he moved to Conway, Laclede County, but married Margaret Roena SCHMALHORST in Conway on September 7, 1876. Franklin Pierce KNIGHT died October 18, 1942, I'm assuming in Conway though my info does not say where. Margaret Roena SCHMALHORST was born in Conway, Laclede County on August 23, 1856 and died in Conway August 11, 1938. According to my info, which is from "A history of the SCHMALHORST, SMALLHORST, SMALLHURST and WEIBERG, WEYBERG, WHYBARK families in America",by Frances Ferrier Hanks, copyright 1990, Franklin and Margaret owned a farm north of Conway and later purchased a grist mill from her father. If anyone is familiar with this family, I am interested in knowing where the farm and grist mill were located. Also, if it is known in which cemetery they are buried. Finally, I will be attempting to trace back to New Hampshire and would like to know if Franklin alone came to Conway, or if he came with family. I have yet to discover my ggg-grandparents names on the Knight side. Also, if anyone is still researching and updating the SCHMALHORST Family History, I can at least correct the entry on my family: Pg 151, #420: Dexter James Knight (twin), born St. Louis, MO November 30, 1939, married Judith (Judy) Lee Aubuchon on September 29, 1961 in St. Louis, MO. Judith Lee Aubuchon was born St. Louis, MO, November 16, 1942. They had one child: Cheryl Lynn Knight, born St. Louis, MO, May 10, 1962, married Ray Evan Dinkins on October 6, 1984, in St. Louis, MO. Ray Evan Dinkins was born St. Louis, MO, June 22, 1959. They have three children: Amy Nicole Dinkins, born St. Louis, MO, January 7, 1989 Katie Lynn Dinkins, born Kissimmee, FL, February 23, 1998 (twin) Emma Marie Dinkins, born Kissimmee, FL, February 23, 1998 (twin)
Submitter: (Cheryl (Knight) Dinkins) Date: 19 Sep 2000


Looking for the following names of those who once lived in Lacled County. O.R. MILLSAP, EDNA JENKINS, CLELLA MOODY. Thanks any info or connections appreciated.
Submitter: (Diana Millsap Treff ) Date: 03 Oct 2000


Stoutland. If your ancestor went to school in Stoutland 1933-37, I have my Mother's 'memory' books for those years. Many names!! I would like to find descendents of those who wrote in her books & send the pages to them (no cost just a SASE). I'd also like to find anyone with similar items which include my Mother, Carmen Mooney, daughter of Edwin & Norma (Oliver) Mooney. Send me your family names & I will check the 'memory' books. I'd also like any information/stories about life in the Stoutland, Conway, & Northview areas 1860's to 1950's. If your ancestor worked for the Frisco Railroad I'd also like to hear from you. My Frisco family association dates from 1917 to 1983.
Submitter: (Judith Leonard) Date: 04 Oct 2000

Surnames: DILL HICKS

Looking for info on JESSE DILL AND ALICE HICKS DILL (husband and wife). Alice passed away somewhere in late 1940's or 50's??? She was my GreatGrandmother. I have a line on Jesse Dill but nothing on Alice Hicks. Can you help me? They are both buried in the cemetery in Conway, MO. Their daughter, Viola Gurtha (Dill) Gott was my Grandmother. Would be interested in communicating with anyone who has knowledge of this family. I can be contacted at Thanks
Submitter: (Marjorie Grover) Date: 03 Oct 2000


I am looking for further information regarding the INGLE family who settled in LaClede county. Michael Ingle married Sereny Elizabeth Phillips and had a son, Michael INGLE Jr. b.10/05/1885 and a daughter Melissie INGLE b.March 17, 1892 Melissie went on to marry Harry Nelson CRABTREE. Both the Ingle and Crabtree families were in Arkansas before the Ingles settled in Lebanon, LaClede CO, MO Any info would be helpful and I would share what else I have.
Submitter: (Marlene Watts) Date: 02 Sep 2000


I'm looking for the parents of Thomas Leonard BENNETT and the parents of his wife Caroline I STOWE. Thomas b.9 Apr 1846 Mo. and Caroline b.6 Sep 1855 Stone Co, Mo. father William STOE and mother Sarah,according to her death certificate. Can't seem to find her parents. They were married 28 Feb 1875 in Laclede Co, Mo. "at her mother's residence" (on marriage license). They had 8 children: Sara Jane b.15 Jan 1876 married Jim BREEDLOVE, Mary b.14 Feb 1878 married Pup MORGAN, Wilburn b.6 Feb 1880, Leroy b.11 Mar 1883, Annie b.25 Jul 1886 married Patterson E. LEFTER 14 Nov 1910 in Eldridge, Laclede, Mo.,Irven b.5 Apr 1888, Emma b.30 Mar 1890 married Snowed BLYTHE and Mammie b.29 Jan 1893 married Walter HANKS. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Submitter: (Willie Carsey ) Date: 06 Sep 2000


I am looking for information on my Grandfather, William Scott REED who was born 3 Mar. 1851 at Hermon, MO in Laclede County. I know he had at least two sisters, Sarah and Jenny both of whom lived most of their lives in Douglas County. Sarah was married to an ARNETT then to Pate STONE. Jenny was married to a YATES then a KELLER. William Scott REED was married at least once in Arkansas. He had two daughters there. He married my Grandmother Sarah HANCOCK in Douglas County on 11 Nov. 1920. My father John Henry REED was born 24 May 1923. William Scott REED died 15 Dec. 1937 and was buried next to his sister Jenny at the Yates Cemetery in Douglas County. I have searched for years for his family and have never found anyone who had any information on them. The only other thing I know was that Williams Scott REED's mother was a full-blooded Choctaw Indian. I would greatly appreciate any information anyone might have.
Submitter: (Shellia ) Date: 10 Sep 2000


Looking for information on a JAMES W. BALLARD who married a MARGARET C. KING in 1851 in Laclede Co., Mo. Looking for birth and death dates, and parents, siblings, children. Will share what information that I have.
Submitter: (Debi Thacker) Date: 06 Sep 2000

Surnames: ISRAEL

I am seeking full name of or parents of G. R. ISRAEL who was pastor of the Moravian Church a few miles south of Lebanon, Mo. in the mid to late 1880's . Thank You
Submitter: (Rosemary Patton) Date: 01 Sep 2000

Surnames: JOHNSON

I am looking for a connection to a JOHN DAVID JOHNSON and MARTHA A. JOHNSON who lived in Lecedle County,Mo. in 1873 where one of their son's was born .I believe that JOHN HENRY JOHNSON was born there and maybe an older brother resided there after the family moved back to Saline County , Illinois .Not much infor for you , but if you can help ,Thank you very much !! Judy
Submitter: (JUDY JOHNSON) Date: 24 Aug 2000


Looking for any information on Velma Ruble who was born in Laclede Co. about 1909, and married James Willson (born approx. 1880). Only child I know of is my mother, Mabel Willson b. 6 Oct. 1928 in Conway. Please e-mail me directly. Thank you in advance.
Submitter: (Velma Maye ) Date: 30 Aug 2000


Would like any information on Susannah Franklin Huntley Robertson. She was married to Peter Huntley in 1870 and to Jasper Robertson on March 6,1876 in Laclede county.
Submitter: (Brenda Huntley) Date: 31 Aug 2000


Zephaniah Barnes is my great great grandfather, I am very interested in finding family information for the children of Zephaniah and Nancy Jane BAKER, his second wife. I am attaching a brief chart. Please contact me if we can share information. Thanks Betty Dobbs Wilson Seaside Oregon ZEPHANIAH BARNES FAMILY-Missouri 1. Zephaniah BARNES. Born ? 1825 in Tennesse. Zephaniah died ?1870, he was 45.Zephaniah first married Caroline .They had the following children: 2 i. Margaret Louise (1855-1948) married George Washington DOBBS. 3 ii. Hezekiah Eloyises (1853-1924) married Francis Marion BENCH. Zephaniah second married Nancy Jane BAKER, daughter of James M BAKER & Lucinda McGUIRE. Born in 1836 in Morgan County Indiana. Nancy Jane died in Pulaski County Missouri in Dec 1881, she was 45.They had the following children: i. Baalam. Born in 1858 in Pulaski County Missouri ? ii. Thomas. Born ? 1860 in Texas, or Missouri . iii. Seth. iv. Wiley Thomas. Born on 18 May 1865 in Rockwall Texas.Wiley Thomas died in Los angeles California on 5 Jan 1936, he was 70.Buried in Los angeles California.Wiley Thomas married Mary ?. v. Flora Ann. Born on 3 Jun 1866 in Collin County Texas.Flora Ann died in Greely, Eaton County Colorado on 6 Sep 1924, she was58.On 11 Feb 1886 when Flora Ann was 19, she married James Payton SIMPSON,in LaClede County, Missouri. 4 vi. Andrew Jackson. Born ? 1870 in Missouri. AndrewJackson died in California. Researching Laclede, Oregon and Pulaski counties
Submitter: (Betty Dobbs Wilson )Date: 19 Aug 2000


Looking for information on a George W. COONS who was living in Laclede Co., Phillipsburg, Mo around 1903. George was married to his second wife, Ida ANDERSON, while living there they had 5 children . His son's name was Wilbert Tarzan Coons, who later changed his name to William Thomas COONS who was born in Laclede Co. George's first wife was Sarah Elizabeth (WASHABAUGH) COONS. They have 7 children, One was my great-grandpa. Thank you for your help. V. Rhodes
Submitter: (V. Rhodes)Date: 28 Jul 2000


WATERWORTH, LETTERMAN I'm looking for ANY information on Florene Waterworth of Competiton, Leclede Co., MO. Who married Leland Kenneth Letterman of Webster Co., MO, on August 19, 1940 in Webster Co., MO. They had two daughters, Judith and Carolyn.
Submitter: (Sheri Kennehan)Date: 23 Jul 2000


Looking for Marrs families in Laclede County. My great grandfather,"Robert James MARRS",born 1828 Illinois. Robert married Harriet Smithers about 1852. Harriet was born 1828 Mo.she was the daughter of George and Sarah Fulbright/Smithers. They made their home in Hooker twp.,Dry Glaze area of Laclede County from 1852-1861. When the war broke out in the area, they fled to the Lawrence Kansas area. I have not been able to find Robert's parents and feel that he may have other Marrs relatives in Laclede County.
Submitter: (Jeanie Vasseur )Date: 21 Aug 2000


WILSON COLEMAN BREEDLOVE JENKINS HENSON Looking for information on any/all of the following. Mary A/O Wilson m Anderson S Breedlove in Laclede county aprx 1885 and they had a son William Jiles Tureal Breedlove b 1886. Ella Fare Coleman b 1-17-1872 m William A Jenkins, Dr June 1, 1890 in Laclede county. They had one son William E Jenkins b 11-1-1890. Ara Mosa Coleman b 9-2-1868 m Joseph Henson 11-25-1890 Laclede County, MO.
Submitter: (Kay Claxton Wilson ) Date: 12 Jul 2000

Surnames: BURKE

I am looking for any information on the BURKE family that were living in Laclede County in 1870. Their names are as follows: Albert BURKE b 1814 TN, owned farm land. Wife Martha BURKE b 1813 TN, children, Joseph B. b 1853, Martha Caroline b 1855, James Albert b 1857, Thomas M. b 1859, Margaret Luda b 1864. The above information is on the 1870 census, but I have the parents five years younger. I lose Albert and Martha after this census. Would like to know when, where they died and where they are buried.
Submitter: (Darlene Burke)
Date: 17 Jul 2000
Darlene Burke


I am looking for information about my grandparents Benjamin Davis and Rosa Ann Guthrie from Lebanon, They were married in 1912 and had seven children one of which was my father Leonard Ralph Davis who married Jill Lemons (my mother) and then Loretta Young. Any info Would be appreciated.
Submitter: (Cheryl Crandell) Date: 16 Jul 2000

Surnames: DUNCAN

Looking for any information regarding John Wesley Duncan I, married twice. 2 children (one boy and one girl) by each marriage. Second wife Julia (Leaning Dog - Lakota Souix) Barnes. John and Julia both buried in Lebanon Cemetary cir. 1913. John and Julia's only son - John Wesley Duncan II born in Lebanon, MO. John I served in Civil War. Any information regarding these people or their kin is appreciated. (They are my great grandparents and grandfather. I am the daughter of John II's only son. (last of my line). Thanks
Submitter: (Joan Fahrney ) Date: 10 Jul 2000


I'm looking for a record of my grandmother Edith Coffman from Lebanon MO
Submitter: (Mike Lewis ) Date: 16 Jul 2000


HEAVNER / HEAVENER,William Frank, b. Oct. 5 1864 in Pike Co. IL. Married Mary Ann WHITWORTH, June 23 1887,In MO. d. 1917 in Laclede Co. Mo...Searching for the children and wives of his Sons, Born between 1888 and 1910, in Lebonan, Mo. James E. HEAVNER b.May 21 1888,...William F. HEAVNER b.Nov 12 1889,..Claude L. HEAVNER,..Al W. HEAVNER,..Felix T. HEAVNER,..Irene F. HEAVNER,..Paul HEAVNER,..Howard HEAVNER.All raised around Laclede Co. and Macks Creek, MO. I'm willing to share info on this line starting with CHRISTOPHER HEAVENER (HUEBNER). Also have dates on the sons and Daughter. Thanks, Frank Heavner
Submitter: (Frank Heavner ) Date: 15 Jul 2000


THOMPSON,WEBSTER,FULBRIGHT,CAVINESS,HILLHOUSE, BURROWS,MCGUIRE,GREGORY,HULSTINE/HUSTINE,MOORE, PATFINDER,GRANTHAM,MOSIER. Looking for the paretns of George Kelly Thompson born Jan 14, 1844 in TN (we think) Mar a Roxann Fulbright on June 07, 1862 (we dont know where we think TN or MO). Died Feb 13, 1911 in Mo. One of their children was Charles H Thompson who Mar a Rosetta Jane Webster. Charles was born on Apr, 09, 1874 in MO Mar on Dec31,1900 in MO and died on Oct 28, 1952 in Mo. George and Roxann had 10 children. Also looking for information on the Moore/ pathfinder family Richard Alec Moore marr Princess Ann Pathfinder her father was Cheif Pathfinder, I have one child so far for this family a Rachel Moore who Mar a John Calvin McGuire. Denise McGuire
Submitter: (Denise McGuire) Date: 16 Jul 2000


Looking for father and Mother of George Kelly Thompson born in Tn in 1844 moved into missouri as a child ( we think) He Married a Roxanna M. Fulbright in 1862/63 June 07, in Sleeper, Laclede Co MO. He latered died in FEb 03, 1911 around the same area. THIS IS A UP DATE TO THE OTHER ONE I POSTED. You can e mail me at Denise McGuire
Submitter: (Denise McGuire) Date: 21 Jul 2000


I am looking for information on my great grandfather,John Stafford Abbott,born in Nov.1882 in Oakland,Laclede County,MO. His father may have been named John Abbott,born in Ohio around 1855-1859(both of his parents were born in Ohio), and his mother's name was Susan E.(born in Missouri around 1860-63).John and Susan would have married around 1880-82.John was killed in a mine accident sometime between 1883-1894.John Stafford married my great grandmother in 1917.Her name was Nellie Viola Wood,daughter of Eli Harrison and Mattie (Daniels)Wood.Nellie was born in March 1896 in Oakland,MO. Does anyone know anything about these people? Annette Abbott
Submitter: (Annette Abbott) Date: 19 Jul 2000


Trying to find descendants of James Cunningham and Emily F. Curry. James Cunningham son of James Cunningham and Rebecca Billingsly. Other Cunningham children George G., Nancy, Rebecca, William T. Martin D. Sarah J. Mary and Joseph A. Trying to find children of James Cunningham and wife Emily F. Curry. Linda Z. Children married into these families, McArthur, Fulbright, Hillhouse, William Early.
Submitter: (Linda Zablatnik) Date: 26 Jun 2000


Am searching for g-grandfather's family. Lived in Laclede County in 1880-1890's. LEONIDAS LEWIS, wife, LAURA JOSEPHINE BEARD (BAIRD) d/o D.W.BEARD of Laclede County. Went to Oklahoma before 1906. LEONIDAS LEWIS died in San Antonio, Texas in 1950. Children: Eva, Flossie, Lu Zula Ethel, Bell, Bobby & Roy. LEONIDAS and LAURA had 13 children. I would appreciate any help you can give. Please e-mail me at Sincerely, Helen Sandel
Submitter: (Helen Sandel) Date: 01 Jul 2000


I would like information on the MOREHOUSE and/or WELLS family. My great-grandmother, Alice Z. Morehouse was born in Laclede County in 1872. Her father was John Morehouse and mother Elizabeth Wells. I believe she had at least two brothers James and Andrew.
Submitter: (JUDY OWENS) Date: 09 Jul 2000


COX, EMMERSON I am am looking for any information about callie jane (emmerson) cox. she married Samuel walter cox on aug. 11, 1885. her father was from around nashvill, tenn. she was born jan. 27, 1868 here in lebanon, lacleade county, mo. any information would be appreciated.
Submitter: (Darla McAlpine) Date: 01 Jul 2000


Am looking for those researching Joseph and Sarah (Selvidge) McMenus who came from Monroe County, TN in l840 to Laclede COunty (her mother was Julia TUCKER Selvidge). Also John Wesley Smith who went to TN to Green Co., MO and then on to Laclede County, MO after the Civil War. His parents were John W. and Lucinda (Gibson) Smith of Green COunty, MO. Also, Eli MASSIE who came from Ohio about l870 first to Dallas then Laclede County, MO and finally Joseph and Eurilla (Tolbert) Shank who left Ohio in l870 and went to Dallas County MO and then son William Harvey and Lydia Margaret (Massie) SHank on to Laclede COunty, MO.
Submitter: (Martha Bernie ) Date: 20 Jun 2000


Looking for information on the JOHNSON family. Their daughter Stella Irene JOHNSON was born May 19, 1993 in Lebanon, Missouri to Robert Houston Johnson and Frances Ducenia-Lee (BELL)JOHNSON. The JOHNSON family also, lived in Miller County in the towns of Osage and Tuscumbia.
Submitter: (Kathy Swift ) Date: 24 Jun 2000


Benjamin Hooker III b. 1801 NC d. 1875 Laclede Co., MO m. Martha Clemmons 1824 in Williamson Co., TN They had 12-13 children of which I will list the 11 that I have accounted for. 1.Louisa Jane b. 1827 d. 1867 Boone Co., AR m. (1) Wilson Fulbright (2) William Jones 1859 Laclede Co., MO 2.William Allen b. bet. 1829-1830 d. 1861 3.Joseph Thomas b. bet. 1830-1831 d. 1894 4.John Albert b. abt. 1832 d. 1876 5.Martha Elizabeth b. 1835 6.Robert Houston b. abt. 1837 d. 1891 7.Wincie Ann b. bet. 1838-1839 8.Christina A. b. bet. 1840-1841 TN 9.Tennessee A. b. bet. 1842-1843 Laclede Co.,MO 10.Benjamin Lee b. bet. 1844-1845 Laclede Co. 11.Wilson Porter b. 1847 d. abt. 1914 Matthew H. Hooker, brother of Benjamin III, b. 1809 TN d. 1884 Laclede Co., MO. m. (1) Nancy Cloyd 1829 Williamson Co., TN. They had one daughter, Mary Jane Hooker b. 1830. Matthew H. m. (2) Nancy B. Tate 1831 Williamson Co., TN. Matthew and Nancy had 3 daughters: Martha Caroline b. 1832 TN; Margaret L., b. bet. 1833-1834 TN; Rebecca Ann b. bet. 1840-1841 Laclede Co., MO There is at least one other brother to Benjamin III and Matthew H., Jonathan F. Hooker b. ? m. Margaret Gwyn 1827 Williamson Co., TN. I have been able to trace some of the family through Laclede Co., MO Census records, but have found a few Hooker families that may be descended from Jonathan, but would like to share information with anyone with ties to this Hooker family branch.
Submitter: (Thomas L. Harman ) Date: 24 Jun 2000


GREEN--BRAKEBILL--COCHRAN--AGEE I am searching on any info on a Roy Green born 1910 in Laclede county, Mo. His siblings were Ezra, Virgel, & Evalina. His parents were Ed & Cordie Green. His grand-parents were George W. & Susan Evalina Brakebill. Also searching for Agee, Cochran, & Harrell family doing research on the Brakebill line. Thanks, Marilyn Norman
Submitter: (Marilyn Norman ) Date: 23 Jun 2000


I would like information on my GGF LEONARD, Andrew who on 1870 Census for Smith Twp.,LaClede Co., MO was shown to be married to my GGM GOURLEY, Mary E. They had a man named TIMMONY, John age 26 living with them. The census shows that Andrew and John both were working on the railroad. Next door to them was living Mary E.'s father and step-mother. GOURLEY, Houston, Ludicy(Dicy) STEPHENS GOURLEY, and their children: i. Rebecca J. age 16, ii. Naioma, age 13, iii. Cassandra age 11, iv. Permelia A. age 9, v. Thomas age 7 vi. Joseph age 5 and vii. Emily C. Any information on any of my family will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Submitter: (Gloria Knight) Date: 19 Jun 2000

Surnames: ABBOTT

I am looking for information on my great grandfather.John Stanford (or Stafford)Abbott.The LDS geneaology service gives his birthdate as November 1882, and his birthplace as Oakland,Laclede County,Missouri.He married my great grandmother,Nellie Viola Woods in 1917.Nellie was also from the Oakland area.She was born on March 16,1896.Her parents were Eli Harrison and Mattie Daniels Wood. John's mother's name at the time of her death was Susie E. Barber.She died after 1920.John lived in Jasper County,Missouri,California,and Kansas.He also married more than once and had at least six children.Does anyone know the name of his father and his mother's maiden name? I really want to know my roots, but I cannot get any further than my great grandfather.
Submitter: (Annette Abbott)
Date: 04 Jun 2000        URL: www,


My family lived in a valley that include Pulaski, LaClede, and Texas counties. I am researching the families that moved here from Virginia and Tennessee in the 1810's and left (for the most part) after the Civil War. They primarily went to Indian Territory (OK) and Texas. Any information that can correlate with these families would be appreciated. I am happy to share information as well. Thanks so much.
Submitter: (Kyle Hawkins )
Date: 11 Jun 2000


Seeking information on John & Elizabeth(Harrison) Hendrick, who emigrated to LaClede Co. from Warren Co. Ky., in early 1840's. John had brothers and sisters, who may also settled in LaClede Co.,sisters, Nancy md James Bratten, Elizabeth md William Nicholls, bro Albert md Jane Lee. James Hendrick md Sarah Harrison, sister to Elizabeth, brothers md sisters.Hendrick children parents are John & Sarah (Robertson) Hendrick of Warren Co. Ky. Would love to exchange information with you. Reva B.
Submitter: (Reva Hopkins Bruhn )
Date: 08 Jun 2000


KING THOMAS CRABTREE I am looking for information on Edith May KING b. 1911 in Lebanon, MO. M. Hubert Daniel Crabtree Her parents were Edward King and Rosa Thomas. Any further back anyone can take me and fill in some dates would be greatly appreciated.
Submitter: (Marlene Watts )
Date: 03 Jun 2000


I would like any information on LEONARD, Andrew b. 1832 in Ireland married to Mary E. GOURLEY. They are listed on the 1870 Census for Smith Township, Laclede County, Missouri as living next door to her father Houston, GOURLEY. I would appreciate any information. Thank You.
Submitter: (Gloria A. Knight )
Date: 08 Jun 2000


Seeking any information on my ggrandparents and their families; Louisa Ellen Daniels b. MO? and Thomas McKinney b. IA?, m. 3 July 1884 Laclede. Had the following children: Walter, Dora, Wade, Mary b. 1886, Reuben Edgar b. 3 May 1891 my grandfather, twins Homer and Herman b. 1893. All children may have been born in Lebanon and there could be more that those listed
Submitter: (Barb Dorsey ) Date: 05 Jun 2000


I am searching for information on my gggrandfather Wilbert Robb MCILVAINE and his wife Mary Maria Wallace b. 1843. Mary Maria's father is Joseph Wallace. The only information I have is that he was a judge in Laclede Cnty in the 1870's or 80's.
Submitter: (Penne Hamilton) Date: 27 May 2000


I'm needing help on MARGARET S. PRICE ,who she married,children etc,they were born in Union area of Laclede county .This Is the lineage father-JAMES CALVIN PRICE 1847-1875 mother-SARAH CAFFEY 1849-1888 sister-MARY FOGERSON b.1869,m.ZEPHANIAH G.FOGERSON brother-JOHN THOMAS PRICE b.1872 m.MEDORA SHIELDS grandparents- WILLIAM PRICE-MARY CLEMMONS grandparents- LEVIN STOKES CAFFEY-CELIA PERRY
Submitter: (Harold S.) Date: 26 May 2000

Surnames: CALVIN

Any information on Tom CALVIN found in Phillipsburg, Laclede County in August, 1923. Tom's brother James F CALVIN died in Clinton, Henry County at that time. His obituary lists surviving brothers Tom of Phillipsburg, Daniel of Ireland and William in England.
Submitter: (Steven Mott) Date: 20 May 2000


Am searching for geneology father's name Elvin Ray Greathouse, his father James Albert Greathouse and his mother Bessie Pearl Letterman Greathouse......Possibly sister of Reba Pearl Greathouse....attended school Niangua (sic) father possible 1890 dob unk on mother....Elvin's dob was 7 30 1914.......any assistance would be appreciated............other names listed below are names I remember hearing but do not know any more

(Glenda Greathouse) Date: 18 May 2000

Surnames: MASSEY

Searching for information regarding Edward Massey of Lacede Co. Missouri. Parents were Eli and Cora Jones Massey. Thought to be buried at Whitson Cemetery near his parents in Oakland, Mo. but no headstone was found for Edward. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Submitter: (Jane Biehl ) Date: 08 May 2000

Surnames: ROE

I found out last week that my greatgrandmother was adopted in Laclede county by 1882. Her name before adoption was Mary Ellen ROE. She was adopted by William Garland JARRELL and his wife Mary A. I have researched the Jarrell family for many years, since her marriage license says her maiden name was JARRELL. Now I need help with the ROE family!! I would love to correspond with anyone researching the ROE/ROWE family of this area. Thank you.
Submitter: (Marsha Mullen) Date: 03 May 2000

Surnames: ROE ROWE

I found out last week that my greatgrandmother was adopted in Laclede county by 1882. Her name before adoption was Mary Ellen ROE. She was adopted by William Garland JARRELL and his wife Mary A. I have researched the Jarrell family for many years, since her marriage license says her maiden name was JARRELL. Now I need help with the ROE family!! I would love to correspond with anyone researching the ROE/ROWE family of this area. Thank you.
Submitter: (Marsha Mullen) Date: 03 May 2000


I found out last week that my greatgrandmother was adopted in Laclede county by 1882. Her name before adoption was Mary Ellen ROE. She was adopted by William Garland JARRELL and his wife Mary A. I have researched the Jarrell family for many years, since her marriage license says her maiden name was JARRELL. (She married Wilburn Leonard SPENCE in Laclede in 1888). Now I need help with the ROE family!! I would love to correspond with anyone researching the ROE/ROWE family of this area. Thank you.
Submitter: (Marsha Mullen) Date: 03 May 2000


My grandmother, Adalide Francis WALLS, was born in Lebanon, Laclede County, MO in 1883. Her parents were Wm. Henry Harrison WALLS and Isadora Ann MORGAN. He also used the name Henry H. WALLS. Adalide married my grandfather, Robert Elonzo BRUCE in/about 1897 (yes, she was only 14). Don't know if this marriage took place in Laclede County or not. Any help is appreciated.
Submitter: (Dick Bruce) Date: 09 May 2000


I'm looking up information on my husband's great grand father... William S. Ewing and grandmother... Anne Coffer They were married in Lebanon I suppose in the late 1800's. I'm interested mostly in Anne Coffer because of her Cherokee ancestory. Can you help me? Thank you! Susie Ewing
Submitter: (Susan Ewing) Date: 01 May 2000


I am trying to find information on Hattie O. CAFFEY. She was born in 1879 Laclede Co, Missouri, the daughter of Edward CAFFEY and Ellen McADOO. In her mother's 1927 obituary her married name was listed as SOUTH and she was living in California. Does anyone know what happened to her, when she died? She possibly was married several times. Any clues would be appreciated. J. Stephens
Submitter: (J. Stephens) Date: 07 May 2000

Surnames: KERN RAEF

John KERN owned a Broom Store in Lebanon, Laclede Co., MO. in the early 1900's would like to have additional information. John had married Katie RAEF, Katie died giving birth to her only child named "Johnny"
Submitter: (Beverly) Date: 10 Apr 2000


Joseph B. CARSON and Emily GLOAD lived in LaClede County around 1880s. I need the birthdate for their son Wade Hampton CARSON. Also does anyone know when this family arrived in LaClede County?
Submitter: (Virginia G. Shea) Date: 22 Apr 2000


Does anyone know where the cemetery was relocated to when Fort Leonard Wood came in about 1940? My great grandparents, DYAS, may be buried there. Thank you, David Dyas Submitter: (David Dyas) Date: 22 Apr 2000


Does anyone have information about ggrandfather: JOHN MANUEL HANEY 1873-1944 He is buried in Conway,Laclede Co. Missouri. Who were his parents and where did they come from. I'm also trying to locate the names and where they're from the parents for my grandmother: KATHERINE(KATIE)ELIZABETH(EVANS)HANEY 1899-1986 she is also buried in Conway,Laclede Co. Missouri.
Submitter: (d.haney) Date: 16 Apr 2000

Surnames: JOHNSON

Searching for info/descendants of Marshall W. Johnson (1832-1910) who came from Camden Co to Lebanon around 1877 and lived there until his death and is buried in the Lebanon cemetary. He was a Colonel in the Union army, married a McClurg (her father was Governor) and had 10 children.
Submitter: (Ed Murphy) Date: 10 Apr 2000


ALEXANDER: Searching for any information on ALEXANDER families in Laclede and Dallas Counties. Reuben was born in the area circa 1827. He married Eliza Jane Looney in St. Francois CO., MO 1846. Children: Ruben Antheny b1846, William Benjamin b 1850, James Hulem b 1847, Eliza, Amanda b1867, Levina b1867, Emily. They are found in Polk Co Census 1880. Reuben and Eliza possibly buried Mt. Comfort, Greene Co., MO Also have seen info of George E. Alexander in Laclede Co. Are these families related?
Submitter: (J Foster) Date: 10 Apr 2000


Looking for Swedish immigrants to Lebanon, Laclede Co., MO in mid-to-late 1800s. Seems to be a connection to local mining and welding. One family was NYBERG. (Leo Nyberg later wrote a history of Laclede Co.) Looking for rhyme or reason for Swedes to come here instead of Minnesota, etc.
Submitter: (Mary Ned Fotis ) Date: 29 Mar 2000


Looking for descendants of James Price & Sarah Caffey , my ggrandfather,their son John Thomas Price ,b.9/4/1871 in Conway Mo., d.7/19/1958 in Childress, Tx. m. Madora Ethel Shields 8/19/1891 in Conway,
Submitter: ( 21 Mar 2000


Searching for MASSEY, JAMES G. b.5/1845 d.5/29/1910 buried McBride Cem. wf.(1) Martha Pasley(Pursley) wf.(2) Margaret SNOW m.9/27/1866 MASSEY father?/ John Henry MOTHER/ Elizabeth Yates Any Help GREATLY Appreciated. My husband is a descendant Texas Co., Mo Thanks to all for help.
Submitter: (Patsy Massey) Date: 27 Mar 2000


I am a BIRLEW-COX researcher. Eliza Ann (BIRLEW) b. 1821 married Nicholas "Bully" COX in TN. They were in Maries Co., MO. by 1849. This family sold their land and were headed to Texas when Nicholas "Bully" COX died in the area of Lebanon, Laclede Co., MO. I have not had any luck discovering where Nicholas was buried. Eliza Ann (BIRLEW) COX married (2nd) Stephen ROBERSON, (3rd) J. M. KINNEY. I would love to hear from anyone else researching this COX-BIRLEW family.
Submitter: (Gloria (Birlew) Hursey)Date: 22 Mar 2000

Surnames: NEWTON

Need information about Israel NEWTON-(1790-1830?) Children=Abraham, Juline, Charlotte, Cyrus,Sarah, Nancy, and Israel 2. I think they lived near Lebanon.
Submitter: (lorene berrry)
Date: 15 Mar 2000


Looking for information on Livella Breeden Singleton. Originally from Maries County then to Cookville then to Lebanon, Mo. She was married to an E.O. Singleton and had a child Cordia,born 1912 buried in Bloodline Cemetery 1919. Thanks- J.D. Singleton
Submitter: (joel singleton)Date: 18 Mar 2000


Looking for information on William Shadwick (Shadrick) who married Martha Jane Ussery. Known children: William Monroe, Cora, James Arthur, Charles Everett, Howard Otto, Lula Bell, Hugh Marvin. Also looking for info on William's siblings: Fanny who married George Harrison Stidham; Joseph Shadrick who married Lucinda Whitworth, Margaret Bench & Elizabeth Hunt Swartz; John Shadrick married Margaret Bryant & Arminta Poynter; Cynthia who married William Perry Miller. Would appreciate any and all info anyone can share on any of these lines. Please reply to Thanks, Kathy
Submitter: (Kathy Harmon)Date: 18 Mar 2000

Surnames: STURGIS

Looking for info on gfather John Louis Sturgis. Was living in Lebabon Laclede Co. Mo.from approx. 1900 to 1918. Had sons Lloyd, JL and Bill. With daus Alice,Sadie & Eva. Wife Ida. Dau Nora is buried there. Believe he is buried somewhere there. Any info or help will be apprec. Thanks Elaine at
Submitter: (Elaine Sturgis Verner)
Date: 15 Mar 2000


I am looking for any information on the family of John Quincy Watson and Margaret Mills who were in Laclede county around Lebannon, in 1857 with the birth of a child. any family information will be greatly appreciated.
Submitter: (James Mansolo) Date: 19 Mar 2000


I am searching for information on WILLIAM HENRY BALLARD b. ca. 1840 married MARTHA E.HOPKINS. There children are WILLIAM BURTON b. 6/14/1861 married UNION ADAMS, JAMES NELSON b.3/31/1863 married SARAH "ROCK" McCAULEY/McCAWLEY, MARY LUCINDA b. 9/01/1866 married WLM. C. SHIPMAN, JOHN WILEY b. 5.19.1869 married RACHEL E. HALL,THOMAS N. b.2/26/1871 married MARY E. HALL, DAVID N. b. 4/28/1873. Thanks in advance Diana E.
Submitter: (DIANA ELLEDGE)Date: 03 Mar 2000

Submitter: Barbara Graham (
Date: 06 Mar 2000

I am looking for any decendants of the JAMES CAMPBELL family. He was married to Mary Pulse. I have no dates on these two people. Their siblings are: WARREN; WARD; LOLA; BELL; JENIFFER; MATILDA; and MARY CORDELIA born, May 19, 1873.They resided in Missouri most of their life. MARY CORDELIA CAMPBELL married ANDREW PRESTON PITTMAN, no marriage date, but they both died in Los Angeles, Calif.
Submitter: (Barbara Graham )
Date: 06 Mar 2000

Surnames: HOLLIS

Researching the HOLLIS family who lived in LaClede l800s. Rev. C.P. Hollis and daughter Harriett weho was born in 1887.
Submitter: (D. Henderson )Date: 08 Mar 2000


I am researching my father's MOORE family in Laclede Co., Missouri. Specifically, James William Moore (b1849 in IL) and his marriage to Eliza Jane SMITH (b1853 in MO) in this county on April 9, 1868. Thanks to volunteers, this union and their children are shown in Laclede Co. on the 1870 and 1880 censuses. I do have a photograph of this couple. Anyone?
Submitter: (Bernie Moore-Knowles )Date: 07 Mar 2000


THOMAS BENJAMIN WILKERSON married FRANCIS CLEMENTS in Laclede Co, 1867. He grew up in Greene Co MO, b. 1844.Francis emigrated to Laclede Co during or after Civil War. Cannot locate her parents or where she lived in Laclede Co. Did Thomas & Francis settle in Laclede? I can only find their marriage record there. By 1869 they had emigrated to TX, but later returned to Dallas Co and raised 11 children there. Hope someone can fill in some blanks for me
Submitter: (JOAN MOONEY)Date: 01 Mar 2000


I am looking for any info on my father who was born in Lebanon Mo. on Aug 6,1923.Any info that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. P.S. my father also applied for a ssi#in the state of MO. His name is Richard E Babbitt. the #497-14-0830
Submitter: (RICHARD M BABBIT)Date: 17 Feb 2000


Am looking for William Bartholemew "Bart" SIMPSON? He was born 10 Dec 1842, Jefferson Co, MO, died 15 Dec 1881 in Laclede Co. He is buried in Roper Cem. Row 12, #30. I think his two children are buried next to him: Silas W SIMPSON, born 15 Apr 1880, died 27 Oct 1881; Charles A SIMSPON, born 30 Jul 1877, died 29 Apr 1879. Do not know who he married. His parents were James SIMPSON, born 1811, Philadelphia, d abt 1856, Jefferson Co, MO; his mother was Fannetta Bethnia WILSON, born abt 1824 NC and died abt 1860, possibly St. Louis, MO. His brothers and sisters were Ellen Bethnia, married Charles MORRIS, John Israel SIMPSON, Mary Etta "Belle" married ??? KIDD, Samuel A SIMPSON, Wilson Chambers SIMPSON married Laura MORRIS-Ellen`s daughter, Edward Chambers SIMPSON married Eliza HUGHES. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Submitter: (Lavada Jones)Date: 24 Feb 2000


Looking for parents of Malissa PATTON (POTTER?) b. Mar or May 3 or 8, 1842,1843 or 1847 in Lebanon, Laclede Co., MO Married Robert Addison URIE Jan. 1, 1865 in Laclede Co. She and sister were in 1860 Laclede Co., (Hooker Twp.) living with GREGORY family. What happened to her parents? Mother was listed somewhere as Sarah Enoch. Father was Cherokee. (Also listed born in Versailles, Lebanon CO., but it's in Morgan Co.)
Submitter: Mary Ned (Mary Ned)Date: 01 Mar 2000

Surnames: ALLEN

Trying to find information on the family of Lee ALLEN father of James B ALLEN b: 1872. Lees wife may be named Elizabeth and both are probably from KY. He is listed in the 1870 census in Laclade Co.
Submitter: (Bob McFarland)Date: 23 Feb 2000


Looking for information on a Joanna or Jo Ann NEVILL m: John C. TURNER Dec. 25, 1878. She later must have married Jackson TURNER as Feb. 27, 1884 a Jo Ann Turner was born to Jackson TURNER and Jo Ann Nevill Turner. Would appreciate hearing from anyone researching this family. Thank You.
Submitter: (Remona Turner)Date: 22 Feb 2000


Seeking the date of death and full name of a deaf-mute man surname of MCMICHAELS who was murdered (shot) in the 1880's in Lacede County. Believe he would have been on the 1880 census for the county. Thank you.
Submitter: (Don Roy ) Date: 17 Feb 2000


I am looking for my grandfather Noah A. Greathouse.He married Dora A. Vestal in Aug.28,1877. Have thing on her.But have be unable to fine anything about My grandfather. All of his children have passed away.He was shot and in Baxter co. Ar. In April 6, 1931.Was buried in Niangua Mo.Was married in Webster Co. Mo.I believe.Thankyou very much Hazel Sarratt
Submitter: (Hazel J. Sarratt)Date: 23 Feb 2000


GRAHAM, MCGUIRE, RUBLE, GUTHRIE I am looking for information about my Grandparents, THOMAS J. MCGUIRE and PHYLLIS GRAHAM. Phyllis was born in Phillipsburg, Laclede Co. MO. in 1907. She married my grandfather Thomas in the early 20's. They had 5 children. MARTHA, DAVID,THOMAS JR., ROSE MARIE and her twin sister.She married "RED" GUTHRIE later. I believe Phyllis' parents were ELMER GRAHAM and EDITH RUBLE. I am looking for any information about her family. Thank you.
Submitter: (Heidi C)Date: 22 Feb 2000


I am Looking for families Lewis E. EICHMAN. They are buied in LaClede, MO. Also William MATTHES. Thanks
Submitter: (Peggy Matthes)Date: 13 Feb 2000


I am looking for anybody related to Charles A. Weber and Minnie Elnora Allen. Their children were Maudie, Ernst, and Walter. Thanks
Submitter: (Lori Weber) Date: 11 Feb 2000


Does anyone know where the Laclede County STOWES and/or DUVALLS migrated from? I am researching my grandparents(JAMES W. STOWE and VERDIE DUVALL). They were married in 9/21/1889 and had seven children in Lebanon, MO. They moved to Republic, MO about 1920/1930. Their parents were (WILLIAM STOWE AND MINERVA HANCOCK)and WILLIAM DUVALL AND HANNAH ADAMS. They were married in 1825 and 1852 respectively. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jim Copeland
Submitter: (Jim COPELAND) Date: 09 Feb 2000

Surnames: OSBORN

I am looking for information on NELSON OSBORN who lived in laclede county mo. in 1850 and green township, dallas county in 1860. Any information concerning him or any of his family listed in the 1850 and 1860 census would be greatly appreciated.
Submitter: (Diana Osborn) Date: 03 Feb 2000


I am from the Morehouse family. I'M trying to find any one who no's my great grandfather Elswrth Morehouse.Or my great aunts their name before marrage was Martha Morehouse and LAUREEN Morehouse.I was told they are from this county.If you no anything please e-mail me.Thanks for your time.
Submitter: (kathyran risinger) Date: 28 Jan 2000 URL: MOREHOUSE


I am looking for information on a Watson family that lived in Laclede Co. around the 1850's. James Calvin Watson, b. 6 June 1857, m. Frances E. Admire 25 Sept. 1878, Solon Soper Watson, b. 17 May 1865, m. Minnie Alice Eidson 9 Dec. 1886, from around the Macks Creek area. Mary Watson, b. 20 June 1874, m ? Winchell. Their Father and Mother were Quincie Watson and Margret Mills. The children made their way to Oklahoma, via Boone Co. AR. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
Submitter: (Adrian Anderson) Date: 29 Jan 2000


I am searching for information on Louis Edward Mooer b. 1900 in Lebanon Mo. Father Linn Moore Mother Annie Morris.
Submitter: (Norma Allen) Date: 27 Jan 2000


Isaac Marian FIELDS of Highlandville, Christian Co., Missouri married 2 Sep 1897 Miss Anita MUNHOLLON of Dry Knob, Laclede Co.,(source: J. P. Pinkerton PG, pg 52.) Book by Rev. Chester I. Miller says Isaac M. FIELDS married Ann HEMPHILL. Children: Nannie FIELDS b May 1896, William Russell FIELDS, Jr born Sep 1897 Ollie L FIELDS (fe)b Mar 1899 and Etta (Maryettie) b 1903. Fam. living in Galloway twp, Christian Co, MO in 1900. Isaac remarried abt 1905 Nellie Grant CLAVE and had two more daughters: Nellie Gertrude FIELDS b 1906 d 1907; Nellie Esther FIELDS b 1908 d 1993 married Benjamin Franklin WHITMAN. She was 5 months old when her father, Isaac died in 1908 in a Coal mine in Carterville, Jasper Co, Missouri. William R. FIELDS and Etta FIELDS would be 100 yrs old if still alive. What happened to them? I found the following people and I need to know if they are related to my family above? The LDS-IGI file has Mary A. MUNHOLLON married Daniel B. HEMPHILL 1871 Laclede, Missouri; and Mary E. MUNHOLLEN married 24 Dec 1895 in MO Oliver Edmond PACK b 3 Mar 1865 Of, Osage, MO, son of Edmond Daley PACK & Lurinda FERRIER James POTTER MUNHOLLON b abt 1823 Ohio married Elizabeth Lenia SCOGGIN 5 Mar 1846 Morgan, Missouri; children: Ann MUNHOLLON b 1853 MO; SARAH MUNHOLLON b 1849 MO; James E MUNHOLLON b 1855 MO who mar Elizabeth WALL Abt. 1875 MO. Please contact: Mary Kay Ward, 1432 Yeardley Drive, Richmond, Virginia 23225-2906; Ph 804-232-9338.
Submitter: (Mary Kay Ward) Date: 22 Jan 2000


I am searching for information regarding Henry WYER and Margarett BODENHAMER. I believe they were married early 1800`s in Laclede County, and are supposed to be buried near Fairgrove Missouri. Son Andrew WYER married Lillie Rose JACKSON.
Submitter: (Mary Long)Date: 15 Jan 2000


Trying to locate any information on Jesse Lee "Mike" Wrinkle--born 1894-around Lebanon Mo. and was raised by Luke Holman--a local farmer---he is my Grandfather--he migrated to Tarkio,Mo.around 1910--then on to Council Bluffs,Iowa--his Fathers name was William,Mother,Nellie--brothers Raymond,Ned--and sisters Ada-Irene and Linnie--any information will be appreciated---Thanks, MIKE
Submitter: (Mike Donian ) Date: 18 Jan 2000


Almost all of my ancestors came from this county. Worley, Wyatt, Stowe Atchley, Brown, Lowry, Ware Agee
Submitter: (Bob Brown ) Date: 19 Jan 2000


O'DELL, CAVANAUGH Searching for information on Bervil Alexander O'DELL, born in Lebonon, MO 3/18/47 or Nancy J Cavanaugh, born 11/26/1851, in MO (Lebonon?). They married each other in Lebonon in 1867 or 1868; Moved to Texas in 1874, settling in Callahan County Texas. Any information you have would be appreciated.
Submitter: (Cathy Clement ) Date: 18 Jan 2000


Searching for parents/sibblings/information on William Alexander MORRISON b. abt. 1835 TN, d. 1916 in Dewey Co.,OK. He lived a great deal of his life in and around the Leclede Co., MO area (Camden & Dallas Co.). Married Sarah Elizabeth ROBINSON. Children of William Alexander & Sarah Elizabeth: William A. b. 1866 Frances "Frank" Marion b. 1867 Camden Co., MO, m. Alice ROGERS Sarah "Sadie" Jane m. William ROOFENER 2nd John LYTTAKER James Washington m. Dora WHEELER William Alexander was also married to Sis. Elizabeth RICHARDSON, Elmira TRUE HARMON, and Eva M. ??? Children of Frances Marion & Alice (ROGERS) MORRISON: Sarah "Sadie" Elizabeth Annie Eunice Lee Roy b. 1894, m. Gracie May WEBB 1913 Camden Co., MO Hattie L. Alta N. Elbert "Roe" Monroe William "Alec" Alexander Francis "Frankie" Marion
Submitter: (Jessie Morrison ) Date: 18 Jan 2000


I am trying to find information on JAMES LAXTON. My great grand mother MILLEY ELIZABETH LOONEY PROCK married James Laxton in 1893 in Marshfield MO after her husband was killed by lightening in Wright Cty MO. They moved to Okla. after 1894. A James Laxton was listed on the 1880 Laclede Cty. census as being married to JANE. A stepson WILLIAM BRANT and a cousin GEORGE LAXTON lived with them. A query about this family was made in Feb. 1999 but the email address was not correct. Would appreciate any information.Thanks. Barb Brown
Submitter: (Barb Brown ) Date: 20 Jan 2000


who was the father and mother of George Kelly Thompson who died feb 13, 1911 in Laclede MO
Submitter: (Denise McGuire ) Date: 17 Jan 2000


BROWN Seeking descendant information on the following family: 1870 Laclede Co., City of Lebanon; #129-124: BROWN, Martha A., 38, Mo Belle, 16, Mo (clerk, dry goods store) Jessie, 15, Mo Bessie, 7, Mo Mary, 3, Mo They are living next to Charles Rubey, 33, Mo, a dry goods merchant. Belle may have worked in his store. Martha A. Brown md. Reuben H. Brown 5 Jul 1862 Laclede Co. They divorced in 1868. Reuben Brown b. Sangamon Co., IL 1836 d. Coffeyville, Montgomery Co., KS 1923; served 3rd Iowa Cavalry Aug 1861-Aug 1865. Who was Martha's first husband? What was her maiden name? Was Charles Rubey related, or just a neighbor? Bessie and Mary are my grandmother's half-sisters. Where did they go from Laclede Co.? Any information on Martha A., Belle, Jessie, Bessie or Mary is appreciated. Thank you,
Submitter: (Judy (Johnson) Reustle) Date: 16 Jan 2000

Surnames: THOMPSON

I am trying to find information on my ancestors who lived in Lebanon and Linn Creek, Missouri. Surname: Thompson, George, died in approximately 1941. I believe he was born in St. Charles County, Missouri. Married to Ella Anna Sexton, born in St. Louis, MO. There is also a connection to Oklahoma and Eldridge, MO.
Submitter: (Gerri A. Ridgell) Date: 11 Jan 2000


Wilse (Wilson) R. HOWARD of Harlan, Ky was executed by hanging in Lebanon, Mo for the murder of a deaf-mute named MCMICHAELS; reportedly this hanging occured 4 Aug 1894. Is there a local paper from that era or other source, perhaps from a library that could add to my limited information? The trial was held in St. Louis and I do not know why he was taken to Lebanon for execution ([perhaps the victim was frmo Lebanon?). Any help or lead would be most certainly appreciated.
Submitter: (Donalt T. Roy ) Date: 11 Jan 2000

Surnames: FARMER

FARMER Seeking informatin on Joseph Wesley Farmer born and supposedly married in MO. His first child was born in MO. abt 1883. A Joseph W. Farmer married Mollie M. Carol in Laclede Co., MO on 27 Dec 1881. Is this the Joseph Wesley Farmer I'm looking for.
Submitter: (Jennie) Date: 14 Jan 2000


Searching for info of John Wiley BALLARD, (born 18 Feb. 1864 in Laclede Co., Mo.}. He married Mary Frances POND in Sept. 1892, died Feb 1917 in Clay Co., Ark. Also seeking any info on his parents who are George BALLARD and Jane ( or Sarah Jane) HOPKINS. Please respond to me at Thank you
Submitter: Bonnie Rapert ( Date: 01 Jan 2000


Searching for info on BRONAUGH, EMMETT, KINNEY,KNOWLES,WAGNER from about 1850 on, in Laclede County. (Also connections to Polk, Phelps, Jackson, and St. Clair Counties.) Thomas Benton BRONAUGH m. Martha Ann EMMERSON 6 Sept 1868, Laclede Co. One child: Ellen (Judie E.) BRONAUGH. Ellen m. Frank EMMETT 11 Sept. 1892 Laclede Co. Children: Robert EMMETT, Harry EMMETT. Martha Ann (above) remarried 3 Feb 1874 to John Andrew KINNEY. Children: Isabelle, Charley, Jennie, Susan, John Kirby, Homer, Emma Blanche, Mary Frances, and Fredie. Related names: KNOWLES, WAGNER. (Note: Thomas Benton BRONAUGH related to Jacinthia BRONAUGH buried in IVEY Cemetery.)
Cindy Kennedy, P.O. Box 202, Devine, TX 78016
Submitter: Cindy Kennedy ( Date: 08 Jan 2000


Looking for information on the following; Anna Elizabeth MCCOY b)3/6/1899 Brice, Laclede, Mo. Johner Nathaniel MCCOY b)9/18/1900 Brice, Laclede, Mo. Emma Marirveraline MCCOY b) 9/7/1902 Brice, Laclede, Mo. Father Hugh Robert MCCOY b)10/24/1868 Buffalo, Dallas, Mo.
Submitter: Doug McCoy ( Date: 03 Jan 2000

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