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Perquimans County Research Information

County Coordinator

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Perquimans – created 1668 from Albemarle Precinct. Originally known as Berkeley Precinct from 1671 to 1681.




Information donated by Linda at: 
Coastal Carolina Indian Center
[Work in Progress]
Free People of Color - by County - 1790 Federal Census

A cross-reference using surnames, known names of Indian families, and historic Indian villages
In researching Indian ancestry, it's important to note that for a variety of reasons in history (usually economic or socio-political), Indian people were often recorded as any race other than Indian. Sometimes "White," other times "Black," or "Negro," and other times "Free Person of Color," "Colored," or "Mulatto."

The entries below have been taken from transcriptions of the 1790 Federal Census for several eastern North Carolina counties. The notes in the right column correlate to the 1790 county/family names to the left. Known Indian villages are given with modern-day equivalent town names, as well as any surnames that appear as "Other Free" on the 1790 census that are surnames also found amongst known Indians in documents (deeds, court records, etc.).

Please keep in mind that just because someone is of a particular surname that has at some point been associated with a particular tribe DOES NOT NECESSARILY mean that the person was of that tribe. It is necessary to establish a "preponderance of evidence" before making the assumption that someone was of a particular Indian nation.

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Information donated by Linda Monticelli at
North Carolina Taxpayers, 1679-1790. Vol. 2 (Source:

Foster TOMES (TOMS?) - Perquimans County 1740
Francis TOMES (TOMS?) - Perquimans County 1720
Francis TOMES (TOMS?) - Perquimans County 1740
Joshua TOMES (TOMS?) 692 acre patent - Perquimans County 1720

Information donated by Linda Monticelli at
North Carolina Will Abstracts, 1660-1790 (Source:

Name: Francis TOMES 
Location: Perquimans County 
Will Date: 05 Sep 1729 

Will: No probate. Daughters: Mary Newby (plantation bought of James Thickpen, also a tract of land on Usess Creek bought of William More), Elizabeth Phelps ("land I had in exchange from Stephen Gibbons for my land called ye Image," also plantation adjoining Rachell Barrow called Clagisters), Priscilla Jones, Margaret Tomes (land on Bull Branch), Pleasant Winslow (land on Usess Creek). Son: Francis (land "whereon I now live"). Negroes bequeathed to children. Wife and Executrix: Rebeckah. Friends: Joseph and Thomas Jessop and William More and Thomas Winslow. Executor: Nathan Newby (son-in-law). Witnesses: J. Jessop, Richard Chesten, Ralph Fletcher, R. Everard. Letters granted October 6, 1729.

Information donated by Linda at
History of Perquimans County : as compiled from records found there and elsewhere : abstracts of deeds from 1681 
Records of Deeds:

No. 130. Jenkins WILLIAMS, assigns right of 150a unto Joseph BENNETT. Oct. 18, 1697. Test' Caleb CALEWAY, John WHEDBY.
No. 159. Robert FENDALL of Perq precinct, for a Val' Con' pd by John BENNETT of same, 300a, "part of tract granted to me by Hon'ble Henderson WALKER, formerly granted to John FENDALL dec'd, & lapsed for want of settling," on West-side of Perq River, adj James COLES. Aug. 30, 1700. Test' Francis BEASLEY, Wm PARGITER.
No. 160. John BENNETT, "assigns right of within Contents," unto Wm HALL. Oct. 8, 1700. Test' Ralph FLETCHER, John BARROW.
No. 162. Daniel HALL assigns to John BENNETT, my Plant' & House, on my Entry of 200a of Land. Sept. 30, 1700. Test' William WHITE, James COLES.
No. 277. John BENNET assigns right to within deed of sale to John BENNET Sen'r. Aug. 13, 1707. Test' Tho. HORTON, William HOUGHTON. George LUMLEY Clk Court. 
No. 313. John BENNET Sen'r & "Rose my wife," for a Val' Con' unto Peter JONES; a tract of Land. Sept. 20, 1709. Test' Thomas SNODEN, Robert JONES.
Information donated by Linda at
From the book, "History of Perquimans County" by Mrs. Watson Winslow.
Records of Deeds

Abstracts Compiled from Books in the County Register's Office
Deed Book A

No. 1. Albemarle Co of Berkley. John CHESSON within said Co, to William WILKSON. 100a on the Sound, adj. Thomas HART, for 10,000 Lbs. of Tobacco. June 10, 1681. Test' John LEWIS, Jonathan ASHFORD.

No. 2. Robert MARLOW, "Warrants & makes good the above Sale of Land unto William WILKERSON when he shall come of age." Jan. 12, 1681. Test' Jonathan ASHFORD, Robert MARLOW.

No. 3. Albemarle. William WILKERSON, "Warrents above sale of Land" unto Cornelius LERRE (LEARY). July 15, 1682. Test' Francis HARTLEY, Peter SIMPSON, Emanuel ALBERRY.

No. 4. April 7, 1686. Henderson WALKER (Clerk of Albemarle Co) & John PHILPOTS of Yeopim, to Alexander MOORE, "Land in Yeopim," formerly belonging to James LONG. Test' Lawrence GONSOLVO, Charles PROWS.

No. 5. July 2, 1686. Thomas HARVEY of Perq Pre'ct, Co of Albemarle, Esq' & Joanna his wife, to Wm HUGHES of afore' 700a "a Neck of Land" adj Land of Richard BENTLEY. Test' Charles JONES, Richard BENTLEY, Henderson WALKER.

No. 8. Feb. 2, 1688. Wm STEPHENS of Perq, planter to Stephen MANWARING of same, Carpenter--a plan' on West-side of Perishos Creek," with Entry, & right of said STEPHENS, & Joanna his wife," for 650 lbs of Merchantable Tobacco. His trusty friend Alexander LILLINGTON, of Yeopim Gent- to present this Deed in Court. Test' Wm STEWART, Wm CHAPMAN. Edward MAYO, Reg'r.

NOTE: My STEVENS ancestors have been found in census records and other legal documents with both spellings, "STEVENS" and "STEPHENS" for the same person.

No. 9. Nov. 15, 1684. Thomas ATOWAY of Albemarle, unto William CHAPMAN, "Plan' on the North-side of Perq River. 150a, with Labour done upon it." Test' Henderson WALKER, Nicholas CROPP.

No. 10. William CHAPMAN, unto Roger WHITE, Land. Oct. 2, 1685. Test' Thos GODROM (probably GORDON) Ed NORWOOD.

No. 11. Joane WHITE assigns "Right, of Bill of Sale," to John HALLUM. Dec. 1, 1686. Test' Sam'l PRICKLOVE, Charles JONES.

No. 12. Albemarle. Richard BENTLEY, of Perq Pre'ct, & Co afore' Lawyer--for L10 pd by Richard WILLIAMS, of said Co, Mill Wright--"doth sell plan' on Deep Creek, where Richard BENTLEY now lives." Dec. 1, 1686. Test' Thomas HARVEY, Henderson WALKER. Henderson WALKER Clk.


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Janet Foster (
Mon 6/30/08 12:00 AM, via email:

History of Perquimans County as compiled from records found there and elsewhere 

No. 130. Jenkins Williams, assigns right of 150a unto Joseph Bennett. Oct 18, 1697. Test’ Caleb Caleway, John Whedby.
No. 159. Robert Fendall of Perq precinct, for a Val’ Con’ pd by John Bennett of same, 300a, “part of tract granted to me by Hon'ble Henderson Walker, formerly granted to John Fendall dec'd, & lapsed for want of settling,” on West-side of Perq River, adj James Coles. Aug 30, 1700. Test’ Francis Beasley, Wm Pargiter.
No. 160. John Bennett, “assigns right of within mentioned Contents,” unto Wm Hall. Oct 8, 1700. Test’ Ralph Fletcher, John Barrow.
No. 162. Daniel Hall assigns to John Bennett, my Plan’ & House, on my Entry of 200a of Land. Sept 30, 1700. Test’ William White, James Coles.
No. 166. William Long of Perq precinct, assigns right of Land on Northside of Yeopim River, called “Bennets” on lines of James Fisher, & Peter Jones. Jan 9, 1700. Test’ Christ’ Butler, Peter Gray, Thos Long.
No. 252. John Haire, assigns “Right of within Bill of Sale,” to John Bennett Sen'r. Aug 29, 1705. Test’ Jno Falconer, Samuel Hearse.
No. 253. John Hair, for £14 pd by John Bennett Sen'r, assigns 100a on North-east side of Yeopim River, adj Geo Matthews, & Hopkins plantations. “Except a Nursery growing in my Corn field, & all my Corn, Peas, beans, & Cotton* growing in my fields.” Aug 29, 1705. Test’ Jno Falconer, Samuel Hearse.
No. 263. John Bennett of Perq precinct, planter—for £13 pd by Daniel Hall of afore’, planter—“Plantation on Wide of Indian Creek”—120a. July 5, 1706.
No. 277. John Bennet, assigns right to within deed of sale of John Bennet Sen'r. Aug 13, 1707. Test’ Tho. Horton, Wm Houghton. George Lumley Clk Court.
No. 278. John Benet, assigns right to John Yelverton. Aug 13, 1707.
No. 279. John Bennet assigns right to within Deed, to John Yelverton. Aug 13, 1707. Test’ Tho Houghton, Wm Houghton.
No. 290. John Lillington of Chowan Pre'ct, Gent—for £35 pd by John Bennett of Perq precinct, 170a of Land in Perq, upon Yeopim Creek. Surveyed in the name of Maj Alex Lillington. April 1, 1709. Test’ Thomas Snowden, Mary Jackson.
No. 313. John Bennet Sen'r & “Rose my wife,” for a Val’ Con’ unto Peter Jones; a tract of Land. Sept 20, 1709. Test’ Thomas Snoden, Robert Jones.
No. 208. James Smith, of Perq, Cordwinder—appoints Thomas Peirce Jun'r, Att’ to “Ack deed for Land in Perq, & also to collect debts.” Aug 10, 1725. Test’ Wm Smith, Thomas Horten, Thomas Bennett.
No. 84. Francis Smith, assigns “Pattent unto me John Aymes.” Dec 23, 1720. Test’ Thomas Penrice, Jun'r, John Bennet.
No. 85. John Aymes assigns “within pattent unto Francis Penrice.” Feb 17, 1722. Test’ Thomas Pierce Jun'r, John Bennet.
No. 90. Peter Jones Sen'r, of Perq, “Att’ to Cary Godbee, & Elizabeth his wife,” for £25 pd by said Cary, & John Mathias, of said precinct, 100a called “Bennetts” on Yawpim River, adj James Cheston, which Land became due said Elizabeth by the death of her Father Henry Coddell. Jan 16, 1732/3.
No. 122. Caleb Stevens, age about 40, saith “about 20 years past, before Wm Stewarts Death (Sen'r) said Stewart, took several of his Neighbors, John Bennet, & Rose his wife, John Bennet his son & your Deponent being present, we went from said Stewarts, up his Swamp that leads to “Frogg Hall,” & marked off land, for his daus Elizabeth, & Patience, on Frogg Hall land.” Oct 15, 1733. Test’ Charles Denman Clk.
No. 378. Feb 9, 1760. William Matthias for £50 pd by Andrew Knox, (both of Perq) sold 100a, called “Bennets,” on the head of Yeopim River, “formerly conveyed by Peter Jones Sen, to one Coddel, & by his death, became property of his dau Elizabeth, wife of Cary Godbee, who sold sd land to John Matthias dec, who devised it to his son William, in his will.” Test’ Frans. Brown, Ed. Hall.
No. 381. Peter Jones Sen, of Perq, “Att’ of Cary Godbee, & Elizabeth his wife,” for £75 pd by John Matthias, sold to him 100a, called “Bennets” on Yeopim River, which came due sd Elizabeth, by the death of her father Henry Coddell. Jan 16, 1732/3. Test’ Samuel Swann, Moses Speight, Chas Denman.
No. 74. Aug 25, 1762. Francis Newby for £107 pd by Robert Newby, sold “right in 60a of land at the Mill Pond, next to Mark Newby's house, where he formerly lived,” to line of Samuel Newby, & the mouth of a branch, running out of the Mill Pond, “on the north side of the house where Francis Newby now lives.” Test’ Matthew Jordan, Frederick Norcom, Abraham Bennett.
No. 339. May 3, 1772. Nathaniel Ming of Perq, for £5 pd by Wm. Bennet, of Edenton, hatter—sold 30a adj John Thatch, & Jeremiah Halsey, in Perq Co. Test’ Wm. Haughton, Richard Haughton.







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