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Lost Colony Descendants?

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Appleton's Magazine - Page 25 - 1907

From South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia, the remnants of the various tribes that receded before the scourging Iroquois and the white man, followed the diverging trails to the great settlement just beyond Fayetteville, that extended to the South Carolina State line. In this area there still live some 5,000 red men, descendants, perhaps, of almost every Indian tribe that populated the Southern seaboard and mountains. Among these people are the traditions of Raleigh's Lost Colony, and hundreds of men, women, and children bearing the very names of the Roanoke colonists and still earnestly believing that they are descended from the English men and women whom their Chief Mayno (Manteo) adopted into his tribe. It was as an explorer that I retraced the old Indian trail across country and at last arrived among these strange people. In Green County, yet farther westward, may be found to this day Croatan Indians who still use the old Saxon crossbow, which, their
tradition narrates, the Roanoke colonists taught them to make and use to bring down their quarry silently. 

1 An interesting study of the Croatans of North Carolina has been made by H. 
. Sir Waller Raleigh's Lost Colony, Raleigh, N. C.. 1907, pp. 35-36. Cf. 
also N. E. Fitch, "The First Founders in America, with Facts to Prove that Sir 
Walter Raleigh's Lost Colony was not Lost,
" N. Y. Society of the Order of the Founders 
and Patriots of America, 1913, p. 39. Incidentally these authors both refer to the 
use of the wooden crossbow, an article borrowed from the early explorers and found 
among the Algonkin tribes as far as the Montagnais of Labrador. ' 



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