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R. Estes

November 2008

Documents Transcribed

R. Estes

November 2008

The Berry Project R. Estes November 2008
The Beasley Project R. Estes November 2008
Paying It Forward R. Estes November 2008
Project Status and Focus R. Estes January 2009
Dare Records R. Estes May 2009
Colonist Family Locations Andy Powell May 2009
Welsh Surnames and Research Janet Crain May 2009
Dr. William Powell's Papers R. Estes May 2009
Berry and Lowery Families Anne Poole May 2009
Berry and Payne Families R. Estes May 2009
Where Have all the Indians Gone? R. Estes May 2009
Virginia Dare's Birthday Faire R. Estes May 2009
Buxton Research R. Estes May 2009
Genealogy Data Request R. Estes May 2009
Blog and Websites R. Estes

May 2009

Eastern NC County Research R. Estes September 2009
Albemarle County R. Estes September 2009
How Many Colonists Were There? R. Estes September 2009
Who Else Was Lost? R. Estes September 2009
The Problem with Surnames R. Estes September 2009
Needle in the Haystack - Finding the Colonists in England R. Estes September 2009

Researching English Records 

from America via the Internet for Free

N. Percival, R. Estes September 2009
Non-Free English Research N. Percival, R. Estes September 2009
Copyrights N. Percival, R. Estes September 2009
Virginia Dare Faire Report R. Estes December 2009
23andMe, the New Kid in Town R. Estes December 2009
Christmas Wish List R. Estes December 2009
Land Patent Records R. Estes December 2009
What Can We Learn from Land Records? R. Estes December 2009

NC Land Patents for Colonist Surnames - Allen, Arthur, Bailey, Bennett, Berde, Byrd, Berry, Bishop, Bridger, Bridges, Bright, Brook, Brock, Brown, Butler

R. Estes December 2009
Land Patents including Machepungo and Mattemuskeet R. Estes December 2009
Origins of the Lost Colonists Intro R. Estes January 2010
Origins of the Lost Colonists Article Andy Powell January 2010
Colonist Surname Demographic Files R. Estes January 2010
English Demographic Summary by Colonist Surname Andy Powell January 2010
Hamilton McMillan's Lumbee/Colonist Surname List R. Estes January 2010
What Can You Do? R. Estes January 2010
Conducting English Research when Stuck in the States R. Estes January 2010
Genealogy on TV R. Estes March 2010
DNA and the New Lost Colony Family Project R. Estes March 2010
Native Clues in Non-Native Wills R. Estes March 2010
Catch us OnLine R. Estes March 2010
Beware of Lost Colony Free DNA Scam R. Estes April 2010
New Name and Logo R. Estes May 2010
Website Changes - Search Engine R. Estes May 2010
Hatteras Island Genealogy Society R. Estes May 2010
Hatteras Island Family Reconstruction Project R. Estes May 2010
Hatteras Island DNA Projects R. Estes May 2010
Eastern NC Cultural Tidbits R. Estes May 2010
Manteo and Bideford Twinned R. Estes May 2010
Baylus Brooks - New Research Partner R. Estes May 2010

Hatteras Island Museum - Histories and Mysteries  

Grand Opening

R. Estes May 2010
Book Review - A Kingdom Strange: The Brief and Tragic History of the Lost Colony or Roanoke By James Horn R. Estes May 2010
2010 Focus - English Records, Hatteras Island, Archaeology R. Estes June 2010
Archaeology Dig - April 2010 R. Estes June 2010
Meet Nancy Frey R. Estes June 2010
Andy Powell is Official R. Estes June 2010
Nelda's New Website Creation - Surnames tied to Maps R. Estes June 2010
Andy's Latest Discovery - More Colonists R. Estes June 2010
Prioritized Colonist List Andy Powell, R. Estes June 2010
Rediscovering the False Cape Baylus Brooks July 2010
What Happened in September 1842? R. Estes July 2010
Who is Old George? Dawn Taylor, Baylus Brooks, R. Estes July 2010
First Court Held on Ocracoke Island R. Estes July 2010
Robert Stanley Wahab's Career R. Estes July 2010
Murder on Hatteras Island Baylus Brooks August 2010
Death Certificates R. Estes August 2010
Unusual Names R. Estes August 2010
Treason in Jamestown R. Estes August 2010
Jamestown Colonist Pory and The Lost Colonist Ellis Family R. Estes August 2010
What's in a Name? - Jamestown Colonists who Share Surnames with Lost Colonists R. Estes August 2010
Who Was at Jamestown? R. Estes August 2010
March 22, 1622 R. Estes August 2010
Free African Americans dot com R. Estes August 2010
The Berry Family from Free African Americans dot com R. Estes August 2010
Hatteras Island Surname Info Extracted from - Allen, Brooks, Clark, Davis, Evans, Gray, Howard, Jackson, Jarvis, Johnson, Jones, Lewis, McCoy, Meekins, Miller, Neal, Norton, Payne, Palmer, Price, Pugh, Reed, Russell, Simpson, Smith, Stewart, Taylor, Toulson, Wallace, Wells, White, Williams Jennifer Sheppard

Special Edition 

 August 2010 

NC Discovery of Navigable Rivers Joy King September 2010
Nantucket Whalers in NC - The Pinkhams Baylus Brooks September 2010
More Unusual Names R. Estes September 2010
Death Certificate Findings R. Estes September 2010
1880 Census Notes R. Estes September 2010
1880 Census Disease R. Estes September 2010
Courtney Benjamin was a Woman and Gertrude was a Man R. Estes September 2010
Burrus in Jamestown R. Estes September 2010
1880 Dare County Census Note R. Estes September 2010
Roanoke Island's First Post-Jamestown Visitor - Francis Yeardley R. Estes September 2010
Earliest North Carolina Exploration and Settlement R. Estes September 2010
Mitochondrial DNA Results - What Do They Mean and What Do I Do With Them? R. Estes September 2010

Hatteras Place Names Map

Baylus Brooks September 2010

Lost Colonist Surname Info Extracted from

Archer,  Bailey, Brooks, Brown, Bennett, Butler, Coleman, Cooper, Gibson (no Gibbs), Harris, Harrison, Harvey, Johnson, Jones, Keemer (no Kemme), Lawrence, Lucas, Manning, Martin, Milton, Newsom, Newton, Patterson, Payne, Pierce, Powell, Sampson, Scott, Smith, Stephens, Taylor, Vickory, White, Wilkins, Wilkerson/Wilkinson, Wright

Jennifer Sheppard September Special 20 10

Book Review - Confessions of an Outer Banks Filly 

by Sybil Skakle

R. Estes October 2010
Website Surpasses 8000 Pages R. Estes October 2010
More Unusual Names R. Estes October 2010
Novel Causes of Death R. Estes October 2010
Martin County Historical Society Presentation by Jennifer Sheppard Jennifer Sheppard October 2010
Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia - Vol. 1 - Colonist Names Extracted Judith Hough October 2010

Raleigh Expedition Surname Info Extracted from

Clark, Drake, Edwards, Russell

Jennifer Sheppard October Special 2010
Lost Colony Research Group Receives Prestigious Awards R. Estes November 2010

Lost Colony Research Group Receives 

Malcolm Fowler Society Award

Jennifer Sheppard November 2010
Lost Colony Group Receives Joe M. McLaurin Newsletter Award Jennifer Sheppard November 2010
Roberta J. Estes Receives Barringer Award of Excellence Jennifer Sheppard November 2010
Jennifer Sheppard, Editor Martin County Society Newsletter, Receives Joe M. McLaurin Newsletter Award Jennifer Sheppard November 2010
Angel Awards R. Estes November 2010
Demystifying the UK Parish Registers Nancy Frey November 2010
Y-Line DNA Results - What Do They Mean and What Do I Do With Them? R. Estes November 2010
Thomas and Bethany Midgett Slave Families R. Estes November 2010
Figuring Dates When No Birth or Death Records Exist Jennifer Sheppard November 2010
Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia - Vol. 2 - Colonist Names Extracted Judith Hough November 2010
To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before - Why We Search for the Colonists R. Estes December 2010
Sir Richard Grenville Andy Powell December 2010
Newspaper Research Reveals Case of Mistaken Identity for Martin County Man Jennifer Sheppard December 2010
Hogtown Van Harris December 2010
Henry O'Berry Land Grant Linda Dial & Stephen Berry December 2010
Midgett / Midyett Family Relic R. Estes December 2010
Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia - Vol. 3 - Colonist Names Extracted Judith Hough December 2010
Study of the Posteskeet Indians Penny Ferguson January 2011
Be Cautious When Using Deed Indexes Jennifer Sheppard January 2011
The Pierce Family of Tyrrell County R. Estes January 2011
Smith Pugh R. Estes January 2011
The Mount Pleasant Area of Hyde County R. Estes January 2011
Unraveling Undocumented Adoptions - Or Who Was Glover Farrow?

R. Estes, Kay Lynn Sheppard, 

Dawn Taylor

January 2011
Out and About - Presentations at Jamesville, NC and Burnet Co., TX R. Estes January 2011
Revealing American Indian and Minority Heritage using Y-line, Mitochondrial, Autosomal and X Chromosomal Testing Data Combined with Pedigree Analysis R. Estes January 2011
2008, 2009 and 2010 Newsletter Index R. Estes January 2011
The Hatteras Snaphaunce Find (Phelps 1998) Baylus Brooks February 2011
Archaeology vs Treasure Hunting R. Estes February 2011
Dr. David Phelps Hatteras Island Excavations R. Estes February 2011
Hurricanes Reshape the Outer Banks R. Estes February 2011
The Chowan Indians R. Estes February 2011
Health in 1880 R. Estes February 2011
New Native American Haplogroup R. Estes February 2011
Grenville and the Lost Colony of Roanoke by Andy Powell Jennifer Sheppard March 2011
Just in Time Arrival (Andy's book) R. Estes March 2011
Lost Colony Presentations - April 12th R. Estes March 2011
Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff R. Estes March 2011
The Harveys and the Greenwish Connection Andy Powell March 2011
Survivors from the Ship John Evangelista Alive and Well on Hatteras Island...? Andy Powell March 2011
Mixing Ones 'F's With Ones 'S's Andy Powell March 2011
Hyde County 1790 Census Colonist Surnames Sharon Brace and Roberta Estes March 2011
Dr. Arwin Smallwood's Tuscarora Research - Another Lost Colony Scenario R. Estes March 2011
Richard Sanderson's Will Dawn Taylor and Roberta Estes March 2011
Indian Slaves on the 1720 Currituck County Tax List R. Estes March 2011
Conditions in England before the Departure of the Lost Colonists Nancy Frey April 2011 
Matthew Midyett 

Kay Lynn Sheppard and 

Roberta Estes

April 2011 
Frank Speck's Remnants of the Machapunga Indians R. Estes April 2011 
Craven County 1733 Petition R. Estes April 2011 
James Sprunt R. Estes April 2011 
First White Settlement James Sprunt April 2011 
Cape Fear Indians James Sprunt April 2011 
Range of the Mattamuskeet and Coree Indians R. Estes April 2011 
Archaeology Dig 2011 R. Estes May 2011
Reunion R. Estes May 2011
The Hatchling R. Estes May 2011
Old Time Hatteras R. Estes May 2011
Dinner is Served - Under the House R. Estes May 2011
Archaeology - 99.9% Dig, Sweat, Move Dirt R. Estes May 2011
Jasmine, Sweet Jasmine R. Estes May 2011
Local Island Talent R. Estes May 2011
Crowned at the Hatteras Library R. Estes May 2011
Colonists Found R. Estes May 2011
Sock it to Me Birthday Party R. Estes May 2011
Ancient Spear Point R. Estes May 2011
Searching for Dig Sites R. Estes May 2011
Hatteras Island Genealogy and Preservation Society R. Estes May 2011
Kinnekeet Sunsets R. Estes May 2011
Kilroy was Here R. Estes May 2011
Ghost hunt R. Estes May 2011
Processing Artifacts R. Estes May 2011
Beating a Dead Horse R. Estes May 2011
Pioneer Homestead Excavation R. Estes May 2011
Carved Bone Knife Handle R. Estes May 2011
The Thimble R. Estes May 2011
The End of the Dig R. Estes May 2011
Tornado R. Estes May 2011
Andy's Terror Andy Powell May 2011

Where are we going? How are we getting there?

R. Estes

June 2011

The Pamunkey Indians of Virginia

Bureau of Ethnology of the Smithsonian Institution

June 2011

The Tuscarora Eye

Dr. Arwin Smallwood (extracted)

June 2011

The Legend of Chief Kinnakeet

David Stick (extracted)

June 2011

Jonas Squires 


June 2011

Will the Real Scarborough, Basnett and Whidbee 

please stand up?

R. Estes

June 2011

Following the Croatoan 

R. Estes

July 2011

Port O'Plymouth Roanoke River Museum Records Hold Surprise for Martin County Genealogist Jennifer Sheppard July 2011
Book Review - Grenville and the Lost Colony of Roanoke by Andrew Thomas Powell Jennifer Sheppard July 2011
Little Joshua Gray Tombstone Returned Dawn Taylor & Roberta Estes July 2011

Great Grandma was a Full Blooded Cherokee Princess - 

Now What?

R. Estes July 2011
Out and About - Family History Society of Eastern North Carolina Conference R. Estes July 2011
Henry T. (Tart) Berry 

R. Estes, Linda Dail, 

& Anne Poole  

July 2011
History of North Carolina  R Estes August 2011
The Kinnekeet Bible  R. Estes with Hubert Price, decd August 2011

Just When I Thought I had the Answer…

Masque, Maskue, Askue, Massague, Massigay, Masagy, Maskie, Massechoes and Mashoes

R. Estes August 2011
Struck by Lightening R. Estes August 2011
Notes on the Yuchi (Chiscas) Extracted from "The Melungeons" Bonnie Ball August 2011
The Kendall Ring R. Estes August 2011
April Archaeology on Hatteras, 2011 Baylus Brooks August 2011
Melungeons, Minority Ancestry and DNA R. Estes August 2011 - New Website url R. Estes August 2011

Azariah Dring of Rhode Island and the Drings 

of Hatteras Island, NC

Baylus Brooks August 2011
Educational Opportunities R. Estes August 2011
Henry Berry Lowery Roberta Estes with Sandy Lowery August 2011
Ghost Warrior of the Lost Colony Contributed by Sandy Lowery, transcribed by Jennifer Sheppard August 2011
Lost Colony Presentation in Tyrrell County  Jennifer Sheppard August 2011
Nancy's Snippets  R. Estes August 2011
The Parish of St. Clement Danes in the City of Westminster  Nancy Frey  August 2011
You're Invited to Virginia Dare's Birthday Party - August 18th R. Estes August 2011
The Lost Colony and Historic Pelzer, SC The Community of Pelzer Historical Society  . September 2011
How the Lost Colony Story is Changing Bideford, England Andy Powel September  2011

From Roanoke to Hatteras: 

A Two-day Hunt for Clues to the Lost Colony

Baylus Brooks September 2011
Lost Colonist Surnames in London 1666  Nancy Frey September 2011
Croatoan Barber  R.Estes September 2011
The Last Hatteras Indian Deed R.Estes September 2011
"Common Land" and "Commoners"  R.Estes September 2011
Cohabitation Records R.Estes September 2011
Alphabetical Rent Roll of Virginia 1704/05 R.Estes September 2011
LCRG at the2011 Virginia Dare Faire and Hurricane Irene R.Estes September 2011

Happy 423rd, Virginia! We promise no candles

Baylus C. Brooks September 2011
What's in a name     Nancy Frey October 2011
Casting the Net Wider - The Jamestown Charters R.Estes October 2011
The First Charter of Virginia - April 10, 1606  Historical Document October 2011
The Second Charter of Virginia - May 23, 1609 Historical Document October 2011
The Plymouth Virginia Company Andy Powell October 2011
The Third Virginia Charter - March 12, 1612 Historical Document October 2011
Charter Observations Andy Powell October 2011
Charter Quick Reference Alpha Name List Roberta Estes October 2011
Late Breaking News - North Carolina Society of Historians Roberta Estes October 2011
.Beechland: Oral History versus Historical Records Roberta Estes November  2011

Watch out for Mis-Transcribed Capital Letters !!  

Nancy Frey November 2011
Virginians in North Carolina  .Roberta Estes December 2011
Hatteras Island 1704 Visitor Baylus C. Brooks December 2011
Whidbey - Midgett Headright Records Sheppard/Estes December 2011
Early Coinage of England Estes/Powell December 2011
Disrespect for Borders Nancy Frey December 2011
Jennifer Sheppard Accepts Awards at Historians Banquet Jennifer Sheppard December 2011
North Carolina Historical Society Awards Estes/Sheppard December 2011
Hatteras Island in the 1750s Roberta Estes December 2011
Indian Slaves in Currituck County Roberta Estes December 2011
Neale and O'Neal...Oh Brother Baylus C. Brooks December 2011
Happy Holidays  All of us to all of you December 2011





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