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April 20, 2010

 Beware of Lost Colony "Free DNA" Scam


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  That old adage is just as accurate as ever.  Sadly, a scam artist has figured out how to use the Lost Colony and those searching for their roots in relation to the Lost Colony to line his own pockets.


This individual claims to provide free DNA testing if you'll only give him $30 to join his organization.  In return, you get a "free" DNA test.


This test kit is from Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF), a completely reputable organization who is also a victim in this scam.  Sorenson is a research organization, not a DNA testing company that provides results to individuals.  They used to provide free kits, but the kits were for people to contribute their DNA to Sorenson's research project.  Sorenson reached their goal of 100,000 participants nearly two years ago and no longer provides nor processes free kits.  Results were never provided to participants, but participants can go into an online database and search for their pedigree information in order to find their results.  Furthermore, even after finding your own results, you are not provided with the marker values to compare to other data bases elsewhere.  This is not a criticism of Sorenson, as their goal was always research and not commercial testing and is clearly stated as such.


The result of this "free DNA" scam is that unsuspecting people who are interested in their genealogy pay $30 to join this disreputable organization to obtain obsolete free kits that are no longer valid and their DNA results will never be forthcoming.  They could have obtained these kits completely free from Sorenson during the time when these tests were legitimately being offered.  Sorenson indicates that they never worked with this individual or his organization.  This disreputable individual/organization simply saw the opportunity to pocket $30 for each Sorenson kit and is taking advantage of people to do so.  While this sounds pretty trivial, it's not.  At a meeting the scammer recently attended, about 30 people tested.  You do the math.  However, by the time the victims wait months/years for DNA results that are never forthcoming and discover they have been scammed, the perpetrator is long gone or has some excuse and most people won't call the authorities over a $30 issue.  Often, people are embarrassed that they were gullible.


Sadly, this scammer has recruited a newly formed genealogy club on the Outer Banks to help spread the word about these "free DNA kits" on Facebook and was featured in a local newspaper.  Unfortunately, the end result of this is that his victims may be so disenchanted by their first experience with DNA testing that they will never test with a valid organization (Family Tree DNA) or join our legitimate Lost Colony Genealogy and DNA Research Project.


Sorenson is aware of this issue and is in the process of evaluating their options to halt this scam.  If you have been scammed or wish to verify this information, you can contact Ugo Perego, Sorenson's Director of Operations at 1-800-344-7643.


For legitimate Lost Colony DNA testing, please join the Lost Colony projects at Family Tree DNA.  We have Yline, mitochondrial DNA and Family Finder projects at the three links below.  The test isn't free, but tests start at $99 you will receive results in about 6 weeks.  Our projects are professionally managed and compare the results of various individuals.  Without a comparison data base and supporting genealogy, DNA testing is only half of the equation.


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