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September 2011


Taverner - Colonist roster

Taverner Wm.                York County, 1704


Taylor - Colonist roster (2), military colonists, Hatteras


Taylor Andrew               Norfolk County, 1704

Taylor Caleb                Nansemond County, 1704

Taylor Charles              Accomack

Taylor Daniell              York County, 1704

Taylor Danll                King & Queen County, 1704

Taylor Edw.                 Accomack

Taylor Elias                Accomack

Taylor Ethelred             Surry County, 1704

Taylor Jacob                Princess Anne County, 1704

Taylor James                Accomack

Taylor James                Glocester, Kingston Parish

Taylor James                King & Queen County, 1704

Taylor James                Prince George County, 1704

Taylor Jno Capt             Prince George County, 1704

Taylor Jno Capt*            Surry County, 1704

Taylor Jno                  Norfolk County, 1704

Taylor Jno                  Prince George County, 1704

Taylor Joseph  Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul, 1704

Taylor Lemuell Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul, 1704

Taylor Richard              Nansemond County, 1704

Taylor Richard              Nansemond County, 1704

Taylor Richard              Norfolk County, 1704

Taylor Richard              Surry County, 1704

Taylor Richd.               Essex County, 1704

Taylor Robert               Elizabeth City County, 1704

Taylor Robt                 Accomack

Taylor Samll                Accomack

Taylor Tho                  Accomack

Taylor Tho      Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul, 1704

Taylor Thomas               Henrico County, 1705

Taylor Thomas Parish of St Peters and St. Paul, 1704

Taylor Thomas               Prince George County, 1704

Taylor Wm                   Accomack

Taylor Wm                   Accomack

Taylor Wm                   Norfolk County, 1704

Taylor Wm.                  York County, 1704


Tomkins - Colonist roster


Tompkins Humphrey          Glocester, Kingston Parish

Tompkins Wm                 Glocester, Kingston Parish


Viccars - Colonist roster (3)


Vickrey Henry               King William County


Wallace, Wallis - Hatteras


Walice Thomas               Norfolk County, 1704


Warner, Warren - Colonist roster (2)


Waren John                  Charles City County, 1704


Waters - Colonist roster


Water Wm Lieut-Coll         Northampton County, 1704

Waters Charles              Glocester, Ware Parish

Waters Jno                  Glocester, Abbington Parish

Waters John                 Essex County, 1704

Waters Walter               Glocester, Petso Parish

Waters Walter               Isle Wighte County, 1704

Waters Wm                   Nansemond County, 1704


Whedbee, Whedby, Whidby - Hatteras


Whedbey George              Norfolk County, 1704


White - Colonist roster, military colonists, Hatteras, Jamestown


White Charles               Surry County, 1704

White Chilliam G.C.         King William County

White Chillion              Glocester, Abbington Parish

White George                Nansemond County, 1704

White James                 Warwick County 1704

White Jerimiah              King & Queen County, 1704

White Jno                   Nansemond County, 1704

White Jno     Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul, 1704

White Jno                   Prince George County, 1704

White John                  Northampton County, 1704

White John    Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul, 1704

White Jos.                  Elizabeth City County, 1704

White Joseph                Princess Anne County, 1704

White Joseph                York County, 1704

White Mary Mrs.             Surry County, 1704

White Patrick               Norfolk County, 1704

White Patrick               Princess Anne County, 1704

White Thomas                King & Queen County, 1704

White Wm                    Accomack


Wilde - Colonist roster


Wilden Francis              Norfolk County, 1704

Wilden Nath                 Norfolk County, 1704

Wilder Mich                 Norfolk County, 1704


Wilkinson - Colonist roster, Jamestown


Wilkinson Henery            Nansemond County, 1704

Wilkinson Henry             Isle Wighte County, 1704

Wilkinson John              Henrico County, 1705

Wilkinson John              King & Queen County, 1704

Wilkinson Jos               Henrico County, 1705

Wilkinson Matthew           Surry County, 1704

Wilkinson Richard           Isle Wighte County, 1704

Wilkinson Tho               Accomack

Wilkinson Wm                Isle Wighte County, 1704

Wilksin Argoll              Northampton County, 1704


Willes - Colonist roster


Will Roger                  Surry County, 1704


Williams - Hatteras, Jamestown


William Charles             Surry County, 1704

William James               Princess Anne County, 1704

William John                King & Queen County, 1704

Williams Anne               Isle Wighte County, 1704

Williams Charles            Middlesex County, 1704

Williams Clerk Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul, 1704

Williams Edwd.              Middlesex County, 1704

Williams Elizb              King & Queen County, 1704

Williams George             Glocester, Petso Parish

Williams George             Prince George County, 1704

Williams Griffith           King William County

Williams James              Prince George County, 1704

Williams Jane               Norfolk County, 1704

Williams Jno                Isle Wighte County, 1704

Williams Jno.               York County, 1704

Williams John               Essex County, 1704

Williams John               Isle Wighte County, 1704

Williams John               King William County

Williams John               Norfolk County, 1704

Williams John               Norfolk County, 1704

Williams Jon                Glocester, Kingston Parish

Williams Matt               James City County 1704

Williams Nathaniel          Accomack

Williams Phillip            King William County

Williams Robert             Henrico County, 1705

Williams Roger              Surry County, 1704

Williams Rowlands           Warwick County 1704

Williams Samll              King William County

Williams Tho   Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul, 1704

Williams Thomas             Isle Wighte County, 1704

Williams Thomas             King & Queen County, 1704

Williams Wm (per himself and per the school)   Elizabeth City County, 1704

Williams Wm                 Isle Wighte County, 1704

Williams Wm                 Isle Wighte County, 1704

Williams Wm  Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul, 1704

Williams Wm                 Surry County, 1704

Williams Wm.                Essex County, 1704


Willis - Hatteras


Willis Alexander            Princess Anne County, 1704

Willis Fran   Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul, 1704

Willis Francis Capt.        Glocester, Ware Parish

Willis Jno Junr             Accomack

Willis Jno Senr             Accomack

Willis John                 Norfolk County, 1704

Willis Stephen Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul, 1704

Willis Wm                   King William County


Wood - Colonist roster (female), 1584 reconnaissance (2)


Wood Edward                 James City County 1704

Wood Edward                 Norfolk County, 1704

Wood Edward                 Princess Anne County, 1704

Wood Henry    Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul, 1704

Wood James K.Q.             King William County

Wood James                  King & Queen County, 1704

Wood Matthew                Warwick County 1704

Wood Moses                  Henrico County, 1705

Wood Patrick                Nansemond County, 1704

Wood Richard                James City County 1704

Wood Tho.                   Essex County, 1704

Wood Tho.                   Essex County, 1704

Wood Tho.                   James City County 1704

Wood Tho.                   Middlesex County, 1704

Wood Thomas                 Henrico County, 1705

Wood Thomas                 Isle Wighte County, 1704

Wood Thomas                 King William County

Wood Walter   Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul, 1704


Wotton - Colonist roster, Jamestown


Wooton Jno                  James City County 1704

Wooton Tho.                 York County, 1704

Wootten Thomas              Isle Wighte County, 1704

Wootton Richard             Warwick County 1704


Wright - Colonist roster, military expedition, Drake's


Wright James                Norfolk County, 1704

Wright Jno Capt*            Nansemond County, 1704

Wright Jno.                 York County, 1704

Wright Jno*                 Nansemond County, 1704

Wright Mary                 Accomack

Wright Mary                 James City County 1704

Wright Samll                James City County 1704

Wright Tho                  King & Queen County, 1704

Wright Thomas               King William County

Wright Thomas               Surry County, 1704

Wright Wm                   Norfolk County, 1704


Wyles - Colonist roster (2), Jamestown


Wills Torn                  Northampton County, 1704


Wythers - Colonist roster


Withy Thomas                King & Queen County, 1704

Sworn to before Will Robinson Clerk in April 1705


For more information on the early Virginia planters, consult:


Wertenbaker, Thomas J., The Planters of Colonial Virginia,

         Russell & Russell New York, New York


* indicates not living in County


LCRG at the 2011 Virginia Dare Faire

...and Hurricane Irene

On August the 18th, little did Dawn Taylor and Baylus Brooks know what was awaiting them just nine days later with the arrival of hurricane Irene on August 27th. On August 18th, Irene was just a twinkle of a tropical depression, probably even yet without a name.  A few days before she hit, a direct hit, I might add, on Hatteras Island, she was a category three storm and we were begging Dawn and her family to evacuate. 


Thankfully, the storm weakened and while the only road to Hatteras is missing, in several places, and in Dawn's words "Kinnekeet [Avon] looks like a war zone," everyone is alright.  Soggy, but uninjured.  Sadly, the economic hit will be substantial, as the island is closed for the Labor Day weekend.  Currently, if one leaves the island, there is no going back.  For a harrowing experience, take a look at this article in the News and Observer about Roger and Celia Meekins whose house burned in the middle of the hurricane and their midnight swim to safety in the angry sea.


I didn't really expect Baylus to be able to complete this article for the September issue, given that he had no power until today (8-31), and Dawn is still incommunicado except for a couple of very short cell phone calls, but he came through.  Indeed, although it 

seems a bit anticlimactic at this point, Baylus and Dawn did represent the Lost Colony Research Group at the Virginia Dare Faire at the Elizabethan Gardens....but here....let's let Baylus tell the story!!


“Happy 423rd, Virginia!  We promise… no candles!”

By Baylus C. Brooks



Hurricane Irene recently flooded the streets of Manteo, North Carolina.  This was not the first time that a hurricane struck the Outer Banks and it shall not be the last.  Just over a week before this seminal event,however, revelers filled those same streets for the 74th annual Virginia Dare birthday celebration on August 18, 2011 at Elizabethan Gardens, located in Fort Raleigh on Roanoke Island… as they will again next year.   Virginia was born to Ananias and Eleanor White Dare on August 18th, 1587 and became the first child of English parents born in all of America.  That’s right… right here in what is now North Carolina!  Our fascination with Virginia Dare and her fellow “Lost” Colonists of Roanoke shall never wane. Ironically, it was another August hurricane that prevented John White from retrieving his granddaughter, Virginia, her parents, and the remaining colonists from the shores of North Carolina in 1590. 



Virginia Dare Statue at Fort Raleigh – a slightly Romanized version of John White’s granddaughter as an adult.  Virginia was the daughter of Ananias and Eleanor Dare and born on Roanoke Island August 18, 1587.  



Display at the LCRG Table in the Virginia Dare Faire vendor tent.  The wind was playing havoc with our display, so we taped it to a chair.   

The Lost Colony Research Group, headed by Roberta J. Estes, studies the genealogy, DNA, archaeology, and history of England, the Outer Banks and beyond, scouring the available clues to locate the whereabouts of this colony.  For the past two summers, I have been lucky enough to be associated with this project and this fun group of professionals as the official historian, and I can say for certain that I have never had so much fun doing research in colonial North Carolina! 

Today, Dawn Taylor and myself (Baylus C. Brooks) represented the LCRG at Virginia’s birthday celebration.  After a tour of the facilities and sights at Fort Raleigh National Park in Manteo, visitors and fellow celebrants were then treated to a tent full of informative scholars and vendors such as ourselves. 


Left: Stamp issued in 1937 to commemorate the 350th birthday of Virginia Dare.  


Right: One of the “Dare Stones” that began to appear in conjunction with the new outdoor drama, the “Lost Colony”



We had some artifacts from the LCRG archaeological digs on hand to show passersby as well as helpful information on the various activities that we been involved with lately.  Of course, Dawn Taylor covered the genealogy aspects and I got the history questions.  Dawn had with her the Hatteras families data base that the LCRG has been reconstructing in parallel with the Hatteras Families DNA project.  To date, this data base holds over 5000 individuals, mostly born before 1900, and we're not done yet.  We're hoping to find the colonists among the Hatteras families.  After all, Raleigh's colonists carved "Croatoan" as a signpost at the fort on Roanoke Island for John White which he interpreted as meaning they had joined their friends, the Croatoan, on Hatteras Island, the island of Manteo's people and where Manteo was born.  So there's a good possibility that I was indeed sitting here at the table with a descendant of the Lost Colonists! 

I must say that this was the first time that I’ve ever seen Dawn approached by someone that she didn’t immediately know, but a person who knew her right away!   If you’re not aware of the family relationships on the islands, understand that they’re all family… even the adopted ones.  They’re just keeping up an old Indian tradition by welcoming us all.  And, we enjoyed them as well!


Dawn Taylor at her post and ready to answer your questions… before the display board incident


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