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December 2011


Disrespect for Borders

By Nancy Frey

Until Civil Registration began in the 3rd Qtr (Sep) of 1837, all baptism, marriage & burial records are recorded by Parish.  When asked “Where are you from” the answer most often given was the Parish, not a town or village.

In the UK for many years the boundary that a family respected was that of their Parish.  Even the government of the day didn’t worry about County borders.  Many Parishes were in more than one County and often there were pieces of the Parish which did not abut.  It is very important to a genealogist to have an accurate map of the boundaries of the Parish in which they are searching.

When you are researching families who lived near County borders, the usual rule of searching within a 10 mile radius of a known parish becomes more difficult.  Often children were baptised or people married ‘across the border’.

If you are doing research in the UK I highly recommend the use of the maps at Family Search (  You can see, download and print maps of every Parish in England.  An added benefit is being able to overlay this map onto an Ordinance Survey map which is a very detailed picture of towns and villages within the Parish.

This site has enabled me to sort out many families who lived near County borders.








Jennifer Sheppard Accepts Awards at Historians' Banquet  

The North Carolina Society of Historians 2011 Awards Banquet was held in Mooresville, NC on October 22, 2011.  For the second year in a row, Jennifer Sheppard attended the Awards Banquet and accepted several awards on behalf of the Lost Colony Research Group and our members. 

Jennifer accepted two awards personally as well as awards on behalf of The Lost Colony Research Group and The Martin County Historical Society. In addition, she accepted awards for Roberta Estes, Administrator of  the Lost Colony Group; for Nelda Percival, Web Mistress of the Group; Patsy Miller, Oral History Interviewer and Andrew Thomas Powell (of North Devon, England) for his book entitled Granville & The Lost Colony of  Roanoke.


In addition, Jennifer was named as a new member of the Board of Directors and the Newsletter Editor for the Society of Historians.  


Board Members provided an Honor Guard for the banquet again this year. All veterans were introduced to the audience and Elizabeth Bray Sherrill, President of the Society of Historians, presented each veteran with a pin in honor of their service; a million dollar bill that notes all of the wars and dates of each from the Revolutionary War to the Iraqi War. A poem, written especially for the Veterans by the very talented President Sherrill, was read and a copy provided to each Veteran. The poem entitled Freedom Isn’t Free follows:




Did you fight on foreign soil? Dodge bullets left and right?

Did you grow physically weary whether it be day or night?

Did emotions wear you out as each sight changed very quick

From a beautiful green pasture to a battle charge so thick?

Of dead and dying comrades, the cries from weak and bold

But side by side, one common goal, you did as you were told.

From jolly banter with a soldier on a long and arduous march

To seeing lifeless faces staring back from 'neath the larch.

These dead and dying humans, unknowns, some you knew well

Came from different backgrounds but share in the same

undeniable hell. 

You fought for someone's freedom, fought for a common goal

No matter what the task at hand, you still did as you were told.

Did you cross the ocean or do battle on the waves?

 Did you soar through the skies up high

Or take cover in deep, dark caves?

Did you lead a group of troopers through the land, sea or air?

Did your fight take place behind a desk, in a kitchen, or a secret mission rare?

No matter what you did nor where, one thing it still rings true

You gave your time, your very life in a situation not so new.

For many wars have taken place over so much space and time

The count would be too great, I fear, if all we would combine.

But the ones that you took part in are the emphasis today

And for your service accept our thanks, you're an honorable display. 

Many never set their feet upon this red clay soil,

They became our heartache and of war became its spoil.

We recognize those here and now, in body or in soul

We fold you tenderly in our arms

Your battle's won, you met your goal.

Freedom, ah, sweet freedom, a gift from you to me

Cannot be measured lightly because freedom isn't free.

 Elizabeth Bray Sherrill, October 2011


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