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June  2012




More about the Chowan Fort on the John White Map

By Roberta Estes 


First we'd like to congratulate Brent Lane with the First Colony Foundation for his keen eye in spotting the anomaly on John White's map drawn of "Virginia" in 1585-1586 and the British Museum for their fine detective work.






An enlargement of the fort location on the map is provided, below, by the British Museum. There were actually two fort icons, one on top of the other, and two layers of patches, per their published technical results. 






This new piece of information is both important and enlightening....and like many news items, has been blown a bit out of proportion. It has been reported that this is the location where the lost colonists relocated, which at this point, is certainly a leap of logic. Let's take a look at what was found, what we know, and the possibilities of what it might mean. 

John White was an artist. He accompanied the 1584 and 1585/1586 military expeditions to what was then called "Virginia." Those expeditions, headquartered off of Roanoke Island, were specifically to scout a suitable location for establishing a colony, the "Citie of Raleigh." The location chosen was in the Chesapeake region, not Roanoke Island, but a snafu in 1587 resulted in the colonists being literally abandoned in August on Roanoke Island where the following supply ships would never find them. They sent John White, then the governor of the "Citie of Raleigh" back to England for supplies which they expected to arrive in the spring of 1588.







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