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The Lost Colony Research Group

Genealogy ~ DNA ~ Archaeology


July  2012


Bideford 1641 Protestations

 Andy Powell/Roberta Estes







James Burden Robert Humphry Henry Snealecocke
Laurence Burges Abraham Huoleman Roger Socwarde
John Burgis Ruchard Hutchens John Southcott
John Burgis John Hutton David Southward
Richard Burgis Peter Isacke John Sparman
Simon Burrage Philip Isacke Andrew Squier
John Butler John Jackeman Ferdinand Squier

Robert Byshoppe

(RJE - Bishop?)
John James Peter Squier
Bartholomew Cadd William Jeckery Thomas Stacey
Henry Cadde Charles Jefery John Stainer
John Caddy James Jeffery Robert Stranbery
Peter Cadwill David Jenkyn William Stanton
Robert Cadwill Edward Jenkyn

Bartholomew Stapledon

William Cadwill Evans Jenkyn John Stapledon
Thomas Capper Thomas Jewell Jenkin Steephen
George Cawsey William Jewell Jenkin Stephens
John Chappell Abraham Johns Andrew Stevens
John Chester John Johns Richard Stevens
John Ching William Johns Robert Stevens
Johnson Choape Matthew Jones George Strange
Philip Choape Matthew Jones George Strange
Robert Choape Thomas Jones

John Strange - Alderman

Philip Christopher William  Jones Philip Strange
George Clarke William Jones William Striblin
Hugh Clarke William Jones Henry Striblinge
Joseph Clarke John Jose John Striblinge
John Cleake John Keaner Richard Striblinge
John Clement Hugh Kedwill Christopher Striblyn
John Clifforde Nicholas Kedwill John Striblyn
John Cliffordon Thomas Kedwill Richard Striblyne
Silvester Cockewill

Tristram Keene

(RJE - Kemme?)
John Sweete
Anthony Coleman Bartholomew King John Sweete
Thomas Coleman Richard Kinge Thomas Sweete
William Coleman James Kingsland John  Syddenham
William Collacott Robert Kingsland

Simon Syddenham, Gent

Alexander Colle Stephen Kingsland Christopher Symons
Henry Colle Henry Kneath George Symons
Henry Colle John Knoleman John Symons
Henry Colle Theophilus Knoleman Simon Symons
John Colle Peter Kymber Walter Symons
Nighton Cornish Gabriel Lake William Symons
Willliam Cornish Giles Lake John Tallamy,  sen
John Cosen John Lake John Tallamy,  jun.
William Courteise,  sen. Richard Lake Henry Tanner
George Courtis Robert Lake Daniel Tarell
Leonard Courtis Anthony Lamberte Humphrey Tarell
Nighten Courtis Bartholomew Lamberte John Tayler, Gent
William Courtis John Lamberte Nathaniel Tayler
Nicholas Courtney Philip Lamerton Thomas Tayler
Thomas Cowle Nicholas Land William Tayler
James Cradgeworthy Andrew Lang Gabriel Teckerly
John Crelicke John Lang Richard Terry
Thomas Crocker George Langdon David Thomas
John Crollicke Humphrey Lange David Thomas
Hugh Crooke Isan Lange

John Thomas - Alderman

Alsoppe Croase Richard Lange Thomas Thomas
John Cudricke Thomas Lange Henry Tracy
James Curtis Richard Lawrence John Tracy
Thomas Curtis Henry Legge Christopher Trasey
William Curtis Gabriel Lendon Daniel Tricke
Christopher Dalling Philip Lewes Hugh Tricke
Edward Dalling Gregory Lewis Michael Tricke
George Dalling Richard Ley Philip Tricke
John Dallyn Richard Ley Stephen Trott
Owen Daniell John Lupkon Trigen Trouble
George Darracott George Lupton Edward Tucker
Anthony Davy John Lupton John Tucker
Anthony Davy Martin Luscombe Nicholas Tucker
James Davy John Lyne Richard Tucker
John Davy John Madge Peter Tumbles
John Davy John Maine John Ugly
Nicholas Davy John Markes Jasper Valance
Philip Davy David Marsh Roger Vallance
Rice Davy Robert Marsh

Richard Vigars

(RJE - Viccars)
Robert Davy Stephen Marsh Samuel Vindis
William Davy Edward Marshall Jacob Vygert
George Davye William Marshall Faithful Vyne
John Davye

Abraham Martyne

(RJE - Martin)
Daniel Wadland
John Deake John Martyne

John Wadland - Alderman

William Deane Richard Martyne Philip Wadland
Anthony Dennis, Gent John Mason John Walter
Nathaniel Dennis William Mason Thomas Ware
Philipi Dennis Arthur May Thomas Washingden
Thomas Dennis Thomas May Guy Waters
Richard Deynient John Mayne,  Gent Barnabas Webbe
Philip Doute Christopher Medlake John Webbe
Anthony Drewe John Meenway William Webbe
Thomas Drewe Alexander Michell Thomas Webber
Daniel Duderton Daniel Michell John Weekes
Christopher Dunne William Michell William Wellinge
Hugh Dunne, sen. Anthony Middleton John Wemouth
Hugh Dunne George Middleton John Westcott
John Dunne George Middleton James Whitefeild
John Dyer Hugh Middleton Thomas Whitfeild
Emmanuel Eare Richard Middleton Thomas Whitfeild
Emmanuel Eare, sen. William Middleton John Whitfill
Emmanuel Eare, jun Richard Misdon William Whitson
Robert eare James Molton Johnson Wilkey
William Earnley, Gent Richard Molton John Willett
Thomas Eastway Henry Momforde

Anthony Willis

(RJE - Willes)
David Edwards Andrew Moore John Willis
Henry Edwards Gilbert Moore Anthony Willis
William Edwards David Morcombe John Willis
William Ellacott Evans Morgan

Peter Wills

(RJE - Willes)
Robert Ellis Griffith Morgan Philip Wills
Nicholas Eran Hopkin Morgan Richard Wilmington
Henry Evans Mark Morgan Osias Winslade
Moysey Evans Owen Morrish Thomas Wise
William Evans Peter Moysey Edward Willyams
George Facy John Mungey George Willyams

Arthur Farde

(RJE - Farre?)

John Murfill John Willyams
John Farder John Mynslade Maurice Willyams
William Ferrett Richard Neale Robert Willyams
David Floyde Richard Neale Thomas Willyams
Rice Floyde Thomas Neale Andrew Willyams
John Fourde John Northcott Thomas Wollacott
Robert Fraine James Osbourne Leonard Wonnacott
Henry Frankes John Osbourne Thomas Worthen
Robert Frayne John Paky John Wotton
Henry Frankes Abraham Paliner Thomas Wren
Robert Frayne John Palmer Edward Wyse
Thomas Freeman George Parson Hugh Yeo
John Frost Peter Parson John Yeo
Theophilus Frost Richard Parson William  Yeo
Barnard Galeseworthy Emmanuel Parsons William Yeo
Christopher Galeseworthy John Parsons John Younge

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