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The Lost Colony Research Group

Genealogy ~ DNA ~ Archaeology


July  2012




The Wrath of Good Queen Bess

 By Nancy Frey


Do you ever wonder why some families changed their surname? Ill bet you have and the usual answer is to establish a descendancy in a wealthy family where there was no direct heir, to obtain an inheritance, or to evade the law.


It is the latter which intrigued me and one fact that I discovered is that Queen Elizabeth

I, who reigned November 1558 - 24 March 1603, beheaded 312 people during her reign for the "treasonous crime" of being Catholic.


At you will find a list of some of these people, not all priests, and sometimes a bit of history of how names were changed to avoid detection..


Unfortunately, there is no author given for this information, nor are there any sources quoted. However, another site, does have an author and sources.


If you find a surname of interest, you might want to do some further research to see if one of your distant ancestors was, in fact, beheaded for being a Catholic.




~ Who Am I  Related To? ~

Using Family Tree DNAs Tools to Compare Within Projects


By Roberta Estes


One of the most common questions I receive is how to figure out who youre related to

within projects.


For example, the Cumberland Gap project is massive with over 4000 members. In the past, people would go and look at the project page to see who they are related to, but with over 4000 people, thats just impossible. Not to mention that as an administrator, I have to group them all individually, by haplogroup, and given that takes a minute or so each, that equates to over 66 hours, which I simply dont have.  So, participants need to use tools to see who they are related to. Thankfully, Family Tree DNA provides those tools.


First, sign on to your personal page.  You can see who you are related to in any project by using the Advanced Matching tool that is available for Yline, mtDNA and Family Finder results.





Click on Advanced Matching.  You will see several options.


First, select the type of test youre interested in matching. If youre interested in only the Family Finder test, then just select that one. If youre interested in seeing who matches you BOTH on Family Finder and your Yline, then select Y-DNA 12, where there are generally more matches than at higher levels, plus the Family Finder, then click the box that says show only people I match in all selected tests.  As you can see, by using combinations, this is a very powerful tool.


  In addition to the tests, you can also select how to compare your data.  You can compare to the entire data base, or you can compare to only   

  people within certain projects.



 For this example, Im going to compare my results with the entire data base, asking for anyone who I match on Family Finder and on the HVR1 

 region of my mtDNA as well. You can see my selections below.


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