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Lost Colony DNA Project Test Use Policy Statement


It has come to the attention of the project administrators that DNA participants that attended the Lost Colony Symposium this past September (and perhaps others) have been contacted by an individual and/or the Lost Colony Center for Science and Research in effect speaking for The Lost Colony DNA Project (TLCDNAP) and saying (paraphrased) the following:

  1. Those who received the letter are welcomed to the Lost Colony DNA project and
  2. A fee is requested of them to be a part of the DNA Project.

Today, The Lost Colony DNA Project is issuing the following statement regarding membership in TLCDNAP and the use of test results obtained through the Project using the testing services provided by FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA):

                                 TLCDNAP is solely owned by the projectís registered founder (Roberta Estes) and test results and project activities (including the project website) are exclusively copyrighted by FTDNA and/or TLCDNAP as applicable under law and according to the contract/s between FTDNA and the projectís registered owner.

                                 Membership in any other organization and/or the approval or participation of any other individual or organization is NOT a prerequisite for participation in TLCDNAP.

                                 No fees are required for membership in TLCDNAP and no fees are required for testing services other than those charged by FTDNA for its services.

                                 Because project test results belong to FTDNA and TLCDNAP, as applicable, rights to see and use test results cannot be assigned or restricted except with the written consent of FTDNA and TLCDNAP, or both.

                                 Individuals own their own results and may transfer into (if tested outside the project) or out of the project at any time. However, persons who match non-participants may still be able to see their matches even though project administrators may not.

                                 Individuals may share their results with other participants and non-participants as they see fit, but such sharing is of no affect to and is not binding upon FTDNA and TLCDNAP.

                                 Joining or sending money to any other individual or organization does not entitle anyone to the services of FTDNA or TLCDNAP or to the test results.

                                 Individual test results are available only to the testees, persons with whom they match in accordance with FTDNA policy and others with whom testees share access to their results.

                                 Results of ALL tests within the project and matters related thereto are available only to FTDNA, the TLCDNAP founder and her designated co-administrators.

                                 TLCDNAP has received several contributions in support of its activities. However, to date TLCDNAP has not solicited funds from any source. Additional revenue will be necessary if TLCDNAP is to achieve its stated goals Ė especially research in England and elsewhere abroad. TLCDNAP is exploring the possibility of applying for state and federal tax-exempt status so that future contributions to TLCDNAP will be tax-exempt.

The copyright information on the FamilyTree DNA website is as follows: 

"All Contents Copyright 2001-2007Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd. Project Background, Goals, Results and News are copyright of the specific Surname Project."

Any and all questions about the foregoing policies, as well as and any other matters pertaining to the operations of The Lost Colony DNA Project, should be directed to the Administrators, whose names and e-mail addresses appear on the project website

Roberta J. Estes  

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The Lost Colony Research Group is in NO WAY affiliated with The Lost Colony Center for Science and Research.  The Lost Colony Y-DNA and MT-DNA projects at Family Tree DNA are NOT IN ANY WAY  affiliated with The Lost Colony Center for Science and Research,
regardless of what their links imply.


"Please notify us of any claims to the contrary."


There is no fee to join our group and no donation of monies or objects are needed to participate in "The Lost Colony Research Group".


As with any DNA project, individuals pay for their own DNA testing, but the
group itself  - is strictly volunteer and free to join, upon approval of membership.


Neither, myself, nor the Lost Colony Research Group together or individually are  responsible for the personal content submitted by any individual to this website.


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