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Dear Lost Colony Y-Line DNA participant,

As I mentioned in the recent newsletter, we are working to provide genealogical data for each one of our Lost Colony surname participants and to be sure each person actually belongs in the Lost Colony project. 

Please go to your surname and find your kit with your information. Here is the link: 

If your kit number has no genealogical or family history information, we need that from you. Please provide it within the next week if possible. You will receive one reminder, if necessary, and if we do not receive the information after that, you will be removed from the project. 

Since you have joined the Lost Colony Y-Line DNA project, it means that you believe that your paternal line is or may be somehow connected to the Lost Colony. Your paternal line follows your surname, your father, his father, his father, on up the family tree.

Iím sure you had a good reason for joining the Lost Colony project, but we need to know what it is.

Would you please let us know why you joined the project and what your link is to the Colonists, the surnames or the area? We would also appreciate it if you would provide something for the research or history portions of your page, and if you havenít already, something for the genealogy section as well.

We are working to be sure that everyone who should be included in the Lost Colony, is in fact included, and that folks who donít have a potential link to the colonists have the opportunity to join a project more suited to their needs. †
If possible, please reply within the next week or so.

Thank you very much,

Roberta Estes
Lost Colony Project Volunteer Administrator

PS Ė I have periodically had problems with my e-mail. If you send me information and do no hear from me, please resend or try my alternate address at or   Nelda Percival, our webmistress, who is working with this data is at

You can down load the forms from here. just click on these links.

Yline rtf file down load     MTDNA rtf file down load