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Genealogical Proofs Table

The table below is designed to be used to document the proof that the individual listed under the name column is in fact the child of the father and mother show.  I have completed the first couple rows as an example.  Proofs may vary and could be personal knowledge (someone you knew within your lifetime), a Bible, a will, a deed, an obituary, a church baptismal document, a pension application, census records, etc.  There are more sources, but please list your source completely.

 Simply delete the data that I used for an example, and enter your own.

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Name Birth Location Death Location Spouse Father Mother Proofs
William Sterling Estes Oct. 1, 1902 Tazewell, Tennessee Aug. 27, 1963 Jay County, Indiana

1. Martha Dodderer

2. Barbara Ferverda

William George Estes 1873-1971 Ollie Bolton 1874-1955 Personal knowledge – William is my father and William George is my grandfather.
William George Estes March 30, 1873 Tazewell, Tn. Nov. 29, 1971 Harlan Co., Ky.

1. Ollie Bolton

2.  Joyce Hatfield

3. Crocia Brewer

Lazarus Estes 



Elizabeth Vannoy 1846-1918

1.  Will of Lazarus Estes Claiborne Co., Tn. Will Book 8, page 42

2.  Deed where Lazarus states William George is his son.  Claiborne Co., Deed Book M2, page 371.

3. My father’s personal knowledge and birth certificate

Lazarus Estes May 1845 Tazewell, Tn. 1916-1918 Tazewell, Tn Elizabeth Vannoy John Y. Estes 1818-1895 Rutha Dodson 1820-1903

1. Personal knowledge of George Estes, now decd

2.  Family Bible, now in my possession

3.  Deed where John Y. deeds all his possessions to his eldest son, Lazarus when he goes to Texas, Claiborne Co., Deed book B1, page 37.

John Y. Estes

December 29, 1818

Halifax Co., Va.

Sept. 19, 1895

Montague Co., Tx.

Rutha Dodson

John R. Estes


Nancy Ann Moore

c 1785-1860/1870

1. Death certificate

2. Census records, 1850, 1860, Claiborne Co., Tn. shows families in same household

John R. Estes


Halifax Co., Va.

May 1895

Claiborne Co., Tn

Nancy Ann Moore

George Estes 1763-1869

Mary Younger bef 1775-1820/1830

1. Halifax County 1812 personal property tax list where John R. Estes is listed as  the son of George Estes and lives next to him.  Only 1 George in the county.


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