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Genealogy Research Links 




1. Free Blacks in Antebellum North Carolina


2. Family Research Society of Northeastern North Carolina, Inc. 

3. Bermuda Genealogy & History 

4.Currituck County, North Carolina 

5.Delaware Archives   

6.ENGLAND: Lichfield & Coventry - 1516 - 1652 Calendars of Wills & Administrations; USIGS - Books Online - Litchfield Wills and Administrations
http://www.usigs. org/library/ books/uk/ LichfieldWills/ index.html

Five Quick Steps To Produce Genealogy Success`

7. Princeton Public Library - Research Online 

(Digital Genealogy Collections)
http://www.princeto n.lib.nj. us/research/ links/genealogy- digital.html

8. Live Search - Books On-Line
http://search. results.aspx? q=&scope= books

9. Archives and Historical Societies with Online Records
http://www.nmgs. org/linkarc. htm

10. CoSA - Primary Sources from State Archives
http://www.statearc arc/education/ primsources_ states.htm

11. CoSA - State Archives Collections Online: Directory 

of Digital Collections, Virtual Exhibits, and State Memory Projects
http://www.statearc arc/education/  

online_coll. htm

12.  Lots of Names - Table of Content
http://homepages. rootsweb. com/~haas/ abstracts. html

13.  1946 Gilbert Article


14.  NC STATE WIDE - COURT - Colonial Court Papers, Group 7: Miscellaneous Papers; Burgesses, Lord Granville

http://ftp.rootsweb .com/pub/ usgenweb/ nc/statewide/ court/colonial07 .txt

15. 1790 Coastal Carolina Indian cross-reference data base


16.  Indians—1697- 1769
Treaties, Petitions, Agreements, and Court Cases
http://ftp.rootsweb .com/pub/ usgenweb/ nc/statewide/ court/colonial07 .txt

17.Paul Heinegg's on line, Free African Americans Of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland And Delaware: 

18.Native American Indian Genealogy 

19. Various American Indian Records 


Noles, Robert B. 

21.Interesting site for NC Native American resources.      

22.Here is a new resource from Family Search

(http://www.labs. familysearch. org/)

You do have to register, but it is free. 

23.East Carolina Roots DNA 

24.  Oxfordshire wills library - http://wills. oxfordshirefhs.

25. OLD BAILEY - London's Central Criminal Court - 

26. OLD BAILEY'S Associated Records Database -


27.  Elizabeth Shown Mills, "Building a Case When No Record 'Proves' a Point: The Genealogical Proof Standard," _Ancestry Magazine_ (March-April 1998), 26-31; archived online as "Building a Case When No Record Proves a Point,"_Ancestry. com_, 4 April 2000

28.  The National Archives in Great Britain is trying to become more friendly and bring more records to the public. Check out these links:  

29. The Outer Banks History Center is located in Manteo across from the Fort Raleigh site and the National Park site.  This resource now falls under the NC State Archives and they have their index and many of their resources online. Take a look. You may not have to go to NC to research your NC ancestors. 


"Genealogical Proof Standard," _Board for Certification of Genealogists


Prerogative Court of Canterbury index


Index to Indian Traders and others Connected to Southeastern Indian Tribes. -  

33. The Croatan Indians of Sampson County, North  Carolina. 

Their Origin and Racial Status. 

A Plea for Separate Schools: Electronic Edition.

Butler, George Edwin, 1868-1941 

34.Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness website.   


The Open Library - 

featuring 23,285,112 books (including 1,064,822 with full-text)

36. 37.





For the benefit of those who may not be aware, Paul Heinegg has published a series of excellent books about free African Americans/ people of color in Virginia, North and South Carolina and maybe one or two other states. These books are indispensable for researchers looking for AA and sometimes Native Americans and Melungeons and even whites in the South because of interracial marriages and the names of some white slave owners. Submitted by Joe Chandler 


I "thought" I was pretty internet savvy, then yesterday I found a resource that had slipped under my radar. If you are looking for a book on a particular surname, locality, subject or whatever it may help you to use For instance, with the search term "Melungeon"

 I came up with 370 titles. Some are fiction, some non-fiction. For my surname searches some of the ones I found most interesting were case law books 

that cited a particular case having to do with an ancestor.
Some of the books (those that are now in the public domain) offer a "full" view, others just a preview or snippet. For the books that just 

offer snippets, however, you can follow through the links and enter your zip code to find the nearest library that has a copy. 
I apologize if I'm preaching to the choir here and the rest of you knew of this already. Next time I have a few hours I'm going to try "Harvey" 

and "North Carolina" to see what I can find.
"Nan, A member"


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