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Bennet - Bennett  Surname 


Genealogy Report

From an email presented:
Wiveliscombe to Jamestown - Bennetts 
From: Janet Foster ( 

The family of Edward Bennett of “Bennett‘s Welcome“, the wealthy London merchant and Robert Bennett, his brother along with other family members. 

ParentsWiveliscombe, "St Andrew's," Somerset - Parish Register Marriages 

Surname Christian Date Married Spouse Reg No By Occupation Witness BENNETT Robert - Married - 10 Jul 1558 - Elizabeth EDNEY 
Transcription and Extracts Index - <> 
(may need to copy and paste)
English Records <> 
(Parish Register - Births, Marriages & Deaths) Baptisms & Births........28 Nov 1558 - 1 Sep 1850 

Wiveliscombe, "St Andrew's," Somerset - Parish Register Baptisms - LDS Film 1526774Surname Christian Name Date Baptised Father Mother Reg No Birth Date Occupation Comments 
BENNETT Margery 25 Mar 1560 Robert 
BENNETT John 22 Apr 1561 Robert - tanner
BENNETT Elizabeth 31 May 1562 Robert 
BENNETT Agnis 01 Aug 1563 Robert 
BENNETT John 25 Mar 1566 Robert 
BENNETT Johan 01 Mar 1567 Robert 
BENNETT Elianor 05 Mar 1568 Robert 
BENNETT son 02 Apr 1570 Robert ……….. first name un-readable - (see note below)
BENNETT Robert 27 Apr 1571 Robert 
BENNETT William 15 Jun 1572 Robert 
BENNETT Richard 09 Oct 1573 Robert 
BENNETT Johan 06 Jan 1575 Robert 
BENNETT Christopher 06 May 1576 Robert 
BENNETT Edward 02 Feb 1578 Robert Note: the son baptized 4/2/1570 w/name unreadable - 

I wrote to David Cheek and asked him if the name could possibly be “Mark or Marke” and he told me he no longer has the microfilm but if he noted unreadable, it was unreadable =========================================================================

CCCLXVIII Robert Bennett. A letter to Edward Bennett. 

June 9, 1623. 220 June 9, 1623 - Letter from Robert Bennet at Bennetes Wellcome to brother, Edward Bennett in London, England. 

(Robert Bennett in his 1623 letter from "Bennett's Welcome" to his brother, Edward Bennett in London mentions Captain Basse and Lieutenant Barkley. Healso mentions Captain Tucker and sending men to the Potomac River to fetch some of the English which the Indians detained and he talks about how they planned to poison the Indians. I think the English detained that he mentions may have been taken at the "Good Friday Massacure" as "Bennett's Welcome" and many other plantations were wiped out. Some of the colonists were taken captive and the others who survived the massacure went to Jamestown.)

Robert Bennett & family arrived in Virginia with Thomas Dewe & wife Elizabeth in February 1622 on the “Seaflower.” On Mar. 22nd 1622 there was an Indian attack at “Bennett’s Welcome,” the Warraskoyak plantation of his wealthy & influential brother Edward Bennett a London Merchant who was the first Treasurer of the Virginia Company of London. This plantation had been occupied for less than a month, and was still under development. Being virtually destroyed in the attack, it was abandoned and the survivors were removed to Jamestown. On Feb. 16th 1623, Thomas Doe ux Doe (sic) Dewe were counted living in the Maine River District of James Citty. Robert Bennett & all in his household perished in about August of 1623. Conditions were so bad that Thomas Doe (sic) and his family departed for England on the “Ann” that arrived in Virginia on August 7th 1623. ========================================================================

Thomas Dewe (age 18) and Elizabeth Bennett (age 17) are thought to have married in about 1620 in London. Elizabeth may have been a daughter of Robert Bennett [ch: Apr. 27th, 1571, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, Eng. - killed in a Indian massacre ca. 1623, Virginia.] He was a brother of Edward Bennett, Merchant of London, and an investor in the Virginia Company, and he was an uncle of Maj. Gen. Richard Bennett of Nanesmond, Virginia. Elizabeth's mother may have been related to the Cromwells. But this relationship is by no means certain, however, she was almost certainly related to the Bennett family that occupied the midlands, and of southwest England. Robert Bennett and all members of his household perished of disease by November of 1623. =======================================================================

The second part, “A LIST OF THE NAMES OF THE DEAD IN VIRGINIA SINCE APRIL LAST.” enumerated those who had died just since the massacre. It shows twenty-six had died in Warrascoyack, a staggering number.60 Death, whether from disease, accident or attack, was never very far away. Among those on this list was Mr. Robert Bennett, brother of Edward Bennett. 

One of the older generation of the Bennetts, Mr. Robert Bennett, had died back in 1623, but a new generation had come to America to look after the Bennetts’ interests. It included another Robert Bennett, a nephew of the elder Mr. Robert Bennett. He was taking steps to patent 700 acres of land for himself on a creek which runs parallel to the Nansemond River, near its mouth. Another young member of the Bennett family had also come to America, and was also was taking steps to patent an even larger tract of land, some 2000 acres, further up the same creek. His name was Richard Bennett. He was only 25 years old and still a bachelor, but this youngster was destined to have a profound effect on the colonies of the Chesapeake. Richard was, of course, quite wealthy. But he also had a charismatic personality and just seemed to be a natural in colonial politics. He had quickly become the populist leader of the Puritans in Virginia. 

The creek that these two young Bennett gentlemen were settling on would soon come to be called Robert Bennett Creek, and later still, simply Bennett Creek. And in a few years Richard would show remarkable influence on the Puritans of this area by leading more than 350 of them north to a new settlement, Providence, in Lord Baltimore’s Mary Land, as yet another new governor of Virginia started making life difficult for them in Virginia ========================================================================

Janet Foster
Researching Bennett
Marke Bennet listed as colonist 1587
Bennett's Creek/Chowan Indians 

My notes: 
Bennett's Creek in VA – called Robert Bennett's Creek in Nansemond VA 
typ patent ref VPB 2:60 dat 5 Nov 1648 to Mr Phillip BENNETT Gent. re200a Nansimond Co. on the head branches of a Creeke Called RobertBennets Creeke and behind a pattent of !700 Acres of Land taken up bythe sd Robert BENNETT con due by Virtue of the rights of a formerpatent !grant Made unto Robert BENNET Dated the !18th of February1638 and by these Mr Phillip BENNET !Administr of the said RobertBENNET resigned into the office !payment is to be made Seven yearesafter the Date !of the 18th of February 1638 and not before loc 7367022958 F127 L0 P255 pt A) a Marked Post ln S; 312P; adj....... 

I wonder if the above Bennett family could have been kin to the Bennett's listed as Chowan Indians???? 

Robert Bennett had land listed as being located on “Robert Bennett’s Creek” later "Bennett's Creek" in Northampton, VA. 

James, James Jr., and Amos Bennett were listed as "Chowan Indians" and "Bennett’s Creek Indians" in some deeds in Chowan and later Gates Counties in Nc.

The Chowanoac Indians (from the west side of the Chowan River near the Albemarle Sound in NC) were in some way affiliated with the Powhatan Indians from Virginia (at the contact period) but was not under the direct control of Powhatan. The only reference to money or exchange in this area relates to the village of Chaunis Temoatan and is connected to a copper (wassador) trade from a very large confederation of inland Indians (The Chaunis Temoatan village name was changed to Ritanoe by the time the Jamestown settlers arrived). In 1609 the Chief from Ritanoe controlled this area of the Chowan (Shepard/Willard 2002). His main village was located on the fall line of the Roanoke River. This river is the main trading route between these two towns and it is interesting that the river also has the same name (Roanoke) possibly relating to copper, money or bartering exchange.................

This chief is quoted from several sources as stating that he sent survivors of the "Lost Colony" (Two boys and a young maid) to the Chowan to "beat his copper" (Quinn 1955).


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