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Berry Surname

ftdna 107994

Genealogy Report



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3. Why did you join the Lost Colony project? Interested in seeing if he (I) may be related to the early colonists. 

James Lowry Jr. settled in Southern VA and was in the fur trade. He learns Indian dialects including Cherokee and Tuscarora. His son, James III helped the Cherokee with the Treaty of 1705 as an interpreter. He married Priscilla Berry who was supposedly a direct descendant of Henry Berry of White's lost colony. She was supposedly 1/8th Tuscaroran.

You may note in the Berry ancestry (which is also mine) we have an ancestor, Ann (Nancy) Smith who was the daughter of John Smith IV (1710-1802).  This research was done by my late uncle, a retired librarian, without the use of computer technology.  He has traced the Smith line back to the 1500's in England.  Don't know if this is of interest to the TLCGP project.

6. Mini-Genealogy From Participant to Oldest Ancestor (completeform below)Gedcom is already listed I am working on this lineCompleting the form below, enter the current generation’s name in line 1 and add each generation on subsequent lines through your oldest ancestor. You don’t need to provide personal info for living individuals, just a placeholder name. 

contributor Living

Stephen Andrew Berry 1922-2007 Latta SC married Betty Gladys Cox b. 1927 Latta 

James Stafford Berry 1889-1973, Latta SC Ida Mae Reason 1889-1969

Samuel Wilson Berry 1851-1923 Marion County SC Donella Fore 1857-1917

Samuel John Berry 1813-1884 Marion County Mary Ann Dew 1820-1914

Andrew Berry 1774 Marion County SC Zilla Smith

Andrew Berry 1735-    birth location unknown Ann(Nancy) Smith 1743- Ann Smith's parent John Smith IV 1710-1802 and Jane Ford/Fore

Henry O Berry probably  born in 1700's location unknown, land grant in 1730 in NC 

See register report this page
7. Do you have a family website that includes this line? If so, please provide the link. No
Research – this would include such items as papers you’ve written about the family, deeds you’ve extracted, or other things relevant to your particular line. 
8. Do you have research items to contribute? If so, paste here or send separately. At this point, I am still in the compilation phase. 
History – this would include any general history of the area or a tribe or something not included above. 
9. Do you have history to share? If so, paste here or send separately. 

Family tales said we are mixed with the native American tribe in the NC/SC area around the Pee Dee river. (they are supposedly the “lost” Croatans0. Our ancestor, Henry O. Berry, was granted land next to James Lowery, in 1730/2 which is now the Lumbee Indian land. There are some research documents that list Henry O. Berry as being part Tuscarora but the Lumbee tribal office thinks that he was probably croatan since the Tuscarora would probably have killed his family not cohabited with them. Some of the Berry family moved about 10 miles south into South Carolina. Henry Berry had a relative, Priscilla, who married the son of James Lowery. They had a grandson, Henry Berry Lowry, who is known in the Lumbee tribe as “Robin Hood”. He is idolized in the tribe and has many buildings etc. dedicated to him. His actual house has been moved to the site of a park named “Strike the Wind” where there is an amphitheater showing the history and actions of Henry Berry Lowery. His family and “gang” were all killed but he escaped through the swamps in 1872 and was never seen again. Reports are that his wife, Rhoda, made trips to Tennessee and Alabama several times after 1872. 
I am excited to report that I have been visiting the tribal office and am close to getting a Berry surname Lumbee Indian to donate his DNA for our project. 

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11. Are you willing to be a coordinator or resource for any of the Lost Colony surnames? If so, which ones? Berry 


Descendants of Henry O. Berry

Generation No. 1
1. Henry O.1 Berry was born Abt. 1700.
Child of Henry O. Berry is:
+ 2 i. Andrew2 Berry, born Bet. 1735 - 1736.

Generation No. 2
2. Andrew2 Berry (Henry O.1) was born Bet. 1735 - 1736. He married Ann (Nancy) Smith Bef. 1774, daughter of John Smith and Jane (Fore). She was born 1743.

Notes for Andrew Berry:
Some say Andrew Berry came to the "New World" thru Charles Towne SC and that he came with two brothers one of whom went to Virginia. None of this is proven. More likely is that they came from VA to NC and then to SC. Henry Berry and James Lowery were given land grants in 1730 in the Lumbee area of NC on the SC border. One of the descendants of Henry was Priscilla Berry who is purported to be the mother of an infamous Lumbee named Henry Berry Lowery. This info is in the book "The Only Land I Know". Andrew settled at Sandy Bluff on the Pee Dee RIver above what is now FLorence SC, at or near the SC/NC state line. He was small of stature. His was one of six families in the original colony at Sandy Bluff on the Great Pee Dee River, Provence of Carolina in 1735. The families were Berry, Crawford, Crosby, Keighly, Murfee, Saunders. They came from England and Ireland to Charles Town, to George Town and up the Pee Dee River to Sandy Bluff in Queensborough Township, Craven County. Latter this was a part of Liberty County which became Marion County and is now Dillon County.
More About Andrew Berry:
Immigration: 1735, Settled on Pee Dee about 1735-1736
More About Andrew Berry and Ann Smith:
Marriage: Bef. 1774
Children of Andrew Berry and Ann Smith are:
+ 3 i. Stephen3 Berry, born 1775 in Santee Bluff, Marion County, SC; died 15 Nov 1860 in Santee Bluff, Marion County, SC.
4 ii. Henry Slaughter Berry, born 1763 in Marion County, SC; died 1853 in Marion County, SC.
5 iii. Nancy Anne Berry, born 1772 in Marion County, SC; died 1808 in Marion County, SC.
6 iv. Elizabeth Berry, born 1780 in Marion County, SC.
7 v. Mary Berry, born 12 Dec 1768 in Marion County, SC; died 18 Dec 1827 in Marion County, SC.
8 vi. John Berry, born 1785 in Marion County, SC; died Feb 1855. He married Zillie Smith.
+ 9 vii. Andrew Berry, born 1774 in Marion County, SC.
10 viii. Samuel Berry, born 1776 in Marion County, SC.
11 ix. Elias Berry, born in Marion County, SC; died 1837.
12 x. Martha Pattie Berry, born 02 Feb 1785 in Marion County, SC; died 02 Nov 1849.

Generation No. 3
3. Stephen3 Berry (Andrew2, Henry O.1) was born 1775 in Santee Bluff, Marion County, SC, and died 15 Nov 1860 in Santee Bluff, Marion County, SC. He married Sarah "Sallie" Dew, daughter of Abraham Jr and Elizabeth Hickman. She was born 27 Aug 1772, and died 05 Jul 1865 in Buried in Old Berry Cemetery Dillon County SC.
More About Stephen Berry:
Burial: Old Berry Cemetery
Children of Stephen Berry and Sarah Dew are:
+ 13 i. Andrew Stephen4 Berry, born 18 Oct 1802 in Marion County, SC; died 23 Aug 1891 in Marion County, SC.

14 ii. Henry Berry - "Crossroads Henry", born 13 Jan 1796 in Marion County, SC; died 09 Jul 1876 in Marion County, SC.
More About Henry Berry - "Crossroads Henry":
Nickname?: Crossroads Henry

15 iii. Sarepta Berry.
16 iv. Charity Berry, born Bef. 1820.
17 v. Ann Berry.
18 vi. Nancy Berry. She married William Greenwood.

9. Andrew3 Berry (Andrew2, Henry O.1) was born 1774 in Marion County, SC. He married Zilla Smith. 
Children of Andrew Berry and Zilla Smith are:
19 i. Andrew4 Berry, born in Marion County, SC.
+ 20 ii. Samuel John Berry, born 11 Nov 1813 in Marion County, SC; died 28 Feb 1884.

Generation No. 4
13. Andrew Stephen4 Berry (Stephen3, Andrew2, Henry O.1) was born 18 Oct 1802 in Marion County, SC, and died 23 Aug 1891 in Marion County, SC. He married (1) Elizabeth Tart in second marriage for Andrew Berry, daughter of Nathan Tart and Fama Berry. She was born 05 Aug 1815, and died 14 Nov 1890. He married (2) unknown. 
More About Andrew Stephen Berry:
Burial: Catfish Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Latta, SC
More About Elizabeth Tart:
Burial: Dennis Berry Cemetery, Dillon County, SC
More About Andrew Berry and Elizabeth Tart:
Marriage: second marriage for Andrew Berry
Children of Andrew Berry and Elizabeth Tart are:
21 i. Henry T5 Berry, born 09 Mar 1845; died 03 Apr 1914. He married (1) Amanda Greenwood; born 24 Aug 1841; died 14 Dec 1895. He married (2) Nancy Cook Jackson 29 Dec 1869; born 16 Jul 1846; died 02 Mar 1874.
More About Henry Berry and Nancy Jackson:
Marriage: 29 Dec 1869
22 ii. Joanna A Berry.
23 iii. "tight" Berry.
24 iv. ""Close" Berry.
25 v. Joseph Berry.
26 vi. Nathan Berry.
27 vii. Mary Berry.
28 viii. Ann Berry.

Children of Andrew Berry and unknown are:
29 i. Stephen F5 Berry, born 20 Oct 1829.
More About Stephen F Berry:
Burial: Catfish Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Latta, SC date of death not inscribed on tombstone
Military service: Captain
30 ii. Bright Berry.

20. Samuel John4 Berry (Andrew3, Andrew2, Henry O.1) was born 11 Nov 1813 in Marion County, SC, and died 28 Feb 1884. He married Mary Ann Dew 11 Feb 1846, daughter of Wilson Dew and Mary Berry. She was born 12 Jun 1820, and died 10 Jan 1914.
More About Samuel Berry and Mary Dew:
Marriage: 11 Feb 1846
Children of Samuel Berry and Mary Dew are:
31 i. Stephen A5 Berry, born 25 Jan 1847; died 25 Nov 1923. He married Maria E. Finklea 11 Jan 1871; born 20 Jun 1853; died 07 Jul 1918.
More About Stephen Berry and Maria Finklea:
Marriage: 11 Jan 1871
32 ii. Samuel Wilson Berry, born 26 Nov 1851; died 02 Dec 1923. He married Donella Fore 14 Dec 1876; born 16 Dec 1857; died 26 May 1917.
More About Samuel Berry and Donella Fore:
Marriage: 14 Dec 1876
33 iii. John Madison Berry, born 05 Mar 1858; died 24 Oct 1932. He married Cora Florence Hayes 29 Dec 1886; born 10 Nov 1872; died 29 Jan 1949.
More About John Berry and Cora Hayes:
Marriage: 29 Dec 1886
34 iv. Lewis V. Berry, born 19 Jan 1860; died 25 Jan 1880.





16 Samuel John /Berry/  



8 Samuel Wilson /Berry/  



17 Mary Ann /Dew/  



4 James Stafford /Berry/  


18 James Henry /Fore/  

  9 Donella /Fore/  
  19 Mary L. /Kirven/  
  2 HIDDEN  
  5 Ida Mae /Reason/  

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