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Mason surname research


Genealogy Report




1.  Your kit number ____13421____________________________________


2.  Your name __Living____________________________


3.  Why do you want to join the Lost Colony project?


I would like my MTDNA to help further the research.



4.  How is your mitochondrial DNA line connected to the colonists, the surnames, Native people or the location? 

While it is true I descend from all the ancient surnames of Eastern NC, the paper trail is all on my grandmothers paternal side. Going strictly on MTDNA, I only have Jones, Douglass, Hamilton, Carawan. The earliest being born 1844. All of Hyde County, NC. They lived side by side with all the other ancient families there, but I donít have a MTDNA paper trail any further back.


5.  Please provide a brief writeup (2 paragraphs to one page in length) on your line!  Everyone on my motherís side came from Hyde County, NC


6.  Mini-Genealogy From Participant to Oldest Ancestor (completeform below)


Completing the form below, enter the current generationís name in line 1 and add each generation on subsequent lines through your oldest ancestor.  You donít need to provide personal info for living individuals, just a placeholder name. 



Ancestorís Birth Name

Birth Date

Death Date

Birth Location

Death Location

Other Residence

Spouses Name with Birth-Death Info










Diane Mason



Beaufort County,NC





Lillie Mae Jones






M.L. Mason


Zelphia Douglass




Hyde County,NC


Thomas Ruffin Jefferson Jones b. 1862-4 d. 1931


Patsy Hamilton




Lake Landing, NC


William Harrison Douglass abt 1939 d. 1905


Mary Frances Carawan




Lake Landing,NC


Samuel Hamilton b.abt 1841










































































7.  Do you have a family website that includes this line?  If so, please provide the link.


 8.  Do you have research items to contribute?  This would include such items as papers youíve written about the family, deeds youíve extracted, or other things relevant to your particular line.  If so, paste here or send separately. 

My mother has already sent some things. She descends from Midgetts but NOT in a direct maternal line.



9.  Do you have history to share?  This would include any general history of the area or a tribe or something not included above.If so, paste here or send separately.




10.  Are you willing to have your e-mail address and first name listed as a contact for your kit?  If so, what is the e-mail you want listed?





11.  Are you willing to be a coordinator or resource for any of the Lost Colony surnames?  If so, which ones?


We are working to be sure that everyone who should be included in the Lost Colony, is in fact included, and that folks who donít have a potential link to the colonists have the opportunity to join a project more suited to their needs. 


If possible, please reply within the next week or so.


Thank you very much,


Roberta Estes

Lost Colony Project Volunteer Administrator


PS Ė I have periodically had problems with my e-mail.  If you send me information and do no hear from me, please resend or try my alternate address at  Nelda Percival, our webmistress, who is working with this data is at



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