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Contact person is Dale at:  



1st Generation 

1. John Payne was born 1615 and died 1690. He married Margaret MNU Payne unknown . 

Children of John Payne and Margaret MNU Payne: 
i. 2. Richard Payne. 
ii. 3. John Payne. 
iii. 4. William Payne. 
iv. 5. George Payne died 1711 in Richmond Co., VA, burried Red House, not marked see notes. 

Notes on John Payne 
For information on this family please contact Dale at: 
cougar175 at (replace the AT with @ to email him..nlp)

2nd Generation (Children) 

2. Richard Payne (John1). 
3. John Payne (John1). 
4. William Payne (John1). 
5. George Payne (John1) died 1711 in Richmond Co., VA, buried Red House, not marked see notes. He married FNU White . 
Children of George Payne and FNU White: 
i. 6. George Payne. 
ii. 7. John Payne. 
iii. 8. Thomas Payne. 
iv. 9. William Payne was born 1702 and died May 3, 1770. 
v. 10. Jane Payne. 

3rd Generation (Grandchildren) 

6. George Payne (George2, John1). 
7. John Payne (George2, John1). 
8. Thomas Payne (George2, John1). 
9. William Payne (George2, John1) was born 1702 and died May 3, 1770. He married 1st Mary Jones 1732 . He married 2nd Mary Ball 1750 . 

Children of William Payne and Mary Ball: 
i. 11. Sarah Ellen Payne was born 1750 in King George Co., VA and died 1824 in Breckenridge Co, VA. 
ii. 12. Lewis Payne was born January 31, 1761 in King George Co., VA and died June 8, 1834 in Bath Co., VA. 
iii. 13. Charles Payne. 
iv. 14. Daniel Payne. 
v. 15. George Payne. 
vi. 16. James Payne. 
vii. 17. John Payne. 
viii. 18. Lettice Payne was born in King George Co., VA. 
ix. 19. Dolly Payne. 
x. 20. Sally Payne. 
xi. 21. Thomas Payne. 
xii. 22. William Payne. 

10. Jane Payne (George2, John1). 

4th Generation (Great-Grandchildren) 

11. Sarah Ellen Payne (William3, George2, John1) was born 1750 in King George Co., VA and died 1824 in Breckenridge Co, VA. She married John Ball November 6, 1767 in King George Co., VA. 

12. Lewis Payne (William3, George2, John1) was born January 31, 1761 in King George Co., VA and died June 8, 1834 in Bath Co., VA. He married Nancy Davis 1794 in Bath Co., VA. She was born 1775 and died November 15, 1827, daughter of Richard Davis and (unknown). 

Children of Lewis Payne and Nancy Davis: 
i. 23. Sarah Ellen Payne was born 1796 in Bath Co., VA and died 1824. 
ii. 24. Margaret L. Payne was born January 22, 1798 in Bath Co., VA and died January 12, 1862 in Bath Co., VA. 
iii. 25. Patsy Payne. 
iv. 26. George H. Payne was born November 1, 1799 and died February 3, 1852. 
v. 27. Elizabeth Payne. 
vi. 28. Malinda Payne. 
vii. 29. Nancy Payne. 
viii. 30. Mary Payne. 
ix. 31. Sabrina Payne. 
x. 32. Lewis Payne was born March 10, 1811 in Bath Co., VA and died May 21, 1865. 
xi. 33. Charles C. Payne died January 17, 1845 in Cedar Hill, Covington, VA. 

13. Charles Payne (William3, George2, John1). 
14. Daniel Payne (William3, George2, John1). 
15. George Payne (William3, George2, John1). 
16. James Payne (William3, George2, John1). 
17. John Payne (William3, George2, John1). 

18. Lettice Payne (William3, George2, John1) was born in King George Co., VA. She married Thomas White . 
19. Dolly Payne (William3, George2, John1). 
20. Sally Payne (William3, George2, John1). 
21. Thomas Payne (William3, George2, John1). 
22. William Payne (William3, George2, John1). 

5th Generation (Great(2)-Grandchildren) 

23. Sarah Ellen Payne (Lewis4, William3, George2, John1) was born 1796 in Bath Co., VA and died 1824. She married John McElwee . 

24. Margaret L. Payne (Lewis4, William3, George2, John1) was born January 22, 1798 in Bath Co., VA and died January 12, 1862 in Bath Co., VA. She married Henry Culp . 

25. Patsy Payne (Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). She married FNU McElwee . 

26. George H. Payne (Lewis4, William3, George2, John1) was born November 1, 1799 and died February 3, 1852. He married Sarah Ann Womack September 30, 1841 . 

27. Elizabeth Payne (Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). She married Andrew J. Sively . 

28. Malinda Payne (Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). She married William G. Holloway December 1830 in Bath Co., VA. 

29. Nancy Payne (Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). She married John Williams . 

30. Mary Payne (Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). She married FNU Persinger . 

31. Sabrina Payne (Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). She married Thomas M. Kincade . 

32. Lewis Payne (Lewis4, William3, George2, John1) was born March 10, 1811 in Bath Co., VA and died May 21, 1865. He married Louisa S. Peck January 28, 1833 . She was born February 27, 1816 and died January 29, 1900 in Bath Co., VA. 

Children of Lewis Payne and Louisa S. Peck: 
i. 34. William L. Payne. 
ii. 35. George H. Payne. 
iii. 36. Malinda E. Payne. 
iv. 37. Charles Henry Payne was born August 28, 1838 and died January 12, 1903 in English Grove, near Fairfax, Atchison, MO. 
v. 38. James P. Payne. 
vi. 39. Lewis Payne. 
vii. 40. William G. Payne. 
viii. 41. Martha L. Payne. 
ix. 42. Sabina Payne. 
x. 43. Anna V. Payne. 
xi. 44. Alice F. Payne. 
xii. 45. John B. F. Payne. 
xiii. 46. Thomas G. Payne. 
xiv. 47. Mary L. Payne. 
xv. 48. Daniel P. Payne. 
xvi. 49. Margaret L. Payne. 

33. Charles C. Payne (Lewis4, William3, George2, John1) died January 17, 1845 in Cedar Hill, Covington, VA. He married Frances Pitzer . 

6th Generation (Great(3)-Grandchildren) 

34. William L. Payne (Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 
35. George H. Payne (Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 
36. Malinda E. Payne (Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 

37. Charles Henry Payne (Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1) was born August 28, 1838 and died January 12, 1903 in English Grove, near Fairfax, Atchison, MO. He married Sarah Isabella Dunlap April 21, 1880 . She was born April 17, 1851 in Saline, MO and died May 2, 1929 in English Grove, near Fairfax, Atchison, MO, daughter of John Dunlap and Sarah Brown. 

Children of Charles Henry Payne and Sarah Isabella Dunlap: 
i. 50. John Lewis Payne was born August 8, 1882 and died November 15, 1962 in Springfield, Green Co., MO. 
ii. 51. Charles Hamner Payne was born September 5, 1886 and died December 3, 1956 in Ridge Park, Marshall, Saline Co., MO. 
iii. 52. James Preston Payne was born 1891 and died 1958 in Gilliam, Saline Cop., MO.. 
iv. 53. Mary Mildred Payne. 

38. James P. Payne (Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 
39. Lewis Payne (Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 
40. William G. Payne (Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 
41. Martha L. Payne (Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 
42. Sabina Payne (Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 
43. Anna V. Payne (Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 
44. Alice F. Payne (Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 
45. John B. F. Payne (Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 
46. Thomas G. Payne (Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 
47. Mary L. Payne (Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 
48. Daniel P. Payne (Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 
49. Margaret L. Payne (Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 

7th Generation (Great(4)-Grandchildren) 

50. John Lewis Payne (Charles Henry6, Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1) was born August 8, 1882 and died November 15, 1962 in Springfield, Green Co., MO. He married Lilly Mae Walkup March 24, 1907 . 

51. Charles Hamner Payne (Charles Henry6, Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1) was born September 5, 1886 and died December 3, 1956 in Ridge Park, Marshall, Saline Co., MO. He married Marion Elizabeth Brightwell February 23, 1929 . 

Children of Charles Hamner Payne and Marion Elizabeth Brightwell: 
i. 54. Living Payne. 
ii. 55. Living Payne. 
iii. 56. Living Payne. 
iv. 57. Living Payne. 

52. James Preston Payne (Charles Henry6, Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1) was born 1891 and died 1958 in Gilliam, Saline Cop., MO.. He married Margaret McKinney . 

53. Mary Mildred Payne (Charles Henry6, Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). She married W. J. Cunningham . He died in Steele, Pemiscot C., MO. 

8th Generation (Great(5)-Grandchildren) 

54. Living Payne (Charles Hamner7, Charles Henry6, Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 
55. Living Payne (Charles Hamner7, Charles Henry6, Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 
56. Living Payne (Charles Hamner7, Charles Henry6, Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 
57. Living Payne (Charles Hamner7, Charles Henry6, Lewis5, Lewis4, William3, George2, John1). 

End of file



The American Ancestry of Ronald Dale Payne:

"The Payne Family". Payne and Viley, privately published.
Three brothers, Sir Robert, John, and William Payne came to Virginia in 1620: Sir Robert returned to England; (John settled in the Northern Neck. (The booklet here quotes Capt. John Smiths History of Virginia). It is also stated in this booklet that John and William were knighted before leaving England. The Payne's were a powerful tribe in Wales. King James I, to conciliate them, gave them a grant of twelve miles square (144 square miles , 92160a., one-third the area of Fairfax county) near Alexandria, called Payne Manor, where Sir John settled. Sir William settled in Maryland, near Leonardtown, and never married.

Generation I
l. JOHN, b. @ 1615 in England; m. Margaret ---------; d. < 1690 in Ra . Co.; buried at "Red House" (Cedar Hill, now in We. Co.; his grave is not marked, but a bronze tablet indicates the approximate location thereof. The earliest extant, well identified record of him is dated 1653 in Le. Co., when he bought from Francis Hobbes 940 a. on Pepetic Creek, on N.S.R.R. in that region of Lc. Co. then known as Rappahannock, and which in 1656 was organized as Rappahannock County. He did not occupy this land until some years later. Pepetick Cr., (called Pedee and Perpertocks on current U.S. Geological Survey maps) is to-day in Westmoreland, and flows into the Rappahannock River about two and a half miles below Leedstown. Court records indicate that in 1653 Mr. John Payne lived on Payne's Creek in Lc. Co. on W.S. of Corrotoman River near what is now called Ottoman, which till recently was known as Payne's Shop. Francis Hobbes was of Isle of Wight Co., for which he was Burgess in 1654. The large group of Isle of Wight personal names of this period--such as Upton, Underwood, Lawson, Thatcher, Williamson, Jennings, Travers, Vivian, Thompson, etc,-which are found later along the Rappahannock Ricer, points to an extensive migration in this direction, and leads to the suggestion of the origin of our family at some neighboring point along the James River.
It has been impossible to determine the maiden name of John Payne's wife Margaret, and there is nothing of unquestionable value on which to hazard a guess. See notes on Jennings. She first appears in the records in 1652, when land was granted for his importation; and last in 1674, when she unites with her husband in a deed. In 1655, her husband was granted land for her importation . She was possibly his second wife.
John Payne was a ship owner, as evidenced by the fact that 1653, the Lc. Co. Court paid him for provisioning and transporting Burgesses from Lancaster to James Town. In 16534 Mr John Payne was ordered by the Court to appraise the contents of Mr. Raleigh Traver's tobacco warehouse. In the same year the records show that he made a trip to England; upon his return in 1655 he moved to and occupied his plantation on Pepetick Creek, then in Lc Co near what is now Leedstown. 
(More history to follow as Msg #2)

Version Number two of Generation I:

Sir William and Sir John Payne, brothers, sons of Sir Robert Payne, were both knighted by James I, of England, and were specially mentioned by James LL in the first Land Charter granted, May 23, 1609. They came to America with Captain John Smith in 1609, and settled at Jamestown. The Payne's were a powerful tribe in Wales, who were never willing to submit to the King of England. James l, to conciliate them, gave Sir John Payne and Sir William Payne a special grant of land 20 miles square, near what is now Alexandria, Va., which was known for a long time as the "Payne Manor".
Sir John Payne lived on the Payne Manor for several years, but owing to Indian Depredations moved to what is now Fairfax county, Virginia. William Payne lived and died near what is now Warrenton, Fauquier county. Virginia. The old Payne Burial Ground is yet to be seen at Pope's Church on the old Payne Manor, near Mount Vernon.
Family genealogy.

Sir William Payne:-born August 10th 1571, died August 24, 1676, aged 105 years and 14 days. There is no record of his ever having been married.
Sir John Payne;- Time of birth unknown. Married Alicia Brawl (first wife)> Their children were Edward, William, John and Alicia.. Sir John Payne married the second time at the age of 91, a Miss Jennings. There was one son by this marriage. John Payne who was born in April 1764. He served as colonel in the war of Revolution and was a Brigadier General in the War of 1812. The time of Sir John Payne's death is not known.
Edward Payne-- First son of Sir John Payne and Alicia Bawl, married Miss Ann Holland Conyers--ages unknown. Their children were: Henry, who married Miss Lane; William, a Baptist preacher who had two wives; Givens and Harrison, the one was the daughter of -the oldest brother of President Harrison, her father being a signer of the Declaration of Independence; Daniel M., a bachelor: Edward, a bachelor; Jilson, who married a Miss Harrison, James.who married Miss Lee: Theodosia who married Mr. Turner; Elizabeth who married Mr. Lewis. Births, deaths histories etc. of all this large family are/were in the possession of Mrs. Green of Georgetown Ky. But as it is not important in our direct history, I have omitted it. Edward Payne , the father of the above family, sold the Payne estate. (Payne Manor) in 1785, and settled in Fauquier co., Va.

Version two contd:

William Payne: --Second son of Sir John Payne, born July 31 1724, died Sept 2, 1782, aged 58 years. Married Susanna Clark, who was born 1721, died in 1771, aged 50 years. Their children were: Alicia, William, Mary, Benjamin. Penelope, Anna and Duvall, for whose histories I again refer to Mrs. Green.
Gen. John Payne:-- Third son of Sir John Payne. (by second wife) age unknown Married a Miss Sabina Lewis, age unknown. Their children were: George H. who served on Gen. Green's staff: Daniel M., a captain under Gen Morgan, was killed at the battle of Cowpens; William, a colonel under Gen Jackson in 1812, married a Miss Carter owned a large estate in Fauquier county, Virginia. Edward married a Miss Randolph: Lewis. married a Miss Davis and settled in Bath county, Virginia; Susan M. married John Rice and settled in Loudon county, Va; Dolly, married twice, first husband Mr. Todd; second husband Jas. Madison, President. Ages of all these unknown.. 
There is one episode in the history of Gen. John Payne given in the history now in Mrs. Green's possession, that I will add to my own. Gen., who was then Col. Payne (our great grandfather,) an officer on Gen. Washington's staff, while in camp near Yorktown, had a altercation with Gen. Washington in which the latter called Payne a liar. Payne instantly snatched the cane from Washington's hand and knocked him down with it. Washington a few days later on finding himself in error, sent for Col. Payne and, in the presence of several of his officers, he related the circumstances, apologized to Payne and presented him with the cane with which he had struck him. The cane is now/was in Mrs. Green's possession among many other family relics. It is said of Col and Gen. Payne that he was a gallant soldier and able officer.
All that is said of Alicia Payne, daughter of Sir John Payne, is that she married James Duvall, and died Aug 31, 1760. age unknown.


I will continue on with the Nbr two version while I am into in before going back to version Nbr 1.
This version (Nbr two) is from a booklet I have which I estimate is over 70 years old.

Lewis Payne:--Son of John Payne, age unknown, settled in Bath county, Va.; married Miss Nancy Davis. Their children were three sons and eight daughters, as follows: George H. who was a M.D. and married a Miss Womack, settled in Allegheny county, Virginia; Charles, Married Miss Pitzer, settled near Covington, Va.; Lewis, married Miss Louisa Peck, settled in Bath county. Va, near Healing Springs. The daughters were Margaret, who married Culp; Mary, married Persinger; Malinda, married Holloway: Sallie, married McElwee: Patsy, married McElwee; Sarah A., married Sively; Nancy, married Williams, Sabina, married Kincaid. Ages unknown.
Lewis Payne:--Son of Lewis Payne, born in 1811, died 1865; married Miss Louisa Peck. The children were: Wm. Lewis, died in infancy; George H., married Miss Hobbs; Melinda married Mr. Dunlap; Dr. James P., married Miss Carpenter; Lewis, married Miss Boswell; William G. married Miss Spiller; Martha L. died young; Sabina, married Mr. Wood; Anna V. married Mr. Dunlap; Alice F. married Mr. Wells; John B., a bachelor (Thomas G. between J.B. and Mary I.) Mary I., married Mr. Harris: Daniel P., married Miss Reid; Margaret L. married Mr. Siemons.
So far I have traced our own direct lineage back to the settlement at Jamestown. There is a legendary but not entirely authentic history of the Payne tribe in Wales extending back to the 12th century, which I omit with a bare mention and add that such history is in the possession of Rev. James Bowd, of Ray county, Mo.
William Payne:--Son of Edward Payne, age not known. married Mildred Harrison. Children: John Newton, Buckner Harrison, Augustus, Maria, Anna, Dulcina, Clarissa, Edward and Lucilla. All these settled in Loudon, Fauquier and Page counties, Virginia. 

Contd Version Two: 

William Payne;-- First son of William Payne and Susanna Clark, born 1751, died 1813. aged 62 years; married Polly Robinson. Children: William, married Miss Cook: Tully, married Miss Coates: Alfred, a bachelor: Edward, married Miss Holly; Thomas, married Miss Gratton. All of these moved to Kentucky from 1800 to 1810. Some of them were Indian fighters, Mexican war soldiers, scouts with Boone, etc.
Duval Payne:--Third son of William Payne and Susanna Clark, age not known: married Hannah Brently in 1785, Children: Penelope, John. Mary, Margaret, Innis Brent, Hugh B. William P. Elizabeth, Thomas, Susan Clark, Duvall, Benjamin, who was the Father of Mrs. Elizabeth Green of Georgetown, Kentucky: Alicia, who was the mother of James T. Bowd, D.D., formerly of Georgetown, Kentucky, now living in Richmond, Missouri. The ages and history of all the others omitted.

That completes this version two with the exception of a bit that was written by the John B. Payne who compiled this information probably over 70 years ago.
For the information I have gathered of the Payne's I am almost entirely indebted to Mrs. Elizabeth Green of Georgetown, Kentucky, who was a Miss Payne of Fauquier county, Virginia. Also to Dr. Bowd a Presbyterian minister of Richmond, Ray co., Missouri, whose mother was a Miss Pa;one of Fauquier county, Virginia. From these two histories I have traced our family back to two brothers who first came from Wales in 1609. If errors are found I am not to blame, as I have copied from them verbatim. To brothers and sisters and their families, I give this brief history on its own merits and hope that it may be acceptable to them all. 




Continuing and now back to version one:

This town was not founded, however until 1742, the locality being first known as Rapphannock, and later as Bray's. There was doubtless a ferry there in early days, as Ra. Co. Court met first on one side of the river, and then on the other; the county straddled the river. Pepetick Cr. rises near water-shed between the Potomac and the Rappahannock, forms a mill-pond on the edge of the up-land, and then descends to bottom-land South of Leedstown. In 1655 and 1656 Mr. John Payne was appointed collector of tithes for Lc. Co., at which time he was charged with seven tithables. Tithables were persons subject to tax in the name of the head of their household, or their owner or master. Quoting one definition, they were "all male persons of age of 16 and upwards, and all negro, mulatto, and Indian women who of the same age of (16) not being free". This definition varied slightly according to the period. In 1656 the Lc Co. Court ordered John Payne to make for the county one pair of stocks or whipping-post, for the wooden-work whereof he was to receive 400#, the iron-work being otherwise provided. In the same year Ra. Co. was organized; possibly these implements were for the new county. From this time onward records relating to John Payne are found in Ra. Co.
The old family grave-yard, where John Payne was undoubtedly buried, is still in use, being, until recently, surrounded by the remains and rapidly disappearing mound, and overgrown with a dense tangle of brush, weeds, honeysuckle and periwinkle. A description of its restoration is given in the chapter of Homes. Bishop Payne (VIII-5) in his letter to Bishop Meade, appearing in the latter's "Old Churches and Families of Virginia". calls this old home "Red House". and says "it was immediately in rear of Bunker Hill (Henry Taylor's place) and three miles from Leedstown". The original house has long since disappeared. The present owner of the estate is Mr. Harry W. Coates. It has been known for many years as "Cedar Hill".


cont version one:

In 1658 Mr. John Payne and Mr. John Catlett witnessed the nuncupative will of Richard Lawson, brother of Epaphroditus Lawson whose daughter Elizabeth married Robert Payne of Ra. Co. On 7 Feb 1659/60, in connection with his bill for transporting by boat 1500 lbs, of pork to Jamestown, John Payne made a affidavit to that effect, his age being recorded as "44 years or thereabouts". This meat had been delivered the preceding December on the order of Henry Corbin for the use of Capt John Whittey, doubtless for a trans-Atlantic voyage. It is on the grounds of this certificate that John Payne's birth is placed as about 16115. This statement of his age is not necessarily precisely accurate, though it is probably fairly approximate. As suggested by the phraseology of the certificate, his age was doubtless estimated and filled in by the Clerk of the Court without questioning the affiant on this point, as appears to have been the practice where witness were known to the Clerk, and where there was no doubt as to their majority. Court records indicate that John Payne continued to live at "Red House" until his death, which is assumed to have occurred in the winter of 1689-90. There are records in Ri. Co. stating that he left a will. The book covering this period has been lost, so that the only suggestive evidence of the date of his death is found in the records of Mi. Co, where on 7 Apr 1690 a deed by Henry Thacker, who married John Payne's grand-daughter, refers to John Payne as "late of Rappahannock County, deceased". Miscellaneous documents as late as 1689 in which he is mentioned imply that he was still living in that year


An examination of 103 separate wills, deeds, etc, referring to him in the counties of Lancaster, Rappahannock, Middlesex and Westmoreland, and covering the period 1649-1690, clearly reveal that he was usually referred to as Mr. John Payne, and that he was a Planter, carpenter, and boat owner. It does not appear that he was a ship-master, but that he owned sail-boats of considerable tonnage, which he operated at a profit, and which the Court occasionally employed. It is not improbable that he built boats of lighter draft. Were there no other indications of his social standing, the exceptional title of Mister, which in the majority of these references precedes his name, may be taken as denoting that he belonged to the gentry class. Mrs. Mary Newton Stanard, in her valuable work entitled "Colonial Virginia". Its People and Customs', says on this point---"the term "gentleman" was a comprehensive one at that time and was applied to men of widely varying social rank", and that "it will not do to lay to much stress on the social meaning of the term "mister", but its use always noted a person of respectability". I am inclined to believe that these observations apply with much more force to conditions in the 18th century than to those in the earlier colonial days of Virginia when the line between gentry and yeomen was quite sharply drawn , and that at least during the Stuart dynasty these terms connoted social gentility rather than mere respectability.


Social inequality has always existed among the constituents of any one caste of society as the result of accidents independent of breeding. The significance of these terms in conjunction with a man's name depends also on the instrument, the connection, and the relative frequency with which they appear in his case as compared with the names of other and associated men. It is found that John Payne was frequently referred to as Mr. when a number of other and co-related names were not so indexed. These comments are important to us, his descendants, at this remote date and in the absence of documentary evidence, in our efforts to reconstruct and evaluate the parts that our ancestors played in the life of their day. In 1665 Mr. John Payne was one of the Vestrymen of Sittingbourne Parish, ra. Co., of which Mr. Francis Doughty was rector, and which was probably named after a town in Kent, England.
No adequate appreciation of the conditions of these early days is possible without an understanding of the high esteem in which the trades and guilds were then held. Our historical magazines contain abundant material on this subject, concerning which there is much misapprehension by those who take only a casual glance into the records of our colonial life. In W.M.., Vol IV, a writer says--"I have found that many of the old leading Virginians apprenticed their sons to some tradesman. The carpenter's trade was especially honorable. No family was more honored or more influential than the Cary family, yet both the father and the grand-father of Col Archibald Cary called themselves "carpenters" as well as "gentlemen".
Mr. John Payne owned large quantities of land at various times and places during the period of the above-mentioned 103 records, including 1500 a. at Occoquan in what is now Prince William; 1485 a on golden Vale Cr, in what is now Caroline, called "Hazelwood" and once the home of John Taylor, Mr. Jefferson's chief lieutenant; and considerable land in the vicinity of whatt is now Leedstown and Pope's Cr., in addition to his holdings in Lancaster and his seated property on Pepetick Cr. Before his death he apparently disposed of all this land except that which lay on Pepetick Cr. The records of the Land Office in the Capitol at Richmond show that between `1653 and 1666, nine patents aggregating over 5116a were issued to him, of wh;ich 1356a. were allotted for importing 28 persons into the colony. Of this total amount granted, 3443 a bordered on Pepetick Cr, and its branches. 
Those;hose from whom John Payne collected tithes in Lancaster, and others with whom he associated in a way suggesting that they were in a general sense his neighbors, were Major John Carter, Rowland Lawson, Thomas Brice, Thomas Powell, William White, the Grymes family, William Newsam, John Merriman, Richard Merriman, Raleigh Travers, Elias Edmonds, William Clapham, John Jones, etc Some names found in similar association with him after his removal to Rappahanock are major John Weir, Thomas Erwin, John Jennings, Capt Henry Fleet, Thomas Hawkins, Thomas Wright, David Warren, Thomas Lucas, William Lane, Alexander Fleming, Silvester Thatcher, John Ayres, John Barrow.


End of file

Contact person is Dale at:  



Copied from email:

Andy and Nelda:
This is Dale Payne
 I am forwarding the information obtained in the atchd message. Figured it was better than trying to redo the information therein. It  is basically the first information I have recvd  from information on the origination's of some of my possible ancestors. Had thought they did come from England, but this is the first which actually gives locations (towns, cities, counties etc), It also gives information on John Paynes family (father) and town of Huntingdonshire, England.

It also indicates that there is information dating back to the 1400's. I am interest in English History of the Paynes, prior  to America also. Not as interested as America but if it is available,  it would or could be interesting and an addition to what History I have.

Some data clipped out.



From: "Katherine Dykes"
Sent: Wednesday, June 8, 2011 10:07:55 PM
Subject: Payne Ancestry Information

I came upon your website on the ancestry of the Payne family and enjoyed reading it very much. I am also a descendant of John Payne  (first generation in America). My data is very close to yours. Here's what I have on him:
John Payne born 1613 in England, married Margaret Robinson in 1640 died January 1689 in Virginia

John Payne's father was Robert Payne b. 29 Sep 1573 at Midloes & St.Neot's, Huntingdonshire, England
His mother was Elizabeth Rotherham

There is information on each generation going back as far as 1402.

The Payne name continued in my line down to my great-great grandmother, Margaret Payne who married Elias W. Smith (born in Washington Co., KY) on 31 Dec 1817. Their son was my great-grandfather,
George Payne Smith, born 7 Feb 1819 in Lebanon, KY. Married Maria (Mary) Louisa Ellis in 1854 in Woodland, MO. Died 21 June 1883 in Seguin, TX. Here's a photo of his gravestone: 

Keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing some really good information about the Payne family.

Katherine Griscom Dykes

End of message.




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Neither, myself, nor the Lost Colony Research Group together or individually are  responsible for the personal content submitted by any individual to this website.


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The art work on this website is my (Nelda L. Percival) original art work and has not been released to any person or organization other then for the use of Lost Colony Research Group and the store front owned by the same. My art work has never been part of the Lost Colony Center for Science and Research's property. My art used here and at the store front was drawn precisely for the projects run by Roberta Estes and ownership has not been otherwise released. This project also uses the artwork of Dr. Ana Oquendo Pabon, the copyright to which she has retained as well. Other art works are the copyrights of the originators and may not be copied without their permission.
All DNA Content on this site belongs to the individuals who tested and or their representatives . The person who tested does not give up ownership of their DNA or DNA results by posting them here.
Where Copyrighted data has been cited the source has been included........
Some Native American art work is from  Some of their art was used as a bases for different creative graphics.