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Darige, Richard  -- 1587 Colonist roster

In the year 1587, Sir Walter Raleigh organized another colonial expedition consisting of 150 persons. (writeup deleted read at link below) Exactly what inducements Raleigh offered to the planters are not known. His terms were probably liberal, however, because Hariot, writing in February 1587, paid tribute to Raleigh's generosity, saying that the least that he had granted had been 500 acres of land to each man willing to go to America. Those contributing money or supplies, as well as their person, probably stood to receive more. From the list of names that has come down to us, it would appear that at least 10 of the planters took their wives with them.  Richard Darige was listed on the Lost Colony Roster.


Written by: 

Nancy Frey nee DAVIDGE

20 January 2012




DARIGE, Richard – Listed on Hakluyt’s Roster of the Voyage of 1587


I have conducted a fairly thorough search of UK records for the surname DARIGE as it appears in Hakluyt's Roster of the Lost Colonists.  Except for two patron submissions on the IGI this surname does not appear in the UK between 1538 and 1600.  Nor does the variant DARAGE.


Hakluyt’s Roster of the Lost Colonists only appears in printed versions of his books.  I have been unable to find a manuscript and I suspect that it has long since disappeared.  Therefore, we have only the printer’s transcription of what Hakluyt actually wrote.


I would think that Hakluyt wrote his original manuscript in Latin in the ‘hand’ used at the time.  A “v” in several old hands can easily be mistaken for an “r”.


Therefore, I propose that the man whose ancestors we are searching for is a Richard DAVIDGE who was born in the British Isles somewhere between 1550 & 1569.


My maiden name is DAVIDGE and over the past 20 years I have done a very thorough search in the UK and some searches in the US and Canada on DAVIDGE and all its variations.  I am also in touch with many other people researching this surname.  Some of the common variants are DAVAGE, DAVIG, and DAVIGE with one area adopting DAVERIDGE.  The earliest spelling of the surname is DAUAGE which is the way it would have been written in Latin as the Romans often used U and V interchangeably for the 'v' sound.  You will see this on many old Roman inscriptions.


As far back as the 1300s DAVIDGE was recorded in Dorset, principally in the parish of Buckhorn Weston which is near the border with Somerset & Wiltshire.  The DAVIDGE family were the owners of Manor Court, which still exists today on the outskirts of the village of Buckhorn Weston.  They also appear to have owned property in several other places in Dorset, Somerset & Wiltshire.  At least two of the DAVIDGE men from Buckhorn Weston became members Clergymen of the Church of England.  From Will, Deeds and extant parish registers I have attempted to reconstruct this family, although I still have many gaps.


From their earliest records in Dorset, I have traced branches of this family to Somerset, Wiltshire, Kent, Bristol, Canada, the US, Newfoundland & Australia.


A Yahoo! Group DAVIDGEConnections ( has been established and most of the prominent DAVIDGE researchers are members.  We are all working together to attempt to link together the various DAVIDGE lines.  If you have an interest in the surname, we'd love to have you as a member.


I have set up a DAVIDGE DNA Group with Family Tree DNA and am attempting to get testing done on some of the males whose genealogy is known.  Two of the Newfoundland descendants have been tested, and I am hoping to have direct descendants of the DAVIDGE family of Dorset as well as the DAVIDGE family of Anne Arundel Maryland tested.  At the moment, funds are not available for this research.


Richard DAVIDGE of the Lost Colony would have been over 18 years of age or he would have been referred to as a ‘boy’.  He was likely baptised 1569 or before.  Not many parish records are available that early on, and those that I was able to find do not have a suitable baptism.


I have several Richard DAVIDGEs in my genealogy file.  A Richard DAVIDGE married Mary HOLMAN 29 Feb 1595/96 Swyre, Dorset (Ancestry - image on file) but it is doubtful he was the Lost Colonist.  A Richard DAVIDGE was the father of Thomas DAVIDGE baptised 6 Oct 1556 Church Knowle, Dorset (Ancestry - image on file).  Richard the father would probably have been born c. 1531 before the Reformation, and may have been too old to be the Lost Colonist.  The given name Richard was used in several DAVIDGE branches and still appears today.


It has recently come to my attention that there were two possible DAVIDGE brothers, Robert & John who arrived in Jamestown in 1608 on the First Supply Ship.  The transcription show the surname as SALVAGE. 


If these two men turn out to be the ancestors of the DAVIDGEs of Maryland, then possibly they emigrated to Jamestown in hopes of finding their relative Richard DAVIDGE who was a member of the Lost Colony of 1587.


This is, of necessity, an interim report as more and more information is being uploaded to the internet daily.  I continue to pursue all leads, and will report further when I have more information.


Nancy Frey nee DAVIDGE

20 January 2012


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