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Howe, George -- 1587 Colonist roster (Two George Howes, a man and a child, possible father / son?)

Howe, George (boy) -- 1587 unknown who took him in after elder George's death.


The Lost Colony of 1587

In the year 1587, Sir Walter Raleigh organized another colonial expedition consisting of 150 persons. Men, Women, and children were part of this group. George Howe Colonist, he was one of the twelve assistants for the Governor of the Colony, John White. Listed with the colonists are children and here is listed two George Howe adult and George Howe the boy.

Within the first few days, George Howe, the adult, was attacked and killed by natives while out fishing.

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George Howe was the man killed in the colony. He was reported to have wondered off from the colony to fish and when he was wading in the water he was shot with arrows from an unidentified source. This gives an indication that there could possibly be hostilities in the area coming from the Native Americans. Their previous encounters with the English , specifically in this area, had not been pleasant. Prior to 1587 there was a military outpost located at Roanoke and relations with the Natives were far from satisfactory. So that leaves the question of why would England send colonists into an area that could have been seen as hostile? 

Now, discussing some of the possibilities of what may have happened to the son. First he would have been taken under the wing of one of the families. Would he have survived to adulthood?



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