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Taylor - Tayler  Research File

Taylor, Thomas - 1585-86 Taylor, John - 1585-86 -1590

Tayler, Clement - colonist roster 1587 Tayler, Hugh - colonist roster 1587


This surname is part of Hatteras Island Family Reconstruction Project.


From Roberta Estes

We have always been disappointed, of course, that John White was unable to prolong his search for the Lost Colony when he returned in 1590. This feeling becomes even stronger when we realize that he had with him three men whose surnames were the same as members of the Lost Colony. There must have been real grief in their hearts when they had to turn away with doubt still clouding their minds.

Henry Millett undoubtedly hoped to find Michael Myllet and John Taylor, who surely knew the country well from his stay of a year with Lane, must have been deeply moved to have to turn away without finding Hugh Taylor, and perhaps the boy, William Wythers, who might also have been a relative.


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