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White - Whyte  Research File

1.) Whyte, Henry Captain - ship Sea Dragon owned by Sir William Wynter - 1585/86


2.) White, William June 9, 1586 - Sir Francis Drake was off the coast of Roanoke Island with a mighty fleet of 23 ships.


3.) White, Culberth 1587 colonist roster


4.) White / Whyte, John -- a. Artist on the recon voyage of 1584,  b. 1585-86 military colony, Illustrator, c. 1587 Colonist roster, d. Governor of the colony, White, John Governor and  Captain - ship  The Admiral; 


5.) 1588 first relief voyage, carrying supplies, 5. 1589-1590 relief voyage, carrying supplies


6.) This surname is part of Hatteras Island Family Reconstruction Project.


From Roberta Estes:


It is also possible that one of Lane's men did a bit of recruiting for his alma mater. Both William White and Richard Wildye were graduates of Brasenose College, Oxford, and we find that young Thomas Hulme, a member of the same expedition, entered the same college the year following his return home. Hulme later studied law. Another young man in the same group, Richard Ireland, entered Christ Church, Oxford, two years later and eventually was Headmaster of Westminster School.



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John White Artist and Governor
Little is known about him afterwards. The last time he is heard from is in a letter to Richard Hakluyt written from his home at Newton in Kylmore, County Cork, Ireland, on 4 February 1593. In this letter he commends "the reliefe of my discomfortable company of planters in Virginia, to the merciful help of the Almighty...." More than likely White was involved in Ralegh's colonization efforts in Ireland. There is a possibility that White went on a voyage in 1601 and it may have been he who died in May 1606 when Bridgit White was appointed administratix of the estate of her brother John White, "late of parts beyond the seas...."

White was by far a better painter than governor. He was not strong enough to force Fernandes to follow instructions. Sea captains on each voyage were more interested in privateering than in colonizing and White could not make them follow Ralegh's instructions. Even with his own family lost, White could not get the captains to go to Croatoan. Regardless of his shortcomings as a leader, White was an excellent painter and his water-colors are an important source of information about the Roanoke Voyages. As copied by Theodore De Bry in his engravings used as illustrations for Thomas Harriot's text in America published in Frankfort (1590), White's paintings greatly influenced European attitudes about the coastal Indians of North America. They have been reprinted in America 1585; The complete Drawings of John White by Paul Hulton published by the University of North Carolina Press in 1984.





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