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Welcome. This is a list of surnames that have been submitted to the Laclede Genealogical Society by mail or by e-mail. From Members of the Society.

They are associated with Laclede County or the surrounding counties.
NOTE: These submissions began in 1991 and the addresses may no longer be correct.

To post a surname on this list. You must be a member of the Laclede County Genealogical Society, Send a message to Larry Dunbar. Put Laclede County Society Surname in the subject field. Put in the surname you are searching, the years covered, the migration path if known and your e-mail address and your name.

NOTE: In the begining, this list was by U S mail. The years and migration path were not asked for. Please include them now.

If you need to update your information, please send me a note and put
Laclede County Society Update in the subject line.

If you make a connection from these lists please send us a message. Thanks.

Click on the Letter of the Surname that you are interested in and you will go to that page.
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