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of Madison County, Mo.


ADAMS, William and Delilah Elizabeth Long.
BARRETT, Frank and Mary Murray family
BREWINGTON, Pape and Pippin, Kinchin.
CLUBB, Stella, Ollie, Birdie, Anna, Rella, Louisa, Elbie, Dave.
COMBS, John Hansford and Edna Evelyn (Miller) Family.
DALTON, Elijah Levi and Laura Ann Clubb.  
DALTON, Jeremiah & Nancy Hurt 
DUNCAN, Richard Marion and Mary Louisa Williams
FRANCIS, Saphronia Pippin (wife of Ed Francis) and Miss Razor.
FRANCIS, Sarah Ellen
GRAHAM, Elijah Family photos.
HAHN, John Jasper and Joanna Gadberry.
HICKS, Eliza Carrie (Katie), husband George M. Raines and sister Nettie Hicks.
HICKS, Ferdinand Desoto and Roseanna Rebecca Mathews.
HICKS, James Dwight
HICKS, Martha Ann 
HICKS, William Edward and Mary Francis Harrington.
HINKLE, Robert P. (Robert P. Hinkles children)

HINKLE/SANDERS (composite of three sets of grandparents.

William Wiley and Ida Clementine Sanders 
Robert P. and Margaret Bennett Hinkle
James L. and Annvalene McKinney Sanders

HOWELL, George Douglas and Eva Evangeline Wilson.
HOWELL, William Anderson and Lilly Amanda Wilson.
KELLEY, Dan, wife Cordelia and children Charles, Lewis and Mabel.
KING, Gus, Joe, Simon and George Pritchett.
KING, William Robert and second wife Ada Estella "Young".
KING, Wm. Robert and first wife Martha Amanda "Young".
LaBROT, James Bray and Sarah Melvina Eden Family.
LaCHANCE, Benjamin Harrison and Julia Catherine Adams.
LaCHANCE, Benjamin and Sophia Kellerman Handel.
LaCHANCE, Family group picture.
LaCHANCE, Another family group picture.
LACHANCE, Wm Benjamin & Mary Ruth family. Two family photos.
LAPLANT, John Marion and Mary Lucinda King.
LUNSFORD, James Lane and wife Nancy Howard family and Mary Ann Gross Lunsford.
LUNSFORD, Noah Webster and Mary Helen Bollinger Family.
MATHEWS, Judge John Jones Mathews
MATHEWS, William, Amanda, Ferdinand.
McDOWELL, Samuel David and Carrie Belle Howell.
Moore Watts & Priest Families of Mine La Motte
MURRAY, William Jasper & Nancy Ellen Brewer (Family Reunion)
MURRAY, William Jasper & Nancy Ellen Brewer family home ca 1908.
MURRAY, William Jasper Family
MURRAY, William Jasper
MURRAY'S attending a Brush Arbor gathering.
PIPPIN, Kinchin and Brewington, Pape
PRUETT, Charles Franklin and Rebecca Elizabeth "Lizzie" (St. Clair) 
PRUETT, Solomon Family.
PUNCH, Homer, Hattie Whitener, Martha, Howard, Ida, Stella.
RION, Adeline Philomen Jane and three Rion Brothers.
ROGERS, James Robert Rogers and Mary Hannah Skaggs

SANDERS/HINKLE  (composite of three sets of grandparents.

William Wiley and Ida Clementine Sanders 
Robert P. and Margaret Bennett Hinkle
James L. and Annvalene McKinney Sanders

SHAW, Joshua Newton and his daughters.
SHULTS, John (Jack) and Nellie Schults.
SHRUM, Nellie, Nettie and Mary.
SITZES, Family -Martha Ann (Stacy) Sitzes, Rosa Gertrude (Wilson) Sitzes, Effie (Sitzes) Spain, G. Frederick Sitzes, Ruth Sitzes, William C. Sitzes, Mary Sitzes, & Bert Spain
SKAGGS, Barbara and daughters.
SKAGGS, Daughters of Charles Cyrus & Martha Jane Wood, Alma Lucille Skaggs, Glady Geraldine Skaggs and Marie Imogene Skaggs. 
SKAGGS, James and Barbara and photo of home.
SKAGGS, James Issac and Mary Ellen Minta Davis Family
SKAGGS, Thomas Jefferson and Emily Jane Reeves.
SKAGGS, William Daniel 
SMART, Joseph Marion  and others
SUTHERLAND, Benjamin Franklin
TUCKER, George W. and Nellie Schults.
TUCKER, Henry and Mary Jane Barron.
WATTS, James Watts & Mickey Ann Moore
WATTS, Wm Reuben Watts & Vernetta Underwood
WHITAKER, Edith Stevens.  Linked under her picture are two casket photos.

WHITE, Luke William and Missouri Vianna Mouser and 

Columbis Marion White & Annie Elizabeth Mullins White Family

WHITENER, Benjamin Franklin and Mary Jane Watts Family.
WHITENER, Frank, Lula, Robert, Vertie, Sidney, Margaret, Hattie, Martha, Melchi, and Amanda.
WHITENER, Lawson M. and wife Amanda Graham and Lydia Ann Stroup.
WHITENER, Pinkney Graham and Mary Jane Clifton family.
WHITENER, Sid and Lessie Whitener with children Florence and Roy.
WHITWORTH, Wm Davis & Nancy Jane (Higdon) Family.
WILSON, Harvey and Nancy Poston.
WILSON, Wm. H. and Arminta Morris.
WOOD, Josiah and Martha Quinton Family.
YOUNG, Joshua McClard and Nancy King Minor family.
YOUNG, Wm Thomas Young and Minverva Belle King Young.