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Circuit Clerk Office

Madison County, Mo

Index to Slave & Free Blacks Cases

Arranged by Plaintiff

Microfilm roll C19536 Mo State

Date Plaintiff Defendant Complaint
1859 Charles, Slave of White, Albert Run-away notice.
1846 Allen, Jesse (Estate) by Allen, Burditt, O.; et McDowell, John Dispute over slaves (Shant, Phoebe, & her 4 children.
1842 Anthony, J. F. & Co. Isom, Robert & Co. (Isom, free man of color) Debt
1842 Anthony, J. F. & Co. Caldwell, Jerry (Freeman of Color) Debt
1849 Bagnell, Mary Spiva, James A. Injunction to stop sell of slave (KIT)
1858 Berry, James & Matilda C. Reynolds, Benjamin Possession of slave
1827 Bird, Amos (Estate) Bird, Gustavus Unlawful Detainer of Slave (Joe)
1843 Black, Elizabeth Noell & Callaway Debt/Note/Hire of Negro Boy, "Spencer"
1868 Bridges, Reuben (Former slaves) Maze, Pleasant Back wages for 1865-1867
1841 Buckner, Allen (Freeman of Color) Campbell, Cornelius (Free man of color) Account
1843 Buford, John Pettit, Geo.; Pratte, E. F. Debt/Hire of Slave (Jerry)
1833 Caldwell, James Deguire, Henry & Joseph Note for Hire of Negro, "Anderson
1842 Caldwell, Jerry (Free man of color) Wilson, Joseph Debt on account
1835 Compton, David Grimes, Samuel (Free man of color Assumpsit
1840 Curl, R. J. for use of Robbins, J. B. Debt 1840
1836 Dillon, William Crawford, William Swap of Land for Negro, "Billy", in 1830
1845 Edmunds, Sarah Gregory, F. G. Hire of Slave
1845 Fox, David M. For use of Joseph, A slave Pratte, Onesime Debt
1824 Gregoire, Charles Jr; Pratte, Evariste F. & Pet Chevallier, Peter Petition to foreclose mortgage (Slave, Baptiste)
1846 Gregory, Felix G. Buckner, Allen (Free man of color) Debt
1828 Griggs, John M. Bill, Slave of Griggs, Thomas Assualt
1841 Grounds, Solomon Kelly, Robert Perjury & slander (involved bill of sale for 3 slaves)
1853 Hill, Allen, A slave Hill, Jane, Administrator of John Petition for Freedom
1860 Hill, James Sr. George, Mulatto, age 22; Smith M Notice of runaway slaves
1842 Isom, Bob (Free man of color) Holiday, Wm. Debt
1842 Isom, Bob (Free man of color) Valle, John Jr. Debt
1843 Isom, Robert (Free man of color) Ronald, William Foreclosure of mortgage
1843 Isom, Robert (Free man of color) Robinson, John L. Debt
1839 Isom, Robert (Free man of color) Pratte & Son Debt/labor for business
1839 Kelly, Robert & Others Daley, Charles Unlawful Detainer of Slave (Sally)
1839 Kelly, Robert & Others Grounds, Solomon Unlawful Detainer of Slaves (Jackson & Nancy)
1858 Kemper, Henry; McFarland, Arthur Hill, Allison (Free man of color) Foreclose mortgage
1837 Kimbrell, John C. George (Free man of color) Debt
1841 Lampher, George W. Bettis, Jerry (Free man of color) Debt
1857 Limbaugh, William; et al Partition of slaves
1839 Margaret, Free woman of color Fenwick, Leo Petition for freedom (supplement to microfilm ca
1843 Niswonger, William (Free man of color) Samuels, John Unlawful detainer (mare)
1860 Olds, Joshua (Heirs), Grantor Spiva, James M., Grantee Sale of slaves
1834 Overfield, F. T. ASN of Campbell, Cornelius (FR) Fontaine, William Debt
1825 Parkins, Joseph Mary Ann, a slave of Louis Bernie Stealing (handkerchief)
1832 Robert, Free man of color Stephens, Gabriel & Warren Note for Hire of Negro, "Anderson
1840 Robinson, John L. Allen (Free man of color) Trespass
1843 Smith & Bossier by Smith, Zenus Hutchings, Charles Debt (for boarding slaves to Britten, Samuel)
1823 Snelling, Hugh Hickman, William Unlawful detainer (slave, Fanny, & her male child)
1846 Stanley, James J. For use of Lane, Robert H. Shannon, Robert M. Hire of slave girl
1820 State of Missouri Dick, Jeff & Randal (Slaves)
1828 State of Missouri Robert, Slave of Isom, William Assualt (Proctor, Betsy - Free woman of color)
1829 State of Missouri New, Francis Selling liquor to a slave (Phil, slave of Samuel A.
1931 State of Missouri Dick, a slave of Moore, Joseph Assault (Snow, Bird)
1832 State of Missouri Lucy, a slave Stealing (one handkerchief)
1841 State of Missouri Hill, Thomas Selling liquor to a slave belonging to Mr. Teal.
1843 State of Missouri Edinger, John Permitting slave to go at large (Hired himself out)
1843 State of Missouri Olda, Joshua Permitting slave to sell liquor/fee bill only.
1847 State of Missouri Harris, William Stealing slave, "Ned property of C. Henderson
1848 State of Missouri Hertzinger, Frederick Selling merchandise to a slave
1851 State of Missouri Charlotte, Mulatto slave of Thoma Insulting language to S. F. Gabriel family ("stru
1851 State of Missouri Tate, Jefferson Gambling device/gambling with slaves
1853 State of Missouri White, William Allowing a slave, Dick, to sell liquor
1855 State of Missouri Wernicke, Henry Allowing a slave to sell liquor
1857 State of Missouri Henley, William Buying liquor from a slave of Richard Britton.
1857 State of Missouri Howard, Ignatius Buying liquor from a slave of Richard Britton.
1859 State of Missouri Charles, Slave of Albert White Stealing mare ( M.Graham; see run-away notice)
1860 State of Missouri Hertzinger, Frederick Selling liquir to Tom, slave of Ewilliam Cox.
1860 State of Missouri Hertzinger, Frederick Selling liquir to Humphrey, slave of Richard Buc
1860 State of Missouri Hertzinger, Frederick Selling liquor to Baptiste, slave of Joseph D.
1860 State of Missouri Bob, A slave of Thomas Grigsby Rape of a white woman, Amanda Carr
1860 State of Missouri Grooms, William; Snider, Thomas Decoying slaves out of state/lists names and age
1860 State of Missouri Hertzinger, Frederick Selling liquor to Alvin, slave of Henry Janis
1860 State of Missouri Hertzinger, Frederick Selling liquor to Daniel, slave of E. McFadden.
1863 State of Missouri Adam, a slave alias John Allen Murder of Jack Natthews, a slave
1865 State of Missouri Patterson, Alpherd Murder of Dick, slave of a Tucker
1834 Stephens, Jacob Compton, Richard & David; Holladay Hire of slave (Randal)
1823 Stephenson, Elizabeth Gholson, Thomas Debt (slave, Matilda
1828 Tinnen, William Kimbrell, John & James W. Hire of slave (Lewis)
1860 Tong, H. N. & Co. Valle, John Account (Hire of slaves)
1852 Valle, Francis Lucien, slave of Francis Valle Power of attorney to C. C. Valle to recover runaway
1849 Watt, William Clifton, James & Amy Trover & conversion of slave (Mill?)
1857 Whitener, John (Estate) Partition of slaves