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T32N, R5E, Sect. 19 - E Hiway to Co. Rd. 429

* - Asterisk notes an unmarked grave

Submitted by Michael Miller

* Durand, Candide January 1870 ca. 1899 S/O Simon Durand & Sarah Lovelady LaPlant    MD:  Caroline Lurana  Shoemaker on 31 Dec. 1896
* King, Eli Alexander 1837-May 1876 S/O Samuel Andrew King & Mary Ann Fears  MD: 1) Missouri Reed 13 Jan 1856  (divorced in Sept 1867)  2) Mary Ellen ________  (thought to be Gregory) After Eliís death: Mrs. Ellen King MD. Geo. W Young 19 July 1877
* King James Washington 1828 @Tenn 10-Feb-05 S/O Samuel Andrew King & Mary Ann Fears   MD:1) Luciann Goff 30  Aug 1849  2) Laurene Williams Reed
* King Laurene 1832 @MO 1885 D/O Johnson Williams & Gatsey Shelby MD: 1) William J Reed  2) Jas Washington King 28 Dec 1851
* King, Luciann 1827@KY 1851 D/O Alexander & Lucy J Goff of VA.
* King, Lucy Ann Apr 1842 1850 D/O Samuel Andrew King & Mary Ann Fears
* King, Mary Ann SEE: Miller, Mary Ann
* King, Samuel Andrew 1794 @ Eastern TN 1844 **S/O Thomas & Hannah  MD: Mary Ann Fears  on  9 August 1827 in Rutherford Co., TN.
* King, William R. 1850 12 July 1877 S/O James W. & Luciann (Goff)
* LaPlant, Sarah 1835 @ KY. ca. 1880 Sarah Lovelady  MD.: John J. LaPlant
* Miller, Jacob 1798 @ OHIO 1865 H/O Mary A.
* Miller, Mary Ann 1812 @ TN. ca.1890    D/O James Fears  MD: 1) Samuel King 9 Aug. 1827  2) Jacob Miller  7 July 1845
NOTES:   This cemetery is located on the Ester Miller Farm.  All graves are unmarked
There are military headstones that were placed on the graves of Samuel A King & his son
 James Washington King, however at this time I am not satisfied that these stones are the
Correct.  Candide Durand was the natural born son of Simon Duran & Sarah Lovelady
 LaPlant.  Sarah was my great great great grandmother, her son, John M LaPlant was my
 great great grandfather.  A court document filed in Madison County 15 Feb. 1889 shows
 that Simon legally adopted Candide as his natural son & heir.  Candide was murdered
 while logging at Cascade in Wayne Co. He worked in Thirty Three Hollow.  The
 Foreman was Edward Weekley, father-in-law of the late;  Mae Miller Weekley .  He was
 found dead in the living quarters of the crew which was located next to the railroad right
 of way that they used to truck the logs out to the mill.  Candide was poisoned by two
 Madison County men who were well known to him, one of these men later married his
 widow. The names of the men are known to me.  Edward Weekley knew who they were
 as did Charles Reed.  My Aunt, Clara Firebaugh LaPlant & her brother Dewey, both
 verified a similar story to me.  Candideís body was brought back to Madison County by
 team & wagon.  When Simon saw the dead body of his son his cries of grief & rage were
 heard throughout the hollows of French Mills. Simon almost lost his mind over this.  It is
 interesting to note he was also murdered in 1917.