Madison County Missouri Divorces


1821 1869

Divorce Packets FHC Film # 2027297

Beginning of film says it is Perry Co., but all information is from Madison Co. Courthouse in Fredericktown for Madison County.


Each Divorce contains several pages of original hand-written documents.


Transcribed and submitted by Penny Casey


Divorce Database 1821-1869

Bayle, John vs Bayle, Mary 1821 Adultery
DeGuir, Francis vs Deguir, Susannah July 1821 Adultery w/Louis Deguire & others
Kelly, Odeal vs Kelly David July 1821 Desertion
Williams, Elizabeth vs Williams, William 1822 File March 1823
Miller, Jacob vs Miller, Mary Ann   Desertion
Brown, Melisee vs Brown, Harbourt 1828 Pages torn, pieces missing
Zursky, Vellelmemia vs Zursky, Daniel 1828 Cruelty
Biswell, Richard vs Biswell, Scynthia 1830  
Robinson, Sally M vs Robinson, John B. 1832  
Little, William P vs Little, Mary Ann 1833  
Knight, Harriet vs Knight, Hiram 1834  
Teal, Sally (Sarah) vs Teal, Charles 1836 Desertion
Allen, Thomas C vs Allen, Rebecca Johnson 1838 Neglect of Duties
Allen, Rebecca vs Allen, Thomas 1840 Desertion
Booth, John J vs Booth, Eliza 1842 Married in Pennsylvania
Calloway, James vs Calloway, Caroline 1842  
Jennings, Susan vs Jennings, Edward 1842 Married Republic of Texas
Noell, Elizabeth Ann vs Noell, William 1842  
Anthony, Joseph F vs Anthony, Emily 1845  
Culiven, Matsey vs Culiven, Issac 1846  
Mungle, Issac vs Mungle, Eleanor 1846  
Huff, Margaret vs Huff, John 1847  
Bagnell, Mary vs Bagnell, Issac 1848 Abandonment *see civil cases 1851
Haines, John vs Haines, Meddy Maria 1849  
Hancock, H.C. vs Hancock, Sarah 1849  
Lance, Anthony vs Lance, Elizabeth 1851  
Buckner, Mary vs Buckner, John 1852  
Gholson, John M vs Gholson, Louisa P 1853  
Hassett, Susan A vs Hassett, Patrick 1854  
Lester, Jane vs Lester, Jesse 1855  
McBride, Margaret vs McBride, John 1855  
Parker, Matilda vs Parker, William 1855  
Underwood, Eliza vs Underwood, John J 1855  
King, Hester vs King, Samuel 1856  
Settles, Edward vs Settles, Ann H.J. 1857  
Parker, William vs Parker, Emily 1858  
Ritchie, Dempsey vs Ritchie, Ada A 1858  
Vaughn, William vs Vaughn, Rutha 1858  
Callison, Ady vs Callison, Robert 1859 Wed to Nancy Cortill ( it appears that Ady got sick)
Delby, William vs Delby, Mary Ann 1859  
Matlock, Eliza vs Matlock, George W 1859  
Fortune, Nancy vs Fortune, William 1860 Abandonment
Tinnon, Emeline vs Tinnon, Jasper 1860  
Paton, Ann vs Paton, Reuben 1863  
Morrill, Janette vs Morrill, Joseph 1864  
Westlake, Mary vs Westlake, William 1865  
Arnett, William vs Arnett, Elizabeth 1866 Abandonment
Hammock, Mary vs Hammock, Daniel H. 1866 Abandonment (living with Lizzie Mane)
King, Missouri vs King, Alex 1866 Abandonment/Adultery
Miller, John vs Miller, Mary E 1866  
Orr, Jonathan  vs Orr, Manerva 1866  
Pritchett, Thomas vs Pritchett, Nancy 1866 Abandonment Adultery w/Issac Stacy and others
Reed, Anna M vs Reed, John 1866 Abandonment
Reynolds, Martha vs Reynolds, Nathan 1866 Abandonment
Williams, Malinda vs Williams, Henry 1866 Adultery
Calton, Larkin vs Calton, Sarah E 1867 Adultery/Abandonment
Dunegan, Josephine vs Dunegan, Samuel A 1867  
Winters, Emily vs Winters, Robert 1867  
Brendle, Frederick vs Brendle, Mary Ann 1868  
Moore, Susannah vs Moore, Elbert 1868 *note on file **by her next friend B.F. Kelly**
Tucker, Rose vs Tucker, Felix 1868 Husband in prison
White, William vs White, Artemina 1868  
Duncan, Elizabeth vs Duncan, James 1869  
Harrington, Catharine vs Harrington, Alexander 1869  
Moore, Stephen M vs Moore, Caroline 1869