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Madison County Missouri Coroner's Inquests--1825-1918

This is an index from Madison County Coroner Inquests

Submitted by Becky Millinger

Name Cause of Death Date
Adam, (a slave) 1825
Bonner, Charles Apoplectic fit/excessive drunkeness 1871
Brooks, John 1861
Callaway, Benjamin Intemperance 1859
Gary, Michael Knife wound 1868
Cravens, Williams 1856
Cusnushur, George Ambused by unk person, gunshot wound in back 1862
Darly, John Struck by dull instrument 1872
Dillon, William E. Shot by Andrew Compton 25 August 1837
Ferguson, John Wounds and injuries inflicted by Louis Deil 1860
Fuller, Thomas intoxicated/exposure 1871
Goff, John 1891
Hold, Polly Miscarriage 1843
Jack, a slave of John Matthews Stabbed by Abner, a slave of Mrs. Bollinger 1862
Jones, James Suicide-pistol in home of Henry Eidson, Fredericktown 1938
Jones, James Iron Mt. Railroad, accidently shot 1870
Kemper, Dr. W. M. 1891
King, James Hit by train at Marquand 1871
LaChance, Francis Intoxicated-struck w/mining shovel by Paul Polite or Robert 1860
LaChance, Nicholas 1865
Mansfield, John Stabbed by Sarah Mansfield, Felong to circuit court 1866
Masterson, Thomas Ruptured blood vessell 1845
Matthews, Henry Fall from train at Marquand 1872
McCormick, A. W. (Pat) Intoxicated -hit by train 1872
Mooney, Joseph Accidental drowning 1846
Morris, a slave of Bugg, Dr. Joel Stabbed by slave, Harry, slave of Dr. Bugg 1856
Mullersman, Peter Shot by brother, John 1869
Revelle, John D. 1867
Shell, Phillip Shot by Thomas Matthews 1872
Sheppard, John Stabbed by Lacy McKinsey 1838
Stacy, Elisha 1867
Unknown person Shot in head 1867
Walker, William 1870
Wheldon, B. N. 1870