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SCHOOLS Fredericktown High School, Marvin College, Fredericktown
HOTELS Merchants Hotel, Fredericktown, Corral Motel, Cherokee Pass, Womack Hotel, Fredericktown
SITES AROUND MADISON COUNTY Court House, Azalea Park, East Main Street, Residential portion of Main Street, View from West Main Street
SITE 2 AROUND MADISON COUNTY Railroad Depot 1909, City Lake and Railroad Trestle, Scene on Little St. Francis River
SITE 3 AROUND MADISON COUNTY Fisher's Place, Second View of Fisher's Place, Castle Rock
SITE 4 AROUND MADISON COUNTY 1913 View of Madison County Court House, East Main Street, Main Street, Fredericktown
Mine La Motte Company Store, Madison Hotel, 1910 Lead and Copper Works.
Original set of 4 card board backed Sepia Prints from Jones Studio, taken of Old Courthouse at Fredericktown.
MINE LA MOTTE MANSION The "Old Mansion At Mine La Motte". Built prior to 1861.
AROUND MADISON COUNTY 1905 Home of Dr. Robert E. Walsh DDS. and "Lead Station" at Mine La Motte.
AROUND MADISON CO 2 Jake Stephens General Store at Captains Creek, and the home of Hiram Berry III & Ellen Caroline Whitener Berry.
AROUND MADISON CO 3 Home of Jake and Sarah Stephens in Millcreek and Home of JQD Whitener in Marquand
AROUND MADISON CO 4 A great view of Silvermines and a post card of the Cat Fish Hole.
AROUND MADISON CO 5 1912 Prohibition Parade in Fredericktown, MO, Post card of the Castor River and Fisher Man's Paradise.
AROUND MADISON CO 6 Silver Mine Dam near Fredericktown, Mo. and the old swimming hole (Mill Dam), Fredericktown.
AROUND MADISON CO 7 Columbus Marion White Store at Higdon, MO, winter snow scene taken at the Castor River Shut-Ins on the Old Hahns Mill Road, and a photo of the City Lake.
AROUND MADISON CO 8 The Old Mine La Motte Postoffice, picture taken in 1930's, John Osborne Hahn is standing in front.
AROUND MADISON CO 9 The Underriner House, located in Fredericktown, picture after restoration.
AROUND MADISON CO 10 Photo of the Womack Hotel, located in the Town Square in Fredericktown.
AROUND MADISON CO 11 Madison Hotel before and after it burned in 1911.
AROUND MADISON CO 12 John Ramey livery stable and Old Security Bank in Fredericktown, Mo.
AROUND MADISON CO 13 Two pictures of a Train wreck at Marquand.
AROUND MADISON CO 14 Picture of the first Train Station in Fredericktown and second photo of the new train station.
AROUND MADISON CO 15 Photo old Tow Truck and T. R. Littleton & Son Machine Shop.
AROUND MADISON CO 16 The Chevrolet Dealership where Wilson Funeral Home is now and Bess Hardware, East Main St.
AROUND MADISON CO 17 Fredericktown Milling Co. and picture from 1915 of Fredericktown Flood.
AROUND MADISON CO 18 A parade on So. Main Street,  and Old highway 67 near Mine La Motte.

Store at Mine La Motte,  Spickerman & Sonderman and Citizens Telephone Company.

AROUND MADISON CO 20 This is East Main St. and Old Schulte Black Smith Building.
AROUND MADISON CO 21 Old Marvin College, Fredericktown, and Park at Fredericktown on South Main.
AROUND MADISON CO 22 John Schulte black smith shop as it was under construction and parade in front of Schulte Shop on North Main St. Notice dirt street
AROUND MADISON CO 23 Photo of Mine La Motte and one of Mill in Mine La Motte.
AROUND MADISON CO 24 Two photos of the old Silver Mines.
AROUND MADISON CO 25 Merchants hotel and photo of building that use to be the Webb Funeral Home.
AROUND MADISON CO 26 Photo of East Main Street, Fredericktown, MO., and A. E. Thompson & Bro. General Merchandise.
AROUND MADISON CO 27 Unknown person in Vintage Auto, and the Old Madison County Court House.
AROUND MADISON CO 28 Auto dealer, and Shoe factory.
AROUND MADISON CO 29 Old street view,  mine shop photo and Off Set Crew, Mine La Motte mines 1910.
AROUND MADISON CO 30 Dedication of St. Michaels Convent School.
AROUND MADISON CO 31 The old Grishim shop at Mill Creek Mo.
AROUND MADISON CO 32 Old school house at Barron Hollow.
AROUND MADISON CO 33 Old dance floor at Captain's Creek.
AROUND MADISON CO 34 Old Stave Mill of Uncle Richard (Rich) King at Captains Creek.
AROUND MADISON CO 35 Rayme's livery stable.
AROUND MADISON CO 36 South Main Street, Fredericktown, Missouri.
AROUND MADISON CO 37 Young people from Onion Town.
1897 Mine La Motte, Mo. Ball Team Photo of the 1897 Baseball team.
BUCKHORN BASEBALL TEAM 1915 Photo of a Buckhorn Baseball Team approx 1915
AROUND MADISON CO 38 Four unknown photos of places around Madison County.  Can you identify these places?