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Bell School

Dry Creek Township, Maries Co MO

1906 photo submitted by Melinda K Elmore

Front Row: Bob Miller, Grace Fortune, Ethel Terry, Stella Copeland, Jerry Bell, Avery Bull, Emory Bull, Raymond Noblett, (Clint McAfee or Bob Miller), Oakley Miller, Dewey Creamer, and Monroe Bell.

Second Row: May Roberson, Fanny Williams, Endami Sauls, Raymond Trogdon, Leslie Parker, Clay Copeland, Alfred Copeland, Lawrence Blackwell, Ray Creamer, and Leo Noblett.

Third Row: (Andrew or Oscar Williams), Edwin Davis, Pearl Roberson, Mina Wilson, Tilda Nelson, Rhea Noblett, John Bell, Harley Jennings, Lewis Montague, Forest Boyd, Evert Wilson, Finis Bell, Glen Roberson, and Avery Johnson.

Fourth Row: Garfield Price (teacher), Emma Nelson, Ruth Creamer, Flossie Bell, Ada Bell, Anna Nelson, Mabel Parker, Elsie Creamer, Gertie Montague, Effie Terry, Virgil Creamer, and Ray Sauls.

Fifth Row: Tade Nelson, John Terry, Lucy Jennings, Lee Terry, (Edna Noblett or Julia Pelican), Mollie Bell, Letha Sauls, Katy Roberson, Betty Nelson, and Carrie Sneed.

Back Row: Dora Cramer, Lee Montague, Rosa Montague, Nora Bell, Minnie Creamer, Pearl Dunivan, Christy Davis, Ed Bell, and Ben Creamer.

This photograph appears on page 20 of "Maries County, Missouri: A Pictorial History/Volume I". Please note that where there are names in parentheses, my grandmother's identification of the student in the photograph differed from that of the person who identified that student for the Maries County History Book. I would welcome confirmations of the identities of these or any other persons by family members. My grandmother was May Roberson, who appears in the second row.--Melinda Elmore

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