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Maries County Marriages

Book C

Submitted by Judy Germann

(Please note, I have not verified spellings against the original record, this is as transcribed. Please note that often, the same name mentioned twice in a record has two different spellings.-Judy)

Listed alphabetically by groom.

(Just a note for searchers, the marriages for Maries County were indexed for the Historical Society, but only the year was given. Before I left there, I spent some time going through the books, and adding as many dates as I could, as well as place of marriage if given, and other pertinent data. On future trips down there to visit, I'll try to get more full dates, but for now will just use the year. -Judy)

Adkins, James A. to Lucinda Hopkins, 31 Dec 1890, JP's office.

Adkins, James A., to Sarah A. Gatewood, 12 Dec 1893, Union Hill School.

Alfs, B.D. to Annie Mengers of Osage Co, 22 Nov 1894, Babbtown, Maries Co.

Anderson, J.J. to Lucinda Hull, dau of J.B., 31 Dec 1896, at J.B. Hull's.

Atkins, Charles F. to Hester A. Gatewood, 5 Dec 1895, brides residence.

Atwill, L.J., of Miller Co, son of R.J. who gives consent, to Mary Vaughn, dau of John, 28 Nov 1895 at brides residence.

Backues, Martin T. to Martha E. Shanks, 7 Mar 1897 at brides residence.

Bacon, James H. to Simpson, Lyd, 29 Nov 1892, JP's office.

Bailey, Joseph M. son of Elizabeth Bailey who gives consent, to Martha Sterling, 14 Dec 1890 at brides residence.

Baker, M.C. to Zela Copeland, d/o Mellville, who gives consent, 7 Apr 1892, J.P. Office.

Baker, William M. to Mary Capehart, 4 Oct 1891, at Geo. Carpenters.

Barbarick, James T., s/o Louis F. who gives consent, to Melisa A. Hill, d/o Louzena who gives consent (bride & groom both of Gasconade Co), 15 Mar 1893, JP's office in Gasconade Co.

Barnett, Isaac M. of Miller Co, son of H.E. who gives consent, to Mary E. Ellis, 1 Aug 1897 at brides residence.

Barnett, James L. of Miller Co, to Dora Elizabeth Martin, 21 Mar 1897 at brides res.

Barnhart, A.H. to Julia A. Vaughan, d/o of John W. & Bettie Vaughan, 14 Mar 1895 at brides residence.

Barnhart, Charles H. s/o Jackson who gives consent, to Rillie Burd, 18 Oct 1896, brides residence.

Barnhart, James M. to Mary E. Roberts, 16 Sep 1897 at George Roberds.

Barnhart, John M. to Marilla A. Orr, 27 Dec 1894, residence of bride.

Barnhart, Monroe to Mary E. Lawson, d/o Calvin, who gives consent, 26 Feb 1896 at C.W. Lawson's.

Barr, Warren M. to Amanda Scott, of Pulaski Co, 23 Aug 1894, Dixon, Pulaski Co.

Bartle, George, s/o Warren who gives consent, to Rosa King, 31 Jan 1895, Vienna.

Bassett, Freeman J. to Laura Vanderpool, 20 Oct 1895, Hughes Chapel.

Bassett, Joseph to Ina M. Love, 29 Oct 1893, at brides residence.

Bauer, Joseph (?) to Barbara Welchmeyer of Osage Co, 18 Oct 1892 at Richfountain, Osage Co. (Don't know what the transcriber was questioning.)

Bauer, Sebastian to Maggie Luebbert, 14 Apr 1896 at Holy Angels Church.

Baxter, William to H.F. Matthews, 21 Jan 1897 at Steens Prairie.

Beckman, William D. to Minnie A. Noblet, 3 Oct 1897 at J.A. Noblett residence.

Bell, Christopher C. to Harriet Jennings 26 Jan 1895 at Brides residence.

Bell, Richard to Ellen Roberson, 9 Mar 1893 at Jos. Roberson's.

Bell, William W. to Mary Overlease, 22 Oct 1896, "on the road." (Oh, I'd love to know that story!)

Berling, August W. to Emma C. Bell, d/o James Bell who gives consent, 4 Mar 1896 at James Bell's.

Berry, T.B. to Mrs. M.L. Seaton, 19 Jun 1892 at res of brides parents.

Birdsong, Alonzo to Loumina Bettic, 2 Feb 1896 at Lanes Prairie.

Birdsong, Elisha to Henrietta A. Newton 18 Sep 1892 at H.D. Newton's.

Birmingham, Thomas to Mary Connor 25 Nov 1891 at Vienna.

Bishop, Adam D. to Mandy Lee Jones, d/o W.C. Jones who gives consent, 19 Feb 1896 at brides residence.

Blackwell, C.C. to Mary T. Nelson, 13 Dec 1894, Vienna.

Blackwell, Oliver to Josephine Dill, 24 May or June 1892 at JP's office. (The month was left blank on the marriage date, the license was issued 23 May, m/ 24 _____, returned 26 June.)

Bowcher, John N. to Margra McKnally 8 Dec 1895 JP's office.

Bower, Joseph to Barbara Welchmeyer, 1892.

Kinsey, W. Bowles to Eliza Bray, 19 Nov 1890, at brides home.

Bowles, W.M. to Octavia Anderson, 25 Feb 1893, Vienna.

Branson, A.J. to Clara Wendt 14 Aug 1892 at J.T. Wendt's.

Branson, Benjamin F. to Ellen Hughes, 23 Oct 1892 JP's residence.

Branson, Stephen to Sarah A. Coffee, 30 May 1897 at Eliza J. Branson's.

Branson, Valentine to Helen Smith 30 Aug 1893 at Valentine Branson's.

Branson, W.M. to Emma Rigsby, 9 Aug 1891 at brides parents.

Branson, William G. to Martha A. Alexander, 6 Dec 1891 at Iberia, Miller Co, MO.

Breeden, Jesse to Ella Nelson, d/o James Nelson who gives consent, 24 Dec 1891 at brides residence.

Breeding, David, of Osage Co, s/o James Breeding who gives consent, to Maggie Dodds, 23 Dec 1894 at JP's office.

Briggs, A.M. to Elmeda Helton, 20 Sep 1894, Maries Co.

Briggs, Terance to Martha Copeland, 20 Sep 1894, Maries Co.

Brockman, William W. to Francis E. Eddington, 10 May 1897, JP's office.

Brookins, Harvey of Mt. Vernon, Indiana to Minnie Meriwether, 27 Apr 1897, Vichy.

Brumble, Thomas to Laura A. Barr, 7 Apr 1895 JP's office.

Brumley, Walter, s/o Willis, to Katie Cox 13 Jan 1895, JP's office.

Brune, Peter to Mena Bauer, 24 Apr 1894, Maries Co.

Buettner, Adam, of city of St. Louis to Margaret Brendel, 2 Oct 1894, Vienna.

Bull, Horatio to Roena Dill 27 Oct 1895, JP's office.

Bull, John H. to Nina Davis 28 Jun 1894 at J.H. Bull's.

Bullock, James to Florence Nelson, 8 Mar 1896, JP's residence.

Bullock, Stephen H. to Martha Palmer 7 Dec 1891 at Mrs. Willson's.

Bumpass, B.F. to Mrs. Mary C. McAfee of Hickory Co MO 13 Oct 1897, Humansville, Polk Co MO.

Bumpass, Emmet E. to Millie R. Sherell 12 Feb 1891 at J.H. Rowden's.

Burnes, George to Katie West 19 Jan 1896 at brides residence.

Burnham, Charles, s/o Job who gives consent, to Mary Pendleton, 20 Sep 1896 at brides residence.

Burnham, John to Julia Stokes, 3 Nov 1895 at W.L. Stokes.

Burns, Albert T. to Mary E. Barnhart, 16 Aug 1891 at brides parents.

Burns, I.H. to M.A. Kluner, 8 Nov 1891 at William Burns'.

Burns, Thomas J. to Francis Lilly, 14 Apr 1892 at brides parents.

Burris, William to Josephine Rogers, d/o J.R. Rogers who gives consent, 26 May 1892 at J.R. Rogers'.

Buschmann, Henry to Mena Dalhoff of Pulaski Co, 7 May 1895 at Viessmann MO

Buschmann, Joseph to Dena Lurten 18 Feb 1896 Vienna.

Byrd, A.J. to Mary VAnderpool, 15 Feb 1891 at Abe Vanderpool's.

Byrd, Allen to Victoria B. Myers, 3 Jan 1891 at JP's office.

Caldwell, John to Dora Barehorst/Berhorst, Dora 24 Nov 1896, by JP.

Camden, John E. to Laura Granaman, d/o Frederic who gives consent, 5 July 1891 at Fred Granamans.

Campbell, Jackson M. to Laura B. Boyce, 5 Aug 1891 at JP's office, Grove Dale.

Campbell, Samuel to Hattie Miller, 13 Apr 1896 at Hatty Millers.

Cape or Cope, Tilson s/o S.S. who gives consent to Dolly Prewitt, d/o John who gives consent, 16 Dec 1892 in Vienna.

Carney, Willis M. to Flora M. Brooks, d/o Frank & Mary Brooks who give consent, 29 July 1894 at ministers residence

Carroll, R.D. of Elgin, Kane Co IL to Lucy J. Moreland 30 June 1896 at parsonage.

Carroll, William to Eliza J. Stockton, d/o Joseph who gives consent, 28 mar 1894 at JP residence.

Cary, Newton to Mary Burns, 11 Jan 1893, at James Burns'

Church, Clark, s/o William who gives consent, to Martha Minze, d/o O.G. Minze who gives consent, 22 Sep 1892, Vienna.

Church, William to L. Ruth Ballard, 19 Aug 1897 by JP.

Clark, J.B. to Ethia Hart, d/o Anna who gives consent, 12 Oct 1897 at JP residence.

Claus, F.G. to N. Catherine Crider 7 Jun 1896 at Frank Clauses.

Clayton, George A. s/o William C. who gives consent to Ellen Dodds, 31 Dec 1890 at Frank Dodds.

Clayton, R.S. to Cora Stewart 8 Feb 1895 Maries CO.

Cluner, William to Cora B. Ogle, 20 Aug 1893 at brides parents.

Cochran, W.B. to Bertie Henson, 13 Mar 1891 Judge's office.

Coffey, James S. to Sarah M. Copeland, 5 Jun 1892 at brides residence.

Coffey, William to Katie Roberts 7 Sep 1893 at A.W. Roberds (Note: When I looked at the book, I wondered if this might be Offey, instead of Coffey.)

Conley, Louis W. of Columbia, Boone Co MO to Malinda Gremp, 23 Nov 1892 at C.C. Gremps.

Connors, Mike to Eva Krone, 9 Sep 1894 at brides home.

Connor, James to Ella Parker, d/o L.F. Parker who gives consent, 28 Jun 1896 at brides residence.

Cooper, William P. to Metta J. Kehr 4 Feb 1891 at Edw. Kehrs.

Copeland, Ballus M. to Fanny Henderson, A.S. Henderson, guardian gives consent, 3 July 1895, JPs office.

Copeland, Charles, to Loula May Stockton 11 Oct 1896 at Jno. Stocktons.

Copeland, Columbus to Mary Terry, 28 Nov 1892 at Rolla, MO

Copeland, John to Lumima Martin 13 Mar 1894, Vienna

Copeland, John H. to Mary Finn, 8 Aug 1896 "at a place near Vienna."

Copeland, Levi F. s/o M. Copeland who gives consent to Nancy Roberson d/o L.G. Roberson who gives consent, 11 Dec 1895 at Linzey Robersons.

Cox, J.W. to Tina Laney 30 NOv 1893, JP's office

Crain, William to Cora Scott, d/o Mary Scott who gives consent, 15 Aug 1895 JP's residence.

Crane, Oliver to Etta Creech 28 Nov 1895, Jackson Twp

Crawford, Thomas to Rosetta Mitchell 19 NOv 1896 by JP.

Creech, V.W. to Laura Wallace 1 Feb 1891 ?____church

Crider, Newton C. to Dora F. Mahaney 7 Dec 1890 at JPs residence

Crisman, I.A. to L.A. Dodds 1 Mar 1896 JP's office

Crismon, Benjamin F. to Alice Hutton 25 Jan 1891 at JPs office

Crismon, E.E. to Lulu May McDaniel of Osage Co, 27 Jan 1897 at Linn, in Osage Co

Crismon, James to Eliza C. Shelton of Pulaski Co, 18 Nov 1894 at High Point, Maries Co.

Crismon, Robert E. to Clara B. Graham 28 Aug 1892 JPs office

Crismon, Stephen to Mira L. Wiles 9 Dec 1894 at JPs office.

Crouch, Ottis C. of Franks, Phelps Co MO to Healey A. Simpson, 7 Jan 1897 JPs office

Crum, Edward to Rosa Copeland, 1 Apr 1894 at Little Flock Church.

Crum, William to Josie Hull, d/o J.B. Hull who gives consent, 3 July 1892 at JPs office

Curtis, Albert, to Susan Moreland 7 July 1892 at Bowles Chapel

Curtis, Nathan s/o Albert to gives consent to Dora Hickam, d/o J.C. and M.C. Hickam who give consent, 26 Feb 1891 at William Croziers.

Daggett, Robert to Dora Haber of Osage Co, 31 Oct 1896 at JP's residence.

Dauk, Peter (?) to Dena Schulte, 7 Jan 1895, Vienna.

Denton, William to Denton, Manda, 28 Dec 1890 at William Denton's.

Dickens, Charles to Hattie S. Scott, James M. Scott, guardian, gives consent, 14 Jan 1894 at James M. Scotts.

Dieter, John to Barbara Bauer, 10 Apr 1894, Maries Co.

Doyel, George T. to Margaret Wilson, 30 Dec 1891 at T.A. Williams.

Doyel, John C. to Kattie Maneke 5 Jun 1895, brides residence.

Doyle, T.H. to Lotta Elms 22 Apr 1896 Vienna.

Dressendorfer, Edward to Alice Waddle, d/o James Waddle who gives consent, 4 July 1895 at T.M. Hockenses.

Dreysse, Ernest A. to Virginia A. Anderson, 15 Apr 1896, Vienna.

Duffin, Michael to Mary O'Boyle 24 Feb 1892, Vienna.

Duggan, Edward J. to Christina Lubbert, 3 Jun 1896 at Holy Angels in Brinktown.

Duncan, George R. to Emma Carter, d/o Louis Carter who gives consent, 11 Oct 1896 at Carter residence.

Duncan, Milford to Malinda D. Lowder 8 Dec 1890, Vienna.

Duncan, U.G. to Lucy Isabell Tiller (both of Osage Co) 9 Apr 1894, Vienna.

Dyson, Frank to Julia Tynes 17 may 1893 at JP's residence.

Dyson, William E. to Sarah Reed 14 Feb 1897 near Lindell.

Eads, G.S. s/o G.W. Eads who gives consent to Mary E. Gremp 6 Feb 1895 at Hughes Chapel.

Eads, J.M. son of Boler Eads who gives consent to Laura Emory 7 Dec 1892 at JP's office.

Elkins, Louis C. to Anna M. Neeley, d/o J.P Neeley, who gives consent, 9 Nov 1895 at J.P. Neeley's.

Ellis, Ramer to Louisa Martin d/o Leander and June Martin who give consent, 27 Sep 1896 at brides residence.

Ellis, William s/o H.F. Ellis to Tilda McKinnon of Pulaski Co, 9 Apr 1893, at JP's office.

Elrod, George B. to Rebecca Jones 24 May 1891 at Daniel Hastings.

Elrod T.J. to Lucy Armer, 1 Jan 1894 at JP's residence.

Elrod, W.J. to Martha Shockley, 14 Mar 1897 at Nancy Shockley's.

Elsmore, J.W. to Sarah A. Cliver/Cliner (both of Gasconade Co) 28 July 1897, JP's office.

Erret, Charles to Martha Harris 11 Apr 1892 at JPs office.

Evans, Henry to Emma Huzzy d/o William Huzzy who gives consent, 6 Sep 1897 at minister's residence.

Falter, Harmon, of Osage Co, to Theresa Wansing 28 Nov 1893, Koeltztown.

Fannon, Jacob to Susan E. Taylor, d/o J. M. Taylor who gives consent, 14 Nov 1896 at J.M. Taylor's.

Feeler, Henry J. to Effie Snodgrass, d/o David Snodgrass, 4 July 1895 at David Snodgrass'.

Felker, H. Clay to Jessie Tyree of Carthage, Jasper Co MO, 18 Oct 1893 at Carthage, MO.

Fennessey, Andrew J. to Emma O'Brien, d/o James who gives consent, 17 Oct 1893 Vienna.

Fennessey, Dennis to Mary Logan, 1 Sep 1896, Vienna.

Fennessey, William to Cansady Murry, 27 Nov 1894, Vienna.

Ferrell, Albert R. to Mary W. Lemons, d/o of Lilly A. Lemons who gives consent, 23 Nov 1895, Grove Dale.

Ferrell, William R. to Rosettie Miller, d/o Mrs. Hattie Miller who gives consent, 4 July 1893, ministers residence.

Fetterhoff, Albert H. to Mary E. King, 18 Dec 1892, JP's office, Vienna.

Finn, William to Francis Louis, 5 Sep 1897, minister's residence.

Fitzwater, F.S. to L.E. Young, 2 Apr 1891, Judge's office.

Fortune, Allen to Rosa Anderson, d/o John Anderson who gives consent, 14 Feb 1897, by JP.

Francy, William to Bell Morris 26 Jan 1893, Judge's residence.

Frees, R.L. to Rosa Bell 24 Apr 1892, at James Bell's.

Frey, J.H. to Linnie Terry, 24 Apr 1896 Vienna.

Frey, Louis to Amanda Melvina Sneed, 10 Nov 1892 at David Fulkerson's.

Friend, James to Rosetta Miller, d/o Hattie who gives consent, 27 Jun 1895, Union Hill Baptist Church.

Fritts, Theodore E. s/o R.W. Fritts who gives consent, to Nora Mosher, 20 Dec 1891, brides residence.

Fulkerson, James T. s/o F.D. Fulkerson who gives consent, to Martha E. Roberson, 13 Dec 1893 at L. Roberson's.

C.E. Gardner of Pulaski Co, s/o N.N. Gardner who gives consent, to Bertha Martin, 27 Sep 1896 at L.E.E. Martin's.

Gehlert, Charles to Melesna Crider, 12 Aug 1894, JP's office.

Geisler, Edward W. s/o John and E.R. Geisler who give consent, to Lula Dyson, 25 Dec 1896 at JP's office.

Gibson, John B., s/o Martha Jane Gibson who gives consent, to Bettie Jane Hughes, 11 Jun 1893.

Giesler, J.R. s/o M.A. Smith (mother) who gives consent, to Emma Prewitt, d/o Henry Prewitt who gives consent, 31 July 1897, Vienna.

Given, R.E. to Anna Skouby 19 Feb 1895 at Jesse Skoubys.

Goodman, G.N. to Jossie Ballance, d/o John who gives consent, 2 Aug 1896, JP's office.

Grace, Oliver O.H. of Owensville, Gasconade Co., to Della Campbell, 16 Feb 1896 at Scott Campbell's.

Grant, Wm. M. to Carrie Elms, 18 Jan 1893, Vienna.

Gray, Charles C. to Martha Pickering, of Crocker, Pulaski Co, 4 July 1897 at C.C. Gray's.

Gray, Charles W. to Frankie Hart, 15 Sep 1897, Johnson Twp.

Gray, George E. to Rosa A. Lawson of Miller Co, 23 Sep 1897, JP's office.

Gray, John M. to Alice Adams of Miller Co, 7 Apr 1895 at Wm R. Wright's in Miller Co.

Gray, Phillip M. to Rebecca Thompson, 28 Aug 1892 at John Thompson's.

Green, John T. s/o Celia Allen who gives consent, to Rosa Nelson, 3 Sep 1893 at JP's office.

Grencke, Otto F. to Georgie Gehlert, d/o H.C. Gehlert who gives consent, 25 Oct 1893 at H.C. Gehlert's.

Griffith, John D., Peter Seigler, guardian gives consent, to Hannah Seigler, 1 Jan 1897 at Steens Prairie.

Guthrie, Sebastian C. of Evansville IN to Reway/Remey/Rewey A. Brown, 4 Aug 1896, Vienna.

Haefner, Frank to Mary Hardestry (both of City of St. Louis), 16 Oct 1895 at Mr. R. Mathews.

Hafner, Otto to Minnie Enke, 1896.

Heggerty/Haggerty, David to Anna Reidle (?) 7 Apr 1891, Vienna

Hale, Thomas to Addie Baker, d/o Emma Baker who gives consent, 17 Oct 1893 at Emma Bakers.

Hale, Wm W. to Creasy Atwell of Miller Co, 11 Oct 1894, JP's office.

Harrison, Joseph A. to Dora Bray, 26 Jun 1892, ministers residence.

Hart, Waldo, R.J. Hart, grandmother and guardian gives consent, to Eliza Westlake, 27 Dec 1896, brides fathers.

Haskins/Hoskins, P.M. to Fannie Robards, 26 Jan 1896 at A.W. Roberts.

Hawkins, Riley B. to Eliza E. Denton, 24 Dec 1892, at Wm. Denton's.

(This is written as 24 Dec 1892, however it is recorded with the Spring 1892 marriages, and it may actually be 24 Dec 1891, and the clerk recorded it improperly.)

Helton, Chan to Dicie Pankey, 21 May 1896, JP's office.

Helton, Charles to Leone Finn, d/o William Finn who gives consent. 10 Feb 1893, Vienna.

Helton, John to Rachel Thompson, 9 Apr 1894 at Rachel Thompsons.

Helton, Robert to Mina Stokes, 9 Sep 1894 at brides home.

Helton, Robert S. to Lucy Hankey 8 Mar 1893 at Simon Hankies.

Helton, Stephen C. to Della Forbes 12 Nov 1896.

Helton, William to Mina Barnhart, 11 Apr 1897

Henson, Frank to Caroline E. Haley, daughter of Thomas who gives consent, 23 Aug 1892, JP's office.

Henson, John to Louisa Breeden, d/o Malisa Breeden, 7 July 1893 at David ?Greens.

Hickey, G.A. to Altie Shelton, 1896.

Holmes, Richard L. to Effie M. Harvey/Harney, 9 Sep 1894, Vienna.

Howard, Dillison to Elizabeth Graham (both of Gasconade Co MO) 13 Sep 1891 at Mt. Calvary Church, Gasconade Co MO.

Howell, Joseph to Melissa Johnson, 1896.

Hughes, H.B. to Emma Wiles, 28 Jan 1892, Brides residence.

Hull, Herbert to Charlotta E. Anderson, 1896.

Hume, J.M. s/o J.W. Hume, to Alice Trophenia Monroe, d/o J.L. Monroe who gives consent, 1 May 1893, at J.L. Monroe's.

Hussey, William M. to Lillie Carroll, 1896.

Hutcheson, R.S. to Mary J. Price, d/o Henry Price, 23 Apr 1891 at Henry Price's.

Hutchison, A.H. to Metta B. Williams, 1896.

Jennings, J.E. to Mary Baugh, 1897

Jennings, William to Melly Weyss 27 Mar 1894 at John Gilmore's.

Johnson, M.V. to Inie F. Travis 7 Feb 1892 at JP's residence.

Jones, Elijah to Mrs. Annie Henson, 1897.

Jones, John to Sarah Backus, 2 Aug 1891, Justice's office.

Jones, Joseph H., s/o Fetney Jones (mother) of Miller Co MO, to Mishie F. Yoakum, 14 Jun 1891 minister's place, Miller Co MO.

Jones, Linsay to Mary E. Gatewood 1896.

Jones, Rus to Josephine Ledbetter 6 Mar 1892 at Geo. Smallwood's.

Juergens, Henry to Lottie Hale, 26 Feb 1891 at J.R. Duncan's.

Keeton, George of Pulaski Co to Mahala Simpson, 4 Jan 1894, JPs office.

Keeney, John w. to Bettie Hanks, 1896.

Keeney, Morgan to Zina Bledsew of Osage Co MO, 31 Jan 1895, Jersey, Osage Co.

Keeny, William F. to Mary E. Shanks 26 Mar 1891 at Wm. F. Keeny's.

Kehr, Ernest to Luellen Alexander 1896.

Kellison, J.P. to Allice Wheeler 1896.

Kenworthy, L.J. to Mary Vineyard, 13 July 1892 at David Vineyard's.

Kerr, P.F. to Minerva Watson, 1896.

Kerr, Patrick F. to Mary Briggs 24 Nov 1891, Vienna.

Kerr, William J. to Mary Evaline Fennessey, 1896.

King, Turner to Nancy Crum, d/o John Crum who gives consent, 18 Jun 1893, Vienna.

King, William to Anna Martin of Crawford Co MO, 6 Nov 1893, at Ann Martin's, Crawford Co MO.

Kinsey, W. Bowles, to Eliza Bray, 19 Nov 1890, brides home.

Kinzey, Wm T. to Mary J. Copeland, 11 Aug 1891, brides residence.

Kloeppel, Ferdinand to Sophia Theresa Bremer, d/o Ignatius Bremer who gives consent, 23 Nov 1891, Vienna.

Kloeppel, John to Mary Martz, of Osage Co MO, 3 Nov 1891, Richfountain.

Kloeppel, Joseph to Lizzie Bremmer, 1896.

Knickenberg, Frederick to Margaret Wilmes, 19 Feb 1892 at Viessmann, Maries Co.

Koerber, Louis to Parry Anderson, 1897.

Kruse, John F. of Madison Co IL, to Anna Geromini, 4 Apr 1893 at Mr. Geromini's.

Lacy, Eugene, N. to Ida Stockton, 10 May 1891, John Stockton's at Grove Dale.

Laney, Samuel A. to Sarah B. Frey, 1896.

Lawson, Nathan A. to Carolina Lawson, 1896.

Lee, Louis C. to Annie Strickland, 6 Dec 1891, brides residence.

Lee, Marion Otto to Sultana Clementine Mays, 27 July 1895, Vienna.

Letterman, John to Martha Stanton, 9 Aug 1891 at Martha Stanton's.

Letterman, Peter F. to Laura Carroll, 1 May 1892 JP's office.

Lindner, W.F. to Leora Tines, 29 Apr 1894, Lindell.

Little, Warren J. to May Gardner, d/o D.N. Gardner who gives consent, 29 July 1894, Vichy.

Loup, Monroe to Bettie Briggs, 1897.

Love, R. Lee, s/o J.E. & C.A. who give consent to Della Gardner, d/o D.N. and Mrs. D.N. who give consent, 24 May 1894, Vichy.

Love, W.R. to Minnie Anderson, 1896.

Luebbert, Franz to Laura A. Wegman, 26 Apr 1892 by Father Brand Catholic Pr.

Luebbert, Fritz to Bertha Kehr 24 Feb 1892 by Father Brand Catholic Pr.

Luebbert, John Hermann to Regina Wieberg 23 Apr 1895 Koeltztown, Osage Co.

Mahanay, Ben R. to Mary A. Hickam, 26 Feb 1891 at William Broziers.

Mahanay, Charles E. s/o B.L. Mahanay who gives consent, to Mary J. Hodge, d/o L.S. Hodge, 17 Apr 1892, JPs office.

Mahaney, T.A. to Anna Skouby 1896

March, David M. of Boone Co MO to Mary Catherine Satterfield, 15 Aug 1895, High Gate (This is also indexed under McMarch)

Martin, Arthur, s/o James Martin who gives consent, to Hattie May Osborne, d/o J.M. Osborne who gives consent, 18 Jan 1895, JPs office

Martin, George W. to Charlsie M. Clayton 1896

Marts, Uba S. to Bessie Weiman 1896

McCoy, Charles T. to Laura L. Love 1897

McCrary, William to Evaline Null, d/o Louisa Breeden 23 Sep 1893, JPs office

McDonald, Dennis to Ida Wiles, 4 Jun 1895 Viessmann

McDonald, James to Maggie Heggerty 4 Feb 1892 Vienna

McDonald, Patsy to Sarah E. King 1896

McDonald, Thomas to Lizzie Haggerty 21 NOv 1893, Vienna

McGirr, William to Mary E. Watson 16 Feb 1893, JPs office

McKeever, Hugh to Katie O'Brien d/o James O'Brien who gives consent, 8 Jan 1891, Vienna

McKinney, L.M. to Clara Mahaney, 25 Feb 1894 JPs residence

McKnally, Joseph to Amanda Lambeth 7 Jan 1894 Judge's residence

McNabb, H.C. to Anne E. Meriwether 1897

McQuirter, John to Harriet West of Miller Co, 5 Feb 1893 at Joseph Edington's

Meachen, William to Drusy Thompson 1896

Meltabarger, Albert S. to Minnie Odgers, W.D. Renfrow, guardian gives consent, 29 Dec 1892 at W.D. Renfrow's

Meltabarger, G. Newton to Alice Krone 30 Oct 1892 Brides' residence

Mertell, Albert A. to Alice Wallgren 1896

Minzes, Joseph H. to Fanner Baugh 20 Oct 1895 at Mr. Baugh's

Morelock, Charles H. to Celia Ann Mason 1896

Morgan, P.M. to Mary M. Hefti, 8 Mar 1894 at Mr. Hefti's

Morrison, Moses to Alice Malone, both of Pulaski Co, 10 May 1891 at Nancy Malone's in Pulaski Co.

Morrison, William to Alice Jams d/o Emaline Jones who gives consent 6 Nov 1892 at Eliza Jones' residence

Morrow, J.T. to Lena A. Murphy, both of Miller Co MO, 5 Oct 1893 Vienna

Mosher, John W. to Mary M. Bailey 29 Oct 1893, JPs office

Moshier, D.J. to Harriet Prewitt 1897

Murphy, James M. to Vinnie Stevens 1896

Murphy, T.H. to Maudie Backues 1896

Murry, William S. to Zilphia B. McKinney 21 Apr 1895 at St James, Phelps Co

Myers, N.E. to Ella Hodge/Hage 25 Feb 1892, Vichy

Myers, W.M. to Mary Belle Henson, 23 NOv 1893, minister's residence

Myers, William to Annie C. Pruitt, 1897

Napier, W.M. to Mary Kerr 1897

Neely, J.E. of Miller Co to Nora A. West 31 Mar 1892 at brides parents

Nelson, R.L. to Mary E. Minzes 15 Nov 1894 Vienna

Nichols, L.F. to Tinny B. Hume, d/o J.W. Hume who gives consent, 16 Oct 1892 Liberty School House

Nickols, H.B. to Nancy Kelly, 1896

Noblett, John to Alma Skouby 17 Jun 1894 at Jesse Skoubys

Noblett, William A. to Mary A. Doyle, d/o Harriet Doyle who gives consent, 12 Jun 1891, JPs office.

Orr, George H. to Rosa Prater 19 Apr 1891 at H.V. Praters

Orr, James H. to Eliza Jane Barnhart, 1896

Palmer, Hiram B. of Osage Co to Julia C. Atkins, d/o Stephen who gives consent 17 Mar 1895, at Mr. Matthews.

Palmer, Walter E. to Sarah E. Thompson, 1897

Parker, John F. to T.L. Williams 3 Nov 1892 Dry Creek ME Church

Parker, John W. to Pearl Iniz Hayes, 1896

Parker, Levi C. to Naoma O. Johnson 3 Jan 1895 Vichy

Pearson, T.G. to Annie Skelton 10 Dec 1891 at Thomas Skeltons

Pelican, Thomas H. to Alice Durnil 11 Nov 1892 at Judge's office

Perkins, Lewis s/o A.J. Perkins to Alice Hackler of Dallas Co MO, 7 July 1891 Vienna

Perkins, Robert F. to Lilphia J. Sterling, d/o Mary A. Serl who gives consent, 28 Mar 1892, JPs office

Pickering, G.a. to Ella West, 1896

Pigg, C.M. to Sarah M. Kearney, 16 Mar 1892 Vienna

Pinnell, Bluford F. to Julia A. Skaggs 24 Dec 1890 at brides home

Pohl, Edward to Sallie Willoughby 1897

Ponder, O.F. of Iberia, Miller Co to Susan Clayton, 15 Feb 1891 at William Clayton's

Ponder, Oscar F. to Mary Dodds 1897

Pound, Alex to Elizabeth Ray 8 Oct 1895 Vienna

Prasso, Peter to Sarah H. Copeland 4 Nov 1894 at J.A. Wilsons

Prater, Squire M. to Laura Belle Stokes, 12 Aug 1894 at W.L. Stokes

Pruitt, George W. of Gasconade Co to Cora E. Terrill 12 Apr 1894 at JPs office

Quick, W.P. to Josie E. Cross, d/o Richard R. Cross, who gives consent, 5 Jun 1895 Babbtown, Osage Co MO

Randolph, T.J. to Hannah King 1897

Ready, Perry to Ella Murphy 1897

Reed, Edward to Oma Anderson, d/o John Anderson who gives consent, 27 Apr 1894 at John Anderson's

Reed, W.O. to Clara Branam d/o Martha M. Wendt who gives consent, 16 Sep 1894 at Lanes Prairie

Reeves, Anton M. to Rachel Johnson, J.H. Martin guardian who gives consent, 22 Dec 1893, Vienna

Reichel, Ulrich to Bridget E. Fennessey, 15 Nov 1894, Vienna Reidel, Henry to Annie Meyers, 1896

Reneke, Anton to Christina Winkle of Osage Co, 17 May 1892, Koeltztown, Osage Co

Renfert, John of city of St. Louis to Rosa Koerber, 3 Jan 1891 Vienna

Renkemeyer, Casper J. to Mary Wieberg 25 Apr 1893, Koeltztown, Osage Co

Reynolds, Robert to Kattie West 25 Dec 1895 at M.T. Wests

Rhoads, William F. s/o Catherine Prewet to Ida Susan Wheat of Gasconade Co, d/o Martin Wheat who gives consent, 1892, JPs office.

Ricker, James M. to Alice R. Barnhart 10 Dec 1891 at Dansion Barnhart's

Rigsby, Kell to Lou Forbis 4 Oct 1891 at Willis Forbis'

Riley, G.A. to Mary Cochran 22 Jan 1894 at Elik Foister's

Roarke, James of Gasconade Co MO to Catharine Maneke 24 Apr 1893 at John Gilmore's

Roberds, Albert to Minnie Parker 1896

Roberds, W.R. to Amanda Helton, 10 Oct 1895 at R.J. Baker's

Roberds, William to Viola Barnhart 27 Dec 1894, brides residence

Roberson, Charles to Cynthia Campbell 10 Feb 1892 at Geo W. Terry's

Roberson, Lytle to Laura Groves 7 Jan 1894 JP's office

Roberson, Stephen to Elizabeth Copeland d/o Joseph Copeland who gives consent, 7 Nov 1894 at Joe Copeland's

Roberts, Charles to Augusta Crismon 10 Nov 1892 at Gilbert Crismon's

Robertson, Isaac C. to Francis Barnhart 1897

Rogers, J.H. to Luemmia Thompson d/o J.T. & Linda Thompson who gives consent, 5 Oct 1893, J.F. Thompson's

Roster, Lewis to Lizzie Miller 1896

Rowan, William Andrew s/o John F. Rowan who gives consent, to Myrtle Ellis 14 Oct 1894 Vienna

Rowden, I.M. to Fannie T. Copeland 1895

Rowden, Isaac to Lee Asbell d/o Mrs. Julia Allen 18 Aug 1895 at John Rowden's

Rowden, J.W. to Sarah E. Baker of Maries Co, 30 Mar 1893 at brides home in Miller Co

Rowden, Joseph A. s/o Thomas J. Rowden who gives consent to Bell Martin 24 Sep 1891 at minister's residence

Ryther, Orville J. of Miller Co to Mary E. Null of Maries Co, 9 Feb 1893 at Brides residence, Pulaski CO.

Sable, Louis to Mrs. Anna C. Pohl, 1897

Sand, Samuel to Parzette F. Brown, 1896

Sauls, G.W. to Dora Bell, d/o G.W. and Roena Bell who give consent, 26 Mar 1891 at brides residence

Schell, Columbus H. to Mary Koerschys of Cole Co MO 7 Sep 1891 at Lenard Schnell's

Schuch, Nicholas to Mary Griffith 3 Mar 1892

Schulte, Peter to Elizabeth Renkemeyer, 22 May 1894, Koeltztown, Osage Co MO

Scott, S.A. to S.A. Branson 20 July 1893 at Mrs. Branson's, the brides mothers

Seaton, William R. of Osage Co to Mary Francis Barnhart 16 Aug 1894 at M.C. Barnharts

Shanks, Andrew J. to Octava McDaniel 1 Jan 1891

Shelton, John to Martha Ellis 9 Sep 1891 at brides home

Shepherd, Marion to Cora E. Lawson 1896

Sherell, George W. to Caroline West, 27 Sep 1891 at Mark West's

Sherman, J.L. to Nannie Britton, 31 Oct 1895 "parsonage"

Shinkle, Albert b. to Minnie B. Love 1 Jan 1895 at Vichy Springs

Shivers, John R. to Mary Caroline Gray 29 Jan 1893 at G.W. Hays

Shockley, William, s/o James G. Shockley to Orpha Gillespie 7 Jan 1894 at CC Myers'

Shockley, Wm M. to Ida G. Barr d/o W.M. Barr who gives consent 4 May 1893, Vienna

Siegler, Peter to Mrs. Sarah Siegler 1897

Simpson, Benjamin to Betty Copeland, 2 Sep 1894 at J. Copeland's

Sisco, Thomas to Harriet M. Huffman 26 Dec 1890 at JPs office

Skaggs, Thomas to Mary E. Glenn of Phelps Co 11 Oct 1891 at Rachel Glenn's, Maries Co

Skaggs, Thomas to Eda Duncan, 13 May 1894 at Elisa Duncan's

Smith, James to Martha M. Branham 3 Oct 1891 at James Smith's

Smith, James H. to Rachel Shockley of Bland, Gasconade Co, 18 Sep 1895, brides residence

Smith, Samuel L. to Harriet E. Skaggs, 1896

Smith, Walter s/o John H. Smith who gives consent to Nina McGirr 5 July 1891, at George McGinn's house, Maries Co (NOTE: is either McGirr or McGinn an error?)

Sneed, Joshua to Hattie May Doyle 1897

Sneed, P.W. to Sarah Keaton, 4 Oct 1895 at Lenie Keaton's

Sneed, Robert L. to America J. Minze 1897

Snodgrass, Arch to Harriet D. Vanderpool 3 Feb 1895 at John R. Vanderpool's

Snodgrass, William to Mary Bell Feeler d/o Jackson, who gives consent, 26 Feb 1893, at Jackson Feeler's

Spaulding, David of Dixon, Pulaski Co to May Williams, 22 May 1895 to W. Williams

Spaulding, William to Mrs. Annie Harrison 21 July 1895, Vichy

Spratley, Edward D. to Minnie Copeland 1896

Spratley, James Henry to Helen Henderson 23 Oct 1892 Vienna

Springer, John to Mary E. O'Neal, 1896

Spurgeon, A.F. of Gasconade Co MO to Correttie Stockton, d/o Joseph Stockton, 20 Nov 1892 JP's office, Grove Dale

Stewart, Benjamin to Dora Bartle 11 Feb 1894, at Warren Bartles

Stinson, George to Lydia E. Hull 7 Aug 1892 at JB Hull's

Stockton, E.B. to Mary J. Campbell, d/o M.H. Campbell who gives consent, 22 Jan 1891 at JPs residence

Stockton, John to Nancy E. Rhodes 17 Oct 1893 at Justice's residence

Stockton, Joseph to Mary Bishop, d/o Amanda Duke who gives consent 12 Oct 1892 at William Duke's

Stokes, J.W. to Polly A. West of Miller Co 8 Jan 1891 at Dock West's in Miller CO

Stokes, W.L. to Sarah Ann Barnhart 25 Feb 1892 at JPs office

Strack, William to Frances Stockton d/o John Stockton who gives consent, 6 Sep 1892 at John Stockton's

Stricklan, Carney to Bettie Krone 1896

Stricklan, Joseph to Martha F. Ferrell 25 April 1895 Vienna

Strong, John R. of Dallas Co MO to Mildred L. Ellis 28 Nov 1894 Vienna

Stuhlmacher, Charles to Lissa C. Hark 1897

Sudheimer, Fritz G. to Amanda J. Vanderpool 16 Jan 1895 JPs office

Sudheimer, Morritz to Chritina Heinmann 12 Sep1893 Maries Co

Tackett, G.H. to Josie Eads, d/o W.S. Eads who gives consent, 22 Nov 1891 at W.S. Eads'

Tackett, Louis to Cara Carroll 1896

Tenneson, John F. to Millie E. Renneck/Renuck, d/o Barbara Renuck 26 July 1891 at Wm. Tenneson's

Thompson, James to Ella Sprewel, d/o Sidney Sprewel who gives consent, 13 Aug 1893, at Sidney Sprewel's

Thompson, James to Edna Williams 1896

Thompson, R.J. to L.A. Palmer 29 Dec 1892 at JP's residence

Thornton/Thorton, Mahlon T. of Jasper Co MO to Cora Flanigan, of Carthage, Jasper Co MO, 18 Dec 1895, Carthage, Jasper Co MO

Tipton, H.E. to S.I. Hibler, 9 Feb 1892 at W.T. Hibler's

Tremain, George W. to Belle Lawson, 10 Apr 1892 at Brides residence

Truman, Francis M. to Lula Ready, d/o Isaac and Ellen Ready who give consent, 5 Apr 1894 at Isaac Ready's

Turner, James M. to Mollie Moore, both of Linn, Osage Co MO, 3 Nov 1890 Vienna

Vandergriff, J.L. to Lady E. Baker, d/o Emma Baker who gives consent, 5 Aug 1894, at Emma Baker's

Vanleenwen, F.M. to Eliza E. Williams, d/o T.J. Williams who gives consent, 3 Jan 1892 at brides residence

Vaughan, Marion to Bertie Stockton 1896

Vaughan, Wilson to Jennie McQueen 24 Jan 1894 at James McQueen's

Vaughn, James, s/o John Vaughn who gives consent to Isabelle Sommers 28 Sep 1891 at brides residence

Vaughn, W.H. to Laura E. Rose 1895

Veasman, George W. to Sarah E. Vanderpool 4 Oct 1891 at Abe Vanderpool's

Veasman, Leonard to Margaret Scott 5 Sep 1891 at JPs office

Vieasmann, Edward, s/o Frederick Vieasmann who gives consent to Agnes Branson, Thomas Branson, guardian gives consent, 7 Aug 1895 at James ___? residence

Volmert, Ferdinand to Theressa Massman of Miller Co MO 26 Nov 1891, St. Elizabeth, Miller Co

Von Freudenstein, William A. Gremp of Pulaski Co to Emily Pickering of Cole Co MO 19 Dec 1893 at Mrs. George Hughes'

Von Gremp, Christian C. to Hattie Felker 21 Jun 1891, Vienna

Waldron, Moses to Eliza J. Percey 10 Nov 1895 Vichy

Walker, Charles of Osage Co to Jessie M. Owens 1 Dec 1895 at Daniel Pointer's

Wallace, E.A. to Augusta Backues, step dau of John G. Wallace who gives consent, 4 Oct 1893 at J.C. Backues

Warden, Charles N. to Molly Wentzel 8 Apr 1891 at brides fathers

Warden, Joseph Wm. to Lucinda Baum (this may be Bauer, it was very difficult to read), d/o Jacob Baum/Bauer, who gives consent, 10 May 1891, JP's office

Watson, John W. to Annie Cantreal/Cantrell 1897

Watson, Joseph to Eliza Keaton 1896

Weeks, George P. to Mrs. Emma Baker 12 Sep 1895 at Emma Baker's

Wegman, Charles to Theresia Lubbert 2 May 1893 Maries Co

Wegman, Paul to Mary Luebbert 30 Jan 1894 Maries Co

Weidinger, John A. to Theressa Laubert 1896

Weinhaus, Henry to Francis Wieberg 1896

Weslake, Luther to Delia Waldron 1896

West, Daniel M. s/o John West who gives consent to Sallie Skaggs, d/o G.P. Skaggs 7 Dec 1890 at G.P. Skaggs'

West, David H. to Arretti/Anetti Burd 1897

West, J.S. to Martha J. Malone 1896

Westerman, Henry to Tina Brasier 11 Mar 1894 JPs office

Wieberg, Fritz to Josephine Schmitz 12 Feb 1895 Koeltztown, Osage Co

Wiles, J.L. to Mattie Schell 1897

Wiles, Louis F. to Cora Schell 1896

Williams, David to Mollie Ann Burd 20 Aug 1892 at brides residence

Williams, T.D. to Gracie B. Odgers, John M. Barnhart guardian gives consent, 29 Dec 1894 brides residence

Willis, S.P. to Martha Branson 1896

Willoughby, Lawrence to L.M. Thompson 29 Dec 1892 JP's residence

Wilson, James E. to Ida L. Hughes d/o D.S. Hughes who gives consent 15 Jan 1891 at J. Parker's

Wilson, James H. to Sarah Lawson 6 Oct 1892 at JPs office

Wilson, Lee to Hannah Hickey 9 Oct 1892 brides home

Wilson, Lewis to Minnie Krone 1896

WIlson, N.L. to Mrs. M.H. Coldiron 27 Dec 1893 Vienna

Wilson, Perry to Mary Roberson 27 Nov 1892 at Luiza Roberson's

Wilson, Simon to Ella Bowman 11 Apr 1895 at Mr. Bowman's

Winkel, John L. s/o Mrs. Mary Winkel who gives consent to Annie Schneider 8 Oct 1892 by Father Brand

Wofford, J.W. to Lou Stockton 28 Jun 1891 at grooms residence

Womack, Burnett, s/o J.R. Burnett who gives consent to Virginia Hale 27 Feb 1894 at Jall?? Hale's

Woods, Mason to Jane Gillispie 1896

Woody, M.F. to Allie A. Barnhart 1897

Yoakum, James D. of Miller Co to Emily M. Morrow, 7 Aug 1895, brides residence

Zimmer, John to Ellen Heinman 1897

Zimmer, Stephen to Mary Kloeppel 1897

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