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Mt. Olivet Cemetery


Photos submitted by Frank Finck

clara_mae_creason.jpg (323428 bytes)



Clara Mae Creason, Step Daughter to my Uncle
Nathaniel Marks, Took Marks name because his Father
Christopher Gardner, left my Grandmother before his

florence_manning.jpg (386820 bytes)  Florence Elizabeth Manning Marks, Hopkins, Gardner, Owen, grandmother of Frank Finck

virginia_marks.jpg (391523 bytes)  Virginia Marks, Nathaniels first wife.

nathaniel_marks.jpg (403183 bytes) Uncle Nathaniel Marks (Gardner), and Second Wife Stella.

Additional Photos - not from Mr. Finck's family
howell_mary.jpg (209211 bytes)  Mary K. Howell
charles_howell.jpg (206256 bytes)  Charles A. Howell, Jr.