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Bethel Cemetery
The third in our cemetery series, Bethel Cemetery at Holliday, Monroe County, Missouri consists of both a Directory and Photo CD like the first publications. $25 each for them or $45 for both. (MCHS Members - $20 each or $35 for both) Please add $4.00 for postage if mailed. Send funds to Monroe County Historical Society, PO Box 131, Paris, Missouri 65275.

Bryan, Cedar Grove, Long Branch and New Hope Cemeteries
The second in a series of cemetery booklets and photo CDs is for for Bryan, Cedar Grove, Long Branch and New Hope cemeteries in south Jackson Township.
Volunteers canvassed the cemeteries in 2009 and 2010 to identify the existing headstones and any burials that had been made since these cemeteries were canvassed in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The booklet contains 986 individuals and the CD has 696 images because many headstones are for more than one person. Many of the headstones that were read in the earlier project have since deteriorated or been destroyed by the elements but were included in the latest transcription. Each cemetery has an alphabetical list of the permanent residents giving their date of birth and death, if both are known, and a chart of the row order that was created by photographing the existing headstones. The row order charts give the name of a spouse and parents if that information could be determined from the headstone itself, Missouri death certificates that were issued 1910-1959, and in some cases from obituaries for those who had no surviving headstone.
A history of each cemetery and the related church is included.
Bryan cemetery is located on the Monroe County Country Club golf course on Highway 154 east of Paris and was the family burying ground for not only many of the first Bryans to settle in Monroe County, but their extended family members and neighbors.
Cedar Grove cemetery, about four miles south of Highway 154, was established before Cedar Grove Primitive Baptist church was built in 1880 and was the final resting place for not only church members but was a community cemetery. Many relatives of those buried at Bryan Cemetery were buried at Cedar Grove.
Long Branch cemetery is located at the Monroe and Audrain County line west of Santa Fe. The original church was completed in 1858; a second house of worship was later built across the road from the cemetery. The church building was sold in 1968 and has since been torn down. Sometime during 2010 a headstone mysteriously appeared in the little cemetery for Jehu Jackman, a 17-year-old Union soldier who died during the Civil War. There is no evidence that he was buried at Long Branch but his information is included in the book. The Monroe County Historical Society would like to know the original location of this headstone and thank the person that found it.
New Hope cemetery located about two miles south and west of the old Strother community, was the final resting place for members of New Hope Presbyterian Church including Professor French Strother.  It was organized in 1857 and disbanded in 1961. The church was torn down and some of the wood used to build the Mark Twain Country Club clubhouse.
The member price is $25 for the booklet and CD set, or $15 each item. Non-member price is $35 for both or $20 each. Please add $4.00 postage if mailed or copies can be purchased at the Monroe County Historical Society, 112 South Main Street, P. O. Box 131, Paris MO 65275.

Pleasant Hill Cemetery
CD with 784 photos of every headstone in the cemetery in 2008, Non-member price $20, member price $15, plus $3.00 shipping.
Booklet includes a a brief history of Pleasant Hill Church and cemetery, a newly developed map of the cemetery, birth and dates and family relationships (if known) and a chart of burials in each section and row for 1133 known burials 1835-2008. Non-member price $20, member price $15, plus $3.00 shipping.
Buy both and save. Non-member package $35. Member package $25, plus $4.00 shipping.

Monroe City Sesquicentennial Book
$65 (plus $7.50 postage)

Postal mail your shipping address and payment to Monroe County Historical Society, PO Box 131, Paris MO 65275

Available only at the Research Center
"Swim to me Mama" by David Miller: an anthology of the author's experiences growing up near the Elk Fork of the Salt River in Monroe County $12
NuStone headstone cleaner $15
Plus…..Paris postcards, Paris street scene note cards, Mark Twain commemorative envelopes, genealogy charts, and duplicate copies of the Missouri State "Blue Book" and select issues of the Madison High School Year book….prices available on request if mailed.

Monroe County Historical Society
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Paris, MO 65275
phone 660-327-1831

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