Some CAMPBELLs found in the 1900 Census
Mercer County, MO

Hamson Township, Mercer County, MO, June 8, 1900

CAMPBELL, Joseph, Husb., b MAY 1855, MO. Father b TN, Mother b TN--Farmer

Donna A., Wife, b AUG 1868, MO. Father b MO, Mother b IN
Cara, Dau, b NOV 1881, MO.
Earl, Son, b MAY 1889, MO
Leland, Son, b FEB 1893, MO
Margary, Dau, b MAR 1897, MO
Bessie, Dau, b FEB 1900, MO

CAMPBELL, Frank, Husb. b JUN 1874, MO. Father b MO, Mother b MO--Farm Laborer

Daisy, Wife, b JUN 1878, MO. Father b IL, Mother b IL.

Lindley Township, June 23, 1900

CAMPBELL, A. T., Husb. b NOV 1842, OH. Father & Mother b PA--Farmer

Jane, Wife, b FEB 1840, OH. Father b VA, Mother b OH.
Alva D., Son, b SEP 1866, OH--Blacksmith
George F., Son, b APR 1871, MO--Farmer

CAMPBELL, Erastus Husb., b MAR 1873, MO. Father & Mother b OH--Blacksmith*

Lennie, Wife, b JAN 1878, MO. Father b IN, Mother b OH.
* May be another son of A.T. CAMPBELL, above?

Morgan Township, June 1, 1900

CAMPBELL, L., Husb., b SEP 1843, MO. Father b MO, Mother b TN--Laborer

Kate, Wife, b SEP 1844, MO. Father & Mother b IL
Harry, Son, b DEC 1895, MO
Lemar, Son, b FEB 1898, MO
Mabel, Dau, b NOV 1899, MO

CAMPBELL, Milton, Husb., b FEB 1850, MO. Father & Mother b IN--Laborer

Liza A, Wife, b JUL 1850, TN. Father & Mother b TN
Ellit (sic), Son, b SEP 1876, MO--Laborer
Everett, grandson, b OCT 1896, MO*
*Ellit's (sic) son?

Princeton City, Morgan Township, June, 1900

CAMPBELL, J. Husb. b MAY 1867, MO. Father b KY, Mother b TN--Horse trainer

---ah J, Wife, b JAN 1870, MO. Father b MO, Mother b IN*
Velma, Dau, b OCT 1892, MO
William F., Son, b SEP 1894
Ed W., Son, b NOV 1899, MO
* Census unreadable, name possibly Sarah?

Truax Street, Princeton City, Morgan Township

CAMPBELL, Robert, Husb. b MAR 1841, KY. Father & Mother b KY--Farmer

Nancy, Wife, b APR 1842, KY. Father & Mother b KY

Fullerton Street, Princeton City, Morgan Township

CAMPBELL, William, Husb., b MAR 1858, MO. Father & Mother b TN--Laborer

Nancy, Wife, b A-- 1862 (No birthplaces listed)

CAMPBELL, L., Single Male, b JUN 1873, MO. Father b PA, Mother b OH--Drug Salesman

Ravanna (Ravenna?) Township, June, 1900

CAMPBELL, Willey, Husb. b JUN 1872, MO. Father & Mother b MO--Farmer

Effie, Wife, b SEP 1872, MO. Father & Mother b IL.
Arthur, Son, b MAY 1895, MO
Emmet, Son, b APR 1897, MO

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