Mercer County MO Lineages

The earliest known occurrences of these surnames and lineages in Mercer County; they are assembled from the personal records of the submitter or the source indicated.

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1840Andrew SARVER (born in Virginia about 1803) arrived in Morgan Township, Decatur County, Iowa, from Virginia, around 1840 as one of the first settlers in the area. He and his family soon relocated to Mercer County near the Princeton area and settled on land to establish a farm. Several children were born on this farm and oldest son Elias Sarver continued working the farm for many years after his father Andrew's death in 1856. Andrew is buried in the Norwood cemetery next to two of his children. He was an early settler in the territory and was a pioneer in developing a farm before Mercer County was established. Andrew is a great-great grandfather with his heritage going back to the Palatine emigration from Switzerland in the early 1700s to America. John Hanrahan
1839 Eli Lewis GIRDNER, Sr., an early pioneer of this country, was born in Knox County, Kentucky, June 17, 1821 and died in Mercer County, Missouri, March 16, 1902. Mr. Girdner came to Mercer County in the year 1839, selected his farm from one of the better locations of the area, entering from the government signed by President Polk, in 1820, a beautiful tract of land a few miles northeast of what is now Mercer, Missouri. He paid $1.25 acre for his land. White men being few, Mr.Girdner made friends with the Indians and traded with them, buying their furs, etc. He could stand in the door of his cabin and shoot the deer and buffalo and capture the game. Though a little lonesome, this was his home in the West with the privilege of free outside range, and the chance to purchase land at a low price. Taking advantage of the situation, he bought land around him until he owned several hundred acres. After he had been here about eight years, he married Matilda CLEMENTS, a highly intelligent and devoted woman of good judgment. Matilda's father was Samuel SHIRA and her mother Mariah WALKEY. He raised Morgan horses and was a millwright of the Dunkard religion. For fifty-five years they enjoyed life together, becoming the parents of ten children, namely: Mack, William J., Margaret, George, Joseph, Rachel, Ella, Eli, James, and Cora.
Being a public-spirited man he gave ground for a school site and a plot for a cemetery, both being named for him. The first court ever held in Mercer County, is said to have been held in his cabin.
Source: This is a condensation of an article written by W. H. Lowry in the Princeton Telegraph April 9, 1930.
Lewis and Matilda's son Eli (1864-1948) married Mary Kate KAUFMAN(1866-1965) and had Durman Belmont, Ella, and Jacob L.
Durman Belmont Girdner (1892-1987) married Genevieve MCHARGUEe (1894-1974) and had Josephine Jane, Lewis Mac and Gene.
D. B. Girdner, son of Eli and Kate Girdner, and Genevieve McHargue, daughter of William Sherman McHargue (1866-1936) and Margaret Della COX (1865-1962) were married January 22, 1919. They lived on a farm in Marion Township until moving to town where they operated The Standard Oil Station for 38 years. When they retired in 1968, they moved to their farm one and one half miles north of Mercer They lived in the house formerly owned by D.B.'s parents (Eli and Kate), on land that is a part of the original tract filed on by his grandfather, Eli Lewis Girdner, Sr. They had three children: Josephine, Lewis Mac, and Gene. Monica Gallawa
1868 James (b. Union County, Ohio ca 1823) and Mary (WHITTINGTON) HARTLEY (b.5 May ca. 1812-1823, Wexford County, Ireland) came from Ohio (Muskingum and Union Counties) to northern Missouri in covered wagons drawn by oxen, with their children, all born in Ohio: Erasmus (b. ca 1847), Charles (b. 26 Jun 1848), William (b. 1 Sep 1849), and Louisa (b. ca 1853). They settled at the forks of the rivers, Big Weldon and Little River in Mercer County, Missouri.
James Hartley was raised by his grandparents who came from Pennyslvania. James became ill while visiting his daughter, Louisa Hartley JOHNSON in Watonga, Oklahoma. His final resting place is near Watonga, OK; death date unknown.
Mary passed away on 26 September 1881 in Mercer County, MO. Her final resting place is the Middle Point Cemetery, Mercer County, MO.
Erasmus, Ohio Civil War veteran, moved to California; married wife Sarah; 3 children (1 boy and 2 girls).
Charles, Ohio Civil War veteran, remained in Mercer County, Missouri area. He married Mary JONES, daughter of Tobias JONES on 4 Oct 1874. To this union were born ten children: F. W., Oscar Lee, Elmer, twins Mettie and Myrtle, Clara, Ira, William, Bessie, and Carol Lynn. Charles died 30 Oct 1928; Mary died 20 Oct 1940. Final resting place for Charles and Mary is the Middle Point Cemetery in Mercer County, Missouri.
William lived in Mercer County, Missouri until 1921 when they moved to Strand, Iowa to be near their daughter, Nora. William married Permelia JOHNSON (b.29 Jul 1856, Mercer Co, MO,) daughter of William M. JOHNSON and Mary CALAVAN, on 10 February 1876 in Mercer County. To this union were born eight children: Cory May, Inda Alma, Mary Louisa (aka Molly),Lilburn, Alva, Nora Arbelle, Elven, and Ada Blanche. William died 29 Nov 1923, Strand, Iowa; Permelia died 3 Jul 1943, Red Oak, Iowa. Final resting place for William and Permelia is the Moore Cemetery in Mercer County, MO.
Louisa married Lilburn JOHNSON. They lived in Marion Township according to the 1870 census. To this union were born 7 children: Lillie, Viola, Rosie, Carrie, James, John L., and Willie. Louisa was living in Watonga OK as of Dec 1923. NOTE: Lilburn Johnson was a sister to Permelia Johnson Hartley, above.
Sandy Hansen, Johnston, IA, 515/278-1912
1856Thomas FRANKLIN (b. 1806 in VA) and his wife, Eliza MULVANEY (b. circa 1804 in TN) married Dec. 15, 1824 in Knoxville, TN. They moved to Mercer County, MO from Sevier County, TN around 1856 and purchased property. They had 9 children. John (circa 1826), Margaret (b.TN 1832), Thomas (circa 1835), Hannah (circa 1836), William (circa 1838), Sarah (circa 1940), Payne "Mack" (circa 1844), Udita & Isaac (circa 1846). Thomas, Sr., Eliza, Thomas, Jr., and Sarah are all buried in Princeton, MO. PAYNE "MACK" is my great-grandfather.
Bev O'Toole
1858Joseph A. KENNEDY, born 6-9-1828 in Hardy Co., Virginia, married Rebbecca MORREL, born 2-14-1828 in Dearborn Co, IN. They were married 10-19-1852. They moved in Mercer Co., MO in 1858. They lived near Ravanna. Joseph was a JP in 1860. Then was in the war as a 2nd lieutant of Company C of the 7th Regiment six month militia and in 1862 was commissoned Captain of Company 1 of the 44th Regiment. Joseph served in the MO Legislature 1862-1864. In 1870 they lived in Morgan township. Joseph & Rebbecca had 5 children. Eliza died at 4 mths, Martha died at 1 mth, Mary Elizabeth born 8-29-1853, William E. born 3-17-1859 & Elma J. born abt 1863. Mary married Seely MAPEL. Elma J married Elois JEWEL. Wiliam E married Anna E ?.
Tracy Kennedy
1840William Alfred and Mary BALLEW BOXLEY, along with other relatives on the BALLEW side came to Mercer County permanently by 1841.They became the parents of 7 children before Mary died in 1857. William then married Elcie WELDON and then Elizabeth WELDON, daughters of James and Polly (Mary) BEST WELDON, early settlers of Mercer County. Married (4th) to Mary Elizabeth STANLEY GIBSON, widow of John Butcher GIBSON and had daughter Elsie, who married Perry COX, son of Oliver H.P. and Caroline HELM.
Maggie Russell
1873John A. FOSTER was born December 20, 1873, son of George W. and Sarah E FOSTER. They lived near Princeton, in Mercer Co. John moved to Benton Co. with his family when he was 17 and there he married Barbara E. WICKLIFFE in 1893. They had 8 children: Elmer, George Homer, Myrtle May, Pearl Pauline, Carrie Bell, Emmett Henry, John Luther, and Ira Earl.
Rhett and Kristi Tompkin
1872Euell Kennel WILLIAMS (Dec 15, 1845 - October 11, 1931) and Mary Malinda BARBER (June 10, 1858 - June 16, 1929) were married in Mercer County, Missouri on July 11, 1872. They were parents to 12 children; Lucy, Ameila, George, Richard, Samuel, Oliver, Joseph, Arvilla, Mae, Edith, Elizabeth and Raymond Christopher. Raymond (Sept 12, 1901 - January 16, 1976) is my grandfather. Euell traveled to Mercer County from Indiana with his father Nathaniel, step-mother Hannah VINZANT and sister Harriet Jane (later Mrs. Alec MOORE). Mary's parents were Hiram BARBER and Julia Ann BOOTH) BARBER, originally of Michigan. All are buried in Mercer County cemeteries.
Robert Williams
18511. James E.HALL born 1815 in Kentucky (possibly Hardin Co). He died 22 April 1875 in Mercer Co, Mo. On 11 Jan. 1838, he married Martha Louisa MILLER, born 1825 in Kentucky. They had seven children:(1)Eliza Louisa, born 8 Aug. 1841 in New Haven (Nelson Co), Kentucky, married James BELLER in Prairie Co, Arkansas. After James' death, Eliza married John LAMDEN. Eliza died 21/22 Dec. 1920 in a soldiers home in Phelps Co, Mo. (2)Christopher Columbus born 1845 in Kentucky, married Elmira HARVEY. He died 11 June 1828 in Mercer Co, Mo. (3)Georgian born 1851 in Mercer Co, Mo. (4)Joseph S. born 1853/54 in Mercer Co, Mo, married Electa A. HUSTON. (5)James Monroe born 12 July 1855 in Mercer Co, Mo, married Martha Francis ELLSWORTH in 1874. James Monroe died 15 July 1915 in Mercer Co, Mo. (6)Mary Ellen born 1859 in MO. (7)Ada R. born 10 May 1863 in Mercer Co, Mo, married Andrew COOKMAN. Ada died 6 March 1934.

2. James Monroe HALL born 12 July 1855 in Mercer Co, Mo, died 27 June 1917. In 1874 he married Martha Francis ELLSWORTH, born 20 July 1853, died 10 June 1920. They had six children. (1)Martha Louise, born 1879, married Dave HARRISON, second husband Danny GROVES. (2)James Henry, born 7 Feb. 1881 in Millgrove, Mo. On 7 April 1900 he married Corina WILLIAMS. James Henry died in 1937. (3)Augusta, born 29 July 1885 in Millgrove, Mo, died 16 May 1958. On 20 Feb.1903 she married George Sellers HAMILTON. (4)Grace, born Sept 1887 in Millgrove, Mo, 21 Feb. 1903, married Jake HAMILTON. Grace died 1958. (5)Edna May, born 1890 in Millgrove, Mo, married Levi James HUBBARD.(6)Perry Herbert (Doug) born 3 Nov. 1894 in Millgrove, Mo, married Grace HALE. Perry Herbert died 1937.

3. James Henry HALL, born 7 Feb. 1881 in Mercer Co, Mo. On 7 April 1900, he married Corina WILLIAMS, born 23 Dec.1882. Corina died 2 Oct. 1966 in Cainsville, Mo. James died in 1937 in Mercer Co, Mo. James and Corina had two children. (1)Arthur Delbert born 2 May 1902, married Margaret V. CAROTHERS on 7 Oct 1923. (They had two children: Bonnie, born Oct. 1925, and James Guy, born 12 March 1927.) Arthur died 2 Oct. 1967 in Leon, Iowa (Decatur Co. Hospital). (2)Herschel Elzie, born 15 May 1905, in Mercer Co, Mo, married Dorothy Marie HAMILTON 7 March 1925 in Princton, Mo. Herschel died 5 May 1954 in Yakima, Washington.

4 Herschel Elzie HALL born 15 May 1905. He married Dorothy Marie HAMILTON, born 5 Jan. 1908. Herschel died 5 May 1954. Dorothy died 9 Sept. 1981 in Yakima, Wa. They had three sons: (1)Ervin Leroy, born 27 Oct. 1926 in Mercer Co, Mo, died 25 Dec. 1984, in Vancouver, Wa, married Clarkie Lane CURRIN in Yakima, Wa. (They had four children: Terry Elaine, living; David Leroy born 15 Jan. 1952, died 18 Sept 1982; Tena Marie, living; and Ted Christopher, living.). (2)Orville Wayne born 20 Jan. 1929 in Mercer Co, Mo. He married Dorothy NEDIFF in Yakima, Wa. in 1949. He died 5 May 1996. (They had four sons: Michael Wayne, born 27 June 1927; Herschel Leroy, living; Ronald Ralph, living; Roger Eugene, living.) (3)Tommy James, in Harrison Co, Mo, living.
Tommy Hall
18541. Grandison F. WILLIAMS born 1806 in North Carolina. Married Mary Ann EVANS, born 1827 in Tennessee. They settled in Mercer Co. Missouri Sept. 1854. They had three children: J.R., Caleb, and Lucy A.

2. Caleb WILLIAMS born 2/12/1854 in Mexico, MO (Audrain Co.). June 4, 1846 in Bethany, Mo., married Mina Ann CRIGER, born 23 Sept. 1859 in Virginia. They had nine children: (1)Elisha, born 27 Aug. 1877 in Kentucky; (2)Charles, born 1879 in Virginia; (3)Corina, born 23 Dec. 1882, died 1966; (4)Oliver F., born 26 Oct. 1885 in Virginia, died 1966; (5)Edward, born 17 April 1888, died 9 Oct. 1892; (6 & 7)Dana and Ana (twins) born 29 Feb 1892; (8 & 9)Roy and Alva (twins) born 30 Dec. 1894 in Virginia.

3. Corina WILLIAMS born 23 Dec. 1882 in Virginia. Married James Henry HALL, born 7 Feb. 1881, died 1937. They had two children: (1)Arthur Delbert, born 2 May 1902 in Mercer Co., died 20 Aug. 1967; (2)Herschel Elzie, born 15 May 1905 in Mercer Co., died 5 May 1954 in Yakima, Washington.

4. Herschel Elzie HALL, born 15 May 1905 in Mercer Co., married Dorothy Marie HAMILTON 7 March 1925 in Princton, Mo., died 5 May 1954 in Yakima,Wa. Dorothy was born 5 Jan. 1908 in Towner, No. Dakota, died 9 Sept. 1981. They had three children: (1)Ervin Leroy, born 27 Oct. 1926 in Mercer Co., died 25 Dec 1984 in Vancouver, Wa.; (2)Orville Wayne, born 20 Jan 1929 in Mercer Co., died 5 May 1996 in Yakima,Wa.; (3)Tommy James, born in Harrison Co., living.
Tommy Hall
1837-1843Thomas and Elizabeth (MACKEY)WILSON were born in 1795 and 1796 respectively, in Rockingham N. C. Four children were born there; two are known: (1)Bazel born Aug 6, 1813, (2)Green born 1821. In 1821 Thomas and Elizabeth and family migrated to Franklin County, Ind. Six children born there; five are known: (3)John born 1825, (4)Alexis George born Jan. 22, 1830, (5)James born 1832, (6)Robert born 1835, (7)Sylvester born July 25, 1838.

(1)Bazel WILSON married Cyntha ADAIR Feb.3, 1837, Franklin County, Ind. One child born there: Martha A. born 1837. Bazel and family moved to Mercer County Mo. Morgan Twp. in Dec. 1837. Two children born there: George W. born July 19, 1842, Mercer County, Mo.; Joseph born Aug 9, 1844 Mercer County, Mo. Bazel and Cyntha moved to Decatur County Ia., Woodland Twp., in 1846, about 20 miles from Princeton Mo. Four children born there: John born 1846; Margaret born 1848; Elizabeth born 1849; William born 1854. Bazel died Decatur County Ia., Oct. 27 1899. Cyntha died Nov 27 1899, Decatur County, Ia. Both are buried Shields Cemetery, Decatur County, Ia.

Thomas and Elizabeth WILSON and family moved to Mercer County, Mo., Morgan Twp. in 1843. Elizabeth died 1870, Mercer County Mo., cemetery unknown. Thomas died 1872 in Mercer County, Mo, cemetery unknown.

(2)Green WILSON married Lucy ROGERS Sep. 1852 in Princeton, Mo. Eight children born in Mercer County: Adolphus; Edward; Elsworth; Isabelle; Lewis; Sherman; Gilbert, born Sep. 19, 1854; Samuel, born March 15 1860. Green And Lucy moved to Boistfort, Wa. abt 1890.

(4)Alexis George WILSON married Sylvia Jane HARPER Aug. 31 1853, Princeton, Mo. Sylvia Jane born June 1828 Claiborne, Tenn. Four children born in Mercer County, Mo: Melissa, born Jan 1, 1855; John C., born Nov. 28 1857; Eliza Jane, born Aug. 8 1860; George W., born Dec 6, 1862. Alexis and family moved to Boistfort, Wa. in 1859. Two children born there: Matilda, born Jan. 10 1866, Boistfort, Wa.; Alice Emily, born Oct. 1868, Boistfort, Wa. Alexis George died Jan 25 1853 in Boistfort, Wa., buried Old Boistfort Cemetery, Boistfort, Wa. Sylvia Jane died May 18 1933, Puyallup Wa., buried Old Boistfort Cemetery Boistfort, Wa.

(6)Robert WILSON married Melinda ? in Princeton, Mo. Melinda born 1836.

(7)Sylvester WILSON married Mary Ann GEORGE in Princeton, Mo. Mary Ann born Nov. 11, 1836, Mercer County, Mo. Sylvester and Mary had nine children: Betsy J., born Aug 14, 1856, Mercer County, died June 21, 1887, Mercer County, buried Fairley Cemetery, Mercer County; Rhoda A. born 1859, Mercer County; Margaret F. born 1860, Mercer County; Addie M. born 1866, Mercer County; Priscilla T. born 1868, Mercer County; infant Wilson, born March 23, 1870; Russell T. born 1873, Mercer County; Sarah Rosella born Oct. 26, 1875, Mercer County; Effie J. born Feb. 1878, Mercer County.

Thomas Wilson, Green Wilson, and Alexis George Wilson were in the Forty - Fourth Regiment of the Enrolled Missouri Militia Company B Morgan Twp. 1862 - 1865 Green Wilson was Second Lieutenant of that company. George O. Wilson
1851Moses OVERTON The Moses OVERTON family moved from Anderson County, TN to Mercer County, MO around 1851. Their oldest son Enoch was married to Elizabeth Ann RHEA the day before they began their trek west. Date of their marriage listed in Court House in Knoxville, TN is Oct. 18, 1851. In the census of 1850 in TN Moses and Nancy OVERTON are listed with the following children: Enoch, Joseph, Albert M., Alvis, James, Alexander, Isaac, Mary Ann, Susan J., Martha, William, and Levi. In the Mercer County 1860 census, they are listed with Joseph and Elizabeth ages 26 and 21 and a child Mary Harriet 6 mo. old. Joseph and Elizabeth were born in TN and Mary Harriet in MO. Moses was born in Anderson County, TN. He married Nancy Jane FOSTER in about 1830 in Anderson County. Nine of their children came with them to Mercer County, MO and 7 are mentioned in Moses' will written Aug. 17, 1889. Moses died March 22, 1891, and is buried in Tennessee Cemetery, Mercer County. Three sons Enoch (wounded), Joseph (died), and James (wounded) served in the Civil War on the Union side. H. Tilman
1880Lemmons BRATTON/BRATTAIN born 20 Mar 1815 in Wayne Co., IN; md. Sibyl COOPER on 6 Apr 1845 in Van Buren, IA. Appears on the 1880 Census living in Lindley, Mercer, MO. Died 13 or 15 Mar 1885 in Mercer Co., MO. His wife Sibyl died on 24 Nov 1890 in Mercer Co., MO. He had seven children: Nancy Catherine, Georgianna, Stephen, William Thomas, Emma Jane, Lemmons, and Mary. Nancy Catherine married Joseph WHEELER. Georgianna married John EASTON. Emma Jane married William or M.F. RICHARDSON. Lemmons married Mary Ann EASTON. BetseyLee Browning
1840Henry NEILL married Hudlah Frances Girdner Jan 20, 1854. Henry opened a Post Office in Goshen on July 25, 1854. He imported horses, owned 2,000 acres in Mercer and Harrison Counties, operated a general store in Goshen, was a member of the I.O.O.F. Lodge in Princeton and is buried in Goshen Cemetary. His son was John Calhoun Breckenridge Neill, who had son named Arthur Neill, who had my father, Richard Evans Neill. Ann Neill
1902James Henry HALL born 7 Feb 1881, Mercer Co, MO; died in 1937, Mercer Co, Mo. He married Corina Williams born 23 Dec. 1882 in Virginia. They had two children, Arthur Delbert Hall born 2 May 1902 in Mercer Co, Mo., died 20 Aug. 1967; and Herschel Elzie Hall born 15 May 1905 in Mercer Co, Mo.,died 5 May 1954 in Yakima, Wa. Tom Hall
1873Charles Thomas HAMILTON born 30 Nov. 1873, Mercer Co, MO; died 23 Jan. 1954, Harrison Co, MO He had a Blacksmith Shop at Needmore Corner in Mercer Co. that was first owned by his father, James C. J. Hamilton. He married Luvena May Cargo, born 28 Aug. 1878 in Johnson Co. Mo., died 14 April 1968 in Yakima, Wa. They are buried in the Hamilton Cemetery. Luvena took a team and wagon and went out across the country and gathered produce, livestock etc. to raise money to build the Hamilton Church. She sang and played the organ for many funerals at the church. They had four children, Ralph, Wilma, Gertrude and Dorothy. Tom Hall
1839Archibald HAMILTON born 1766 in Monongalia Co, West Virginia. Died Oct. 13 1855 in Mercer Co, Mo. He married Susanna Miller, born 1793, died April 28 1874 in Mercer Co, Mo. They had seven children. They came to Mercer Co. in 1839 and homesteaded a farm west of Modena, Mo(at Needmore Corner). For more than 150 years this farm has remained in the Hamilton Family. In 1852 Archibald gave the land for the Hamilton Cemetery. Archibald and Susanna are buried in the Hamilton Cemetery. Their daughter Mahala, born 1813, died Nov.12 1852, is the oldest marked grave in the cemetery. Tom Hall
1902Corina Williams, born 23 Dec.1882 in Virginia. Married James Henry HALL, born 7 Feb. 1881 in Mercer Co, Mo. Died in 1937 in Harrison Co, Mo. They had two children, Arthur Delbert Hall, born 2 May 1902 in Mercer Co, Mo., died 20 Aug. 1967 in Harrison Co, Mo.; and Herschel Elzie Hall, born 15 May 1905 in Mercer Co, Mo.; died 5 May 1954 in Yakima Wa. Tom Hall
1855James Monroe HALL, born 12 July 1855 in Mercer Co, Mo. Died 27 June 1917 in Mercer Co, Mo. In 1874 he married Martha Francis Ellsworth, born 20 July 1853 in Indiana. Died 10 June in Mercer Co, Mo. They had six children. (1)Martha Louise Hall, born 1879. She married Dave Harrison, also had a second husband, Danny Groves. (2)James Henry Hall, born 7 Feb. 1881 in Mill Grove, Mo. On 7 April 1900 he married Corina Williams. James Henry died in 1937. (3)Agusta Hall, born 29 July 1885 in Mill Grove, Mo. She died 16 May 1958. On 20 Feb. 1903 she married George Sellers Hamilton. (4)Grace Hall, born Sept. 1887 in Mill Grove, Mo. She died 1958. On 21 Feb.1903 she married Jake Hamilton.(5)Edna May Hall, born 1890 in Mill Grove, Mo. She married Levi James Hubbard. (6)Perry Herbert (Doug) Hall, born 3 Nov. 1894 in Mill Grove, Mo. He died in 1937. He married Grace Hale. Tom Hall
1849Henry COON, christened as Heinrich GOHN (Jan. 17, 1785, York Co, PA-Feb. 7, 1877, Mercer Co, MO) was married in 1810, Ross Co, OH to Sarah DICKERSON (ca 1783, WV-Feb 16, 1860, Mercer Co, MO). Several families migrated together in 1849 from Madison Co, OH to Mercer Co, MO. This has been neither proved or disproved.
Jennie Vertrees
1856Enos Barrett BARNETT(Mar. 25, 1817, Harrison Co, OH-May 16, 1871, Mercer Co, MO) was married first on Feb. 12, 1845 in Winchester, IN to Mary HIATT (Jan, 24, 1817, Guilford Co, NC?-Apr.13, 1850, Randolph Co, IN). Enos came first to Ringgold Co, IA, then in 1856 to Mercer Co, MO. He was married secondly, on Feb. 5, 1857, Mercer Co, MO to Eliza Jane BROYLES (Feb. 5, 1837, Cooper Co, MO-Oct. 13, 1906, Mercer Co, MO)
Jennie Vertrees
1849Abram "Barney" COX(Nov. 6, 1823, Miami Co, OH-Jan. 20, 1915, Spickard, MO), son of Joshua and Hannah (COBLE)Cox and his first wife, Mary Ann DOBBINS (Sep 13, 1829-May 25, 1858, Mercer Co, MO), came to Mercer Co in 1849. Abram served in the 23rd MO Infantry in the Civil War. Abram was married secondly to Sarah Jane COON and thirdly, to Mary B.(STINNETT) VANDERPOOL.
Jennie Vertrees
1861-1865Charles Joshua "Charley" COUSINS(Jan 29, 1831, Elyria, OH-1902, Ardmore, MO) was married first on Aug 15, 1852, in Monmouth Co, IL, to Elizabeth Caroline "Betsy" CORRELL (Sep 2, 1829, TN-Dec 10, 1865, Mercer Co, MO). Charley, Betsey, and their small children came to Mercer Co between late 1861 and 1865. Charley was married secondly in Mercer Co, MO to Nancy SCOTT.
Jennie Vertrees
1838Sebird Smith RHEA was born February 12, 1795 in Botetourt County, VA. The son of Ezekiel and Elizabeth (Prior ) Rhea. He married Nancy Cook, the Daughter of Robert and Susannah ( Watson) Cook on January 23, 1817 and moved from the State of Tennesee to the State of Missouri in 1838 bringing with them their family consisting of the following children: Mariah Perkins and her Husband Reuben; Susan; Robert P.; Ransom Houston; Amanda; Permelia H.; and M.C. Leaving the oldest son Spartin F. who later came through on horseback. They purchased two claims in what was known as the " Goshen Prairie ", situated about eight miles southwest of Princeton, and about three miles Southwest of Goshen. They were the third permanent settlers here. Sebird died February 2, 1878 and is buried in the Goshen Cemetary. Nancy Cook Rhea died February 3, 1879 near Goshen, She is also buried at the Goshen.

Elder Reuben PERKINS was born in White County, Tennesee February 8, 1816. He was married to Mariah Rhea on July 2, 1819 and moved to Mercer County in 1838. They were the parents of 13 children: Louisa F.; Jesse Licurgis; Nancy Ann; James Birch; Lucy Mundain; Amanda Cook; Levi Fielden; Cintha Elizabeth; Margret Jane; Mary Adelia; Dicy Mariah; Almeda Mabel; and Susan Amelia. Reuben joined the Christian Church at age 16, He was Ordained at the age of 25. He died March 13, 1896. Mariah died August 14, 1891, They are buried at the Goshen Cemetery.
Allie Lambrecht

1839 William Morgan HART was born in Knox County, Kentucky on 5-May-1796, the son of John Hart and Permelia Morgan. He married first Elizabeth Hart, his father's brother's daughter, on 8-Apr-1828. William was a 2nd Lieutenant in Captain William Haws Company during the Blackhawk War. Elizabeth died shortly after their fourth child was born in 1837. On 8-Apr-1828 William married second Rebecca Hart, Elizabeth's sister. Elizabeth and Rebecca were daughters of Peter Hart and Hannah (Iahannah?) Poe. William Morgan Hart and Rebecca Hart moved to present-day Mercer County in 1839. They entered 100 acres at that time, and eventually owned 1500 acres of Mercer County. William died on 17-Oct-1876, and was buried in the Hart Cemetery on his farm. Rebecca lived until 21-Mar-1891; she, too, is buried in the Hart Cemetery. William was the father of 12 children: 4 by Elizabeth and 8 by Rebecca.
David Hughes
About 1840Elisha EVERITT (Samuel, Aaron Evere/itt) was born 1812 in Canton Twp, Bradford Co, PA, and died July 1864 in Hallowell, Cherokee Co, KS. He travelled to Ohio, and then to Mercer Co, MO.

He married (1) Rhoda Davis December 01, 1834 in Madison Co, OH. Children of Elisha Everitt and Rhoda Davis are: Mercy Ann Everitt, born May 22, 1837 in OH; died in Hallowell, Cherokee Co, KS. She married William Jasper Parsons, 'Betty' Everitt, born 1839 in OH, James S. Everitt, born August 07, 1840; died November 10, 1898 in Princeton, Mercer Co, MO. He married Sarah Jane Payne, Lorun Everitt, born abt 1842, Elisha J. 'Lige' Everitt, born March 29, 1843 in MO; died August 07, 1910 in Hallowell, Cherokee Co, KS. He married (1) Kesiah 'Kessie' P. Lowe. He married (2) Judy Watson, William Henry Everitt, born 1844 in Mercer Co, MO; died November 26, 1895 in Cherokee Co, KS. He married Martha America Wethers Abt. 1858, John Everitt, born 1846, Rhonda Talthia Everitt, born 1849; died March 14, 1897. She married Daniel Heins Abt. 1865. Elisha married (2) Barthena Hays September 05, 1854. Elisha married (3) Minerva Smith Abt. 1863 in OH, daughter of Archibald Smith and Hannah Ashcraft. Child of Elisha Everitt and Minerva Smith is: Albert Grant Everitt, born December 11, 1864 in Modena, Mercer Co, MO; died June 03, 1942 in Mercer Co, MO. He married Lora Ann Watson March 25, 1883.

Notes: History of Harrison and Mercer Co, pub, 1888, Coon Cemetery of Mercer County, MO .
Jane Boggess

1840Robert Bruce STEWART was born in New Castle Co. Delaware on 04-19-1796, the son of James and Lydia Moorhead Stewart. His father served in the Revolution War under General Lafayette at the "Battle of Brandywine". Robert Bruce Stewart moved to Tennessee and met and married Amy Kinman Ireland, the daughter of John and Sarah Vanderpool Ireland, Amy was born in Hawkins Co. TN on 03-06-1806 and in 1822 they married and moved to Ray Co. Missouri. They lived there for 18 years and then moved to Modena, Missouri in Mercer Co. Missouri. Robert was a Vet of the War of 1812 and the Civil War...they had several children of which one was John Harris Stewart. John Harris Stewart served in the Civil War and died in 1862 before the birth of his daughter Harriet, Harriet married Robert Miller on 11-21-1879 in Modena Missouri. Robert Bruce and Amy Stewart are buried at Union Cemetery and so is John Harris Stewart.
Carol Albrecht
1841 Alfred Gillis DUNCAN born 26-May-1805 in Coffee Co., Tn. married Eleanor Charlotte DUNCAN 6-May-1828 in Williamsburg, York Co., Va. She was born in Washington Co., Va. 30-July-1810 and died 21-Sept-1880 and is buried at the South Lineville Cemetery, Mercer Co., Mo. They came to Mercer Co. in 1841from Jackson Co., Mo. Alfred went to Coffee Co., Tn in 1848 to settle his father's estate and was not heard from again.
Jerry & Pat Jones
btwn 1842-1848Elijah G. WIGGINS, b. Feb 8, 1814 Spartanburg Co., SC; m. Apr 19, 1842 Christian Co., KY Rhoda Collins, b. June 2, 1817 KY, d. Mar 13, 1909; Elijah d, Feb 3, 1891 Lindley Twp., Mercer Co., MO. dau. Louisa Angeline Wiggins, b. Sep 15, 1848 Lindley Twp., Mercer Co., MO. d. Aug 21, 1938; m/1 James R. Hodges Sep 1, 1865 widowed 1886; m/2 Ira Dalphus Snow Sep 30, 1890.
Lawrence G. May
1844Abraham CONSTABLE born 7-April-1814 in Hardy Co., Va. He married Elizabeth Cline 6-Feb-1838 in Hardy Co., Va. She was born there 6-Dec-1810. They are both buried at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Lindley Township, Mercer Co., Mo., Abraham 1-Jan-1898 and Elizabeth 16-Jan-1894. They came to Mercer Co., Mo. from Hardy Co., Va. in 1844. I believe he is the son of Annanias CONSTABLE buried at the Old Moscow cemetery , but not proven.
Jerry & Pat Jones
1844 James Harvey BROWN born 24-July-1813 in Whitley Co., Ky. married 21-Nov-1843 in Grundy Co., Mo. to Eliza Jane SULLIVAN. She was born 2-Feb-1822 in Whitley Co., Ky. He died 1-Oct-1897 and she died 5-Mar-1856, both are buried at the South Lineville, Mercer Co., Mo. Cemetery. They came to Mercer Co., Mo. in 1844 from Grundy Co., Mo.
Jerry & Pat Jones
1844Joseph SUILLIVAN born 15-Dec-1792 in Knox Co., Ky. married Narcissa DUNCAN 2-Aug-1812 in Knox Co., Ky. She was born 2-Aug-1812 in Va. He died in 1868 and she in 1867. Both are buried in the Evergreen cem. , Lineville, Wayne Co., Ia. They came to Mercer Co. from Grundy Co., Mo. in 1844.
Jerry & Pat Jones
1846Probate of John BERRY lists his children as James B BERRY, Mary Ann BERRY, Andrew J. BERRY, Sary Ann BERRY, Susan Ann BERRY, and Clary Ann BERRY. The children were indentured as follows: Andrew to John M BROWN; Sarah A to Eliphelet KELSEY, Susan A to James BROWN, Carry Ann to Samuel PREWIT, and Clary Ann to A. BARBETT. Andrew was born 1834 in Morgan Co, Ky, married Sarah Ellen Gregory of Schuyler Co, Ill and died 1905 in Alerton, Iowa. Mary Ann probably married Alexander JOHNSON.
Peggy Berry Sutherlin
bef 1850Elijah G. WIGGINS was born 8-Feb-1814 in Spartensburg, South Carolina married 19-April-1842 in Christian Co., Ky. to Rhoda E. COLLINS . He died 3-Feb-1891 and she died 13-Mar-1909. Both are buried in the Pleasant Hill Cem., Lindley Township. They came to Mercer Co., Mo. before 1850 from Christian Co., Ky. John COLLINS father of Rhoda, is also buried at the Pleasant Hill Cem.13-Nov-1858.
Jerry & Pat Jones
bef 1850 Arthur Willison COX born 25-Nov-1784 in Baltimore, Maryland married Susanna LAUGHLIN 15-Jan-1807 in Washington, Va. He died 24-July-1865 and she died 29-July-1862 , both are buried at the South Lineville Cemetery, Mercer Co., Mo. They came to Mercer Co. before 1850 from Rutherford Co., Tn.
Jerry & Pat Jones
abt 1850 Lloyd ROCKHOLD Jr. born 15-Jan-1808 in Carter Co., Tn. married Jane CONNER 8-Mar-1827 in Clay Co., Mo. She was born 23-May-1810 in Green Co., Ky. He died 15-Sept-1884 and she died 1-Jan-1890 both buried at the South Lineville, Mercer Co., Mo. cemetery. They came to Mercer Co., Mo. from Clay or Livingston Co., Mo. about 1850.
Jerry & Pat Jones
1850Abraham Miller Jr. and Deborah Maxwell were married in Allen Co. Ohio on 09-26-1850 and they moved to Mercer Co. Missouri to homestead land in that year. Abraham Miller was born in Delaware Co. Ohio on 02-05-1825, son of Abraham and Phoebe Place Miller. Deborah Maxwell Miller was the daughter of Robert and Mary Carr Maxwell, born in 1833 in Allen Co. Ohio. There were eight children to this marriage: 1.) William 2.) Phillip 3.) Robert 4.) Sophronia 5.) John 6.) Adeline 7.) Martha Jane 8.) Charlie. They homesteaded land in Mercer Co. Missouri and on their land was "Millers Lake"...this lake was plentiful for fishing and swimming and several family members were baptized in this lake... including my Grandmother Effie Miller Dennis. Robert Miller was my Great-Grandfather and he married Harriet Stewart, daughter of Sara E. Akers and John Harris Stewart. Abraham and Deborah are buried in Hamilton Cemetery...Robert and Harriet Stewart Miller are buried at Topsy.
Carol Albrecht
abt 1851Henry WIDNER and Celia DODSON Widner came from Sevier County Tennessee to Mercer County in about 1851. They settled in the Ravanna area. Henry was born 1805/9 in Tennessee and died about 28 April 1888. He is buried in the Newtown Cemetery. Celia was born June 1815 South Carolina and died in 1903. She is buried beside Henry.
Diane White
abt 1852 Abraham L. COLLINGS born 22-Sept-1800 in Shelby Co., Ky. married Lydia GRAHAM there on 1-May-1821. She was born there about 1803. He died 27-Dec-1862 and she 12-Dec-1886 and both are buried in the Brantley Cem. in Ravanna Township. They came to Mercer Co., Mo. from Putnam Co., Indiana about 1852.
Jerry & Pat Jones
1852Sarah Jane KEITH, b 15 Oct 1852 Mercer Co. Father, John William KEITH. Mother, Ann SUTTON. She married David Nelson JONES 29 Sep 1898 at Trenton, [Grundy County] MO.
Herbert Webb
abt 1854William and Mary "Polly" JOHNSON and family moved to Mercer Co. Mo, Marion Twp I believe, about 1854 with 7 children: Ewen "Nube", Nancy, Margaret, T. Selborn, Joel "Langford" b 1846, Frances Jane Armelda,and Eloise S. born 1852 in KY. 1855 Permelia J. was born in Mercer Co 1858 L. Hulda , and 1860 Mary was born. Probably sometime around 1860-1866 the family story goes, that Langford killed a man for "carving-up" his saddle. He fled Mercer Co after that. I would like to verify the story if possible, and would love any information on the family.
Jan Hoy
1854Joseph A. TONG born 11-April-1812 in Logan Co., Ohio married Sarah Elizabeth COLLINS 21-Mar-1839 in St. Joseph Co., In. She was born 26-Dec-1818 in Warren Co., Oh. He died 3-Dec-1893 and she died 10-April-1903. Both are buried at the Freedom Cemetery, Lindley Township. They came to Mercer Co. from Marion Co., Iowa in 1854.
Jerry & Pat Jones
1855John SWAN and Catherine BOWDEN Swan came to Mercer County in 1855 after migrating from their birthplaces of Rowan County, North Carolina to Lawrence, Indiana and Bond, Illinois. They farmed in the Ravanna area. John was born in 1809 and died 30 November 1863. Catherine was born in 1811 and died 8 January 1891. They are both buried at the Otterbein/Swan Cemetery.
Diane White
1856William Wyatt STRATTON born 4-April-1811 in Ky. or Va. He married Mary Polly MORGAN 7-July-1840 in Wolf Pen, Wyoming Co., Va. She was born about 1802 and died in 1898 in Enid, OK. William died 2-June-1894 and is buried in the Freedom Cem., Lindley Township. They came to Mercer Co. from Wyoming Co., Va. in 1856.
Jerry & Pat Jones
abt 1857John EVANS, b. ca 1783 Va. married Elizabeth Ann WINDSOR 1805 Monogalia Co., Va. They were in Indiana by 1824 and moved to Mercer Co., Mo. around 1857. They had children Samuel, Dilemma, Delilah, Catherine and Anne.
Charlotte Iker
abt 1857Hannah MICHAEL, b. Va. 1810. Married Samuel EVANS 1831 in Dearborn Co.,Ind. Family to Mercer Co. Mo. around 1857. Hannah believed to be daughter of Casper Michael and Johanna/Hannah FOX/FUCHS. Her brother, John Michael m. Dilemma Evans.
Charlotte Iker
1857Wesley ROBBINS and wife Susan (COLLINS) came to Mercer Co. from Knoxville, Iowa, in 1857, settling in Lindley Twp. Wesley was born in 1828, died 1904. His mother and stepfather were Eliza and Philip BLODGETT, who were married in Ohio in 1832. Wesley and Susan's son John married Laura Ellen HALL, dau. of John G. and Mary Elizabeth (SHEARER) HALL. John and Laura ROBBINS' son Hugh F. married Rosa Lee (TUTTLE) dau. of John and Eva Blanche (MARRIOTT) TUTTLE. John TUTTLE's parents were William and Jemima (WILLIAMS)TUTTLE. Eva Blanche MARRIOTT's parents were Hiram Parent MARIOTTE and Francis Elizabeth (STEELE) MARIOTTE.
Jerry Robbins
bef 1859Jacob Ervin CONGER born 14-Dec-1822 In Washington Co., Pa. married Miranda CONSTABLE in 1859 in Mercer Co., Mo. She was born 5-Sept-1839 in Va. daughter of Abraham CONSTABLE. Jacob died 4-Mar-1886 and Miranda 3-April-1915, both buried at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Lindley Township, Mercer Co., Mo. Jacob came to Mercer Co. before 1859 from Licking Co., Ohio.
Jerry & Pat Jones
1861COBBS, Martha Jane, born Princeton, Mercer Co., Mo. on 5 Feb 1861. My gr- mother. Eldest child of James Murray and Mary Jane Tetrick Powell Cobbs.
Jack Glasgow
1863-1866Between 1863 and 1866 Henry Cooley GOLDEN (1840-1920) and his wife Sara J. (Martin) Golden (1843-1921) came to Mercer Co. from Illinois. They were the parents of my great-grandfather Charles Lewis Golden (1875-1959).
Julie (Golden) Mathews
bef 1864 William R. DYKES born 8-Sept-1810 in Va. married Sarah Alice GOIN in 1831 in Claiborne Co., Tn. She was born there 11-Oct-1812. He died 21-Nov-1875 and she died 25-Dec-1898, both are buried in the Tennessee Cem. They came to Mercer Co. from Clairborn Co., Tn. before 1864.
Jerry & Pat Jones
bef 1865James Madison SPURGIN born 10-Aug-1844 in Shelby Co., Ilionis married Emma Francis EIDSON 11-Aug-1870 in Mercer Co., Mo. She was born 1-June-1849 in Adams Co., Illinois. He died 22-Sept-1873 and is buried in the Spurgin Cem. and she died 23-Mar-1916 and is in the Otterbein Cem. They both came to Mercer Co. before 1865 from Shelby and Adams Co., Illinois.
Jerry & Pat Jones
abt 1865 William Willard PUTNAM born 7-Nov-1812 in Cassenovia, Madison Co., New York. He married Francis Maria FAIRCHILD 29-Aug-1849 in Huron Co., Ohio. William died 5-Jan-1908 and Francis 21-Mar-1895, both are buried at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Lindley Township, Mercer Co., Mo. They came to Mercer Co., Mo. about 1865 from Huron Co., Ohio.
Jerry & Pat Jones
1865James Harrison ORNDORFF born 31-Mar-1815 in Shenandoah Co., Va. married Hannah HERBAUGH 9-June-1834 in Shenandoah Co., Va. She was born in Va. 8-Nov.1818. He died 25-Nov-1890 and she 25-Dec-1877, both are buried in the Brantley Cem. , Ravanna Township. They came to Mercer Co., Mo. from Keokuk Co., Iowa in 1865.
Jerry & Pat Jones
1865My Mercer Co. relative is Telitha Elizabeth NICHOLSON who was born 18 Apr 1865 in Princeton. I believe she also married her husband there; Elonzo Glines. I would like to find more information on her family.
Mendi Warren
abt 1866James Robert HENDERSON born 1815 in Nelson Co., Va. married Malinda Jane BENSON 21-Mar-1839 in Knox Co., Illionis. She was born in Greenbrier, Va.15-Aug-1818. He died 6-Jan-1881 and her 20-Nov-1909 and both buried at the Freedom cemetery, Lindley Township. They came to Mercer Co. from Knox Co., Illinois in about 1866.
Jerry & Pat Jones
1867WILLIAM DODD and his wife, MARY ELIZABETH (SKINNER) DODD moved to Mercer County near Goshen City in 1867 from Dundee, Delaware County, Iowa. William, his father, Garrett DODD, and four brothers all served and returned home from the Civil War. By 1900 the family moved to Mt. Moriah, Harrison County. William's grave in Hamilton Cemetery has a GAR tombstone. His father Garrett is also buried there.
Sandra Nolan
abt 1870 Hiram HUGHES was born in Durham, Greene County, New York on 14-Dec-1828, and in 1834 moved with his father, mother and siblings to Cleveland, Ohio via the Erie Canal and Lake Erie. Hiram served as a teamster during the Civil War, and about 1868 he moved along with five families to Decatur, Iowa. On 3-Jul-1870, Hiram married Sarah Ann McDONALD (b. 10-Jun-1838; d. 10-Dec-1914). He acquired farm lands in Harrison and Mercer counties (adjoining counties); this farm was southwest of Pleasanton, Iowa and north of Cainsville, Missouri. Hiram and Sarah had two children, Mary and John Wesley. Hiram died in Cainsville, Missouri on 9-Mar-1926, at the ripe old age of 97 years, 3 months. He and Sarah are both buried in the Hughes Cemetery, in the Harrison co. portion of what was his farm.
David Hughes
1870 SAMS, Isaiah and Almira lived in Mercer County around 1870. Isaiah was a Monument maker. Both are buried in Mercer County.

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