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January - December 2002

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Surnames: WILLIAMS
Submitter: Susie Williams (
Date: 10 Dec 2002

My grandparents lived a short time in Mercer Co. My father, Ardon WILLIAMS was born in Mercer Co., not too far from Mineral Springs. I wonder if any one has any pictures of Mineral Springs and/or any information on G.T. WILLIAMS about 1917 or later for Mineral Springs. Thank you, Susie Williams
Surnames: DYKES OGLE
Submitter: Ernie Thackeray (
Date: 07 Dec 2002

Some of my ancestors started the town of Adel. I am searching for pictures of the buildings in that town. Could someone direct me to anyone that might have a picture/pictures of Adel? I am willing to pay for the 'rent' of a picture so I could scan it or even buy the picture(s). Thanks, Ernie
Submitter: Robert Wynne Ewing (
Date: 23 Nov 2002

My great-grandfather was Martin EWING of Mercer County who lived on a farm just north of the Grundy County line. My grandfather was Frank EWING. He died of accidental poisioning at age 43. Frank Ewing and his wife Carrie had 4 children, Their names were Gladys, Wynne, Irene & Salome. I was the only son of Wynne, who was killed in 1945. Wynne was married to Pebble TODD and had 3 children whose names were Robert, Jeanne & Joy. Wynne died at age 43 in an automobile accident. I am the only son of their marriage and was married to Patricia MALLORY in 1948.
Surnames: MOSS
Submitter: Randal Moss (
Date: 16 Nov 2002

Joshua, Hiram, and Horatio MOSS are found in Mercer Co., Missouri census records. At least one of them is in every record from 1850 to 1900. Any information about them and their respective families would be greatly appreciated. I believe that my great-grandfather James Joseph MOSS is descended through them in some way. He was born in Missouri 3 August 1850.
Submitter: Sheila Allen (
Date: 14 Nov 2002

I am looking for information on Ferdinand R. AUFRICHT and his family. He married Stella ROGERS and had four children: Eugene, Hazel, Lucile, and Irene according to the 1900 census. It is possible that he ran or owned a bakery in Mercer. I believe his father ran a brewery in Mercer. His name was also Ferdinand AUFRICHT. Any information is welcome.
Submitter: Judy Moseley (
Date: 14 Nov 2002

Searching for information on my g-g-grandparents. Mattie SMITH (my g-grandmother) born 1874, Mercer County was married to Shannon MELTON. Mattie's parents as listed on her death certificate (August 1911) were Sarah ALLEY and George SMITH. There is confusion about Sarah as I have no further information and what data I have found indicates there was more than one Sarah ALLEY living in Mercer County during this timeframe. Your help would be appreciated. Judy Moseley Sunnyvale, CA

Submitter: Ann (
Date: 06 Nov 2002

PETERS, Reuben, William Earl, and Ann in either Decatur County, Iowa or Mercer County, MO after 1850. My great grandfather, Reuben PETERS, died in Mercer County, March 1870. His wife, Sarah, later married Jeremiah COLES. I'm looking for descendants.
Submitter: Gordon Seyffert (
Date: 05 Nov 2002

Seeking any descendant or relative of John W. GAUL, son of William GAUL of Pennsylvania and husband of Cordelia. In 1896 he acquired (or added to) land in the Middlepoint neighborhood. In 1914 his address was Mercer, Mo. This appears to be the same man as the William GAUL who married Cordelia MOORE, daughter of Robert Haynes MOORE & Hester (JEWETT) MOORE on 21 Dec. 1882 (see pg. 618 in 1997 Mercer Co. history).
The 1897 Plat Book has J.W. Gaul shown as owning the NW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Sec. 16, T66N R24W. In 1896 he seems to have acquired another 10 acres adjoining that, and shown by a little unmarked square which represents the NW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Section 16. This land is all in Marion Twp., but with the larger portion bordering on Lindley Twp.
Surnames: FRANKLIN
Submitter: Beverly O'Toole(
Date: 03 Nov 2002

I would like to find someone who would look up a funeral home record for my great grandfather. I will pay a reasonable fee for the information. FRANKLIN, Thomas, born 1806 in VA and died 7/16/1870 in Princeton, Mercer County, MO. Someone quoted the "born in VA" info to me and stated it was from the funeral or cemetery record book. I need a copy of whatever information is in that book. Please contact me. I will send my snail mail address at that time.
Submitter: Daisy Laury Shepard (
Date: 18 Oct 2002

Looking for descendents or relatives of Edward P. BEMIS, physician and surgeon in Princeton, Mercer county, 1880, and wife Sofrona NUTTING BEMIS, her mother Alice NUTTING. Children, Freddie (age 15 in 1880) and Jennie (age 6 in 1880). Specically interested in NUTTING info, especially looking for Emma May NUTTING who married David LAURY about 1883 (she is sister of Sofrona and daughter of Alice).
Surnames: SMALLEY
Submitter: Lola (
Date: 17 Oct 2002

Isaac SMALLEY was featured in an article in the Post-Telegraph in April 1960, in which George W. Sommerville cited the death of Isaac SMALLEY some 65 years earlier. It was about his and his wife's life, and they being early settlers of Mercer County, MO. I am trying to find if the Post-Telegraph is still in business, and if so, where. I have a copy of the newspaper article and would like to share it with others, but am unsure about whether it is covered by a copywrite. At the time of the publication, George W. Somerville was President of the Grand River Historical Society and Museum. Does anyone know where Grand River is? Thanks for any help, Lola
Submitter: Frances Ware (
Date: 04 Oct 2002

I am looking for information concerning my great grandparents, Amy POWELL and Samuel Jones BEAVER/BEVER. They lived in the Mill Grove area of Mercer County. Amy died July 10, 1942. Saumel died April 20, 1923 and is buried in Salem Cemetery. One of their sons, Elisha (Elasha) BEVER and his wife Maggie MILLER lived in this area also, as my father Pearl Jackson BEVER was born there Dec. 20, 1902. Does anyone know of this family? Thanks, Frances Ware
Submitter: Terri Hill (
Date: 30 Sep 2002

Viola DENISON was my great grandmother. She was born in Goshen, Mercer Co., MO., on April 20, 1882. She married John S. RUNYAN who was also from Mercer Co. Her parents were James Monroe DENISON & Rhoda Mary FOSTER. James Monroe DENISON was born in IN and Rhoda Mary FOSTER DENISON was born in MO. I would like to have any info on this DENISON & FOSTER family. I have an old document which is dated Sept.23,1946, that lists Charlotte TURNER as an aunt of Viola DENISON. It has Charlotte Turner's address as Mt.Moriah,MO.
Surnames: REID
Submitter: Lora Parker (
Date: 23 Sep 2002

Interested in the family of William REID, and his son, John C.
Submitter: John R. Sanders (
Date: 18 Sep 2002

Seeking any information on the ancestry of Florence Evaline SANDERS (b.12 Jan 1863), sister of James Madison SANDERS (b.13 July 1854 [?] in Monroe County, IN). Florence was married to Andrew HASHMAN (b. 25 May 1861); both are buried in the Girdner Cemetery in Mercer County. James Sanders was married to Andrew's sister, Sarah HASHMAN.
Submitter: Lou Nell Bath (
Date: 30 Aug 2002

Any info on Eli Vanderford, b abt 1813, buried in Prairie Ridge Cemetery, d 1892, and his wife, Christine? Thanks. Lou Nell Bath
Submitter: Nikki (
Date: 26 Aug 2002

Hello...I'm looking for imformation about Henry WIDNER of Mercer Co., MO, who was the father of Newton J. WIDNER. Newton was the father of Laura "Alice" WIDNER...who is my g-grandmother, and who married Harrison E. COOKSEY ...and they were the parents of my grandmother, Stella "Opal", of Newtown, MO. Stella Opal COOKSEY married my grandfather, Cloyd BEAVERS, of Clio, Iowa. If you know of this family...please contact me. Thank you. Nikki
Submitter: Larry Stacy (
Date: 22 Aug 2002

I'm looking for info on Orlando STACY'S house that sat 2 miles north of Princeton. I would like to have any pictures of it and any pictures of any of his family. My main quest is to find the whereabouts of 2 portraits or photos of Orlando and Myra STACY. They were rather large and in very ornate wooden frames. Olis ADKINS, Orlando STACY'S son-in-law, lived in the house until his death in 1962. His niece, Minnie CAMPBELL, was the executor of his estate, and when I questioned her on what happened to certain items she couldn't remember. Also, there was an old pump organ in the house, and it was last seen in a store owned by Woodrow MCHARGUE in the late 60s or early 70s. I would also like to know what happened to it. Any info on any items from the STACY house would be greatly appreciated.
Submitter: Michelle Wierson Stillfield (
Date: 03 Aug 2002

I am researching my husband's family and am seeking the names and any information regarding the parents of Samuel Green COX born in Whitley Co., KY December 24, 1851 and died August 1, 1940, DeKalb Co., MO. A newspaper article says that "while still a small boy he came to Missouri with his parents and located in Mercer County near Princeton". His obituary shows him being survived by his wife (Armilda Russel HINES), five daughters, Cora STILFIELD, Arra GOODWIN, Della FREEMAN, Dosha FREEMAN, all of King City, Mo., and Maud FAGAN of Clarksdale, Mo. He is also survived by two brothers, J. J. COX and John COX, and a half brother, Jess COX, all of Mercer, Mo.; and two sisters, Mrs. Marguerite MCHARGUE of Mercer, and Mrs. Leah OGLE of Newtown, Mo. His obituary also states that "Mr. COX was born on December 24, 1851, in Whitley County, Kentucky. He journeyed to Missouri with his parents in a wagon behind a team of oxen when he was still a small boy and his early Missouri home had been near Mercer, Mo."
My husband, James "Kelly" STILLFIELD, is the son of Marvin Kelly STILLFIELD and Lucy "Maude" COCKRIEL, grandson of Clarence Albert STILFIELD and Phebe "Esther" HAWMAN, great-grandson of James Henry STILFIELD and Lou "Alice" COX and gg-grandson of Samuel Green COX and Armilda Russel HINES. Any leads would be most appreciated. Thank you. Michelle Wierson Stillfield
Submitter: Sandra Patterson (
Date: 30 Jul 2002

I am looking for information about P.A. MAPLE and Annabelle RIGGS MAPLE. Annabelle lived in Princeton, MO, Mercer Co., in 1937 according to the obituary of my grandfather, J. W. RIGGS, her brother. Ignatius and Phoebe RIGGS were the parents and lived in Chillocothe, Livingston Co., between 1856 and 1880. I am searching for information about Annabelle MAPLE's husband P.A.; they were married in Sumner Co., KS. I would like to know P.A.'s full name and if the MAPLES are buried at Princeton. I am also looking for the date of death and burial place for Ignatius RIGGS who was in Livingston Co. in 1880. Parents often moved to live with children who lived nearby, and I have no record of Ignatius' death in Livingston Co. I can provide additional information about the RIGGS family, if requested. Thank you, Sandra Riggs Patterson
Submitter: Tonya Parton Williams (
Date: 21 Jul 2002

I am looking for any information on Calvin PARTON who enrolled into Company I of the 4th Provisional Army of Missouri on May 18, 1863. He enrolled at Princeton, Mercer Co., Misouri. I have copies of this military record so I know he was in Mercer Co at this time. He also married Jane BRITTAIN there May 28, 1865 at Princeton, Mercer Co, Missouri. I also have this record proving this fact. However I have not found him on any census.I would appreciate any further information on Calvin. It is known that his first wife died March 1862 but it is unknown who that wife was. Some researchers speculate it would be Sarah LAWS but this is entirely unproven.
Submitter: Phyllis Hoyt (
Date: 18 Jul 2002

Looking for info on Joseph "Joe" WOOLARD and Elizabeth HUDNUT - I have no dates or history. A daughter, Alice WOOLARD was born in Mercer Co., MO to Joe and Elizabeth. Alice was born May 24, 1858 and died 1921. She married Alfred HITES on Dec 2, 1875 in Hardin Co, Ohio. Alfred was born March 3, 1848 and died April 18, 1914. Thanks for any help. Phyllis Hoyt
Submitter: Joe Cochran (
Date: 16 Jul 2002

I am looking for information about the lives of Charles J. BROMAN and Ellen Matilda (maiden name HAGAN) (first marriage to John M. NELSON 1876). I have an article that says she spent the last eight years with her son, Col. C. M. NELSON, died in 1937 and was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery. They lived on a farm in Lindley Township, Mercer County. Their son, Harold Joseph BROMAN, was born in 1891 and married Zula REEVES of Princeton in 1911 and had their first daughter Elizabeth in 1912. All born in Princeton. Zula's father was Charles REEVES of Morgan Township, also born in Princeton in 1869.
Submitter: Penni (
Date: 15 Jul 2002

If anyone has information on this event, please share it with me. My father swears that in Apr 1957, his father's youngest brother {Fred DYKES} killed his wife and mother-in-law after they attacked him with a knife. He then took his children to his sister's house and made her promise to raise them. He then killed himself. This happened in Mercer or Grundy Co.
Fred's wife was Carol E. Scott. She was b. Jan. 16, 1937 and died Apr. 10, 1957. She is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Grundy County, MO.
Fred would have been the youngest brother of Ernest Eugene DYKES {my grandfather}, born in Mercer Co. His sister's name was Helen PERSELL {nee: Dykes} In 1976 my g-grandmother's obit. says Helen was living in Spickard.) Their parents were: Jesse DYKES b. Dec. 15, 1885, Mercer Co., Mo. d. 1938, Mercer Co., Mo.; married: June 22, 1903 at Lineville Bertha DILLARD b. Sept. 15, 1886 Mercer Co., Mo. d. April 1976 Trenton, Mo.
Bertha married a second time, Oct. 29, 1950 to J. Howard FENSTERMACHER at Princeton, Mo. Since Bertha's second marriage date would have been within a year or two of this event I would guess they were living in Mercer Co. at that time. Thank you for any info. or suggestions as to how I can obtain the info. Penni {Dykes} Rogers
Submitter: Marilyn Schuetz (
Date: 14 Jul 2002

Am looking for information about Mahala RADABAUGH. Would like to find out who she married. The last information I can find on her is in the 1880 Mercer County, Morgan township, MO. census. Her parents were John and Nancy RADABAUGH. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
Submitter: Helen Cramer Voth (
Date: 13 Jul 2002

I am searching for my great-great-grandfather who lived in Cainsville in 1866. J. SIMMS was blind and wrote poems or music. He had three girls: Clara, Mary, and Eliza. Clara married George W. CRAMER on April 19, 1866 at the home of her father. Their marriage record says they were married in Mercer County. George's Civil War papers state they lived in Harrison, Mercer Co. They didn't get the papers until 1903 after George's death. Really need info on ths J. SIMMS and wife or other girls. Thank you. Helen Cramer Voth
Submitter: Sandy Hansen (
Date: 09 Jul 2002

Seeking information on the Lilburn JOHNSON (son of William M. JOHNSON and Mary CALAVAN) and Louisa HARTLEY (daughter of James HARTLEY and Mary WHITTINGTON/WHELLINGTON/WHITAKER) and their 7 children: Lillie Ann, Viola B., Mary Rosa, James R., John Lilburn, Carrie Louisa, and William McKinley. Lilburn and Louisa were married 11 April 1869 in Mercer County, MO. The family lived in Mercer County and Pleasanton, Iowa until about 1900 before moving to Oklahoma. By 1908 Lilburn and Louisa had settled in Watonga, OK. Both are buried at the IOOF Cemetery in Watonga. Info known about children: Lillie married names include CLARK and MCCLEARY; Viola married names include SHIRA and BURGESS; Carrie married (1902) in Blaine County, OK to William A. CHANEY; James, John and William lived in Blaine County, OK. No info is known about Mary Rosa. Anyone with information may telephone Sandy Hansen at 515/278-1912 or e-mail.

Submitter: Karl Voiles (
Date: 06 Jul 2002

Moses Snyder VOILES married Elmira BALDWIN in Mercer County in about 1882, probably in Half Rock, Medicine Twp. My grandfather, Alva Dempsey VOILES was born there in 1884. Any other information would be appreciated.


Submitter: Penni Rogers (
Date: 04 Jul 2002

I am searching for connections to my great great grandfather, Andrew DILLARD, born March 1855, place not listed. I do not have any information on his history before he married Rosmey {Rosina, Rose} DYKES approx. 1883. They are listed in the 1900 census for Marion Twp., Mercer Co. I have a lot of DYKES info but nothing on the DILLARDS. Their daughter Bertha was my great grandmother and I did know her. She looked very much Native American and I was told we have Cherokee blood. I do not know if Andrew was the Cherokee. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Submitter: Marilyn Schuetz (
Date: 01 Jul 2002
I was wondering if anyone could look for an obituary for my gg-grandparents. They were John and Nancy CRIGLER RADABAUGH. He was born Jan.15,1820 and died June 28,1883. She was born Jan.28,1825 and died Nov.4,1889. They are both buried in the Underwood Cemetery in Mercer County, MO. Also, would like to find out the names of funeral homes in Mercer county in the late 1800's. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Marilyn Schuetz


Submitter: Nora Holmes (
Date: 23 Jun 2002

My grandparents lived in Princeton, Missouri, which is where I was born. Am looking for information on their ancestors & siblings. Grandfather - Joseph Newton HOLMES, born 1877, died 1939. Was married on October 28, 1900 to Grandmother - Sarah May WAMSLEY, born 1878, died 1945. They had 6 children, 4 boys & 2 girls: Rex Isaac, Pat, Nan, Dorothy, Bert, Walter. None of their children are living. Rex Isaac is my father, married to Wilma EDWARDS, had two daughters, Priscilla Ann & Nora May.


Submitter: Sandy West (
Date: 09 Jun 2002

I am looking for information on Lillian Belle KING, who married Charles MAPLES. They had a daughter, Anna MAPLES, who was my grandmother. Anna was born in Half Rock, MO. She married Rice Ellsworth GARDNER. They also had a son, my uncle Owen Garland MAPLES, born in Mt. Moriah, Mercer County, Missouri, I believe. Any information on this family would be helpful.


Submitter: Marilyn Schuetz (
Date: 04 Jun 2002

Am looking for any information about John and Nancy CRIGLER RADABAUGH. They are buried in the Underwood cemetery in Mercer County, MO. I have found several spellings of the surname, so I would appreciate anything with any variation of the name. Example: REDENBAUGH, or REDEBAUCH. Thank you in advance for any information you might be able to give me. Marilyn Schuetz


Submitter: Lou Nell Bath (
Date: 27 May 2002

I'm looking for members of the KELSEY family from Mercer Co., 1860-70. William KELSEY m. Martha Unknown; they had a son, James KELSEY m. Margaret CAMPBELL; they had a son, Elmer P. KELSEY, m. Estella APPLEGATE; they had a son, Jack KELSEY.


Submitter: Peggy Clark (
Date: 21 May 2002

I am looking for information on a Charles MULLINS, born in NC about 1827. He lived in Mercer County at least from 1850 until the time of his death, supposedly in 1893. He had several children, one of whom was a Sarah Ellen MULLINS, who married Phillip O'Dell CLARK, also from Mercer County.


Submitter: Patsie M. Hatley (
Date: 17 May 2002

My great-uncle Andrew CLARK m. Nancy ODELL in 1833, Coles Co., Illinois, then later they moved to Mercer county, cainesville Mo, they are buried in Goshen cemetery, mercer co. am trying to find out who the parents were of Nancy ODELL, i have Andrew's parents, I have their children, and grandchildren, the children of Phillip Odell Clark and Sarah Mullins, but do not have any info on who the parents were of Nancy Odell. also interested in what connection a phillip odell from illinois had to Nancy Odell Clark

Submitter: Kennette Dickerson Klees (
Date: 13 May 2002

Franklin DICKERSON m. Emily Armilda GUYMON 1856, resided in Ravanna, MO, then relocated to Spickard, Grundy Co, MO.

Surnames: EVANS ADER
Submitter: Carol Jensen (
Date: 29 Apr 2002

John Lot EVANS, son of Robert EVANS and Sarah Margaret ADER, died about age 5 in Mercer Co., MO about 1849. Looking for cemetery where John is buried. Thanks. Carol


Surnames: HOLLOWAY
Submitter: Richard Ross (
Date: 27 Apr 2002

Looking for information on Marion HOLLOWAY, b. 31 Mar 1884, d. Jan 1966 in Mercer, MO. Cemetery, obituary, etc., or any leads would be welcome.


Submitter: Marilyn Schuetz (
Date: 22 Apr 2002

Would like to post an addition to the message I posted on Feb. 16,2002. Eliza's maiden name was MORIN. Also, John and Nancy CRIGLER RADABAUGH are buried in the Underwood cemetery in Mercer co. Would like any information anyone has on John and Nancy, such as location of farm, etc. Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to give me. Marilyn Schuetz


Submitter: Linda Nimer (
Date: 14 Apr 2002

John BIXLER and his wife Elmira Jane (WITTY) remained in Mercer County, MO for the majority of their lives. They are listed in the 1860 Census in Marion Township. I believe they lived near South Lineville. Thomas WILKEY (#830 on the 1860 Census) is a direct line ancestor. His wife, Elizabeth, is the eldest daughter of Jacob and Nancy BIXLER (#831 on the 1860 Census). The NICKELL's (#827-829) and JONES (#833) listed married the children of Jacob and John BIXLER, who were brothers. Any information on these family names would be appreciated.


Surnames: CORNWELL
Submitter: David Fuller(
Date: 11 Apr 2002

I would like to receive information on a Thomas and Miles CORNWALL who were located in Somerset Township, Mercer County, MO in the 1870 Census. I also would like to know if there is any recorded information for land, deeds, or other information in the records of Mercer County. Is there anyone in Mercer County who provides basic research data on a fee basis? Thank you.


Submitter: T. Pruitt (
Date: 09 Apr 2002

Seeking information on Jasper N. HOLLARS and Rosetta I. STUTEVILLE HOLLARS. Jasper's parents were James and Eliza MOORE HOLLARS. Jasper, according to the family, was a pharmacist in So. Lineville, MO. Jasper and Rosetta were married Jan 20, 1877. They had four children: Samuel, Louis, James, and Flora. Jasper died Jan 7, 1921 and Rosetta Dec 2, 1933, both in So. Lineville. Any info would be appreciated.


Surnames: CHANDLER
Submitter: Roger Helbling (
Date: 05 Apr 2002

Information on Manerva and Wiley CHANDLER who were both in the 1900 census. Want to know dates of death and where buried.


Submitter: Faith McDaniel (
Date: 03 Apr 2002

HOPPER, Creel,1840, Columbia, Ky. Adair Co., son of Clemon and Isaphena HOPPER, married Sarah LAWS 1867 in Mercer Co., Mo. Looking for any info. on these families.


Submitter: Velma Stice (
Date: 12 Mar 2002

Polly CRAWFORD, daughter of Pleasant W. CRAWFORD, married to Wesley CAVANAUGH, son of Green CAVANAUGH who was an early settler of Mercer County, MO. Polly and Wesley were married 1856/57. Searching for date of marriage. Their children were America V. born 1858 IA; Greenville born about 1860 IA.


Submitter: Jackie Nordeen (
Date: 05 Mar 2002

Charles (Buck) CURTIS (birth & death unknown), m. on 4/22/1909 Eula (Ula) M. HAMILTON, b. 6/7/1891, daughter of Thomas Murray and Millie C. (GRAY) HAMILTON. Charles and Eula had one son (more children?) by the name of Basil Wooderd CURTIS. Basil Wooderd CURTIS married Lena MEINECKE and they had one son: Jack Duane CURTIS. Jack Duane CURTIS m. Virginia Rose WEBB and they had one child: Jacqueline Marlene CURTIS (me)!
Eula HAMILTON CURTIS later married Logan HUBBARD on 11/19/1914 and Eula died on 3/22/1981 in Mercer County, MO. Eula and Logan HUBBARD had one son: Elbert HUBBARD (more children?), now presently living in Mercer County, MO.
Thomas Murray HAMILTON, b. 11/5/1865 to Archibald Gullie HAMILTON (b. 9/1/1831 in Monongalia Co., VA - now WV -- and d. 2/4/1902 in Mercer County, MO) and Elizabeth ERAIXON (b. 10/17/1833 in MO). Other children of Thomas Murray and Elizabeth HAMILTON: Samuel Relighie, Rebecca, John Earixson, James Buclmer, Mason "Mace" Fleming and William Haden "Hade".
I am looking for info on any of these individuals and their ancestors, since I have little to no info on any of them, and would greatly appreciate anyone and everyone's help on this!!!Thanx so much, Jackie Nordeen


Surnames: BYERLY
Submitter: Mary Byerly (
Date: 02 Mar 2002

We are searching for information on my husband's grandfather, named Melvin BYERLY, date of birth 1897, date of death unknown, parents unknown. He was born in Mercer, Mercer Co., MO and married Lilly Marie Cox, also of Mercer, though we don't know if he was in Mercer when he married. Thank you for any help. Mary


Submitter: Pat Bell (
Date: 24 Feb 2002

Hughes BLACK was born about 1853 in Pulaski County, VA. He first married Pricie Virginia SMITH who died in 1883. Hughes then married Susan Emily KING in 1884 in Carroll County, VA. Sometime after this marriage they moved to Mercer County, MO. Would like to find information on this family. I believe he died about 1931 in Mercer County. Would like names of children if any, and death date of both Hughes and Susan. Susan had a sister, Nebraska Florence KING, who married a Jobe SPARGER, also in Carroll County, VA. and then followed Susan and Hughes to Mercer County. Any help on this family will be helpful, also. Thanks, Pat


Submitter: Betty Buchanan Martin (
Date: 23 Feb 2002

Amos Alfred LOGSDON b. ca 1808 Ky., d. 1853 Mercer Co.,Mo.; m. 1st Dolly FOWLER; m.2nd Cynthia BARNES. Children: Thomas, America (m. Brackel DAVIDSON), James V. and Mary. Any help appreciated. Betty Buchanan Martin


Surnames: BECHTEL
Submitter: Barbara Hug(
Date: 17 Feb 2002

Looking for parents of Elsie BECHTEL, (spelling may be different), who was born May 18, 1896 in Ravanna, Mercer County, Missouri.


Submitter: Marilyn Schuetz (
Date: 16 Feb 2002

Am researching my great-grandparents, Franklin Decatur RADABAUGH and Rosella Melbinnie DALE. Rosella was a daughter of Joshua and Eliza DALE. Her dob Mar. 3,1879, Mercer County, MO.; dod Oct.23,1970 St. Joseph, Buchanan county, MO. Frank was a son of John and Nancy RADABAUGH. Frank's dob was Apr. 19,1864, Galesburg, IL; dod Sept. 26,1933, St. Joseph, Buchanan County, MO. Any information anyone has would be appreciated. Thank you.


Surnames: ROOK
Submitter: Bev Hinch (
Date: 15 Feb 2002

I am looking for a picture of Adam and Barbry ROOK, buried at Wilder Cemetery. They were residents of Mercer MO. at the time of their deaths. I was told their picture is in a book at Princeton Library, which tells about Mercer pioneers. Any information would be very much appreciated. Thank you, Bev


Submitter: Anita Roath (
Date: 09 Feb 2002

I am trying to locate Evelyn Virginia ROATH and Joycelin Jannis ROATH who were living with their mother, Emma MCCARTY ROATH in Mercer, Missouri about 1926/27. Evelyn and Joycelin are the daughters of Frank Holbrook ROATH and Emma MCCARTY. Any information that can help me locate these two women would be greatly appreciated.


Submitter: Beverley Luce (
Date: 08 Feb 2002

MACHUREK, Frank was my great great grandfather. He was born in Bohemia & came to this country when he was 21, around 1885/1886. He married Katherine BATA in Princeton, MO. & they had four children: 1)Charles Chase 2)Anna K. 3)Minnie & 4)Elizabeth. They lived in Princeton MO., until 1895 when they moved to David City, NE. According to my grandmother he applied for citizenship in Princeton, MO. I would appreciate any information on this family.
Beverley Luce


Submitter: Gerald Cox (
Date: 02 Feb 2002

My family is connected with the Moses POWELL family and his second wife, Mary HUMPHREY STREET. Mary Humphrey was originally married to James STREET in Shelby County, Illinois on Nov. 7, 1841.
Mary had three children by her first marriage, including my relation, Susan Henrietta STREET. George M. and Elizabeth J. were the other two children in that marriage.
After James died in 1847(?), she married Moses Powell. They were married in Shelby County Illinois and moved to Princeton, Mercer County, Missouri about 1848-49. I believe there were five additional children born in Mercer Co. from the marriage with Moses Powell.
My gggrandmother, Susan Henrietta STREET, was married in Princeton, Mercer County, on May 26, 1863 to George ROSE of Madison County, Iowa.
I have obits for all three STREET children and also for their two half-brothers from the second marriage, Benjamin F. POWELL and Thomas Eli POWELL. I also have a picture of the gravestone for Moses POWELL and Mary HUMPHREY STREET POWELL.
Another line within Mercer County is Rebecca A. LUTZ/BUSEY who married Benjamin F. HOWLAND in Princeton in 1857. They moved on to Iowa, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Colorado. NeMata F. HOWLAND and Charles Eddy HOWLAND, M.D. were from this marriage. There were two other children.


Submitter: Betseylee Browning (
Date: 31 Jan 2002
Looking for Lemmons BRATTON/BRATTAIN born 20 Mar, 1815, in Wayne Co., IN; md Sibyl COOPER on 6 Apr, 1845,, in Van Buren, IA. Appears on the 1880 Census living in Lindley, Mercer, MO. Died 13 or 15 Mar, 1885, in Mercer Co., MO. Sibyl died on 24 Nov, 1890 in Mercer Co., MO. They had seven children: Nancy Catherine, Georgianna, Stephen, William Thomas, Emma Jane, Lemmons, and Mary. Nancy Catherine married Joseph WHEELER. Georgianna married John EASTON. Emma Jane married William or M.F. RICHARDSON. Lemmons married Mary Ann EASTON. Willing to share info. Have some info on other BRATTON families.
Betseylee Browning 4301 Daisy Dr. Mt. Green, UT 84050 801-876-2524


Surnames: COCHELL
Submitter: James Isaac Saylor (
Date: 30 Jan 2002

I am searching for information on Samuel T. COCHELL, died July 7, 1911 in Mercer County. He is buried in the cemetery in Ravanna.


Submitter: Barbara Hammons Davis (
Date: 30 Jan 2002

I'm wondering if anyone has info. on the descendants of Eugene BELSHE. He was married to Carrie A. HAMMONS. They were both b. in Mercer Co. She died in Chillicothe in 1991. She was abt. 90 years old. Thank you.


Surnames: BOYLE HONN
Submitter: Wayne Boyle (
Date: 27 Jan 2002

Last July, I was searching for information on my gg-grandfather, Stephen BOYLE's second wife, Susan A. BOYLE. I have since figured out that her maiden name was HONN. There are a great number of HONNS in the Topsy cemetery. Among these are Susan's father Enos, mother Mary, and brother Earnest. The 1920 census has her living in Mercer County with her brother. I would like to know when she died and anything about to whom she was married before my gg-grandfather. Her stone in Topsy does not have a date of death. Also, she is the sister of Dora HONN who married one of Stephen's grand children, Robert W. BOYLE.


Submitter: Barbara Hammons Davis (
Date: 26 Jan 2002

Can someone tell me who were the parents of the Lydia BARNES of Mercer Co., MO. who was the 2nd wife of Francis McGuire BRITTAIN? Thank you.


Submitter: Lloyd Mason (
Date: 24 Jan 2002

Am looking for Rhoda A., wife of Joseph C. MASON according to 1880 Mercer Co. census. Children William E., Sylvester and Horatio. All other records, including subsequent census, show wife of Joseph as Mecy WILSON, first-born son William E., and no mention of Sylvester or Horatio. Does anyone out there know who Rhoda A. MASON is?


Surnames: HALL WILD
Submitter: James Pederson (
Date: 23 Jan 2002

My gggg-grandfather, James Henry HALL, is supposed to be buried in the Chestnut Cemetery in Mercer County. He was b. 22 Feb 1815 in KY, m. 14 Dec 1848 in Mercer Co. to Martha L. WILD, d. 23 Mar 1858 in Mercer Co. Can someone verify that info (what source?) and tell me if any other HALLS are buried with him? I've been trying for almost 2 years to determine his parents with no success so far. If anyone has additional information on this branch of the HALL family I would like very much to correspond with you. Any help would be appreciated.


Surnames: TOOTHMAN
Submitter: Dee Crye (
Date: 21 Jan 2002

I am looking for any information anyone may have re: John, David or Alex Newton TOOTHMAN. All lived in Mercer Co. from 1880's till their deaths-all around 1900-1920. John and Alex are supposedly buried in Princeton Cemetary but no tombstones could be found. They were listed in the cemetary record book. Is there a list of those buried and does anyone have it? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Submitter: James Porter (
Date: 20 Jan 2002

Harva Lemic OSBORN (1870-1957) married Minnie BLOOM (1877-1940). One daughter, Elma OSBORN, married Charlie RAGAN. I'm looking for information about the parents of Harva OSBORN and the parents and grandparents of Minnie BLOOM. Does anyone know for sure that the John A. BLOOM, age 25 below, is the son of John BLOOM, age 67 in the 1880 Census? There is a John BLOOM age 15 found in the same house as John BLOOM in the 1870 Census, so it makes sense. I'd also like to be contacted by a OSBORN and BLOOM researcher. Thanks so much for your help. James
From the 1880 Mercer Co. Census, House 21, Marion Twp.
John A. BLOOM age 25, born in Holland, also both of his parents. Wife was Nancy age 23 , born in Iowa, her father in Holland and mother in Iowa. Their children listed were John C., age 2 born in MO, father in Holland and mother in Iowa; Minnie age 3, born Mo., father in Holland and mother in Iowa.


Surnames: HYDE
Submitter: Carolyn Simmons(
Date: 17 Jan 2002

Looking for Frederick HYDE, my great grandfather, lived around Princeton about 1880. Many Thanks for any assistance.


Submitter: Sandy Hansen (
Date: 13 Jan 2002

Seeking information on James HARTLEY and his wife Mary WHITTINGTON, who moved to Lindley Township, Mercer County in 1868 from Ohio, with their 4 children: Erasmus, Charles, William and Louisa. I have some info on Charles, William and Louisa. Anyone with info on any members of this family may contact Sandy Hansen, Johnston, Iowa; Tel: 515.278-1912.


Submitter: Mary Adams (
Date: 12 Jan 2002

DONELSON, John,(sometimes spelled DONALDSON), married to Jane FAULKNER, moved to Mercer County in the early 1850's from Gallia, OH. Their sons were Seth (my gg-grandfather) James, and William. I'm looking for information on the family.


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